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Pittsburgh Police Mounted Unit

Pittsburgh Police Mounted Unit!Saddle up, partner! The mounties have returned to downtown Pittsburgh and deployment to other sections of the city if requested by police zone command...

Magnet5801500Jul 2017just now

THE PERFECT HUSBANDSeveral men are in the locker room of a golf club. A cellular phone on a bench rings and a man engages the hands-free speaker function and begins...

Gentlejim2686Mar 13just nowApr 10
US Presidential debate 2

US Presidential debate #2as seen by Saturday Night Live and much of America..

Ken_1956128Oct 2016just nowOct 2016
Happy Thanksgiving Everyone

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!I am in Ohio, on vacation, and enjoying some much needed down time with family and friends. I am hoping for snow, so that my boys will get to see it!...

Unknown35214Nov 2011just nowNov 2011
your favourite product discontinued since when

your favourite product....discontinued, since whenIts something I have used for 30 + years; it has been real reason, just not being made anymore.....

SoBlue37115Mar 2013just nowMar 2013

HONEY MOONOh yes honey moon, do u like it? i like honey, i love moon, but i never been on honey moon vacation just normal vacation, he he he,La la laaaaaaaaaa...

Unknown69834Oct 2011just nowOct 2011
To all the genuine people on Cs especially the la

To all the genuine people on Cs, especially the laIt is so sad to find that all the guys I have been chatting to are scammers..........but I have joined a social network called "you're it...Pig buster...

Unknown78231May 2014just nowMay 2014
Height and dating

Height and datingIs the height of your partner or potential partner relevant? Most women prefer the guy to be taller than them, but how much taller? Do guys feel...

Freedomofspeech983419Sep 20131 mins agoSep 2013
Track163006Aug 20161 mins agoAug 2016

Peter CaseyIf like me you believe him to be a fair and honest man? still give him your vote on polling day on the ballot paper next week, even if he decides to...

itchywitch1411713 hrs ago1 mins ago7 hrs ago
Will lose face to face communication in 20 years

Will lose face to face communication in 20 yearsThanks to technology we are becoming the most impersonal society the earth has to offer. Driverless cars will be the norm very soon, so no more face t...

sands881,42441Jun 20151 mins agoJun 2015
stringman2293Jun 20171 mins agoJun 2017
beauty and truth

beauty and truthbeauty is of two types physical and spritual,just as truth has two faces- good or bad...

zydee177-Mar 20171 mins ago
Hmmm out of curiousity

Hmmm out of curiousity....I just had a thought & it could become interesting. Here it is.....if you could come back, what would you wanna be? It can be anything! object,...

zweet4you47918May 20132 mins agoMay 2013
Top 10 guiltiest dogs

Top 10 guiltiest dogsYou cant mad at your dog when they pull that kind of face hey? I know I cant...

fallen_wolf4054Apr 20132 mins agoApr 2013

What A Place! What A Joy!At last I found the place where I’m going to retire. At least the people there know what they’re doing and what they still plan to do. I hope that I w...

Catfoot79344Jul 20152 mins agoJul 2015

Hatred for Trump supporters is going too far, wishes we die by kool aid like in Jim JonesH-Y-P-O-C-R-I-T-E! But they never see their own hypocrisy because they're too busy defending their lying pig of a cult leader. Talk about drinking the...

britishcolumbian1,156110Oct 182 mins ago14 mins ago
Vanity Fair and City II 42

Vanity Fair and City II (42)Spring flowers, summer rains, autumn wind, and the winter sunshine… The world could have been so nice. However, we have been destroying it. Some fr...

Unknown2015Apr 20102 mins agoApr 2010

Incognito....The last few weeks have been busy. With so much going on I wasn't feeling very sociable.....unusual. I had some errands to do so I thought going inco...

Unknown2622Jun 20092 mins agoJun 2009
Love games

Love games..I just read one Proverb said...(Love is a game that both of people can Win).....So please , don't giveup to love one another...!! .....................

Unknown2262Jun 20092 mins agoJul 2009
Is Happy Monogamy A Thing

Is Happy Monogamy A Thing?This is part three of an on-going topic begun here: As I wrote in my last post, I ha...

aRrAe81314May 20142 mins agoMay 2014

Don't worry. It's not you.A husband & wife went together to go see a medical doctor. The husband was a bit embarrassed & told the MD that he had trouble getting an erecti...

JimNastics5974Oct 20152 mins agoOct 2015

HAPPY BIRTHDAYHappy, happy birthday XuanMai! May you have many, many more! Time for everyone to celebrate XuanMai birthday!...

