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59% Fear Violence From Trump Haters.31% Predict Civil War. Thursday, June 28, 2018 "Poll: 59% Fear Violence From Trump Haters, 31% Predict Civil War "The division in the Uni...

miclee1,15483Jun 29just nowOct 11
Jamaicans West indies are the tribe of Benjamin

Jamaicans West indies are the tribe of BenjaminThis blog will focus on the Jamaicans the tribe of Benjamin......first we have to start with Revelations 2:9 3:9......Yahsura speaks harshly of those...

Unknown4,2820Nov 2014just nowNov 2014

Raining againWelcome to Sunny Spain they said 320 days of sunshine a year they said Meanwhile I had to put the light on in the kitchen to see to make coffee...

Elegsabiff5773 hrs agojust now2 mins ago

EMOTIONAL SOBRIETY - "Right" Vs "Happy"How many times have you heard the question: "Would you rather be RIGHT, or HAPPY?" Ideally, most would say “I want both!” Being "RIGHT" is...

daniela7775464 hrs agojust now46 mins ago

Stormy Daniels lost her suit against the President"An attorney for the president, Charles Harder, characterized the ruling in a statement as "a total victory for President Trump and a total defeat for...

lindsyjones94781Oct 17just now21 mins ago

A most opinionated and judgmental momentsThe dysfunction of one's behaviour can pollute even the most lucid and formidable mind. Why is that? Is it because sensationalized and most in...

lindsyjones1,49116Sep 2017just nowNov 2017
ARISE JUDAH the Real Jews aka Hebrew Israelite

ARISE JUDAH!!! the Real Jews aka Hebrew IsraeliteAfrican Americans are largely descendants of the original Black Jews! The original Biblical Jews were Black African people who were ruthlessly per...

lilbuffalo7,81426Apr 2013just nowAug 2014

Give a little bit !It's often said, that life is what you make of it. More than that, how we treat others is actually our legacy. How we treat others affects them...

JimNastics2927May 20171 mins agoJul 2017

"ANOTHER WATERFALL DAY"..(4)Sometimes...................... We Can Feel Bad About Homeless People..............................But Everything We See? Isnt Always The Way It Look...

namaron180-May 261 mins agoMay 27

Analysis of the Dr. Ford & B. Kavanaugh testimoniesU.S. The hearing's over, but people still aren't buying Kavanaugh's discredited argument Nicole Gallucci,Mashable 7 hours ago Brett Kavanaugh'...

JimNastics21412Sep 291 mins agoOct 1

BraggartsI was reading about people who are affected by braggarts and expressing their disdainful taste about it, here's what I can say: leave them be, they'...

lindsyjones1,85529Aug 20171 mins agoAug 2017

Hatred for Trump supporters is going too far, wishes we die by kool aid like in Jim JonesH-Y-P-O-C-R-I-T-E! But they never see their own hypocrisy because they're too busy defending their lying pig of a cult leader. Talk about drinking the...

britishcolumbian1,247114Oct 181 mins ago3 hrs ago
nighty701,56110Dec 20172 mins agoDec 2017
JimNastics5767Dec 20112 mins agoDec 2011

I suffer from Anti-Mythonite .Pfff ... Last night the entire evening in the hospital sat ... All kinds of investigations and testing had ... Have just received the results from the...

jarred1223-Feb 142 mins ago

Another Animal Torturer Killed In The Act.A Spanish bullfighter has died after being gored during a festival in southwest France a few days ago. Ivan Fandino, 36, who was taking part in a b...

daniela77781247Jun 20173 mins agoJun 2017

rate your mood in this current moment...rate your mood in this current moment...1 to 10...

pedro2751817Mar 20153 mins agoMar 2015

.... You must earn the friendship of a dog..................... You must earn the friendship of a dog my friend :chee...

jarred195-Aug 83 mins ago

Guess what I saw !While taking a stroll around a lake today, I saw something I have never seen before. Indeed, I didn't even know what it was. I took a bunch of p...

JimNastics1,01544Feb 20123 mins agoFeb 2012
stringman1,22789Sep 133 mins agoOct 1

Good luck boysRock the hurling world...

itchywitch18911Aug 183 mins agoAug 19
How to Get into a Girls Pants

How to Get into a Girl's PantsAll guys want to know how to get in a girls pants, whether or not you and the girl are actually dating. This can in fact be an entirely noncommittal t...

