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Trump FINALLY gives some answers to MuellerIn a desperate attempt to be done with the Mueller inquiry before the Democrats take control of the House, Dirty Don FINALLY submitted answers (or hi...

JimNastics1928Nov 20just nowNov 21

I bring you a flowerI bring you a flower from my garden, home grown. A garden I started when I first saw you alone. It’s been some time, I’ve adored you from near...

robrt7873212 hrs agojust now6 mins ago

A morning in the life.......As good as CS is in helping us vet away all the nutters and gold diggers, not to mention the truly dangerous sociopaths, as we cast our wide nets h...

Vierkaesehoch1192Apr 22just now22 hrs ago

You wouldn't do it to a dog!Nobody in there right mind would starve a dog or cat to death by cutting off it's food supply, but now by law it's fine to do it to a human being...

zmountainman1,167116Jul 2018just now24 hrs ago
The Last Woman

The Last Woman...Wow, this is my first ever blog about ranching and the cowboy/cowgirl way of life. I hope you enjoy it. They are subdividing the section that bor...

Unknown3828Aug 2010just nowSep 2010
Thought I would make an appearence

Thought I would make an appearence,.........Just in case you all thought I was back in jail as I have been quiet lately,..........

Unknown79647Nov 2016just nowNov 2016
How I access spell checker

How I access spell checkerSometimes people do not know how to use the spell checker so I thought that this might be helpful. How I access spell check: Place the cursor...

onlyoneheart376-Jul 2015just now

Inside a Buddhist Offering RoomMe and my son offered a prayer and a box of one of Nagoya's famous rice crackers. The altar has a large rectangular scroll with a kanji writing which...

tatami3687Sep 2015just nowSep 2015

Funniest thing lolI get viewed by not in my country women more than my own country Not helping me at all Unless they have a passport Cause I don't Love NZ t...

daears8257 hrs agojust now5 hrs ago
Track161930Aug 2016just now
When Love and Justice conflict at the Cross

When Love and Justice conflict at the CrossIt is argued by some that it is unfair to punish one person in place of another. After all,the very principal of just punishment is that each person b...

serendipity6151,0395Dec 2012just nowDec 2012
Men and generalisations

Men and generalisationsThere's a few blogs that say men are like this and that. Men equal about 49 percent of all humans so those kinds of claims are slight generalisatio...

Unknown4563Dec 2010just nowDec 2010
Unusual pilgrim on the Camino de Santiago

Unusual pilgrim on the Camino de SantiagoOne day, when I was in my motorhome RV parked at a very lonely place on the Camino de Santiago on the sun scorched Meseta in central Spain, amongst th...

Unknown3909Jan 2013just nowApr 2013

So much to learnI haven't done any canning in over 30 years. When I retired and tried to get back into gardening I did everything wrong first. That seems to be my...

UnFayzed5985 hrs agojust now45 mins ago

MarriageIt is not a lack of love, but a lack of friendship that makes unhappy marriages.” ? Friedrich Nietzsche...

pedro2782215Oct 2012just nowFeb 2013

"SOME OF US ARE SO OLD"..("MICLEE'S 21ST CENTURY")Some Of Us Are So Old Because..............................."When We Were Kids?"........................................ (You Fill It In From Here)....

namaron31,4721,716Aug 2014just now13 hrs ago

MY FATHERMy dad was funny....I can still remember that look he used to have on his face when someone said something that he thought was strange or didn't make...

Unknown62315Jun 2011just nowAug 2011

Pelosi: 'If I Am Not Elected Speaker, Millions Will Die'WASHINGTON, D.C.—As rumors swirled that top Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi may not retain her leadership of House Democrats, the congressional leader...

Willy341141323Nov 171 mins ago8 hrs ago
Another joke

Another joke ..A new monk arrives at the old Italian monastery for his celibate life of shared poverty and prayer, and is assigned to help the other monks in copying...

advaita4835Jul 20141 mins agoJul 2014
Fake History

Fake HistoryThe powers that be have taught us history that is fake, they have their reasons, perhaps to control us who knows, some things you didn’t know:- Sto...

