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jarred12,702-Apr 2015

I smile when you doI smile when you do...

jarred13,796-Apr 2015
Johns Anti Squirrel Mixture I hope

John's Anti-Squirrel Mixture (I hope)A list of spices that was put together, to help discourage the squirrels from my garden. Talking about something that will taste and burn, and...

TheresMyFriend5669Apr 2015Apr 2015

MONKEYS..............though i like this monkey..... .......

teenameena218-Apr 2015
jarred1767-Apr 2015

Different DemandsDifferent Demands [url=

jarred11,184-Apr 2015
jarred11,123-Apr 2015

Is This Possible?Is This Possible?...

jarred1677-Apr 2015
jarred1633-Apr 2015
jarred12,712-Apr 2015

Ofcourse ! We Are Cats !Ofcourse ! We Are Cats !...

jarred1584-Apr 2015

Count My TeethCount My Teeth [url=

jarred11,136-Apr 2015
Fox shit

Fox shitWell, there are people who are examining shit professionally, but today i came across fresh fox shit and something white in it caught my eye. So i bro...

guadal70311Apr 2015Apr 2015
jarred1957-Apr 2015

h*rny But Sensitiveh*rny But Sensitive...

jarred11,521-Apr 2015

Trying to understandTrying to understand [url=

jarred11,052-Apr 2015

Our ClassOur Class [url=

jarred12,871-Apr 2015

Harley BikerHarley Biker [url=

jarred12,411-Apr 2015

You look like a jokerYou look like a joker...

jarred1318-Apr 2015

Three Wise MonkeysThree Wise Monkeys...

jarred12,660-Apr 2015
jarred12,065-Apr 2015

Zoo should be like thatZoo should be like that...

jarred12,130-Apr 2015
jarred1282-Mar 2015

Looking CoolLooking Cool [url=

jarred1485-Mar 2015
Trox scaber

Trox scaberSo am I mumified? These beetles, 5 - 8 mm long, are walking here around me, but to me it seems I am still sort of alive, but they should feed on dead...

guadal5903Mar 2015Mar 2015

Elephant PoachingThe illegal trade in elephant tusks, fuelled by continuing demand for ivory, drives elephant poaching, where elephants in the wild are ruthlessly shot...

socrates442,94321Mar 2015Mar 2015

Watson2007 - March 22, 2015 He belonged to one of my girl friends. We parted. She left here, but left this little guy behind. He was so timid and so...

Ken_1950523Mar 2015Mar 2015
Belly Rub for GURL

Belly Rub for GURL.It seems that 43 seconds of "belly rubs", just ain't quite enough for GURL! JOHN~...

TheresMyFriend5967Mar 2015Mar 2015

Wildlife WarAfrica is centre of a ‘wildlife war’ that the world is losing. A year on since 46 countries signed up to the ‘London declaration’ to eradicate the tr...

socrates4462312Mar 2015Mar 2015
jarred1376-Mar 2015
jarred12,679-Mar 2015
itchy bites

itchy bites This article is good and has an abstract in english at the beginning. so u w...

guadal3214Mar 2015Mar 2015

Owners And Dogs Look AlikeOwners And Dogs Look Alike

jarred11,297-Mar 2015

I Just Hope They Don’t Try To Mik MeI Just Hope They Don’t Try To Mik Me...

jarred1251-Mar 2015

Being A Monkey Is Not So BadBeing A Monkey Is Not So Bad [url=

jarred12,308-Mar 2015
GURLs Glamor Shot Smile

GURLs Glamor Shot & SmileFinally got GURL to pose & smile for her glamor shot. Now without further adieu...I present to you GURL: ~JOHN~...

TheresMyFriend9524Mar 2015Mar 2015

Hero’s Come In All Shapes And SizeaHero’s Come In All Shapes And Sizea...

jarred1554-Mar 2015

Ready For The Neighbour’s CatReady For The Neighbour’s Cat [url=

jarred1440-Mar 2015
i saw her i saw her my tiny tail

i saw her i saw her (my tiny tail )i saw her yesterday with her brother and sisters and her mom. yes they're united. they look happier. playing together and i know now she has 4 others...

datatraveler312,3732Mar 2015Mar 2015

That’s So FunnyThat’s So Funny...

jarred12,534-Mar 2015
my tiny tail

my tiny taili miss my tiny tail. tiny ear. tiny 4 legs. and that cutey face. her mom took her. after i become her foster mom. lil kitty... i will always...

datatraveler312,1456Mar 2015Mar 2015
jarred1352-Mar 2015
JimNastics: "It's YOUR move."(meet us in the blogs)

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