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Hes baaaack

He's baaaackLong time readers will recall that last winter and through this fall I had something killing and eating deer in my forest. Although I had suspicion...

Ken_1977238Feb 2015Mar 2015

got a new tiny baby catwohoo i got a new tiny cat. a few week baby cat. she is leaving my her mother in the front garden of my house. so i adopt her. now she is living wit...

datatraveler314998Mar 2015Mar 2015

Funny Bald Chimpanzee PictureFunny Bald Chimpanzee Picture [url=

jarred12,785-Mar 2015
jarred1624-Mar 2015
jarred12,373-Feb 2015
jarred1220-Feb 2015
jarred1226-Feb 2015

Funny Dogs In A Perfect WorldFunny Dogs In A Perfect World...

jarred12,105-Feb 2015

We are all just monkeys in business suits“We are all just monkeys in business suits running around pretending to be executives” [u...

jarred13,195-Feb 2015

I Hope To God That’s BatmanI Hope To God That’s Batman...

jarred11,755-Feb 2015
jarred1374-Feb 2015
I Found a Wascally Wabbit Today

I Found a Wascally Wabbit Today!!My job with a house building firm has moved. They moved to a building in Riverside, CA and it's pretty cool. There's a lot of new stuff so I am still...

Ed194135413Feb 2015Feb 2015
He has got the moos like Jagger

He has got the moo's like JaggerThis supermarket’s mascot happens to be a cow, a dancing cow. Watch this person in a cow suit give it their all and then some. Give this danc...

Dreamcatcher99717-Feb 2015
jarred1266-Feb 2015
This is Who I am

This is Who I am..And what touches my heart.......

Calliopesgirl53334Feb 2015Feb 2015

Your Face is FunnyYour Face is Funny...

jarred13,137-Feb 2015
why do men die first

why do men die first ?men die first for many reason...women go for older men... heres really why.

Ian1584518Feb 2015Feb 2015
Letting the cats out

Letting the cats outIt is a risk. It really doesn't matter where you live, but the general consensus is the odds of death go way up if your house is near a road. Not on...

Ken_1993543Jan 2015Feb 2015
jarred1277-Jan 2015
jarred1569-Jan 2015
jarred1609-Jan 2015
jarred12,412-Jan 2015

Revenge Is RevengeRevenge Is Revenge...

jarred1615-Jan 2015

JE SUIS CHARLIEI am Charlie...

postneoludite65613Jan 2015Jan 2015
jarred1794-Jan 2015
jarred1792-Jan 2015
Watching this makes me nauseas

Watching this makes me nauseas.Pity that lion was wounded. Fantastic Forei...

Lukeon60833Jan 2015Jan 2015
My baby can fly

My baby can fly.....!!!!!What a lovely surprise for the new year Wishing everyone else on CS...

Kittyjoy62421Jan 2015Jan 2015
geseunde kerswes

geseunde kerswesjust thought i should write it in a different language. hope everyone has had a feast...

Leoma5183Dec 2014Dec 2014

Me & My GURL...This is our first selfie... This is GURL, my rescue dog from the shelter... I decided to sit down on the porch with her tonight, and laid back t...

TheresMyFriend6167Dec 2014Dec 2014

Virgin births are no longer rare.Thelma the snake confused then astounded her keepers. This 6m long (20 ft) python had spent four years alone in Louisville zoo in the US, without e...

socrates444204Dec 2014Dec 2014
Wise guy cat

Wise guy catOne of my cats is smart. He can't speak English (very well) but sometimes I think he is trying because I hear certain sounds and what he meant and wh...

Ken_194769Dec 2014Dec 2014
girls just want to have fun

girls just want to have funSINGLE BLACK FEMALE seeks male companionship, ethnicity unimportant. I'm a very good girl who LOVES to play. I love long walks in the woods, ridin...

VivianLee3738Dec 2014Dec 2014
Calliopesgirl43115Dec 2014Dec 2014
First cougar seen in Kentucky since Civil War is k

First cougar seen in Kentucky since Civil War is kA Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife officer killed a mountain lion on a Bourbon County farm on Monday, marking the first confirmed sighting of...

Ken_1986942Dec 2014Dec 2014
Cuddling Chicken

Cuddling ChickenAfter watching these, I need a cuddle or two too [color=re...

Unknown47831Dec 2014Dec 2014
Ian15838413Dec 2014Dec 2014
Ian1582214Dec 2014Dec 2014
Calliopesgirl40810Dec 2014Dec 2014

"AFTERMATH"No..It doesnt end for Us "The Living"....Those that have passed on have left what they had behind for us...Sometimes they leave Money!...Sometimes the...

namaron5835Dec 2014Dec 2014
Snake and the Cat

Snake and the CatYesterday on my backyard I was just sitting down having a beer and minding my own, then I saw some movement from my right, it was a snake, being follo...

bungallow5546419Dec 2014Dec 2014
My Boytjie

My BoytjieBorn on the 1st Oct. Pics: 5th November 2014 thru 23rd November 2014.

Lukeon50715Nov 2014Nov 2014
appassionata: "The Ship"(meet us in the puzzles)

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