The Book of Destiny

I saw this quote from Dedo from last year on another blog, and it struck a chord with me.

"What would happen if you had a glance in to the book of destiny and found out that your Mr.Right.or soulmate lives 12.000 miles away,is a garbageman and has 9 kids ..."

Notwithstanding the 9 kids laugh , what would we do?

If we were told our soulmate , our One, whatever you want to call them, lived across the globe, would we take that leap? Make that move?

Or would we find excuses not to?
Using our work, our family, our lives, our health, our not liking flying, lack of resources, (add your own excuse here) to not go.

How far will we go, both physically and emotionally, for love?

Or maybe it isn't that important in the grand scheme of things.

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I prefer him to be 1200 ft away and have 9 flower beds.......grin
If Destiny means Nasib in my language, then what is Takdir in English?
I need that so I wouldn't mix the two words up.


That's what we believe about Death. It is one of our Takdir. We cannot escape from it.
Really interesting idea, Molly.

I thought about this and of course , his occupation didn't bother me...the breeding did. :)

Taking your idea seriously though... hmmm... I am going to say no. There was a time in my life that I would have done so, but that time for me has passed.
Abagail, so if you received a name and address of the man with whom you would be deliriously happy for the rest of your life, but he lived 12k miles/km away, would you not be tempted to book that ticket?
12 km's ...yes.

But that's literally the other side of town. :)

On the other side of the world I have met some rather amazing people over time...but Australia is home for me... so I would not , at this point in my life, move away.
I guess, once we know our limitations, It is easier to be happier with the consequences
"deliriously happy"! rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing ...yeah, wouldn`t that be somthing....smitten grin
"If you build it, they will come"

Nothing is outside of our capabilities if we believe in it.
Soulmate isn't always a lover, and definitely not only one for a lifetime...
Soulmates are more likely to be someone who comes to your life for a reason and teaches you something...about yourself...
It might not be a good ending to it's up to you if you want to learn and see the moral in the situation...
Would I take a chance when I meet Mr Right, yes, life is for take chances...and create changes...
I`m rebuilding/ repairing the old barn.... not sure who will come, but I believe in it!cool wine
...the thing with destiny, is that no-one knows what it will be or how oure life is inflickted by happenings we can`t controll...
maybe somone find gold at end of the rainbow, while others are allready satnding under it, without knowing...
life is a journey where we deside to jump off at different stationes, never knowing what it could have been if we kept going a bit further...
-then, when growing older and getting more knowledge, a lot of people try to get back on the ride, forgetting that we have limited time, and the goodies runs out of date...
-but dreaming is for free, and hope is stronger than anything...
-nowdayes distance is not a problem... courage is. thinks...

cool wine
Krema, I agree with you about your soulmate isn't necessarily a lover. I think it possibly is better if it's not.
Vik, maybe we need to travel on the Yellow Brick Road.
lol! yeah, maybe so mollybabe, maybe so...

cool wine

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