An associate of mine lost a daughter to cancer. He is about to lose another one. Nearly each month he would fly out of town to visit and check on her condition. His last weekend visit ended up being 2 weeks as her condition had worsened. Not responding to treatment, he returned with news she had less than a month to live. That was Monday and what doctors said/predicted would be about a month is now updated to a few days.

He's flying out tomorrow to be with her.

During his absence, I've been following his projects (we are in the kitchen remodeling business) and staying late when possible to see the work gets done. My thoughts are to work Saturday and Sunday so I don't fall behind in my obligations.

As they say "It is what it is."
Things will eventually get done.

For everyone in the office and all of his clients who know his situation, are hearts are heavy.

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That's very sad. One of my softball teammates has a young son, who has had bone cancer.
Today he went in for a scan to see what his levels are after treatments.
Hopefully it has been taken care of.
No child deserves cancer.

If there was a loving God, he/she would not put a child through such torment and pain.
I'd like to have a long talk with such a God that would permit such a thing,
as well as the development of mosquitos, ticks, and especially spitting cobras. very mad
At least the rattlesnake frequently comes with a warning.
Very sad Chats, loosing a child must be the deepest of all sorrows ....
how sad such dept is to be doubled sad flower

Jim, what you blaming God for when Its not his fault?
I'm not blaming any god, as there is no god.
My point is, that no loving god would "intelligently design" such a situation.
God IS loving ... you just don't know/understand him is all hug

G'night Jim wave
that´s terrible. my father died with cancer, and I know what cancer is.

I wish your friend/associate all the strength in the world!
Very sad wish we had a cure for cancer.bless your friend and his family during this time.

There is no god to understand.
But since you imply that you understand gods loving nature, while I don't,
explain to us why such a loving god
would intelligently design/allow/cause human children to die of cancer and other severe illnesses.
Jim there is no proving one way or the other. You have an opinion you are representing as a fact with no actual back up. Not that I'm a believer but I don't present my beliefs as facts. Some people don't need facts, I do and you present no facts. However I must say you live more of a Christian life style than many christians so I salute that. I just wish you would just state your opinion of which there is no God as if it were a fact. That is just a legend in your mind.

Oops almost forgot I came to say it is a sad situation at your work Chat. I know the agony of losing one child hope I never have to face that again so my heart goes out to your co-worker. Good for you for trying to keep up the workload for them, it's the least you can do and it will mean a lot.
crap I left the word NOT out

I just wish you would just NOT state your opinion as fact.
Shucks Jim I'm not here to make a believer out of you hug

when we see/feel and know of such sadness understandable why one would say as you have, so I don't blame you and others for not believing.... but what of all the miraculous happenings, how come they don't have the same effect on you???

There are reasons why one is a disbeliever but so too are there reasons to be one.
why one chooses one over the other ... each to their own wine
I always say I'd rather believe and find out I'm wrong than not believe and find out I'm wrong.

My ex husband lost both his daughters and his granddaughter. He still has 2 sons and 3 grandsons.

My ex boyfriend lost his daughter less than a year after I lost my daughter. It will be a year the 27th of this month.

Condolences to your co- worker. Chat. I don't see an appropriate emoticon.
Jim, itchy, Bogart, Bluesky, Fay, thanks for your comments.
We're expecting the news any day now.
I read there are nearly 200 different forms of cancer, many cannot be cured.
Hi TG, I see you commented while I was typing. Many thanks.
To hoping Chats for the best wine
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