Well, here's something you don't see every day.

Florida has been invaded by Burmese pythons as the result of an intense storm that accidently freed
these captive pets near the Everglades years ago.
Some estimate that there are now over 100,000 of these invasive snakes in the everglades,
where no natural predator has evolved to control them.

They can grow up to 26 feet in length and in that area have decimated the populations
of many mammals such as deer, raccoons, bobcats, rabbits, etc .
In response Florida has hired about 25 professional snake hunters to capture these invasive snakes.

In the following video we get to see one of these snake hunters capture such a Burmese python,
that was in the process of strangling an alligator. They have been known to kill much larger gators.

So, man rescues alligator is perhaps something you never thought you would hear, nor see;

Comments (13)

That was crazy no snakes for me..
I often visit a state park that borders the Everglades with a canal that runs along the front and some boat ramps that lead into the Everglades. I'm curious now and will have to ask if they are are bothered by pythons.
B - You're a long way from the Everglades. So, don;t lose any sleep tonight.

C - It's more the local wildlife that is bothered by the snakes. However, a 20 foot python can easily kill a man or woman, and much smaller ones can kill children & pets.
True story, JN. But the real problem is pet shops and illegal reptine immigration, just as with the need for a brilliant President like Trump, who finally gets it. Winner of 30 states, and 225 congressional districts, in addition to the electoral vote LANDSLIDE---MANDATE. Low lifes all, same sort with gold front teeth and spike chained pit bulls, almost all on assistance, and Hussein O. Low info voters, nearly to a man (and female).
Those damn pythons are making their way north too as they have been spotted nearer & nearer to me.

Last year (maybe other years) they have open python season and so many pythons are caught, some monster size and yet there is still over 100,000? That is just sick. In their native country were they on top of the food chain too? No predators like pythons?
I have eaten rattlesnake before, and those are pit vipers, not constrictors. I also have had alligator and iguana, all rather good to eat ( and no they do not taste like chicken ). I was wondering if the pythons are any good to eat. Fifteen or twenty footers could have a lot of meat on it. That would be a fish fry I would like to try. Florida needs to open season on the pythons and promote the dietary advantages. Get local or even famous chefs to show how to prepare it. That would reduce the population significantly.
That's an excellent idea Grouchy! I like eating gator too.
I don,t really comment,But I coudn,t resist one
But I have mental picture of one of these around your neck.
I hope you have life insurance.
G - ALL snakes are edible. One just has to cut off the head, where the venom is stored.
You are right, there's probably a lot of meat on one of those big pythons.

F - The Burmese python can lay up to about 100 eggs. That and the fact that they have no predators that evolved alongside of these huge constrictors in Florida leads to their population exploding in growth.
Perhaps some alligators, bears, puma and bobcats kill some of the young ones. But, I doubt any of those would know how to handle a big one.
I would emigrate if I lived there. My worst nightmare. uh oh
Urban legend, JN. Sure some got there that way. But as with spiders, gators and other "status" pets, many illegal, it's more often when gang bangers get tired of them, and in an act of heightened progressive responsibility, just dump them near the swamps, or down toilets, etc. Same status seeking Hussein O. supporters one sees in dreads and hoodies, sporting gold capped teeth, walking the spike collared pit bulls, with nines in the pockets. The dogs also get dumped as well.

Never mind the a**hole comment...lol...roll eyes

It is unfortunate and scary...hope they do more to curb this problem...

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