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Roll Bravo roll over

Roll, Bravo, roll over.....Sure, I've seen a rare cat do a few simple learned tricks on command, one even learned to squat and unload on the toilet, but let's face it, by compa...

Aaltarboy2283Aug 2017Aug 2017
Track162517Aug 2017Aug 2017

The Deer WhispererMy Monday & Wednesday evening softball team clinched first place a couple of weeks ago. Until Monday, we had won the last 13 games in a row. On Mon...

JimNastics2451Aug 2017Aug 2017
Monarch Butterflies

Monarch Butterflies....Might have ranted some on this topic before, in the context of this delightful animal's biology. But some such highly evolved creatures may serve as c...

Aaltarboy2658Jul 2017Jul 2017

The one difference between Chimps and HumansThe one difference between Chimps and Humans except looks. is that they learn alone, they answer all our questions but they ask nothing.? [...

jarred1206-Jun 2017
The little sucker

The little sucker....During the recent jaunt ooooot to the North country, EH?, on one morning, we ate our breakfast in the hotel room, high above the old city, with great...

Aaltarboy2586Jun 2017Jun 2017

Monkeys don't have that power.?I wish Monkeys were able to tied some human to the tree , then observe their behaviour and decide whether they act like Monkeys or not. Unfortunately...

jarred1208-Jun 2017

Another Animal Torturer Killed In The Act.A Spanish bullfighter has died after being gored during a festival in southwest France a few days ago. Ivan Fandino, 36, who was taking part in a b...

daniela77786047Jun 2017Jun 2017

I Am Not A FoolishI Am Not A Foolish [url=http...

jarred1230-Jun 2017
Have I made an evolutionary discovery

Have I made an evolutionary discovery?Like most people I have wall to wall carpeting inside my BBQ, I noticed that my Chicken (that was raised by cats) had been laying eggs on the carpet i...

Mapmaker43427May 2017May 2017
YES yes YES yes

YES... yes...YES...yes...Just yesterday, blogs raised concern about arrival of our dear hummingbirds. Here this morning, the Mrs. and Mr. arrived.Aa....

Aaltarboy2476May 2017May 2017
Track162001May 2017May 2017
Ruby throated legal aliens

Ruby throated legal aliens.....should be here any day. When the crab apple red flowers bloom (their favorites), it's not long before they fly in. Weighting in at about a few pennies...

Aaltarboy2235May 2017May 2017

Puffs And A New CatI got smoke and a new cat This has been a great day...

Track161730May 2017
Caught on my CCTV

Caught on my CCTVI have had a few anomalies and weird things happening in my house and gardens recently. A few were: Huge piles of dirty laundry discovered each...

Mapmaker67742May 2017May 2017

Arkansas.....Texas....and a few dozen other states. When a dog is rabid, all states and territories put them "to sleep". As with many of these largely beyond treat...

Aaltarboy2919Apr 2017Apr 2017

MY WONDERFUL DAY AT SEA ....I have been living for some time very close to the shores of the Mediterranean and, while walking my dog on the beach, I often see dolphins swimming c...

daniela77736226Apr 2017Apr 2017

Heartwarming Story in the news today.Missing man Scott van Zyl, a big game hunter & hunting website owner, has been found Inside two crocodiles Van Zyl who was regularly pictured next t...

zmountainman73352Apr 2017Apr 2017

love cats.I have no friends and love cats. Am I intelligent now?...

jarred1179-Apr 2017

How Much Greener Is The Grass On The Other Side Of The Fence?It´s been a lovely day today at the horses and, looking at this picture, as you can see, the horses are having the time of their life grazing on some...

daniela77740731Mar 2017Apr 2017
Track161711Mar 2017Mar 2017

The Only Thing Our Pets Do WrongIs that they don't live as long as we do. My pets is my life....

Track162084Mar 2017Mar 2017
ISLAM The MUSLIM Religion of Pieces

ISLAM The MUSLIM Religion of Pieces.Hopefully not too many fleshy pieces this time, Folks. Check out the news about London. It's not a MUSLIM issue. Only racist, biased, uneducated, hat...

Aaltarboy30210Mar 2017Mar 2017
It really defies all comprehension

It really defies all comprehension...So lets face it, we've all been to the rodeo a few times. Its always the same, you look through profile pics until you feel nauseas from the irritatin...

pat8lanips422-Mar 2017Mar 2017

Automated Cat WashI wouldn't do this....

Track161952Mar 2017Mar 2017
Doggies Kitties

Doggies. Kitties.Love 'em both and have had a few as companions. Latest is Mr. Bravo---large GSD. Seems to learn faster than most dogs and the majority of women withou...

Aaltarboy26317Mar 2017Mar 2017

Brids..Just brids

FLYJAMES2166Mar 2017Mar 2017

Exotic Pets.... ChameleonsDo you like exotic pets ? Do you have some or would you like one? I´m thinking of getting a chameleon. There are many here and they keep the f...

daniela77760451Mar 2017Mar 2017

AloneIt is slowly turning from a hot and windy day, into a sultry night. The wind is still making it's presence known as it gusts past the support cabl...

VikingSon2638Feb 2017Mar 2017
nonsmoker47723Jan 2017Jan 2017
have you noticed

have you noticedthat on the bottom of your page you see Cs members and the blogs they started..anyone seen these bloggers have not been on CS for years !!!!...

Unknown42521Jan 2017Jan 2017
Rats as pets

Rats as petsAnyone know how to keep and manage rats as a pet.ive always fancied owning one. Lost contact with a good friend and rat owner "Ally" from Tipp. Big mi...

Oceanview9969822Jun 2016Jan 2017

Raspberry TurnoversI got bored this morning so I rolled out some dough and after cutting it into little squares, filled them with a filling mix made with the raspberries...

Ken_193628Jan 2017Jan 2017

Animal Farts Are GrossI don't know if its one of the cat's or dog's doing it but this room stinks something awful fking raunchy....

Track162652Jan 2017Jan 2017
Track162131Jan 2017Jan 2017
never date a woman who owns a horse

never date a woman who owns a horse....... 1) the horse always comes first 2) they come home covered in horse hair 3) They smell of horse hair 4) they get up very early to clean out...

Unknown60732Jan 2017Jan 2017

This Place Is An Animal HouseSometimes I think I have too many pets and other times, I want more. Today is a want more day...

Track1637710Jan 2017Jan 2017
Track161832Jan 2017Jan 2017
My Cat is Growing Up

My Cat is Growing Up...Four and a half months ago, The first time in my life I adopted a small cat ( about 4 month ?) with unexpected, when he first came he was dirty, thin...

phoenixFH52021Feb 2016Dec 2016

The end of the taleAmbled into my kitchen to make coffee and met the rodent. He wasn't looking at all well. The cat, ever hopeful of a midnight snack, followed me in...

Elegsabiff64853Dec 2016Dec 2016

Death of a best friendIt is with extreme sadness that I report the death of my cat Moe. He died somewhere between 0030 hr and 0115 hr this morning. As near as I can determi...

Ken_191,85353Dec 2015Dec 2016
Unknown4496Jul 2016Nov 2016
salote: "to know me is to love me"(meet us in the quizzes)

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