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Good News Is No News

Good News Is No NewsThey say ‘no news is good news’ but methinks it is the other way around. Maybe that is why good news does not sell newspapers. If our newspapers and T...

Catfoot91059Jun 2015just nowJun 2015

2012 - the year the world didn't endRemember when we were being told the world would end on December 21, 2012? . I'm glad it didn't. The last 6 years have been much more intere...

Elegsabiff1312514 hrs agojust now2 hrs ago
what happen to cs

what happen to csI am lost. My first time logging in since day and see this big changes. Hate it. I didn't know where I saw...

georgie3954615Oct 2016just nowOct 2016
The Naughty Boy In The Class

The Naughty Boy In The Class.There is always a naughty boy in a class. And when he leaves for some reason, there will always somebody to take his place. When I say naughty I d...

Catfoot3,41270Mar 2014just nowMar 2014

Are some people too dumb to realise they are dumb?The Psychology Behind Donald Trump's Unwavering Support "The Dunning-Kruger effect explains that the problem isn’t just that they are misinformed;...

rizlared7888921 hrs agojust nowjust now
So You Want Sex

So, You Want SexDo you approach somebody of the opposite gender differently here on CS than in real life? Then why is that? CS is no different than the real world....

Catfoot2,156151Nov 2013just nowNov 2013
Attend to one thing and lost another

Attend to one thing and lost anotherA boring Saterday morning today, but the weather was fine, sunny and warm. My turtle came out again for her food. She hidden somewhere for couple of d...

phoenixFH64313Nov 2014just nowNov 2014

Hunted In RussiaA very disturbing look into the homophobic attitudes in Russia...vigilante groups are thriving since Putin regards being homosexual as immoral...and e...

loulou771,60355Jul 2015just nowJul 2015
Leave CS

Leave CS ...dear all bloggers.., my response now upon your comments will be my last stage on CS Blog. thanks for your comment, opinion, attention, care, and a...

Mei8268649019Oct 2014just nowOct 2014
Facebook information I dont think so

Facebook information...I dont think soHi everyone. Few days ago I had an e-mail from a nice man. I thought it was a good idea to be friends too. However his idea was me giving him my faceb...

MaruQ58727Jul 2014just nowJul 2014
Charity God

'Charity God!'What do you think about people who looks bad on people using expensive things? Looks bad on people who travelling to nice places and enjoying nice hot...

MimiNGUYEN79460-May 2016just nowMay 2016
what are the chances

what are the chancesof the insanity of humanity, Becoming ingratiated on the pathology of our robotic servants. As God has created us in His image. We now as creators...

nonsmoker88262Aug 20131 mins agoAug 2013

"HOSPITAL 601"Its Been Going On Since March 15th..2011.....When A Young 14 Year Old Boy.....And His 3 Friends.............................Sprayed Anti Assad Grafitt...

namaron2282Nov 20171 mins agoNov 2017

10 Reasons Why Women Are Attracted to Older Men10 Reasons Why Women Are Attracted to Older Men. Top Ten reasons: 1. Money 2. Money 3. Money 4. Money 5. Money 6. Money 7. Money 8. Mo...

jarred1404-Jun 20172 mins ago
black bird

black birdWhy do you want to fly black bird? I want to reach the sky. Why do you want to fly black bird? I have gold I want to reach. Why do you want to fly bla...

Jeffreydujon2027563Feb 20162 mins agoFeb 2016

That was 2017 - done and dusted. Most hectic year EVER.I started 2017 employed and living in Scotland but knowing that the Scottish offices of my company were closing and we were being made redundant in Ap...

Elegsabiff99289Jan 22 mins agoJan 6
Midnitecwby18414Dec 42 mins agoDec 5
Russian Romeo

Russian Romeo ...A young man shot his way out of a Moscow mental institution in a bid to 'rescue' his pregnant girlfriend. The pair turned themselves in on the second...

Boban153513Feb 20132 mins agoFeb 2013

"SANDY HOOK"..("6 YEARS ON")On December 14..2012......................A Deranged Young Man........Named.............. Adam Lanza.......Went Into His Mothers Bedroom.................

namaron31544Dec 122 mins ago9 hrs ago
Manage TIME effectively

Manage TIME effectivelyLearn to effectively manage time; Carry a logbook with you even in today's paperless times; Make a note of what needs to be done & do not postpone the...

Chocobloc4872Oct 20102 mins agoOct 2010

~~THE BEGINNER~~~"There is nothing to practise. To know yourself, be yourself. To be yourself, stop imagining yourself to be this or that. Just be. Let your true n...

owlsway3791Aug 20132 mins agoAug 2013
Thanks LJ

Thanks LJThis is just to set the record straight concerning the blog of 2013. I have never been 'insecure' in my whole life. 1 or 2 posters actually saw...

