For some strange reason...i 'opened' CS...and checked out acouple blogs/forums...
guess its the first evening in 4 months...i'm feeling bored!...wink ...

Been in Turkey 4 months now...just can't express how wonderful the life is here...
Been alone....mostly.....and just loving the freedom...the people here...the endless choice of things to do...

A village (large) ...surrounded by mountains...expat english...(small minority of other nationalities)...restaurants music most nights...(tomorrow night the local band is playing...who are as good as any pros...

Yes...i enjoy my red wine...the sound of 70s/80s music...the lifestyle of and drink...

If you are scared to take that step...just do it..,,life is short....there may be a 'diagnosis' just round the corner....seize the moments...(and there are so many here)...wave

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Hi Jazz, Glad you are living that dream life you always wanted, Nice of you to pop in and see us.
Hi Map...hows it going?...

Was down in Fethiye, hot....took the mountain road back...different air/better climate...(still pretty hot though)...
All is well in Mapland, The usual 40c plus temperatures but coping with it, Life has taken some good and interesting turnsgrin
.. peace ...happy for you Map...
Hi Jazz, I know you was concerned about moving and sounds like you are really happy and I am glad for you. thumbs up

How is your Mother hope she is well.

Really good to see you. hug
Hey J, and Merhaba. You aren't the same person with similar name who was in CF months ago? She was reportedly run off due to inappropriateness on a number of levels.
Wen...hi...wave ...

My Mum is good...she knows i had to do this for my sanity...and we 'facetime' everyday...
Vier.....can't answer that...cos don't know what the f*ck CF is....
Jazz, that's good to hear, I know spending time together each day is a great help to the both of you.

Oh meant to say, most people leave blogs cause they are bored not come here cause they are bored. rolling on the floor laughing

Just kidding, really good to see you. hug
Jazz so good to hear from you,
I have been asking if someone had heard from you.
Looks lilke you made the right chose, and are enjoying you life there thumbs up
Keep in touch okay? wave .......................Jenny
Play on words (letters) for Switzerland. But with the F-bomb, could well be.
Jenny...kiss ....i'm so happy...made the right (if selfish) choice....but it works!...
Vier....considering you insult me on every blog i write...i reckon you are madly and passionately in love with me...n'est pas?...
Jazzy, Love! wave yay

I’m so glad you are loving where you are. Great advice too!

V....flog off
Au contrairre, J. But perhaps this time you can try to keep the vulgarity to a minimum, and not worry all us loving other parents by not drinking to excess, especially while the children are around at home. But one wonders. Good luck with all that.
you are a nasty piece of work

Pull your head in for once

Crest, I think there must be a lot of latent rage there...or perhaps impotent rage.

Jazz must look like a mean teacher he once had. laugh
Or a teacher he wanted to have laugh
Good one!! laugh
Hey Kal!

Glad to know you're having a fabulous time there.
Might go to Izmir in few months, yay
Hey Jazz...good for you!
I am doing the same here in Spain...and I am one of the musos living the dream here now..loving it!



( your latest profile pic...whit whooo! grin )
Robby, I agree. Steaming hawt!

You are having fun too? So awesome!
Yeah Gypsy......loving every minute...get yourself over here to the Med gal! kiss
We both look naked in our profile pics, Robby. Ready for some skinny dipping? laugh
Welcome back wave
Hey i was really naked! I’m sure you are covered up just below photo frame...hehe.
Skinny dipping? I invented it...let’s go! grin
Look who's back! Hey hey, Jazz! wave

This lot need you and Gypsy back. Yay!
Also...congrats on the new life! Enjoy, single life is goooood!
Just skimming the comments and one jumped out.

Vierkaesehoch or whatever you call youself now....STFU, I've seen far, far worse from you!
Jazz, I'm glad to see you back and enjoying your life. I hope your dream house is finished. wave

Glad to hear all is well...

Turkey is on my travel

Take care...

I am glad that you are having a great time!

Ps. Its good seeing you!..................................................................................hug
wave Miss Jazz. Glad you're having fun in your new environment peace
Believe it or not Jazz I've often thought of you and wondered how you're getting on..... great to hear all is good and going well, delighted it turned out all you had hoped... long may it continue wine

Good seeing you wave too. grin
aaaw F so great to see you back, missed you xx We'll meet up soon, promise

Vier why don't you shut the f*** up? She is nothing like an alcoholic & I know her personally whilst you are just an altar boy with an axe to grind! Learn some manners or stay off her blogs you imbecile. Your blogs & forums leave an awful lot to be desired so concentrate on your own personality flaws without insulting decent people here you short assed moron! No-one could ever fall for you if they read you on here! Why drag the past here with you, leave it where it belongs & stop thinking you are above everyone else here

He is a nasty man...he is truly an a**hole...

Glad you told him off...
thumbs up
Lou, thank you xxx
Hello Jazz wave Nice to hear from you. Glad to hear all is well with you.
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