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jarred12,286-Jun 2015
Looking Himself In Mirror

Looking Himself In MirrorLooking Himself In Mirror...

jarred1652-Jun 2015
Taking Aroma Of Roses

Taking Aroma Of RosesTaking Aroma Of Roses [url=

jarred1313-Jun 2015
I look like a what

I look like a what?!?There was this one guy, relentlessly writing to me, wanting to Skype with me but I keep on refusing him He soon got angry and told me that I look...

Dreamcatcher991,37541Jun 2015Jun 2015
Wanna Go For A Walk

Wanna Go For A WalkWanna Go For A Walk

jarred1325-Jun 2015
Im Sexy And I Know It

I’m Sexy And I Know ItI’m Sexy And I Know It...

jarred12,153-Jun 2015
Being A Monkey Is Not So Bad

Being A Monkey Is Not So BadBeing A Monkey Is Not So Bad [url=

jarred12,593-Jun 2015
Fart Just One Time

Fart Just One TimeFart Just One Time

jarred12,182-Jun 2015
All You Need Is Love And A Dog

All You Need Is Love And A DogAll You Need Is Love And A Dog...

jarred1371-Jun 2015
So Many German Shepherd Looking At A Cat

So Many German Shepherd Looking At A CatSo Many German Shepherd Looking At A Cat...

jarred11,486-Jun 2015
Smoking Pigy

Smoking PigySmoking Pigy

jarred12,552-Jun 2015
Very Cute Cat Sleeping On Girl Funny Picture

Very Cute Cat Sleeping On Girl Funny PictureVery Cute Cat Sleeping On Girl Funny Picture...

jarred13,255-Jun 2015
nonsmoker83647Jun 2015Jun 2015
It truly saddens me

It truly saddens me.I know its always been around and probably will be, but is it jus me or hss cruelty to poor innocent animals increased. I have seen numerous examples...

Unknown4337Jun 2015Jun 2015
Dey Ran Out Of Captain Morgan

Dey Ran Out Of Captain MorganDey Ran Out Of Captain Morgan...

jarred1284-Jun 2015
jarred1263-Jun 2015
Two thirds for the birds

Two thirds for the birdsOr one third? Well, a lot anyway. This year so many starlings are around at this time of the year and the early cherries are ripe. There is a massacre...

guadal4236Jun 2015Jun 2015
Deaf Dog

Deaf DogI have a deaf dog and i think we have reach a dead end with his training. Any tips?...

Unknown41615May 2015May 2015
can tradition

can tradition......ever justifies red water........

Wavebox393-May 2015
Best Friends

Best FriendsBest Friends Don’t Cry Darling [url=

jarred1368-May 2015
Cute Cats

Cute CatsCute Cats...

jarred14,301-May 2015
what kind of dog do you have

what kind of dog do you have?If somebody broke in your house would your dog attack or be a wimp?...

boomboom201587624May 2015May 2015

NaphthaleneSomeone told me that Naphthalene (moth balls} can be used safely to keep seeds fresh and that its not at all toxic to the bird eating the seeds. Ha...

Lukeon2,43324May 2015May 2015
Didnt she do well

Didn't she do well...Some lay eggs and others lay people... She laid this one earlier...clever girl.......

UniqueCrystal7304May 2015May 2015
best friend

best friendHe is supposedly the best friend of man he protected us, our farm animals and more and more he is useless they vegetate to himself and hope to fin...

nighty701,24634May 2015May 2015
Amazing Lion Gif

Amazing Lion GifAmazing Lion Gif

jarred12,450-May 2015
Checking In And Waving Hello

Checking In And Waving HelloChecking In And Waving Hello...

jarred12,371-May 2015
Two Cats Poem

Two Cats PoemTwo Cats Poem...

jarred12,617-Apr 2015
Monkey Funny Faces

Monkey Funny FacesMonkey Funny Faces

jarred12,720-Apr 2015
I smile when you do

I smile when you doI smile when you do...

jarred14,017-Apr 2015
Johns Anti Squirrel Mixture I hope

John's Anti-Squirrel Mixture (I hope)A list of spices that was put together, to help discourage the squirrels from my garden. Talking about something that will taste and burn, and...

TheresMyFriend6069Apr 2015Apr 2015

MONKEYS..............though i like this monkey..... .......

teenameena230-Apr 2015
Jo Jo Ducky

Jo-Jo DuckyJo-Jo Ducky...

jarred1777-Apr 2015
Different Demands

Different DemandsDifferent Demands [url=

jarred11,216-Apr 2015
I just love it

I just love itI just love it...

jarred11,140-Apr 2015
Is This Possible

Is This Possible?Is This Possible?...

jarred1691-Apr 2015
Owl Nation

Owl NationOwl Nation...

jarred1706-Apr 2015
Kiss me Honey

Kiss me Honey!Kiss me Honey!...

jarred12,728-Apr 2015
Ofcourse We Are Cats

Ofcourse ! We Are Cats !Ofcourse ! We Are Cats !...

jarred1610-Apr 2015
Count My Teeth

Count My TeethCount My Teeth [url=

jarred11,159-Apr 2015
Fox shit

Fox shitWell, there are people who are examining shit professionally, but today i came across fresh fox shit and something white in it caught my eye. So i bro...

guadal72311Apr 2015Apr 2015
Addicted Buddies

Addicted BuddiesAddicted Buddies...

jarred1974-Apr 2015
elizablu: "Clarify for me?"(meet us in the forums)

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