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"BIRTHDAY WITCH"Well................................................It Was My Turn A While Ago.............................................. And....................Im...

namaron2,19249Mar 5just nowMar 8
BONER ever had an akward boner

BONER-ever had an akward boner?seeing that sex is the order of the day,i wanna ask the male bloggers, ever happened to you?...

Unknown16,89062Oct 2012just nowOct 2012

I Am A LesbianTrapped in a man's body.................................................

Track163229Oct 2017just nowOct 2017
Men that feel sexually inadequate

Men that feel sexually inadequateThis is mostly for the men to comment but will appreciate womans input also. Been dating this guy for about 3 months, met over the summer. We be...

NJGirl2,25144Jan 2013just nowFeb 2017

A huge can of worms. Updated.Where should state health care end & personal responsibility begin, a question I reckon we'll all have to answer very shortly, the NHS in the UK has a...

zmountainman1,00578Sep 2016just nowOct 2016
What now

What now ???As I'm not having any luck on CS finding the perfect woman , or it seems any woman for that matter I thought I would try other oprions . A friend s...

oldblue5472129Jun 2017just nowJun 2017

I suppose it was my faultThe other night my girlfriend got unusually quiet. I thought, "Uh oh ! She must be in one of those moods". But then, I realized that, I had acc...

JimNastics93620 hrs agojust now1 hrs ago

LIFE HAS CHANGEDJust wanted to inform why I have not been here lately. I discovered at the end of November I have Brain Cancer. I will be starting treatments next...

wenever36028Dec 15just now8 mins ago


THELEMAGE7218Apr 2016just nowApr 2016

Further signs of vanishing civility.....Someone cuts you off in traffic, road rage incident follows with knives. Bullied in school, bring the artillery to school and kill a dozen kids and te...

Vierkaesehoch1712Mar 10just nowMar 10

Are some people too dumb to realise they are dumb?The Psychology Behind Donald Trump's Unwavering Support "The Dunning-Kruger effect explains that the problem isn’t just that they are misinformed;...

rizlared6537619 hrs agojust now1 mins ago
Do You Panic

Do You Panic?Do you have a cool head in a crisis or do you panic. Can you handle a crisis or do you stand around not knowing what to do? Or even worse, do you brea...

Catfoot1,07064Nov 20141 mins agoNov 2014
Do you carry a knife

Do you carry a knife?When you go out, particularly at night, do you carry a knife or some other weapon to protect yourself?...

pat8lanips97824Feb 20161 mins agoFeb 2016
Noisy neighbour

Noisy neighbourMy new neighbor for the past months has been driving me crazy. From what I have been told he is married but he uses the apartment as a love nest for a...

Bajanshay93147Feb 20151 mins agoFeb 2015

Music For Blind Elephants RehabilitationMusic seems to be a universal language for communication with all living things, especially those that have suffered a lot. The power of classical m...

daniela77712522Dec 151 mins ago3 hrs ago

Quick Year´s Review - End of Year Clearing & ReleasingFrom all the weirdos I´ve met on this site during the year – and I can assure you that I´ve met quite a few! - one stands out from the crowd... Fi...

daniela7772864313 hrs ago2 mins ago2 hrs ago
Traveling and Volunteering in 2012

Traveling and Volunteering in 2012Sometime back, I wrote about the two weeks I spent in Nova Scotia volunteering on a small mammal project through an organization called Earthwatch (in...

fieldworking5105Jan 20122 mins agoJan 2012
No Doubt In my tiny Mind

No Doubt In my tiny Mind...................................... Yes, no Doubt whatsoever. I can sense it. Hope your year will be as fantastic as mine....

Lukeon2,31129Jan 22 mins agoJan 4
You cross my limits

You cross my limitsI got so pissed off today. I don't know what is the problem, but this man always have a bad mouth when talk to me. 3 times he did that, its not good a...

Novita3,49638Dec 20112 mins agoDec 2011

Where is the logic - IIUpon arriving to Charles de Gaulle, while the plane was taxiing to the terminal, saw a fox trotting along the runway strip. What was it doing there? L...

Tulefell10042 mins ago2 mins ago

Singing Words Of Wisdom...Often, when trying to express a point, one reverts to the wisdom of ancient philosophers. I have recently, however, come across a quote by th...

daniela77745342Jul 122 mins agoNov 14

more killingsit happened today in Florida, when will it stop. answer - it wont until some screw-ups are corrected. the first thing is the correct the interpret...

studecar99741Feb 142 mins agoFeb 19
Happy St Patricks Day

Happy St.Patrick's Day.Just taking a chance to wish you all eyes that are smiling , A heart full of laughter - and everything happy. The best of luck !!! Do you believe i...

