A Rogue's Life. I broke the toilet.

Warning!!! If you find stories about certain parts of our anatomy a bit distasteful, skip to the pics.

So, I broke the toilet. Well, not the toilet per se, but a pipe that sticks out from the wall that feeds the shower head and tap that supplies the water you need to flush the toilet. And of course, when you break pipes as opposed to taps, there’s no restriction of flow. So, imagine if you will my predicament when I’m sat on my haunches local style over a squat toilet, I loose my balance, reach for the pipe to gain control of a possible messy and painful fall from squatting grace, for the damn thing to then break off in my hand and a torrent of water of dubious cleanliness shooting me in the chest. But as someone who always tries to make good of a bad situation, and not having yet attended to cleaning my butt, I lined myself up, bent over and had the closest call to an unauthorized rear entry in my life. It certainly widened the eyes. I did get a pristine anus, though. Added to that, the guesthouse owner decided it was safer to have this old man in a room with a western toilet to ward against further damage to his establishment so I got a free upgrade to a larger plywood box with a sit down toilet. I paid for the repairs.

It’s market day!! I woke up particularly early today as it’s the main market day for the village and as I wanted to get a full experience from vendors preparing their stalls to the arrival of customers I set my internal body clock to” early”. I’ve learned some things about Indonesians, one of those things is….you can’t get up earlier than them unless you stay awake all night. So it didn’t surprise me when awaking before sunrise, my part of Bukit Lawang was well in motion. I have mentioned it’s market day!!??

With the sun yet to rise and evening lights still on from the night before, my part of town was well under way, it’s market day, you know. My regular warung (small eatery) is behind the pineaple men’s truck, you can see the light of it on right of picture.

It’s just all so fresh. The thick fog of aromas rest on you as you move through different parts of the market which stimulates the olfactory system so pleasantly. Dried fish, spices, pungent fruits, fresh vegetables, thick coffees…all of it layered on the light smokey haze of many small fires. It’s market day! :)

I actually arrived at the market a little later than planned as I got side-tracked, so things were well under way when I did finally arrive. This kind vendor was actually breast feeding when I noticed she was framed nicely by beans. I had to be at my most polite when asking her for a photo. I have now literally taken food from the mouth of a baby.

It seemed to me there was some simple bartering between vendors themselves. One would take some of their produce and trade with another vendors goods. This lady is returning to her stall after visiting another.

I really wanted this lady in the yellow hijab to move further along the row of bananas into the light, and the assistant to move out of shot, but it never happened.

I can’t be sure, of course. But I often notice older vendors, such as the one above, to be busier than their younger counterparts. Whether they have earned repeat clientele over the years, or taken over better operating space.

Then there’s the supporting cast of food carts at the front of the market selling everything from soups to sate. Indonesia and its people are colorful, no?

A proud man and his bike. Ain’t it a sweet ride? I think it is.

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Just when you start to think you’re in a remote location…..

This girl kept teasing me, mimicking me as we past each other all morning. She was so much fun.

This woman is making something from the trash she collects from around the market, but I don’t know what it is.

It has been a wildly enjoyable morning for me. I can’t ever remember taking so many photos, and the interaction with locals was a lot of fun. There’s something about Indonesia that resonates deeply with me, and maybe a little deeper on market day.

The early morning pineapple men from the first pic at day break now set up at the market.

Cuteness much?

Lookin' good. Many shots I take are blurry and unusable, sadly.
Morning TK, took me a while to get past the written image laugh

Great pictures and write up. thumbs up
Hey Rachie. Yeah, I guess I could have found a more palatable opener. I trust your day has started in a fashion that serves you well, other than my butt story.
Aww no it was amusing to read it. I just have one of those minds that attaches images to the written word as well. It would be the kinda situation I would end up in. laugh

Just about to go into work. I need to figure out how to stop a cat going in my garden. It wakes my dog. Who wakes me. Same time every day 3am. 5am would be fine wink

Please don't change anything. It adds character to the experience, well for me anyway.

Enjoy the rest of your day.
Hmm, cats in the garden, you say, things of a domestic nature. I'm probably not the right one to offer advice in these things, but perhaps employ the service of a few snakes in the garden. That should do it.
You gave me my first chuckle of the day laugh

I too was picturing you getting drenched.

Lovely pics the one of the baby love
Markets are something I enjoy too.

Enjoy ur day bouquet
Hi Dee, so many cute kids so little time. If you were that way inclined you could be quite tempted to just run off with one.

THIS, woman was making something from the market trash.
You capture so much in a picture it's amazing..
They work so hard and for so little...make me feel very spoilt.
Do they play music at night in that place you go to.
What does their traditional music consist of?
Good morning TR
Markets are my favourite place, no matter what part of the world I go to.
They are like a microcosm of society - busy; joyful; argumentative; industrious.

