Cringe Worthy

Do you ever read a blog and actually cringe? Maybe even feel the bile rise in your throat?

I have read a few....ones where someone, in my mind, is kind of icky boasting about their s*xual prowess for instance. Or ones where someone writes as an authority but it is evident they are ignorant or crazy?

I appreciate you bloggers who make me laugh and who give me glimpses into your lives. The ones that cause those wtf moments?.....not so much

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Not at all. Actually you deserve a big bowl of it for that comment cats meow Meow!
Gypsy. Haha....yes the cat must have been napping.

Angel - yeah...great pic from from miss sexy shoulders tramp
( but have you seen her No3 or what! )

Gypsy! wow
Robby, is number three that ancient one on the zebra rug? laugh I manipulate the “likes” with that one.grin
Ok then. I'm almost checking in for my flight so enjoy guys.

Gypsy, carry on..

No! I haven't seen that photo of her yet........conversing
Lindsy, for once we are in complete agreement laugh

Sincerely, though, I amjust messing with you. No bad blood whatsoever.
Well Whatever, but I am all for it....grin
I'm glad Gypsy. hug
Angel, well just open her profile and there it is! Hehe

Yes! I Just Saw her 3 photo!...........cheers
As Mr Bowie sang ‘ hot tramp...I love you so...’ kiss
Got dog!.....................................rolling on the floor laughing
Robbie, you crack me up! And you are rapidly turning this blog into cringe worthy material. rolling on the floor laughing
I do cringe with some of the blogs or comments written. Some even written on my own blogs that were totally uncalled for. Some I think even go looking for particular people's blogs or forums and cause havoc. Some must have split personallities too. They must have sad lives if that's the way they think they should carry on. Totally not my style. cool
So true, Daears, you always take the high road. applause

I’m more ornery. laugh
Yeah nothings more cringe than OTT proclamations of love. I never do that uh oh
I can't keep up this charade.
I DO love OTT proclamations of love and showering a hot ladee with a lifetime supply of whimsical Bird hats.
Gypsytramp Yes I sure do cringe whenever I read certain blog title and after I get further into certain topics.
Doc, every time you post I swoon smitten

Now peel me a grape and bring me a hat.....pretty pleaselips
Bear, me too! And I can’t help peeking at the comments. I’m a drama queen, let’s face it

mumbling cheers
"Do you ever read a blog and actually cringe? Maybe even feel the bile rise in your throat?"

Cringe well maybe, but more likely to wet myself laughing, where else but CS can you read the self professed Einstein of blogging attempting yet another hatchet job on an American president, by posting on a blog written by a porn star rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
sent you a pm for A Venus,
Lindsay, why always so nasty, it doesn't become a lady!
Z, stop that! LOL hahaaaaaaaa

Okay, I agree
Wait. What? Who’s a porn star??

GT applause

I’m guilty as charged help
The saucer of milk was seemingly ok, but the cream was a much better Idea. You could put it in a bowl and add a little cream of tartar then whip ( and I do mean whip ) out the mixer and have whipped cream. With just a little sugar you could have a better toping on your slice of pumpkin pie. Now that's a great way to start your day with a cup of coffee.
M’Lady could be a hat model
Wal, I apologized and I am sorry. I will do better I promise.

At Z, I wish you would just copy paste that for me to laugh at this all too knowing of what is about the presidentrolling on the floor laughing
Grouch now you make me really dying to have a piece of that pie.
Mimi, I had no idea! Have I seen you in anything? rolling on the floor laughing
Grouch, you make cream sound sooooo good. smitten
Hi Palm! hug I think hat design is really my forte. rolling on the floor laughing is that called haberdashery?cool
It’s my OTT proclamations of love for my Arty smitten

I’ve tried to tone it down .....I’ll try harder in the future..applause
a bird on the head is worth two in the bush
Oh. Hahaha! Mimi, .i thought you were confessing to being the porn star blog writer rolling on the floor laughing
Palm, May I quote you on that!
you may! *courtsey
Who is the porn star blogger?? frustrated
i wanna know!
Zmountain is a tease!
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