Some of us do have MEMORIES to look back
that we will treasure the rest of our lives.
Those events that made us tne "Sunshine or the Dawn"

Let us learn from you cheers

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would be easier if you pressed a switch and could rid your brain of memories they hurt to much even good ones
I have my own built in ignore "the past button" but for some reason it continues to remain in the on mode.

I would gladly sacrifice good memories if I could get rid of the bad ones, too, in the process. laugh

It would be nice - being able to get a clean slate if we want to... daydream
I wouldn't ever want to erase any memories, no matter how sad or painful.
Good and bad, happy and sad memories are all a part of who we are.
I am with you, Molly.. handshake
Wish I knew where I left my car keys, Oh memory why do you fail me??sigh
I´m thinking now of mammaries smitten
I love my great memories and well over the sad and painful ones. I don't cling to the pain anymore, not at all.
Very well said Mollycheers
Bad n good memories are what we made for life....u may forget someone else but memories remain.wine
dancing "Looking back on the memories ,the dance we shared....."

For a moment how did u ever say goodbyecrying

Just a
sceneapplause cheers
yeah we have loads of memories ... to move ahead with life you must let go of most else your looking back to much .maybe even compairing a person now to one who has gone not fair really so this is why I say would be good to be able to loose these memories but is impossible to do I thinks
The pain of the past will always remain in my heart til the day I'm placed in the ground.sigh
I treasure them too, good and bad...mostly good yay
Memories stays
When we were hurt of that memory
It will take time for us to let go
but believe me it will with prayers
for that to healcheers
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