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iamawomanyouseehappy birthday sweety, as ur better known on the blogs..thought i send u a msg here...

Unknown45422Jun 2011just nowJun 2011
Who Says That Its New Year

Who Says That Its New Year ! ! !How you say that its new year ? Only calader is changed & all people say its new year. if you really need new year. change your attitute & thoughts...

peednama1,00614Dec 2015just nowJan 2016

Kamla Harris joins Elizabeth Warren in call to impeach TrumpYesterday in USA Today; Kamala Harris joins Elizabeth Warren in advocating for President Trump's impeachment William Cummings, USA TODAY Publish...

JimNastics58613 hrs agojust now50 mins ago

ATTRACTIVNESS OF ASIAN WOMENLiving in an increasing multicultural society, which I do, I find that seeing the variety of Asian ladies in their differing types of dress, are now a...

CROWNAFFAIR1,21441Mar 2016just nowMar 2016
stringman79722 hrs agojust now20 mins ago
Virginity Test

Virginity TestThere have been many debates if we need to keep being virgin or not, that's up to each person I would say. Somehow I cannot not to post this one,...

kaetchenvonhn67121May 2015just nowMay 2015
Opposition or Opportunity Part 1

Opposition or Opportunity (Part 1)And he said unto me, My grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness. Most gladly therefore will I rather glory in my inf...

Keys7074700Jun 2016just now
Wanted single ladies only

Wanted........single ladies onlyI am looking for a real nd true ladies who wanted a real man fr relationship no drama momma bulshit no cheat....

0323901937155810Jan 2013just nowJan 2013

Cracked Myself UpSometimes I just do that. Actually I've been doing it a lot lately, it's fun. I simply can't take myself seriously anymore. I was raised in the s...

UnFayzed944Mar 26just nowMar 27

TrustWhat does it take online to meet somebody that has integrity and can be honest with themselves and others?? I find that I keep running into untrustwo...

Cwizzy6540212Jun 2017just nowJun 2017

JESUS CHRIST IS LORDIt's with a heavy heart that I begin this blog, a very close friend of mine has passed away and the pain that I feel for her loss at times has been un...

Unknown4426Jul 2016just nowJul 2016
new guy

new guyhmm just moved to fort smith arkansas not too long ago and would love to meet some ladies around here im single with no kids...

Unknown1912Apr 2011just nowApr 2011
My weeeetle house

My weeeetle houseThat I'm looking at buying. Front view Side view [/IM...

Unknown6461Jul 2008just nowJul 2008

Funniest thing lolI get viewed by not in my country women more than my own country Not helping me at all Unless they have a passport Cause I don't Love NZ t...

daears7956 hrs agojust now4 hrs ago
ok so you can leave your profile picture blank you can leave your profile picture blank......but they don't let you have a super hero as a profile photo..neither are of the person in question..nor is a photo of a beach.....

Ian1582465May 2015just nowMay 2015
From me to all yall CS Bloggers

..From me to all y'all CS Bloggers...!!!!!Sometimes I wonder, why we care so much about the way we look. And the way we talk and the way we act and the clothes we bought, how much that cost....

Tuitoga8149414Oct 2013just nowOct 2013
Single Women Wants Dating With Local Men Online

Single Women Wants Dating With Local Men OnlineUnfortunately, abounding single women try to let their talking do the work, it is not consistently what you say to a man but rather your accomplishmen...

Unknown1640Jul 2011just now
The strangest songs

The strangest songsWhat were they smoking when they wrote this song...

Freedomofspeech95489Jan 2014just nowJan 2014

"RAMBLIN MAN...("RAMBLE ON")..(195)The Ramblin Man Is Still Here...............And He Carries With Him The Facts............Facts Are Not Something That Anybody Can Argue Against..........

namaron1447Mar 281 mins agoMar 30
Kate Buckley Elegant Simplicity

Kate Buckley - Elegant SimplicityThanks to twitter, I stumbled on Kate Buckley . The simplicity of her poem ‘Honesty’, is stunningly elegant. Also very honestly she writes how t...

tomin3302Jun 20101 mins agoJun 2010
Human Rights Violations Nicaragua Police

Human Rights Violations: Nicaragua Policeshame ... article in Espanol, may require using translator IEEPP: “Policía irrespetó la Constitución”

PJ19613718Jun 20131 mins agoJul 2013
secret life of museums 2

secret life of museums 2Sometimes we can see strange or funny scenes in museums... " Were you were a good boy, answer me?"...

