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jarred1343-Aug 2015
Drama around Cecil the Lion

Drama around Cecil the Lion!Ever since the news broke on the demise of Cecil the Lion, I am trying my best to get engulfed deep in emotions and trying to get sad, however I don't...

Unknown68624Aug 2015Aug 2015
The Lion Killer

The Lion KillerWhy are people so cruel and disturbed in the world....

libralad44925Jul 2015Jul 2015
Welcome Home

Welcome HomeThere are are 8 million stories in this city. And 1 point 5 million people. Most of them are liars, but none of them will admit it. Except me....

postneoludite39310Jul 2015Jul 2015
Horsing Around

Horsing Around.To all my Portuguese com-padres....

Lukeon42515Jul 2015Jul 2015
Does It Really Happen In Threes

Does It Really Happen In Threes?This morning I woke up to a cat pawing my face. Knowing that I don’t have a cat anymore, I realized that I was dreaming, I shoved him off the bed and...

Catfoot1,23084Jul 2015Jul 2015
Ok who has this problem in their country

Ok, who has this problem in their country?I guess we should call him a bully goat instead of a billy goat... Goat they have WMD's (weapons of mass destruction)??...

sands8863733Jul 2015Jul 2015
My cats and I

My cats and I(by request) Here the senior cat wishes me to know the kitchen food bowl has strangely gone empty. The junior cat was going to tell me too, but th...

Ken_1961219Jul 2015Jul 2015

Can You Find The Bird?Can You Find The Bird?...

jarred12,234-Jul 2015
jarred12,367-Jul 2015
jarred1255-Jun 2015
If I was a cat ok a spoiled pampered one

If I was a cat (ok, a spoiled pampered one)I could jump five times my own height from a sitting position. I could groom myself whenever I didn't want to talk to somebody, and no-one would...

VivianLee51235Jun 2015Jun 2015
jarred1359-Jun 2015

When Will Us Grow As BigWhen Will Us Grow As Big[url=

jarred12,001-Jun 2015

Latest Idea To Send MessagesLatest Idea To Send Messages [url=

jarred12,212-Jun 2015
The Missing Persons Department

The Missing Person’s Department.My cat is missing since yesterday. He went out in the late afternoon just before the rain started. It rained uninterruptedly for eight or nine hours a...

Catfoot1,37870Jun 2015Jun 2015
Moved in with the neighbor

Moved in with the neighborI took you in when you were starving, gave you a home and put food on the table. When you were sick and injured I comforted you and paid your medical...

Solamente1,03016Jun 2015Jun 2015

Please Move Out Of The Way.Please Move Out Of The Way....

jarred1739-Jun 2015
jarred12,271-Jun 2015
jarred1298-Jun 2015
jarred11,514-Jun 2015

You Don’t Have To Be CrazyYou Don’t Have To Be Crazy...

jarred1375-Jun 2015
jarred12,272-Jun 2015

Looking Himself In MirrorLooking Himself In Mirror...

jarred1643-Jun 2015

Taking Aroma Of RosesTaking Aroma Of Roses [url=

jarred1301-Jun 2015
I look like a what

I look like a what?!?There was this one guy, relentlessly writing to me, wanting to Skype with me but I keep on refusing him He soon got angry and told me that I look...

Dreamcatcher991,35641Jun 2015Jun 2015
jarred1316-Jun 2015

I’m Sexy And I Know ItI’m Sexy And I Know It...

jarred12,143-Jun 2015

Being A Monkey Is Not So BadBeing A Monkey Is Not So Bad [url=

jarred12,583-Jun 2015
jarred12,168-Jun 2015

All You Need Is Love And A DogAll You Need Is Love And A Dog...

jarred1361-Jun 2015

So Many German Shepherd Looking At A CatSo Many German Shepherd Looking At A Cat...

jarred11,477-Jun 2015
jarred12,540-Jun 2015

Very Cute Cat Sleeping On Girl Funny PictureVery Cute Cat Sleeping On Girl Funny Picture...

jarred13,243-Jun 2015
nonsmoker81447Jun 2015Jun 2015
It truly saddens me

It truly saddens me.I know its always been around and probably will be, but is it jus me or hss cruelty to poor innocent animals increased. I have seen numerous examples...

Unknown4257Jun 2015Jun 2015

Dey Ran Out Of Captain MorganDey Ran Out Of Captain Morgan...

jarred1273-Jun 2015
jarred1253-Jun 2015
Two thirds for the birds

Two thirds for the birdsOr one third? Well, a lot anyway. This year so many starlings are around at this time of the year and the early cherries are ripe. There is a massacre...

guadal4166Jun 2015Jun 2015
Deaf Dog

Deaf DogI have a deaf dog and i think we have reach a dead end with his training. Any tips?...

Unknown40615May 2015May 2015

can tradition......ever justifies red water........

Wavebox382-May 2015

Best FriendsBest Friends Don’t Cry Darling [url=

jarred1349-May 2015

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