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You Learn Something Every Day...What a fantastic morning! Finally, we see some sun again. Getting up at 5:30 am to take advantage of the cool morning air, I headed out on my bike rid...

LadyImp18592Jul 11Jul 11

It'll Be The Death of MeWhat does one do on an overcast day? Well, you can do all the things indoors that you've been putting off, or, if you're me, you get in the car to fin...

LadyImp23892Sep 9Sep 9

StreetWalkin': Playing for NotesOn Friday, I headed down to Fairhaven in the U.S. to take my bike in for it's 10 hour check up. Needless to say, I have ridden far more than 10 hours,...

LadyImp197111Aug 19Aug 19

Exhilaration!Have you ever done something and felt totally exhilarated afterwards? This morning was one of those mornings for me. This week has been overcast and y...

LadyImp15181Sep 14Sep 15

Photo Caption Contest - poochHere's a cute photo I saw yesterday. It had no caption. So, you know the drill. Have fun adding your own photo caption(s), if you like. My...

JimNastics175201Sep 26Sep 27
My turn

My turn!!Today was a beautiful day! My son and I took a trip to Mabry Mills off the Parkway in Virginia and then drove the Parkway to Fancy Gap and home. I lov...

Shinegirl525291Oct 2016Oct 2016

YOU make the photo caption (5) !You make the photo caption (5) ! ....... 'Yet, an otter thief, caught by camera !' Or you make the caption for the following photo;...

JimNastics37651Aug 2017Aug 2017
Rock on

Rock onJust took this today And one else see the face,?...

oldblue54531140Oct 2017Oct 2017
high tide or hell

high tide or hellit doesn't matter. it can't be changed. neither is obsolete. just in time to get it. won't find it in my wallet. already gone. like this....

Duromojon165-0Oct 2017
Shine to the Dragons Tooth

Shine to the Dragon's Tooth!My weekly adventure led me to the Dragon's Tooth in Catawba, VA. Hiked another small section of the Appalachian Trail to get to it. The last part of t...

Shinegirl19780May 9May 10

A Rich RewardAwake early this morning, I headed out for a bike ride, not too sure of where I was going to go. Deciding to ride along the dike by the river, I was a...

LadyImp216100Jun 7Jun 9

Go ahead, I dare ya !Lets hear YOUR caption(s) for the following photo (no references to any CS members ! My first offering is; 'Our neighbor unsucc...

JimNastics409130Nov 2017Nov 2017

New Nature PhotosI'm not sure if you enjoy nature, or not. But, I do. And now that softball is over for me (until April), I have some more time to accomplish other...

JimNastics23400Nov 2017

urbi at orbiIf we all came from Adam and Eve, the black and yellow came from.....:.................

bloodyawfull377140Dec 2017Dec 2017

Now, that's HOT !Video of lava 'waterfall' into the ocean in Hawaii for your viewing pleasure....

JimNastics21970Jun 10Jun 10

November 2017 Nature photos by JimIn my futile effort to try to catch up with my photography, earlier this week, I posted a blog covering my photos from December of last year. This...

JimNastics29880Dec 2017Jan 5

As the sun sets....I don't know if you are like me, but I love sunsets. Together with fireworks, waterfalls and wildlife, they are one of my favorite things to photogr...

JimNastics39280Jan 2017Jan 2017

I don't represent the World, I represent AmericaWhat a great speech. Interrupted about 94 times with applause, I could see how our country is ready to work in unity and achieve greatness as he prom...

lindsyjones456290Feb 2017Mar 2017
The best laid plans of mice and men

The best laid plans of mice and menWell I went out the door last night with the best of intentions to get some photos and make good use of the supposed run of good Irish weather The...

nonsmoker409280Mar 2017Mar 2017

YOU make the call !YOU make the call !........ Which do you prefer ? . . . #1 "We decided to let him play through." . or #2 "One could say, that I bear-ly...

JimNastics32550Jun 2017Jun 2017

YOU make the caption (3) !You make the caption (3) !........ OK. I have 3 ideas for the caption for this photo, but I'll give you all a chance to hit it with your best sho...