FunnyDodo2502Jun 20111 mins agoJun 2011

December 26,1862/Dakota 38Another little known fact, surprising to learn of from whom the order was issued..........

Bentlee22926Apr 171 mins agoApr 21

Sleeping!How bizarre one of my friends is still sleeping like a dead dog. firstly i thought that i should ring a bell at her door,but i am not thinking that,...

Dervish_dervish2765Jan 20121 mins agoJan 2012
Reality Bites

Reality BitesAfter reading through hours upon hours of blogs, I noticed that there are a lot of people in here that like to complain about things. Not that I'm com...

Unknown1,3577May 20072 mins agoDec 2009
My Whole Life is Full of Jokes

My Whole Life is Full of JokesMy Whole Life is Full of Jokes...

jarred1248-Nov 20152 mins ago

VATICAN FILESI understand that the Vatican has thousands of files locked away and access to these documents is forbidden. What could the Pope be frightened of to c...

CROWNAFFAIR23537 mins ago2 mins ago5 mins ago

NOW WHAT ! ! !So you have been sitting on the singles site for ages, desperately hoping to find someone interesting enough while at the same time, (of course) a tot...

cofyminx89435May 20122 mins agoMay 2012
The games we play

The games we play !Most people play games for fun (computer games, etc) Now what a...

Snookums31,20339Jan 20162 mins agoJan 2016

I Don't Have Much MoneyBut I'll treat you like a queen...

Track162734Mar 20172 mins agoMar 2017
bambina_bee95127Apr 20122 mins agoApr 2012

What Do You Have To Offer Someone?There have been lots of threads by people stating what they want in a partner. We all have our expectations and our wants in a person but the question...

Track1658013Sep 20142 mins agoSep 2014
Anyone out there who to chat a bit

Anyone out there who to chat a bit?I keep getting bored with this website. Nobody out there?...

Unknown2123Jul 20092 mins agoAug 2009
25 000 Pounds a dirty Elvis Presleys underwear

25,000 Pounds, a dirty Elvis Presley's underwear?!Here, here is the photo of "that thing" I am talking about! I read somewhere that this dirty panties will be aution and be expected to be sold...

Unknown42212Aug 20122 mins agoAug 2012
50 Unconventional Things to Do In Your Lifetime

50 Unconventional Things to Do In Your Lifetime...Just came across this list on the internet and thought it was interesting. Was also suprised to find that I HAVE done quite a few of the things on...

Juneau1,0662May 20113 mins agoMay 2011
Im coming Im coming Im Coming

I'm coming ......I'm coming........I'm ComingOUT OF THE CLOSET………. Yes my fellow bloggers, I think it is high time that I came out of the closet and admit a few things. Yes I like the animal...

Simmo12,507130Sep 20123 mins agoSep 2012
JOKE of the week

JOKE of the week!Stages of Drunkeness ----------------------------- 0 - Stone cold sober. Brain as sharp as an army bayonet. 1 - Still sober. Pleasure senses acti...

Unknown5201Nov 20083 mins agoNov 2008

THE MEN ON THIS SITEHello ladies,please be advised that alot of the men that r on here are just as phony as they want to be.Especially the good looking ones. Have you no...

scorpionlovely66819Apr 20123 mins agoApr 2012
what is LOVE

what is LOVEnow 1st of all i want to know about love what is love in the views of u plz leave comments thanks my question is what is LOVE ?...

jamil17716938Aug 20103 mins agoAug 2010

SeriousCan I find a serious nice person online, or is it just something to do until he comes along, any thoughts????????...

Unknown40414Jul 20093 mins agoJul 2009
Missing South America

Missing South AmericaIt's a few weeks now since I am back in Asia and I am feeling bored. I intially thought I will be busy when I am here in Asia unfortunately I ended up...

Unknown1632Nov 20093 mins agoNov 2009
My messages disappear

My messages disappear.Hi to all of you. Why do I get emails from this site telling me that I have messages in my inbox but when I log on there is nothing? Am I doing...

BeaPatient58512Oct 20143 mins agoOct 2014

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