Back From A Long Journey.

Ah, it is so good to see all you old geezers again. I’ve been travelling a bit during the last few months and in the process I visited a lot of cities. At times like this I wish I was a long distance truck driver to see the world for free.

I started off with a trip to Electri City but it was a shocking experience. I’ll never go there again. Being charged to go to Capa City I set of at a dizzy speed but I could not stop in time and when finally I did, I was at Velo City. Not a bad place – if only the pace was a bit slower. I did not stay long in Scar City. All the shops were empty and the people were starving.

At some stage I found myself at Univer City where they told me I got it all wrong. Apparently it is not a city at all. Only a large campus to keep a lot of fossilized academics occupied. They suggested that if I want to visit a real city with the same sentiments I should travel to Eccentri City. I stayed there for a while and I must admit that I found not a single eccentric person around. Some of the people had some weird ideas and theories but that is normal, is it not? I think the city got a wrong name.

My next stop was at Elasti City. What a boring place! Everybody was so flexible and eager to follow suit that the entire population followed one another in a large circle around the city. Almost like a snake trying to swallow itself. Not exactly a vicious circle as it was too pacified. Viva City was another strange place. Somehow the people could not talk without using their hands and their body English was excellent; even though none of them spoke English.

Then I spend some time at Catholi City to view all the beautiful cathedrals and churches, I left in a hurry when all the people gathered in a square to cheer a funny looking old man in a red Santa outfit. Too much is more than enough. On my way out I learned that the city is actually a state and used to be known by another name I cannot remember now.

I did not like Dupli City but Simpli City was less complicated. Then I set off for Auda City. This was when I first longed back to CS. The people were bold to the point of rudeness, but not half as bad as those in Fero City which I visited next. That was when I realised that I’ve been away from CS for too long.

Ethni City was almost like back home in my country where everybody tries to ram their cultures down everybody’s throats. At Atro City the nuthouse finally caught up with me. It was a disgrace how they put me in a straight jacket right there in the street with everybody watching. If I was not so used to this kind of treatment I may have been humiliated.

Well, after the inevitable stack of paperwork (with a black pen in triplicate) I was taken to Authenti City to verify my identity before returning me to the nuthouse. So here I am with all my fellow inmates in Luna City. So nice to be with people I understand.
cats meow cats meow

Now enjoy this day.wave

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Howzit Kat, welkom terug. Goed om jou te sien wave hug
Hello Cat,handshake Good to see you. Missed you and your blogs on CS. Sounds like you had quite the trip. As for getting older, I find myself playing the getting old card quite abit, boy can I get away with a lot,rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
You have a Great day Bud,cheers
You and Jim stay away from my cupcakes, you hear me?!? scold very mad

Hi Boggie
So it is and I'm also enjoying life but at my age I cannot ignore the other possibility, I can only hope it is not for years to come.
Hi Unla
Lekker om weer terug te wees, maar dit is net vir nou. Ek sal nog baie besig wees tot en met die einde van die maand. Dan sal ek myself weer laat gald.laugh wave
Hi 12121
If the card wins any tricks then use it buddy. rolling on the floor laughing
I don't want your cupcakessnooty

The market is saturated and they have no resell value after two days.

Besides, Wen is giving me a hard time and I want to work his case a bit. So you are off the hook for now.rolling on the floor laughing
hug wave
Hi Catfoot, welcome back.. wine
Hey Cat!

good to read a blog from you again.
Hi Kal
Good to see your face again.!?grin
Hi Crazy,
Kind of you to drop in. I still cannot get used to you new pic. What a metamorphosis!laugh
Yess Catfoot, you would still recognize me, doesn't matter how long you 're gone. My face doesn't change at all.. thanks to anti-aging cream. laugh
Hi Kal
So that is your secret! shock

Every woman have a secret recipe for something! Marie Antoinette's secret diet was cake but she lost her head in the end. I wonder if that was where she wanted to loose the extra kilos.doh
Attention all bloggers.

Catfoot is not available at the moment, he is at his probation officer office.

He is being fit with a electronic ankle bracelet.

He will join us soon.
That's right! Splash it all over the blog. What happened to discretion?

But I have bad news for you. The probation officer never put it on me. She said she'd be in trouble if the authorities discovered where I sleep at night. So she put it on my dogs neck. He does not walk around. He never strays far from my house,tongue
I thought I was doing you something good for. I was just letting everyone know you was not available and would be back soon. grin

Good idea with the dog. laugh
See! Today it is not who you know but who you sleep with.rolling on the floor laughing
Good afternoon Cat,

yup, i can dig that - never sacrifice what we want.laugh i have become an specialist .

good to see you . wave
Hi Boggie,
True, and have you noticed how easy it is to give away what you don't have.grin
Catfoot, laugh I do agree with that.

All joking aside it is good to see you back.

cheers my friend
I'm not really back yet. You won't see much of me during the next three weeks. After that I'll be here more regularly again. But it is nice to be back again.thumbs up
very easy Cat. too easy sometimes

But we still want them too.
It reminds me of a story.

At a Communist Party meeting Jimmy, a very hot CP supporter sitting in the front row, was asked by the speaker on the stage what he would do if he had two houses. Without hesitating a minute Jimmy said that he would give one house to a comrade.

Next the speaker asked him what he would do if he had to cars. The answer was the same.

And, asked the speaker, if you had two bicycles, will you also give it to a comrade who had no bicycle?

Jimmy shook his head. No, he won’t give his bicycle away if he had two.

Now what’s the matter, the speaker asked. You are prepared to give a house and a car away. Why not a bicycle?

Ah comrade, the thing is, I have two bicycles.doh
is just a matter of perspective. laugh

Nice one Cat, wave
Yup Catfoot, that's the secret. And even with just a little touch of a make up, it's miracle.

Seeeee...banana and of course I will keep my head the best I can. laugh
Now Boggie
comes the test for a good communist.

If you had two girlfriends will you give one to a friend?rolling on the floor laughing
Oh Gosh Kal,
But you are beautiful. Can you fetch me at the airport? I'll be on the next flight to Indonesia.laugh
nop. i dont share laugh i am into trotskyism. or any ism.

I have to be attentive with your questions, as usual. cheers

Anyway, have a grand weekend, Catfoot. bouquet
i am NOT. into trotskyism. or any ism. doh

did not attentionlaugh

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