My Day on the Street

After a very busy week, I've finally been able to go through my photos of my street photography sojourn to Vancouver. I'll just post the pics and add captions as to what was happening as I've already detailed the day in a previous blog.

To start off, a local setting up their site for the day.

Are we having fun yet? This guy does not seem to be too terribly impressed and it's still early in the day!

City worker sweeping up cigarette butts and garbage. He was moving fast, not wanting his pic taken - I missed the top of his head.

Cycling in Gastown, taking in the sights.

Little boy in a buggy that had been 'parked' while his Mom took photos.

Tenement building down an alley behind a warehouse. The fan in the window captured my eye.

Resting in the shade.

The bum scratcher...

What would downtown be without some guy perving?

While at lunch, I was fascinated with the expressions on peoples faces as they walked by.

A beggar with his dish and a sign out, grooming his dog (looks like he's picking fleas).

Of course, what would a trip be without window shopping?

And then, there's those "just got to have them" irresistible red stockings for men - the piece de resistance of fashion wear, and my cue to exit stage left and catch the train home.

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Bravo!! I can't begin to tell you how much I enjoy looking at street photography, and the prospect of having other environs to look at on CS blogs is terrific. Your images are really quite sharp, and I like your framing, a lot. Please do more and post.thumbs up
Well done, they are fantastic.

Normally, I just read your blogs and never comment -they are free from CS "pollution". Congratulation on both, blogs and photos.

TR - thanks! I'm trying to figure out how to make my photos bigger on here. I've uploaded them to Imgur and trying to figure out how to get them on here (these are directly from my computer)?

It was such a blast taking street photography and the highlight of my day was the guy in the red stockings. rolling on the floor laughing
Bogart - thank you very much! grin
Once you have selected the photo you want to use on imgur (it will become large on the screen), on the bottom right of that page under the link addresses is a small box with "size" in white. .....

Sizes: Original · Small Square · Big Square · Small Thumbnail · Medium Thumbnail · Large Thumbnail · Huge Thumbnail

... these will appear blue except for the one choose which will appear green. I use "large Thumbnail" for my pics. You only have to choose your size once, and all image links copied will be that size unless you change the size or leave the page.
Choose the "message boards and forums" link on right side of imgur photo and copy and past straight to your CS blog page. If you delete a photo from your imgur page, it will also disappear from your blog.
Lovely pics, Imp

City life is always interesting.

I couldn't help thinking though, that kid in the buggy looked big enough to push it himself laugh
Well you know I've been a fan of yours since you started some of these adventures years ago. I wish your pictures were larger for my poor seeing eyes but from what I see - I thoroughly enjoyed. I love how your eyes see what mine misses especially when you go out in your nature adventures. You also make me miss the Northwest something awful. Long before cell phones were popular in the US, when I went to your Vancouver - every single soul was talking on a cell phone, funny that's what I remember. It wasn't long before the US became zombied to their phones.

Are you in a photography class, is there a site where all the artists post their pictures or where the winning pics get posted? I know you judge yourself much to harshley so I don't trust your judgement.

I'm loving CS more and more by the way. Keep up the good work Imp.
TR - Thank you so much!! Yay - bigger pics. Now you can see them better (along with some of the blur... lol).
Molly - thanks! I thought the same thing about the kid, but I guess if he gets tired, at least he has somewhere to sit so 'Mom' doesn't have to go home before she's ready.
Fay - thanks! I have a hard time seeing the detail in those pics as well, as they're so small. But now that TR's helped me out, you can actually see the photos clearly. grin
Yep, the added size does your pics a lot more justice. Bum Scratch and Rear Passenger are my favs.thumbs up
Thanks TR! I love bum scratcher as well - just makes me laugh every time I see it. laugh
Oh thanks Imp, I enjoyed them again even much more. Man I am enjoying CS with you and TR, I may enjoy my own little adventures in life but I look forward to sharing both of yours as a super added bonus to life.


I got a bunch of us hens together today for cocktails and a cookout for our first time. It is supposed to introduce to me some peeps in the community that I don't know yet, but a few I used to party with 40 years ago, not sure how wild or how tame we may end up. I think the making of Margauritas next door are being prepared and ( made a bloody picture of spicey as hell bloody mary's - I hope I'm the only one that like its spicey hot or I'm going to have to make another picture. If I drink this whole picture I may have a hangover but I used very good booze so hopefully not.
Hello LadyImp, wave Nice pics, Enjoyed themthumbs up Thanks, They brought back some memories. I was in gastown, in the late 70s, (okay I m older than dirt rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing ) It was before noon, and so quiet then. a lot more activity these days,alot more homeless, and needy people.
Hi Ladyimp, great pics and like how you explained the pic.

The window shopping, I like that one cause it could say so many things.for example

Well it's just you and me. laugh

Great pics. thumbs up
Was bird seed on sale ? grin
Fay - glad you can see them better - I know I can! grin

Hopefully, your hen party was a blast and you don't have too horrible a hangover (if any). Regardless, whether you do or don't, I'm sure the enjoyment of your fellow 'hens' was worth it. thumbs up
1to1 - wave - Thanks! Yes, Gastown has definitely changed and while there's a lot more homeless, there's also just a lot more people in general. An interesting place for sure!
whenever - I thought it was perfect for the day, a seagull at the front door of the shop, and just happened to look at it's reflection when I took the photo. Can you tell I'm enjoying the street photos?
Jim - I don't think so, but maybe a few 'chicks' were the draw. wink
He may have been seeking something to impress his fine-feathered friends. dunno
4MaryB: "Have a great week "(meet us in the ecards)

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