Street Photo Virgin No More

Yesterday I headed into downtown Vancouver to shoot some street photography. I've never done it, as the rest of the group hadn't, and we had lots of fun practicing.

The day started out very early as we took the West Coast Train down to Vancouver, eliminating the hassle of rush hour traffic and parking. The last train leaves the station at 7:25 am, so I had to leave my house at 6:00am to give myself enough time to get there on time. That meant I had to be up no later than 5:00 am - although I awoke at 4:00am and, worried I wouldn't wake up on time, decided to just get up.

I made the train in plenty of time, meeting my photo friends at the station. The ride into town was relaxing and fun, with all kinds of interesting sights on the way that one doesn't get any other way into town.

We walked from the station into Gastown, one of the original areas of Vancouver to be built. Lots of history, old buildings, tourists and savoury and not so savoury sights to be seen. One of our assignments is doorknobs, so between street sights and doorknobs, we were kept exceedingly busy looking for photo ops.

Although I got lots of photos, I found that one of my compatriots always seemed to be in the way when I saw someone I wanted to photograph. So I'd definitely go another time with maybe only one other person to eliminate that issue. One of the photos that made me laugh out loud when I saw it on my computer was of a trio of cyclists, although you can't really see the third guy. A woman and man had their backs to me, looking at something in their hand, stopped beside their bikes. I thought nothing of it. Until I opened the photo on my laptop. The guy, just as I pressed the shutter, must have decided to 'pick his seat' so his is very evidently either scratching his arse, or maybe pulling his shorts out of it. Who knows? When you ride a bike, it's normal to have to pull your shorts down afterwards. (Unless you wear spandex, which they weren't wearing).

Anyway, I got a bit chastised when I posted it, as others didn't see the humour in it. I thought it was funny as heck, as I had no idea that's what I'd captured. I still think it's funny and if others don't, then they can unfriend me. boo. hoo.

I didn't really have a mid-range lens to take street photos, so many of them are too far away. Many of them turned out blurry, possibly from the movement of the subject, or just not being able to focus quickly enough. So I don't have many that I'd be willing to use for the assignment, but I really enjoyed it and will probably go out again to do a repeat, hopefully when the weather isn't as hot.

I'd definitely take the train again, as that was totally fun. In fact, I may just take my bike so I have more mobility, as well as a folding stool so I can just park my butt somewhere and take photos as people pass by. There's some really interesting back alleys that I'd like to go back and photograph.

One of the doorknobs I took turned out excellent, although what I hadn't realized was there was another knob painted over with lots of scuffed green paint above it. I'll have to work on perhaps cropping that photo into two.

As the first time of going, it was a lot of fun, and I'll be going out again to do it. People doing every day things is quite fascinating, and I can totally see the attraction of street photography. I just have to practice 'seeing' more of the background and not just the people.

I didn't get home until well after 6pm, dog-tired from a full day of walking and gawking, and went to bed super early. This morning I have a meeting with a woman that wants to buy some of my photos, so I'd best get off here to get ready to meet her, then head out to another area with my bike for more landscape photos, seeing as I didn't make it for a bike ride this morning.

Although still a 'newbie' - I'm no longer a street photography virgin.

Comments (15)

Hi Ladyimp, well that does it, the last Virgin is gone. laugh

Just couldn't resist. wave
wenever - lol! Sorry to disappoint! rolling on the floor laughing
When I lived in Seattle, Vancouver was the city we used to go to when we went to Canada, I so miss it Imp.

I'm going to go look on FB to see if you posted your pictures there. I know I will enjoy them.
Oh Imp, I just saw the bike rider picture on FB, you have to bring it here with your caption. That is too perfect not to share with these fine people who will appreciate it. And if some don't too damn bad not your problem. It is perfect for those of us with normal twisted minds. Can you tell I loved it?
Lol Fay - I knew I could count on you to appreciate it. I thought it was funny as heck, mainly because I didn't 'see' it when I took the photo due to the light and deep shadows.

Here's the pic:

Liked the picture. Havent traveled to vancouver in awhile.i used to go there as a kid all the
Woo hoo!! Welcome to the club. I like the bum scratcher pic. You do need patience and a bit of a thick skin with street photography - and CS. laugh
I'm so glad I read your blog first. Then as I was cruising through FB and saw it, I liked to die laughing. I can so relate to that bloke with so many reasons to be doing what he is doing.

I only do that when I'm in deep thought.
My skin isn't thick enough for street photography.
It is a bit too out there for me
I am a background person, so much prefer being out taking pics of nature which doesn't look back at melaugh
Ladyimp, no doubt he is scratching his arse. laugh
blue - I haven't been to Vcr in ages, but I have to admit, taking the train is the way to go. thumbs up
TR - thanks! lol - it was lots of fun and I can see why you enjoy it. These days, you need thick skin for just about everything - especially social media. Street photography should be a piece of cake in comparison. wink
lol Fay - it is funny, and only someone with zero sense of humour wouldn't see it. rolling on the floor laughing
Molly - my first love is nature, but street photography's a close second. I don't care of people look back at me. The one I loved taking was of two women standing by a corner. In the background, some guy on a phone kept ducking into a doorway, even though I wasn't focussed on him. So I waited until he came out of the doorway to take the pic. rolling on the floor laughing
wenever - he most definitely is! rolling on the floor laughing
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