Women and men..... How we think of "hot'...

When I try to recall my hormone drenched, skirt chasing youth, it seems this had only one main dimension. Does age change this for us? Do we now look more at the whole person? Is this wisdom, experience or merely fear and pickiness?

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Every time I saw someone as hot it was one-dimensional.

Then they proved to be people and that either blew the whole thing on the spot, or turned it into attraction. So no it was never an age thing for me. Experience did change some of the triggers a bit. Then a sulky brooding man in love with his reflection might have intrigued me, now I leave him to his reflection without a second thought laugh

I blame Wuthering Heights for my younger self, Heathcliff was presented as romantic, back at school, yet the man was a raving nutter.

I am not sure it is age that changes us, but experience, because so people do not change that way.
Thanks, Biff. Wish ellis bell had written more, but it's a valid point on the influence. And raving nutter is neither redundant, nor an oxymoron, in many such cases, as you mention.
Hello Vier wave

If admiration means hot, then you are ....
for all you have gone through you still came out the better side of crap thumbs up

You succeeded where others failed sad flower
smiley963: "an Eye for an Eye..."(meet us in the forums)

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