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Would it not be beneficial to all parties, Connecting Singles and Members, if Connecting Singles would incorporate an app similar to Zello to replace the Chatroom?

Would it not help to make it so much easier discerning between a scammer and a true potential match?

Hope this idea/suggestion does not cause too much discord among the scammers who have free reign. laugh

Relax its weekend.

XXXXX is a free walkie-talkie app for smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers. The app requires an Internet connection to work properly, whether it’s through Wi-Fi or a mobile data network. Unlike the standard calls you can make on the device of your choice, Zello connects you to fellow users and radio channels where large groups can talk regardless of distance.

Take note: I am not promoting any app or website.

More info for those genuinely interested:

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So Zello is not zucchini flavored jello then. laugh
Good morning Luke.

Happy weekend.

I just drove eighth hours going nowhere. rolling on the floor laughing
Hi Luke, this sounds nice, but I really want a Drone. laugh
Hi Jim,
Deep down I somehow knew someone would come up with a comment like this...laugh cheers
Hi LJ,
For a short time in my life I did test driving for GMSA.
Loved the endurance trips which cleared my head. We all need to drive to a place with no name at times. Always rememberber life is short, so try and enjoy.
Yes, agreed.

Happy to nominate you as our representative in this, and support any and all arrangements you make yay
Hi Wen,
Me too me too...laugh
But just imagine for a moment if cs had this walkie talkie app, you up 200ft, transmitting and sharing that experience with the whole of cs...I mean, from the horses mouth.rolling on the floor laughing I bet your destined match/partner would appear in a flash after that. laugh

Enjoy your day bro.handshake
Hi Eli,
This tab phone is still too small for my skinny fingerslaugh
Sad to say Ive never been a good rep. Im more of a Get the physical job done guymoping
Tnx for endorsing. You a star.
Beautiful spring day here

Fascinating! I’ve never heard of that. Sounds like a fun idea! applause
Thanks, GT.

Can only add to the fun.bouquet
Sounds interesting. Why not? dunno
Shame TR didn't have it the other day, we could have tuned in to his reaction when he broke the toilet laugh bet that turned the curtains blue rolling on the floor laughing
great business idea. count me in on it. (profit only, not loss)

Afternoon, Luke wave
Hi Dani,
It could be fun as one does not necessarily need to speak but just listening to the banter of the transmissions is also bound to be quite a hit.
Hi Z,
laugh That would have scored in the top 10 best transmissions for sure not forgetting the fun with the ratsrolling on the floor laughing
Hi there Bogart,
Consider yourself counted laugh
Very interesting app. that could make CS fun by just listening to the banter.

cheers when are we starting?dunno

A chat room directly connected to CS would require you to be a member and logged in.

Creating a 'chat room' via an app outside CS would allow anyone to gain access and possibly the ability to compromise the security of others.
I'm a tech neanderthal so wouldn't know. I used to think "app" was an appointment.
Hello Zello! applause

Sounds like fun, Luke! applause

Hope you’ve had a great weekend bouquet
TR, yes.
APP = Appointment
APP = Application
Hi chatillion,
Welcome to my blog. I doubt if you are new on the Blogs tholaugh

Hate repeating myself but ill try.

Would it not be beneficial to all parties, Connecting Singles and Members, if Connecting Singles would incorporate an app similar to Zello to replace the Chatroom?

Totally up to them.

This is just an idea, a suggestion, aimed at the bloggers that had the privilege of using the now abandoned chat,room (for reasons unknown to me) as to their OPINION if it might or might not be a good idea....

Once again:
Take note: I am not promoting any app or website.
@ TR,
Dont let that bother you, I know even lesslaugh
Hi Mimi, I thought so toolaugh

Let us hope someone of importance on the blogs sees the suggestion and lays it on the table before all the trolls and scammers are spooked by such an idea...rolling on the floor laughing
It would be misused fast by all these "all I wanna do is fight with you... all day and night long" types. laugh

I think those days are gone...
Hi Naivete,
To block someone on the 'walkie-talkie' app is a piece of cake. Just a click. The tel.# has to be verified and that alone will scare off the scammer and troll.
Hi Luke, I was one of those Chatroom users.
The company which ran it, went bust during the recession. CS said they would set it up again, but they never did.
Lukeon, I think the idea is really good.
I used the CB radio 30 years ago to meet & greet new friends.

All I'm saying is with internet, is there a potential for someone to get identification without the other party knowing.
Hi Molly, yes and most of you guys had a heap of fun there. Was just thinking of a revitalization of something similar. Anyway, I guess if 'mary' started a transmission in a Mumbai accent I'd have a knack attack...rolling on the floor laughing
or when verifying a cell number supposedly in London with a Lagos code...rolling on the floor laughing
Enjoy your evening.bouquet
Would it be safe - to log in with our own phone number?

Since I came to CS, the only thing I got is - paranoia. laugh
@ chatillion,

Thanks for your thoughts and I know there are many experts/pro's on CS on many/all different subjects.

I do however trust that the owners of CS will approach this matter with the necessary professional advisers and legal criteria to keep all members very very safe or they won't even consider such an idea. IF THEY EVER HEAR OF THIS. Not that they will entertain the idea even if they come across it.
I feel its not my place to poison or encourage any thoughts surrounding this subject with negativity as this is just a suggestion between members on the blogs.
Hope you have a good day.
@ Naivete
I think the above reply answers your question EXCEPT for the mere fact that if you or anyone feels threatened why on earth would you go on such a threatening app in the first place?
"PLAY NOW: Music Memory"(meet us in the games)

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