Lukeon376-Oct 20163 mins ago
Australian Cardinal and Aide to Pope

Australian Cardinal and Aide to PopeIs Charged With Séxual Assault. Cardinal George Pell is of course claiming to be innocent of all wrong doing. Its all a conspiracy I tell ya !...

nonsmoker1,213117Jun 20173 mins agoJul 2017
Help I am addicted to toffifee

Help I am addicted to toffifee :)That eveil hazelnut German Candy What is your favorite candy? and how much of it do you eat? Be Honest...

Unknown2,54110Jul 20093 mins agoJul 2009

Anti TrumpThere are so many unpleasant words said to describe about us who are Trump supporters, yet the worse is from that of Hillary Clinton, "basket of deplo...

lindsyjones7,879481May 64 mins ago1 hrs ago

Non political blog No 1. (Mostly), Dogs...How is it that we naturally know when a dog is using play behaviors? Probably coevolved with us, Methinks. The front paws low on the ground, arse up i...

Vierkaesehoch1173Oct 244 mins agoOct 24

I cant reach youIf you see this post please write me. MB212 As soon as i saw you i have wanted to know you but my region is banned :( @MB212...

Juantolga42222Jun 44 mins agoJun 5
oh working again tonight

oh .......working again ........tonight....yes , in 1 hour , its time to drive off to work again , and deliver the fresh bread , to the shops and gass stations and super markets , with buns and...

virgosingle45714Jan 20134 mins agoJan 2013

It's official. Australians are the best men to meet.This is a dinkum Australian love poem, and if it don't bring a lump to your throat, and have you rushing to the Strine men listed here on CS, you're o...

Elegsabiff65866Aug 204 mins agoSep 9

sicksorry guys iv been pretty sick again lately haven't been online to much but i know ill be up and running in a few days have a good week guys johnthera...

Unknown3748Sep 20104 mins agoSep 2010
Top 10 Answering Machine Greetings

~ Top 10 Answering Machine Greetings ~10. My wife and I can't come to the phone right now, but if you'll leave your name and number, we'll get back to you as soon as we're finished. 9....

4MaryB9171May 20084 mins agoJun 2008
Not Guilty Is Not Innocent

Not Guilty Is Not InnocentOne thing is clear, George Zimmerman cannot claim he is innocent. His hand on his gun took the life of another human being and that is not disputed....

injuneer56313Jul 20134 mins agoJul 2013

Exercises for slim sexy legsThis blog was inspired by a very recent yahoo article of the same name.

JimNastics7613Oct 20134 mins agoOct 2013

OMG. Have you ever done this?Have you ever sent a personal email to the wrong recipient? Lol. I did. Just now. Waiting for any fallout. We work together tomorrow The subject...

Palmfrond52724Mar 194 mins agoMar 30
Blood is singing through my veins

Blood is singing through my veinsand all the valves are working well! I wrote and completed another four, just count them, four hurricane hints. Went with the ominous "tick tock you...

Unknown7290Jun 20074 mins ago
NewYorkcitylove168-Sep 20174 mins ago

SEALED IN STONE. . . A BLOODY REMINDER TO ME! ! !Nobody going to read my life, maybe a peek coz of a little bit of curiosity. . . There's not going to be blackened skies or booming thunder. . ....

morgen902106666Feb 20144 mins agoFeb 2014
Sexually transmitted diseases

Sexually transmitted diseases..........pre-marital sex. Of the cultures, past and present, who treasure the bond of marriage (for whatever reasons), pre-marital sex has been generally looke...

dimplesimple2813May 194 mins agoMay 20
Do not kill true love my dear princess

Do not kill true love,my dear princess!Hello my dearest! True friendship needs trust and confidence.We must not be fast in giving decisions and cut our so dear friendship for just...

blomma4d5360Sep 20104 mins ago

the happy blogpost your happiness...

pedro273105Mar 20135 mins agoMar 2013

Age and mileage, pleaseI’m looking for a specific kind of vehicle, and suddenly noticed a certain familiarity about my list. See if you can spot it. Not too young - the...

Elegsabiff1,51590Jul 20175 mins agoJul 2017
Why i am attracted to Mature Women

Why i am attracted to Mature WomenI m just 25 yrs old but i get attracted to mature women. Is it a some kind of disease or i have gone mad.?...

viveksinha4u77628Nov 20115 mins agoNov 2011
galrads: "Lets have a parade ....."(meet us in the forums)

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