Unknown2877Mar 20143 mins agoMar 2014

Another whiskery jokeTo my darling husband, Before you return home from your overseas trip I just wanted to let you know about the small accident I had with the pick-up...

Elegsabiff1,24521Aug 20153 mins agoAug 2015

WORLD'S PROGRESS IN THE EQUALITY OF MEN AND WOMENThere are three major regions of the World when it comes to the quantitative as well as qualitative analyses as to the progress in treating women as...

lindsyjones1,57185May 20143 mins agoMay 2014
Are people who live in Warm Countries happier

Are people who live in Warm Countries happier?This Blog is not about God, Religion, not Bitching, pointing the finger or giving out about C.S. Blog land. I have read that people who live close t...

goldengloss1,22380Sep 20173 mins agoMay 2

MisconceptionsI’m far from being an expert on what impresses women, but, over the years, I’ve picked up a little knowledge of what doesn’t. Maybe I’ve even got mis...

Harbal257425 hrs ago3 mins ago3 mins ago
Which Is Stronger Lust Or Love

Which Is Stronger...Lust Or Love?They say that... Love can move mountains but lust can turn it to pieces. Love conquers all but lust can do that too and much more...or worse....

Crazyheart382,597168Apr 20163 mins agoApr 2016

BlogsAfter 10 years, Ive decided to post a blog so I can keep track of my blog comments!...

raphael11968217Jan 20164 mins agoJan 2016

"It's time for Trump's attorneys to negotiate a plea bargain" - Richard Painter, GWB ethics attorneyThere are at least 6 ongoing investigations involving Donald Trump and likely several more, that have not yet been made public. He is already implic...

JimNastics3643 hrs ago4 mins ago4 mins ago

RESPECT FOR THE INDIVIDUALwhen I started to work for the company that I am employed with one of the 3 rules they insisted on was respect for the individual. I totally agree wit...

wenever71853Dec 20174 mins agoDec 2017

When I was a young man, there were cougars,When I was a young man, there were cougars, though we didn't have the word, and I thought they were pretty cool. But at my age, I'm against the trend,...

jarred1147-Jul 20174 mins ago

Women and men.... Mentioning of new love in life.....I think there is a difference between the sexes here. Men seem to report conquests---focusing on the sex. Women, it would seem, report a new love in l...

Vierkaesehoch1490Jul 124 mins ago
if a guy give you a piece of jewelry

if a guy give you a piece of jewelry...if a guy give you a piece of jewelry in your beginning of relationship, does it have a certain meaning? i mean, would each item (like a ring or a nec...

Kasih21,89017Apr 20105 mins agoApr 2010

Cute article in the NY Times this week on Walking your pet cat.Yes, You Should Walk Your Cat Today’s indoor cat is a tiger robbed of his dominion, a Lamborghini left idling in the garage. By David Grimm...

JimNastics727Dec 75 mins agoDec 9

LOVE IS ...???Breathless Heart breaking...

itchywitch6,151245May 20155 mins ago13 hrs ago
Its the Teeth problem again and I am looking for genuine someone in the know advise

It's the Teeth problem again..... and I am looking for genuine, someone in the know, adviseSome weeks ago, I shared something, which for me, is extremely embarrassing. Through no neglect, but bad luck, health etc., I have to have teeth...

goldengloss59428Apr 20175 mins agoApr 2017
Eternal Soulmates Lisa Teller

Eternal Soulmates - Lisa TellerEternal Soulmates by Lisa Teller You are the one, with whom I'm destined to be, across space and time, you are drawn to me, One love, one...

Unknown3,0560Mar 20105 mins ago
Is My Boyfriend Cheating On Me

Is My Boyfriend Cheating On Me?Relationships are a spiritual commitment between 2 souls. Relationships are necessary for our spiritual development. Cheating or unfaithfulness is...

muzzena2080Feb 165 mins ago

That sinking feeling.It's so disheartening to write a blog and then watch it sink steadily down the page and finally disappear into the wilderness behind that little squar...

Harbal1,292106Apr 115 mins agoMay 11
A little Turkey humor

A little Turkey humorMy baby sister, cuter than a bug's ear, has hosted Thanksgiving for many years. All us households have prepared our dishes. While I wait on a bro t...

UnFayzed11513Nov 226 mins agoNov 23

Gaudette in PinkThe third candle of Advent is to rejoice! Hope, Peace, Joy, and Love Advent Wreath The Advent begins on the fourth Su...

ashlander34473Dec 157 mins ago31 mins ago

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