One mans trash is another mans treasure...

I replaced a refrigerator last year. Wheeling the old one to the front for trash pick up, I realized I forgot the bottom grill. The time it took to walk to the house, get the grill and walk back to the front, someone in an old Nissan mini-van was forcing the refrigerator into the side door of his vehicle. I asked if he needed help and he replied no, so I handed him the grill and walked back to the house.

Nearly everything I leave out front for pick up is gone before the city sanitation truck arrives. Metal shelving... gone. 10 year old laser fax... gone. A pile of computers (less the hard drives)... gone. Old vacuum cleaner... gone.

I believe in recycling and in my neighborhood that happens.

My nephew lived with me for years while he went to college. He relocated in a nearby city and told me it was okay to get rid of his things. I dragged a futon and some bedding to the front for trash pick up and my neighbor and kids asked if it was all right to take them as he knew some families who could use these items...

That said, one mans trash is another mans treasure...

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Yes good to recycle.all my furnishings are second place looks great.banana
Hahaha..... I've done this a few times.
I always put a sign up "FREE, help yourself".
Really funny to hear tyres squealing on the road as passers-by brake hard.
Oh, and everything goes, absolutely everything!
A woman who saw some of the furniture items stopped and asked if I had any clothing to discard. "Of course" I replied.
I had bagged things in a storage room left over from long gone relatives who 'asked' me to hold things while they relocated. Years had passed and they all said... donate.
The woman told me she's responsible for collecting clothes that her church sends to Haiti helping them rebuild after the hurricane. So nothing went to waste.
Yeah it was the same in Orlando but I'm not sure how it works in Tampa. It is nice. I always thought crap is crap but you are right one man's trash is another's treasure.
Fay, I understand how you feel about hoarding and agree.
There is a computer repair shop not far from me and the inside is stacked to the ceiling with 'dead technology' computers. Scrap metal on the cases is their only value. I don't ask why he hoards them.

Consider this... I've got an important event to attend. So I purchase 4 suits and make some last minute decision to have the best one tailored. The other 3 suits are new with tags and un-hemmed pants legs in plastic and get pushed to the back of my closet.
Eight years later they no longer fit and I would like them to go to someone who can actually use the dress suits and not someone who will tear them into rags to wax his car with them.
Then there was the guy the who put a box of junk on the curb with a sign "FREE." Next day the junk was still there. He changed the sign to "$25," and next day it was gone.
I know some neighborhoods that will take the signs... laugh

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