Rummy167718Feb 20124 mins agoFeb 2012

"TIME TRAVELING MAN"And They Said........"You Have An Appointment With... "The Man".......And Hes Expecting You............ As Soon As Possible..............(So...Without...

namaron118-Aug 134 mins ago

9-11-2001/9-11-2012As we remember the tragedy in 2001......... Let us also not forget on September 11, 2012 when US Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens, USFS officer Sean...

Willy341187974Sep 114 mins agoSep 12
You are my sunshine

You are my sunshineToday the sun was shine and its atrt to get some warm in the air. I might take run in the forest tomorrow if it will shine and do some spring screemi...

lonelydaisy6038Mar 20134 mins agoMar 2013
so mad at my self

so mad at my selfwhy do i run and hide from ppl that really cares and love me... ita all i want to find inlife and i run off :( why do i get so scared i really...

lonelydaisy59012Sep 20134 mins agoOct 2013

HACK TEST EASY TO DO VIDEO GUIDEOK people here's a little video for you Very handy Check to see if you been hacked By the scammer spooks or somebody else for that matter Don't t...

metaloona9406Dec 20124 mins agoDec 2012
positive passion patience

positive passion, patience...............Is the passion of yours not worth giving a shot? If....NO... is your answer, then forget about it; it was not your true passion in the first p...

Unknown34312May 20144 mins agoMay 2014
What happened to civility and decency

What happened to civility and decency?Perhaps it’s my upbringing or distance from hatred but reading these political blogs from an outsider’s point of view shows that civility has disappea...

Mapmaker1,15978Oct 194 mins ago2 hrs ago

Especially for youJust so you know it (you know who you are) I don't like you either, and perhaps I should feel insulted for being called mindless and unstable by YOU b...

itchywitch1,09136Oct 20165 mins ago12 hrs ago
Winter wisdom

Winter wisdomWith winter approaching quickly I thought I might share some sound advise with you. I am a professional tradesman. My specialty is HVAC installati...

Stuckinarizona34034Nov 20175 mins agoNov 2017

BOO!!!!What does one need to do to get some kind of attention round here?? messages sent, viewings made, flowers sent, and not much back...i THINK im a nice...

Unknown2563Sep 20095 mins agoMar 2010

2015let's leave behind what had happened in 2014 and move forward for a brand new year. A year to conquer those vibes that held us back and see to it that...

aijeron1,2078Jan 20155 mins agoJan 2015
Dating a woman over 50

Dating a woman over 50The first thing to remember is that she will be looking for some level of perfection, your profile may give her love butterflies, but when she meets y...

Mapmaker76271Feb 20175 mins agoFeb 2017

"ANYTHING GOOD TO SAY?"This Blog For Sure...............And There Is No Doubt About It...................Will Bring Out The Jabs .................The Insults...................

namaron384-Oct 155 mins ago15 hrs ago

heyyaIt's been so long that I didn't come here.. LOL How are you guys doing?...

nightfury72315Apr 20165 mins agoApr 2016

Track might have something to do with this phenomenon....Then again maybe we can't blame Track for all of this since it is now legalized there...... ........

Hans47111041213 hrs ago6 mins ago10 hrs ago
HI ciao

HI,ciaoHI...ciao....vedo che non vi è molto interesse nel voler iniziare una conoscenza anche a distanza.....o è il mio profilo che fa schifo,,,o questa è co...

arwenanna59613Oct 20106 mins agoJul 2017
I gave up another dating site last night because I

I gave up another dating site last night because I...without first disclosing my annual income. Unbelievable. I think it also meant that I wasn't able to receive messages either. Blackmail!...

Unknown5849Feb 20106 mins agoApr 2010
cheating spouse

cheating spousequestions; you been married for years happy in your relationship but your other half went away for work abroad visiting times 2 each ye...

georgie3926513Aug 20176 mins agoAug 2017

Snoek BraaiToday I bring you something more conventional than my previous ‘skaapkop’ recipe. A delicacy from the Cape (only one Cape) and the West Coast region o...

Catfoot4,32370May 20136 mins agoMay 2013

PalaceHow come I don´t live in a palace and do nothing for a living? Somebody is going to pay for this error, making me work in the summer bullshit!...

Bnaughty21013Jun 56 mins agoJun 5
03239019371: "Beauty is bless of God!"(meet us in the profile reviews)

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