Blog Rules

  1. No soliciting of any kind for websites, products or services, or directing people to other websites.
  2. Treat others the way you would like to be treated – with respect - be polite, considerate, with no personal attacks, name calling, harassment, bad language.
  3. TOPICS. You must have a clear topic for your blog, and state it clearly in your blog title. All entries within a blog must address the topic described in the title. When posting a comment, you may express a dislike or disagreement for a topic, but not a dislike for the blogger.
  4. TITLES. Blog titles may not include a member's username. Topic may not be a question or information about a Connecting Singles member. This is gossip and is not allowed.
  5. No 'broadcast' messages such as "Hi to everyone", "goodnight all", "I'm bored", etc. These are statements, not topics. Clearly state your topic, then stick to the stated topic.
  6. Do not direct questions to viewers. Use the Forums for this.
  7. Do not use your blog for a personal ad. You have a profile for this.
  8. No one-to-one discussions. Use your onsite mail for this.
  9. No personally identifiable information, emails addresses, phone numbers, addresses or URLs. This is for your protection.
  10. No explicit, sexual, offensive, insulting or vulgar language.
  11. No derogatory or offensive references to sex, gender, ethnicity, or sexual orientation.
  12. Inappropriate or offensive images or YouTube videos are not allowed and will get you banned.
  13. Images and YouTube videos require text to be written along with them. Your opinion or reason for adding them to your blog must be clearly stated. Enter only 1 image or video per blog entry.
  14. No HTML.
  15. No copyrighted material.
  16. You may not use your blog to accuse, expose or gossip about other members. You may not include copies of private mail you receive from or about others, or about the site.
  17. Limit emoticons to 3 per blog entry to respect page-load time of members with slow computers and site resources. Each blog entry must include at least one complete sentence of text. Blog entries with less than one sentence, gibberish, or emoticons-only will be deleted.
  18. Report. Do not support or encourage blog offenders.
  19. Send complaints or reports about members or the site to Contact Us – do not post them in blogs.
  20. Think before you post! Comments posted should be considered permanent. Don't ask to have them removed. A wide public audience views these blogs. Your blog entries represent you to viewers. You will be judged by your words.
  21. You may not use these blogs to bash this site or staff here. This is a free site...if you don't like the way things are handled, you are free to leave.
  22. Posts or comments that violate the rules will simply be deleted without notice.
  23. Read the rules. Site offenders may be banned from posting or removed from site without notice or warning. Staff decisions are final.

CS staff cares and respects our members. This is a quality, free site. Posting here is a privilege. Act accordingly!

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