As for your earlier issue, you could just claim to have invented the first Indonesian bidet
Traveling in these places makes our first-world problems seem pretty insignificant, I think. It's a great leveler. Everyone plays guitar here, but more inclined toward western acoustic/camp fire taste than local music. Not far from here is a group of people known as Bataks. The Bataks are renowned for there beautiful harmonies.

This is what it's like most times in Batak country when you're traveling through. Not a great example of batak singing, but what you generally find your self caught up in. If interested there are some more professional videos that represent the style better. but you'll get the idea. They're great fun people.
Hey Moll. They really are wonderful places, aren't they? I often spend lengthy periods of time just sitting at a stall drinking coffee and watching it all happen.

Introducing a bidet with such force might be a little intimidating for the locals, but I like your thinking.
You could do a watered-down version for the locals (pun intended)

Yea, I love to just sit down at markets as well.
If you are not part of the chaos, it is easier to observe it.

Words can sometimes be more vivid than images! laugh

I will probably forget many pictures you posted, but I will hardly forget your "toilet adventure". laugh

I really admire your travelling style. I could never travel in such a nonconformist manner. I doubt I would ever visit the places you visit, too.

Thanks for taking us on this unusual journey with you! wine
Hi Naiv. Yes, it's not everyone's traveling style. I'll for-go luxury for length of time away, I guess.
TR, I forgot to say, I have been getting unsolicited adverts about wedding planning in the last couple of days laugh
The bike pic. Leg & uninsulated spark plug. laugh
Hi Alan, it's all a bit wild west around here, for sure. You can light a cigarette off the wiring in your room.
Thanks for posting the music it's quite catchy it's nice to put some music to the pictures and words..makes it more real for us.....bouquet
I'll video one night here for you, Dee.
That was sound thinking, breaking the plumbing in the squatting loo, I have made a note to do exactly the same if ever in that - aha - position. Yay for the upgrade! laugh
Biff, the upgrade is quite posh. Two people can actually sleep in this double bed.laugh
And is it still pink?
Your an angel kiss
biff, it's actually a bit "Hollywood", my new plywood box. Pristine white mosquito net.

Dee- I know.laugh
Hi TR, to start your blog with to me a funny story even though at the time was not to funny for you.

Wait just a minute I need to laugh some more, rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing . ok I am through.

Great pics again, all the fruit looks so good. thumbs up
Hey there, Wen. As long as we're all laughing, that's half the battle won.
Tokyo, beautiful people, beautiful photographs. applause

So glad you didn’t ream yourself a new one. laugh
Impressive Old Blue, I know these were just some of them pictures anyone can copy paste it from already an existing literary piece. Plagiarizing is it?

Anyways, it is so easy to get all these pictures from Google nowadays, that doesn't mean one doesn't have the actual first hand experience on most of them.

But this is just plain disrespectful to the first poster, don't you think?
So I post on several sites in the region about my travels. They are my pics and I am Kung-fu Hillbilly on Cambodia Expats Online.I thought I may have gained a certain amount of trust or credibility over my recent blogs. Allow me to pop out and put my face to some of the locations of previous pics for you to prove once and for all to those who have way too much time on their hands that these are my images. *Heavy Sigh*

Some of you need to actually go out and live a little. I'll be back.

Oh, you'll find my pics also on Quora.
Thanks, Gypsy. They are indeed beautiful people.

Enjoyed your photos...and the stories that go with them...never did like the toilets in South East Asia...lol...laugh
Oh I lived them alright and I am still donating a lot of money on most of these villages. I don't find it easy to post them as they break my heart but maybe I should start my own blogs about how these two thirds of the world live. Now that I am retired, I am planning on going to donate some of my time to the Red Cross.

Well now you are Kungfu hillybilly. Good for you, my respects.
Hey onrthecrestofawave, go back to where you found my pics on cambodia expats online, there's a message for you.
I made no such claim I was just making you aware that "your" images were being posted on the net by another faceless individual

You jumped to the conclusion you have formed

rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing bouquet
I just get a little creeped out by individuals who go snooping around finding me or things related to me on the internet.
Old blue, it is not your fault, I gather that you didn't know who this person is posting those pictures from someone who is from another site. I would have not express any indignation had it been known that he uses so many different pictures and profiles on many sites. Not that it is wrong, we would have never found out.
Hi loulou, I missed you there, sorry. It doesn't take much to work out why Asian people have quite sturdy thighs. Thanks for dropping by.
Nobody ends to know TRs business hun.
He is genuine and real and gifted.
He is doing us all a favour sharing his stories and pics...not tho her way around.

Sorry to barge in TR.
I'm off to bed.
Hope that hangover is gone hun. kiss hug
browningja: "Please advise me accordingly"(meet us in the profile reviews)

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