Mapmaker1,02572Mar 20171 mins agoMar 2017

"CREATION"("ENLIGHTENED")(46)"So You Thought That You Would Chase Him Away"... "And He Wouldnt Come Back No More" "Well You Couldnt Be Further From" "Further From The Reality F...

namaron75031May 20161 mins agoMay 2016
MUSLIM immigrants in Northern Europe

MUSLIM immigrants in Northern Europe.JH Christ pebbles! Anyone been seeing the news about how the public safety and other aspects of formerly high quality of life have been sinking in th...

Aaltarboy95929Feb 20161 mins agoFeb 2016
JimNastics93722Apr 20131 mins agoApr 2013

So yes, the mustache is returningI mean why not. True the women say it tickles too much, but until I find one to play with, why worry about that? Today is a gorgeous day. Too nic...

Ken_1913416Apr 221 mins ago4 hrs ago
Om Shanti Om

Om Shanti OmPeace. When you chant, "Om shanti shanti shanti," it's an invocation of peace. In Buddhist and Hindu traditions you chant shanti three times to repres...

MiMiArt711-Mar 20182 mins ago
stringman82722 hrs ago2 mins ago50 mins ago
happy birthday already 34 and loving it

happy birthday already 34 and loving itHi everyone well today is my birthday I'm 34 already and love it. Got a new baby on the way its do in August. Got beautiful fiancee love her very much...

stillbluerain30714Feb 20142 mins agoFeb 2014
Hidden Treasures Final

Hidden Treasures - FinalDeliverance for God's People "Do not call to mind the former things, Or...

Keys7077720Mar 20152 mins ago
Like and dislike part 2

Like and dislike - part 2!When I say I feel lonely and miss my crocodile, I don't like to heard stuffs such as you have to move on, have to hang out with someone, have to do th...

MimiNGUYEN793926Nov 20142 mins agoNov 2014
Traditional Cultural Religious Celebrations

Traditional/Cultural/Religious Celebrations . . .I live in a community which is rather "cosmopolitan" in that it embraces and is surrounded by, a number of different cultural/traditional driven commu...

coffeeminx32710Dec 20112 mins agoDec 2011

"BIRTHDAY WITCH"Well................................................It Was My Turn A While Ago.............................................. And....................Im...

namaron2,59949Mar 20182 mins agoMar 2018
The case of the missing drapes

The case of the missing drapesI'm my effort to beautify my home I bought 3 sets of drapes a few months ago. I took one of each out and hung them to see if I liked how they looked....

Palmfrond25336Apr 42 mins agoApr 5

I Won't Be Missing You....God, exhausting days here...just want to chill. Anyone up for some fun here?...

Crazyheart381863219 hrs ago2 mins ago17 hrs ago
This is just too beautiful not to share

This is just too beautiful not to share"Dear Santa, this year please send clothes for all those poor ladies in Daddy's computer, Amen."...

JulesLove44421Dec 20122 mins agoDec 2012

What in your opinion is best option for DIY gym set?Using nature and possibly what re-used or bought for usage. I was thinking Rower/ bike but that would mean I have figure out how create something...

LuckyDuck20188299 hrs ago2 mins ago4 hrs ago
Track162373Aug 20162 mins agoAug 2016
Family ties

Family tiesSometimes family ties can become very complicated. Now just look at what happened ol' Jack. Five years ago, when he was 55, he married a 45 year o...

Catfoot89559Jul 20162 mins agoJul 2016
T V N Persaud

T.V.N. PersaudProfessor of Anatomy, and Professor of Paediatrics and Child Health, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Author and editor...

Unknown2550Jun 20092 mins ago
Let us reboot

Let us reboot!Let us uncomplicate our lives.

ajkaorjun73111May 20142 mins agoMay 2014
Diamond_Rain17214Apr 222 mins ago2 hrs ago
something about love

something about love ;)let me tell u something ppl:) I am sitting here on this dating site not because I cant get lay:)) actually I am kinda like casanova when it comes to m...

Unknown66227Sep 20132 mins agoSep 2013
Deleted Blocked

Deleted & Blocked!It is suprising me that I still received priviate messages! There is nothing attractive in my profile. It is even without a pic! Anyway, once again...

Unknown46510Aug 20122 mins agoAug 2012
SunnyWay: "Hot or cold"(meet us in the quizzes)

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