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Track163463Dec 2015Dec 2015
a X mas gift

a X-mas gift ???He said it is an early x-mas gift... My boyfriend found a poor kitten on his way back home from the airport. He almost rolled over the kitten when...

Twinkle4278710Dec 2015Dec 2015

Selfietaken by my cat....

Ken_1984323Nov 2015Nov 2015
Ian1583636Nov 2015Nov 2015
Which One

Which One?If you were to be converted to an animal, which one would you prefare to be? Both Domestic or Wild....

Unknown73348Oct 2015Nov 2015

Giant MothImagine this crawling in your hair....

Track165623Nov 2015Nov 2015

Free puppies (and other ads)FREE PUPPIES 1/2 Cocker Spaniel, 1/2 sneaky neighbor's dog. FREE YORKSHIRE TERRIER. 8 years old, hateful little bastard.Bites. FREE PUPPI...

Elegsabiff2,33536Oct 2015Oct 2015
For The Love Of Horses

For The Love Of HorsesI have been a horse lover all my life. I feel an affinity and closeness with horses. Whenever I’m around them, I feel a sense of peace and calm, like...

Willow393988119Oct 2015Oct 2015
Cats Vs Dogs The Big Debate

Cats Vs. Dogs • The Big DebateSo, who do you side with? Are you are cat person or a dog person? Are you Team Cat? Are you Team Dog? This debate got pretty heated on the video....

Willow39391,23840Oct 2015Oct 2015

Oh durn, I was afraid of that, and did try to prevPosted some pics on a blog to calm things down, but suddenly the blog is vanished. Okay, repeat posting for those who missed the pics. While I...

Ken_1979510Oct 2015Oct 2015
He jumped into my life beyond my expected

He jumped into my life beyond my expectedA late morning, on our National Day,Oct 1th. It looked going to rain again,( we had been a strong wind and heavy rain last night.) I rode back from my...

phoenixFH78727Oct 2015Oct 2015

I am worriedMy oldest surviving cat, Moe, is missing tonight. He started acting strange a week or two ago. Changed his sleeping spot of more than a decade in...

Ken_191,05124Oct 2015Oct 2015
Miaow Miaow

Miaow, Miaow...For a long time, an abandoned old bicycle leant against the wall under our apartment building. Early this month, came an unkown small cat ( male, I c...

phoenixFH49516Mar 2015Oct 2015

CatsI am boxed in by cats, I can't move...

Track162360Oct 2015
A follow up of my kitten blog

A follow-up of my kitten blogOnce I posted a picture blog about cute unknown kitten who lived under our building, Somebody recently saw it and then judged me as a heartless person...

phoenixFH48411Sep 2015Sep 2015

Animals' SoulsThere appears to be some sort of life force or psychic energy in every living entity. When that entity dies, what happens to that force or energy?...

socrates4462622Sep 2015Sep 2015

Folklore: BLACK CATS ARE BAD LUCKToday I found out the origin of superstitions surrounding black cats including why a black cat crossing your path is considered bad luck. ::cat...

avias1,17336Aug 2015Sep 2015
DOnt you dare

DOnt you dareDon't touch my heart...

Unknown6417Aug 2015Aug 2015

uuuhhhh.....Well... What shall we say to these things?... too cute, but dangerous and serious... I wonder who made these cupcakes? ...any ideas? Police say do...

SistaCallie60822Aug 2015Aug 2015

United. Excellent.Django, the Iraq war dog, reunited with SA handler after two years Working side-by-side for 18 months, the two became inseparable and when Holl...

Lukeon87134Aug 2015Aug 2015
Too Much Work

Too Much WorkToo Much Work...

jarred1353-Aug 2015
Drama around Cecil the Lion

Drama around Cecil the Lion!Ever since the news broke on the demise of Cecil the Lion, I am trying my best to get engulfed deep in emotions and trying to get sad, however I don't...

Unknown68924Aug 2015Aug 2015
The Lion Killer

The Lion KillerWhy are people so cruel and disturbed in the world....

libralad45425Jul 2015Jul 2015
Welcome Home

Welcome HomeThere are are 8 million stories in this city. And 1 point 5 million people. Most of them are liars, but none of them will admit it. Except me....

postneoludite40310Jul 2015Jul 2015

Horsing Around.To all my Portuguese com-padres....

Lukeon44715Jul 2015Jul 2015
Does It Really Happen In Threes

Does It Really Happen In Threes?This morning I woke up to a cat pawing my face. Knowing that I don’t have a cat anymore, I realized that I was dreaming, I shoved him off the bed and...

Catfoot1,28184Jul 2015Jul 2015
Ok who has this problem in their country

Ok, who has this problem in their country?I guess we should call him a bully goat instead of a billy goat... Goat they have WMD's (weapons of mass destruction)??...

sands8864233Jul 2015Jul 2015

My cats and I(by request) Here the senior cat wishes me to know the kitchen food bowl has strangely gone empty. The junior cat was going to tell me too, but th...

Ken_1962219Jul 2015Jul 2015
Can You Find The Bird

Can You Find The Bird?Can You Find The Bird?...

jarred12,243-Jul 2015
Damn Sexy

Damn SexyDamn Sexy...

jarred12,384-Jul 2015
Post To Your Friends

Post To Your FriendsPost To Your Friends

jarred1271-Jun 2015
If I was a cat ok a spoiled pampered one

If I was a cat (ok, a spoiled pampered one)I could jump five times my own height from a sitting position. I could groom myself whenever I didn't want to talk to somebody, and no-one would...

VivianLee54635Jun 2015Jun 2015
Whats He Thinking

What’s He Thinking?What’s He Thinking?

jarred1367-Jun 2015
When Will Us Grow As Big

When Will Us Grow As BigWhen Will Us Grow As Big[url=

jarred12,013-Jun 2015
Latest Idea To Send Messages

Latest Idea To Send MessagesLatest Idea To Send Messages [url=

jarred12,233-Jun 2015
The Missing Persons Department

The Missing Person’s Department.My cat is missing since yesterday. He went out in the late afternoon just before the rain started. It rained uninterruptedly for eight or nine hours a...

Catfoot1,41170Jun 2015Jun 2015
Moved in with the neighbor

Moved in with the neighborI took you in when you were starving, gave you a home and put food on the table. When you were sick and injured I comforted you and paid your medical...

Solamente1,04116Jun 2015Jun 2015
Please Move Out Of The Way

Please Move Out Of The Way.Please Move Out Of The Way....

jarred1745-Jun 2015


jarred12,281-Jun 2015
handsome men

handsome menhandsome men

jarred1317-Jun 2015
A Heart Sign

A Heart SignA Heart Sign...

jarred11,533-Jun 2015
You Dont Have To Be Crazy

You Don’t Have To Be CrazyYou Don’t Have To Be Crazy...

jarred1382-Jun 2015
gnj4u: "Happy Holidays "(meet us in the ecards)

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