JimNastics372120Jun 2017Jun 2017

A look back - Jim's Nature Photos from December 2017. I just uploaded 41 nature photos to my Flickr website; all taken last month. You can see them all an...

JimNastics25380Jan 9Jan 9

Whoops. I forgot about these 8.Yesterday when I added the 41 photos to my webpage, I neglected to add 8 others. I'll blame it on...

JimNastics22220Jan 10Jan 11

YOU make the photo caption (4) !You make the photo caption (4) !....... Accidental, or purposeful ? You decide. Indeed, add your own photo caption, if you like, or simply chu...

JimNastics399100Jul 2017Jul 2017
In My Idle Hours

In My Idle HoursNear our East Ocean,there is a Dishi Lake, ( also called waterdrop lake) an artifical one which is located at the center of Lin'gang New City, Pudong...

phoenixFH667120Jul 2014Jul 2014
i need some help

i need some helphi all. since i have been rather bored for the last couple of days, i decided to play around a bit with my camera on my phone, however, since i'm blin...

roger77swe671120Dec 2014Dec 2014
Charlotte world poetry and pictures 2015

Charlotte world --poetry and pictures-2015On a September day as I sit on my front porch watching the yellow leaves fall ever so fast from an old black walnut tree my daddy planted in...

mindy5536700Jan 2015
updating photos

updating photosDoes anyone else have problems updating photos on here. Can anyone hlp me?...

musclvr1140050Feb 2015Feb 2015
Just Some of My Photos

Just Some of My PhotosI really like to take photographs so I thought I'd share some of them here. Enjoy....

Smiler5634310Feb 2015Feb 2015
One of my kids kittens

One of my kids kittensIf it stays still for long enough, I'll take a picture of it....

Smiler5632310Feb 2015Feb 2015
After the Storm Updated

After the Storm - Updated!A cool double rainbow somewhere over the west of France. And so, this afternoon I took this photo from roughly the same spot. Now, what are the...

Smiler5637030Feb 2015Feb 2015
Nature and Art

Nature and ArtA worn out sea shell on top of a geode....

Smiler5630410Feb 2015Feb 2015
Sun and Trees

Sun and TreesA sunrise in the Vendée....

Smiler5630610Feb 2015Feb 2015
A Once a Year Event

A Once a Year EventManaged to catch this cactus in flower just after a shower of rain....

Smiler5631310Feb 2015Feb 2015
An Old Log in the Woods

An Old Log in the WoodsThe more I look at this photo, the stranger it seems!...

Smiler5636120Feb 2015Feb 2015
Corkscrew Willow

Corkscrew WillowCaught this with the sun low in the sky one morning....

Smiler56537120Feb 2015Feb 2015
More Nature Captured on Camera

More Nature Captured on CameraSunrise over the Tamar Valley, Cornwall, England. I like taking photos after a shower of rain.

Smiler5641790Feb 2015Feb 2015
Testing the Camera on My Cell Phone

Testing the Camera on My Cell PhoneIt seems that C.S. reduce the size of photos when posted. Does anyone know how to avoid this, or is it just the way the site works? I am trying t...

Smiler5645490Feb 2015Feb 2015
Half a Dozen More Sky Flower Mix

Half a Dozen More (Sky/Flower Mix)Sunset at my brothers place. Close up one. Big sky county.

Smiler5632930Feb 2015Feb 2015
Ill Just Leave These Here

I'll Just Leave These HereThere be lizards! When my cat was a kitten. :)

Smiler5640020Feb 2015Feb 2015
The color of Spring

The color of SpringI couldn't help to stop for the images of Spring on the way home or in Dad's hospital. Though they are simple but pretty in my eyes.

phoenixFH48280May 2015May 2015
Your pictures

Your picturesHow to consider a portrait. You are selling the idea that you have appeal an therefore, your picture must have certain elements and as such should c...

sunnybouy578220May 2015May 2015

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