Gentlejim46029Dec 20142 mins agoDec 2014
Do you like the smell of your gf bf

Do you like the smell of your gf/bf?I dont know,during my class dicussion, most of women said that their bf should smell good :-)...

Unknown88725Feb 20103 mins agoMar 2010
I am still here

I am still here!!Man it's been about 6 or 8 weeks since I have been on here. I have been enjoying our nice weather here trying to go fishing as much as I can. I hope e...

cookingfool50573707Sep 20113 mins agoOct 2011
Ramming it home

Ramming it homeI know I'm a black sheep compared to my surroundings, I see things differently and act apon them as I see fit. Like new years, every adult was drinki...

ru4eva4516Dec 20123 mins agoDec 2012

EFFORT MEANS ALLOT !!If you aren't willing to put forth effort in pursuing someone/something you want, don't be surprised when you lose it to someone who is. How to show a...

Townsend4095Feb 20123 mins agoFeb 2012

foiled terrorist attack in San FranciscoChristmas is one busy holiday in one of the most visited city in the world, San Francisco. The thwarted terrorist attack masterminded by a forme...

lindsyjones1,77034Dec 20174 mins agoDec 2017
This blog is for Catholics

This blog is for CatholicsHi everybody, God bless us all Catholics or not During Lent, pope offers handy tips for preparing for confession Carol Glatz Catholic News Se...

XuanMai67713Mar 20154 mins agoMar 2015

... THE THIRD EYE....2Remember these two points. Firstly, the same energy has to move. It has to be taken away from the ordinary physical eyes and allowed to move through t...

owlsway4448Jan 20164 mins agoJan 2016
What day is it

What day is it????Is is frustrating to go back to work, after having such a long holiday break?? Mondays are never a good way to start. Some things to remember as you...

Unknown1791Jan 20094 mins agoJan 2009
I believe I have no Faith

I believe I have no Faith !Surely I cant be an atheist. Is this statement flawed ? Is it possible to not have faith in anything. If you are an atheist who just Knows the...

nonsmoker2,01173Nov 20124 mins agoDec 2012
The desire of independency

The desire of independencyHave you noticed that people don't read anymore their Bible nor pray. But when you ask them, they have no reason to give. It is amazing to see people...

Unknown5570Aug 20084 mins ago
Romantics A dying breed

Romantics : A dying breed.Don't get me wrong, I embrace the 21st century and all the technology that comes with it. I just think somewhere along the way we lost romance. I'm al...

Unknown2933Feb 20114 mins agoFeb 2011
Y people who is 40 up set his Marital StatusNever

Y people who is 40 up set his Marital Status:NeverWhy people who is 40 up set his marital status is Never Married??? Fake or Real? Thank you for answering.... alilolly96....

Unknown3228Jan 20104 mins agoJan 2010
I think I need to re boot my life

I think I need to re-boot my lifeYeah, too many things going on in my life. My brain is finding it hard to process it as fast as it comes in! My RAM is stretched to it's limits. My ey...

Unknown1836Dec 20104 mins agoFeb 2011
Listen Up Guys

Listen Up Guys ;)so i know ive only been on this site a little while but i wanna get myself out there a little more. hopefully you all will readmy blog..maybe. lol...

Unknown4539Jul 20104 mins agoJul 2010
Sensitive Stomach DONT read Retch Factor 8

Sensitive Stomach? DON'T read. (Retch Factor 8)YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!!! It was a cold winter day, when an old man walked out onto a frozen lake, cut a hole in the ice, dropped in his fishing li...

Englishingermany2431Mar 20134 mins agoMar 2013
Another cup of coffee

Another cup of coffeeHey this is probably the hardest thing that i ever had to do in my life.heres the thing rite i have been on this dating site for over a month now and...

Inxs7864395Dec 20134 mins agoDec 2013
Deported from their own country

Deported from their own countryIn the middle of the Indian Ocean lies a relatively unknown island by the name of Diego Garcia. It’s home to one of America’s most important military...

Unknown4829Jan 20174 mins agoJan 2017
Waking up

Waking upAbout an hour ago my eyes opened. The transition from shut and asleep to open and awake was seamless, instantaneous. One second I was not there and...

Unknown5530Apr 20084 mins ago

NEW YEAR WISHES..NEW YEAR WISHES... Iwish you Health.... So you may enjoy each day in comfort I wish you the Love of freindsand famil...

claudya8500Jan 20094 mins ago
Track16: "Poor Girl"(meet us in the forums)

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