Zman!! You share the same birthday as Singapore!

Happy Birthday, Zman! From Art and MiMi happy birthday party

P.S Does that shawl look familiar, Molly? grin

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Happy Birthday Zman.have a great day cheering
Zman, you been telling me porkies? laugh
Mimi, it sure does! laugh

Happy birthday, Zman cheers
Huh?!? I got the wrong date, Biff?? doh
Thanks everyone wine it isn't actually for a few days but in any case as I've already had so many I'm thinking of donating this one to a charity shop laugh
Mimi, he's keeping very quiet.

He may ask you to delete my comments laugh
Z, the important thing is to ignore them, then they don't happen.

Too late on this one laugh

Happy birthday! cheering

happy birthday
Mimi, no you didn't get it wrong, as your birth date is a security question used by banks/government etc, I never give the real date on the net in case of identity theft.
Feliz cumpleaños señor Z montaña, que seas bendecido con Mars Bars en tu cumpleaños ral
Oooohhhhhhh....I'm sorry, Zman....

What do I do with the cake now......blues
Mimi...I have the plates

Start cutting
Mimi, oh yeah, Molly's absolutely right.

You can cancel the dancing girls, I suppose, but you had Chippendales for the female guests, right? Bring them on too grin
rolling on the floor laughing
God, I had forgotten that I went to see the Chippendales once laugh
You girls realise the Chippendales will all be 70+ years old now?.........dangling pods etc
They didn't even do it for me back then help
Don't they keep recruiting new ones? wow
But Molly, you're notoriously hard to please. I still remember your reaction to the bloke who shaved patterns into the hair on his back.

I did find this one, when I was looking for that photo of me as a bairn. But you probably won't like it. Being so fussy and all.

Biff, it was so last minute and MiMi didn’t have enough money....this is the best MiMi could come up with...

Molly and Biff, please take your pick first grin
Biff, I thank you with all my heart bowing

You do more for my diet than anything else laugh
Mim, thank you too wine

I've just lost another 5kg laugh
The one in red. Ta. Catch you later xx
rolling on the floor laughing
Hi Z man, Happy early birthday Just in case I miss your B day.

@Mimi, another fine mess you got us into rolling on the floor laughing
Happy birthday Z. A Leo like most of us. bouquet
Have a great Birthday Z gift

cake happy birthday
Happy birthday Zman...hope there are many more to come. gift cheering beer my imoticons don't have cake so you will have to do without.

danceline danceline danceline danceline danceline danceline
Since its not your birthday I shan't wish you a happy one, but when it is....
have a good one with lots more to come party hat

Got to hand it to you Zman, you're one of them that improve with age wine
Happy early Birthday Zman.
Have.a happy birthday.
Wen applause

This mess is ok coz we got to eat cake albeit only virtually grin

Hope you’ll enjoy your weekend ahead bouquet <—— flowers for your mom. Now you have to go and get her them real flowers! grin
Thanks everyone cheers and the most elaborate version ever of the song happy birthday laugh

Itchy, that rather makes me sound like a mature cheese, ok if it's Cheddar but I wouldn't want to be one of those smelly ones from France or worse, one with blue veins or mold uh oh laugh
Very funny Zman laugh

More like a fine wine, unless of course you like mice nibbling around you...
then cheese it is angel2

For your birthday whenever it is wine
@ Mimi, you are aloud to mess up as long as there is cake, cupcakes, and ice cream involved.

My mother just had her 90th birthday, I bought a lot of flowers for her so that will have to do for now. laugh

Happy Birthday, ZMount.. happy birthday
Happy Birthday, Z.

Happy Birthday



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