Reflections of somebody else...

Ever fall for someone that reminded you of someone else?
or perhaps I should rephrase that to someone you once loved, and possibly still do.

If yes, would you advice it ?
But if not ... why not confused

If anyone started and stayed in a relationships on such grounds alone, I'd be interested in hearing if a new love grew fading out the old one.

Have to do a runner for now, shall look in later tonight wine

gotta go

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Hi itchy, no I never have but I am sure it happens. I wouldn't advise it cause I don't think it would work unless they feel something for you and not sure if it would work even then.

IW. Well, I'm sure the rare person actually falls for someone, as I once thought I did. As I age and hopefully gain a little wisdom, I think It's likely more a combination of infatuation, circumstance, fate, aromas, and lots else. When it hapens, we should try our best to keep interest, but have our wits about us, and get to know the person over time. Esp. If kids are somewhere in the picture. But perhaps I'm a little too cautious or jaded.
You could be right Wen.... but nerd roll eyes
How many of us love our daughters when at a time we'd of loved a son ....
if at that time we knew we weren't going to be blessed with what we wanted, so we didn't go a head " as in becoming pregnant" each to their as to what they'd of missed or not.

How many of us have started dating and gone into relationships for all the right reasons, yet we came out of such relationships wronged.... Soooo maybe if we date for wrong reasons who knows, it may just turn out all right... reverse psychology and all that conversing

But either way fate and destiny works in mysterious ways wine

No I can't say that I have but on the other hand if I got into a relationship to quick after getting out of one I did comparisons in my mind which is very wrong of me.

I know I would keep my eye out on someone with a temper as the one and only bad relationship I got into that was abusive was from a guy with a bad temper. The first sign of a bad temper and I'm out.
Being only human, we tend to carry on lost relationships even if we realize it or not. The things that drew us into the previous ones have a tendency to repeat it's self again. It actually is better to look for the opposite in many things, just to break the cycle. Familiarity even in future relationships still does breed contempt.
Itchy, I was never one who wished for a certain gender for kids, and was blessed to have one son and one daughter.

Yes relationships can go on and on and be very good, and also fall apart in a minute just a chance we take.

To date someone from a memory of another is like To me..Dating a Ghost..

Vier, its not wisdom if you're not wise enough to follow your heart every one in a while hug

Might you be confusing wisdom with or for something else?
doh one once
I've reached the age where everyone reminds me of someone else, at least in some ways. Like Miss Marple saying character X reminded her of the butcher's boy, and if the butcher's boy had got into trouble you knew character X wasn't to be trusted. detective

I've avoided people because they reminded me of a bad experience. Maybe I missed out, maybe it was gut instinct kicking in.

I first started talking on skype because the guy asking reminded me of a guy I had liked years earlier, and stayed friends with.

I've liked some unlikely types because they had the same sense of humour as my brother, and the same way of roaring with laughter at their own jokes.

There are only so many types of people in the world. I think, by this stage of my life, if someone was totally unfamiliar to me, I'd be more unnerved than intrigued laugh but I have definitely catalogued people - even friends and colleagues - as, say, type D when it turned out they were type F so I don't always trust my reactions, but I still keep doing it laugh
Itchy thanks that I can't stop singing reflections by Diana Ross!!! It's suitable for this topic too
I'm attracted to certain traits in people, but then - when people have some similar characteristics, you start comparing them and that's not a good thing... confused

Maybe Grouchyoldfart is right...
Oh yes Ms. Witch. I've been reminded sometimes.

Just wanted to say hello. wave
Cant say I have either Fay, but its being often pointed out to me everyone I take a fancy to resembles a certain someone else ... Till recently I though how wrong were they.

The way you are concerning temper, I'm the same way with anyone concerning alcoholics or certain mental problems.

Yes I think I have and would I advice it? I'd have to think on that one.
How do Grouchy wave
I can only speak for myself but I don't think I have but what I have done is brought baggage from one relationship and unfairly dumped it in another .. but I won't beat myself up too much over that one, at one time or another, who hasn't.
I wasn't meaning you personally Wen hug
just using it as an example as in when we're so happy with what we get, we never give what we wanted another thought.

You know there could be some advantage in dating a ghost....
just turn the light on and there they are gone laugh

Eh" or is that just a shadow wink
Itchy, I know you didn't mean me personally.

The key word you just wrote was Happy.

I kind of like the Ghost thing, it's like magic.

laugh hug
Magic you say conversing

and here was me thinking you were saying such relationships don't stand a ghost of a chance roll eyes

Working in the morning so I'll have to bid you a G'night wave


itchy, laugh

Good night. hug
Hello Itchy hug I will admit I have fallen for women who reminded me of someone in my past. A sense of humor, intelligence , drama free, good looks,love do tend to be attractive traits in a person. But those hidden characteristics a person has ,( anger, addictions , .... ) can break the deal. I should know, you heard the saying love is blind, well in my case it is stupid as well,rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
I fell in love with an elvis look alike and had his daughter

Thanks for that Biff, after reading you comment and similar replies from others, I guess I'm an odd ball then, now having said that is it so odd seeing everyone as unique confused

For you Dee wave

Itchy - similar to what Naivete said above, when I look back and picture all the strongest relationships that I have had, it is uncanny how actually physically similar they have all been. This goes down to size, shape, hair colour and style. The same is not true in personality trait, but I guess visually, I am attracted to particular traits. So I don’t think it is trying to someone who looks one I loved before to satisfy some yearning.

Speaking of traits Naivete conversing
I love a man slightly closing one eye whilst opening the other with a lifted eyebrow to give you a certain look/glare ... very attractive trait works for/on me everytime smitten

How do Ms Jones hope you're enjoying yourself in your neck of the woods hug
Having a bit of a lazy day here myself wave
1to1, get up off the floor you stupid man or you'll be all covered in dog hair....
ps, I know you're not stupid hug
So then Robby you have a type, but who doesn't dunno
even psychopaths only kill a certain type... eh not for a minute am I suggesting you are one comfort

Anyways types and reflections aren't the same thing, so that makes me a little happier now very happy
Honestly, no. I totally treat people as individuals. head banger
Nicely said Jim wine
I reckon I see people that way as well.
no never. wave

that´s a recipe for disaster.
Hi itchy, seen something funny on FB last night, it showed a broom in the air stretched out like a cloths line with a witch's hat and dress hanging on it and boots under it, it also shows a naked woman diving in the lake. I just laughed out loud and said yes that's my itchy. rolling on the floor laughing

I'm liking your menu Bogart wink wave
...hmmmm, well, it`s been a woman every time...?dunno

cool wine
Wen, you know how when people talk they sometimes get the wrong end of the broom stick conversing

well I'd steady on there a little with your last comment otherwise people will be thinking you've seen me naked blushing giggle

Itchy, laugh no just to set the record straight I have never seen you naked.

Was thinking even a witch needs to cool off sometimes.

You have always had my most respect. hug
Viking.... you're a man that knows what he wants wine

laugh laugh Wen, thanks for clearing up that matter wink

Thank you and as I'm sure you know, you have mine as well handshake bouquet
i love troubles lips

you looking for trouble Bogart batting

well I've a troublesome reputation to keep devil


oh, perfect. .cool

Must warn you I've a wicked reputation for using Men...
So if you object to being used speak now and sorrowful me shall set you free sad
didn't happened to me but would be interesting
"PLAY NOW: Pumpkin Candy"(meet us in the games)

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