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Jesus is God in Human Flesh

Jesus is God in Human FleshPerhaps the strongest claim Jesus made in claiming to be God, is found in John 8:58. During an intense exchange with some of the Jews regarding the...

serendipity6151,23424Sep 2012just nowSep 2012
Life is what happens when youre making other plan

Life is what happens when you're making other planJohn Lennon...RIP Never a truer word was spoken...

Deecurkat4860Apr 2011just now
A Bad Start

A Bad StartWhen I saw the mess on the pavement I sighed. It is garbage day and my brother-in-law took the dustbin out when he went to work this morning. The bin...

Catfoot1,718148Nov 2017just nowNov 2017

feminismI wanted to post a comment on the most recent feminism blog, but I see the comments had been disabled. Let it be known, I will not attack anyone on t...

Johnny_Sparton1,47378Aug 2017just nowSep 2017
Super Heroes

Super HeroesCurrently, on the boob tube they put on all the superman epics with Christopher Reeves and there are many other comic heroes such as Iron man, Capt Am...

Akeldama4029718Mar 2018just nowMar 2018

I've had just about enough of this !You heard me right ! I'm not taking any more of this ! There comes a point, when enough is enough. And I'm going to do something about it right a...

JimNastics6479Jan 2012just nowJan 2012
The I In Pride

The "I" In PrideA dear friend of mine inspired me to write this note. I received an email this morning that reminded me of my own experience and ongoing struggle. I h...

Unknown2090Sep 2009just now
Men and women TV shows

Men and women TV showsWhen a man admits to watching a women’s TV show or network immediately makes my mind wander... like, into the forest of no return. I mean, nothing em...

Palmfrond15,12610Jul 2018just nowJul 2018
Ones moral value

Ones moral value.I am no university graduate but i do hope that what i,m about to mention do come to the attention of a few females,everyone one has joined the website...

Unknown1782May 2011just nowJun 2011
A One Track Mind

A One Track MindI’m very upset with my shrink. I think he is incompetent. Imagine him telling me I have a one track mind. Oh, the humiliation. The last time I felt...

Catfoot1,10168Dec 2013just nowDec 2013
loosing hair

loosing hair..... ... ... ... ... ... ... ......

Unknown313-Apr 2013just nowApr 2013
Where are the ladies

Where are the ladies.Why is it so hard to meet the right women. Just come away from a 16 year relationship left with 3 kids and am of the opinion that its all just in my h...

Unknown27511Feb 2011just nowFeb 2011
Track162855Jan 20171 mins agoJan 2017
The Face of Love Part 1

The Face of Love (Part 1)And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus. Philippians 4:7...

Keys7074512Sep 20161 mins agoSep 2016
Eye Glasses

Eye GlassesI've been wearing glasses since 2001. I only have 3-4 glasses and all of them with thick frame (just like my profile picture). I used to have thin fra...

narnia9357411May 20121 mins agoMay 2012
Opeth The Drapery Falls

Opeth - The Drapery FallsPlease remedy my confusion And thrust me back to the day The silence of your seclusion Brings night into all you say Pull me down again And guide...

psygnar3301Aug 20141 mins agoAug 2014
What are we called

What are we called?Older women that like to date young men are called cougars, what are older men that like to date young women called?...

duckrew3869Feb 20101 mins agoMar 2010

THINGS OMITTED FROM THE BIBLEWhen the bible was assembled, why was the Book of Enoch omitted? After all, it was discovered amongst the Dead Sea Scrolls. Perhaps the church leaders...

CROWNAFFAIR202 mins ago1 mins ago

VATICAN FILESI understand that the Vatican has thousands of files locked away and access to these documents is forbidden. What could the Pope be frightened of to c...

CROWNAFFAIR13121 mins ago2 mins ago14 mins ago
GOSH I WHEN I GET GIRLS I dont want them cause I

GOSH, I WHEN I GET GIRLS I dont want them, cause ILast night, had two woman over. week before that had a beautiful girl, best legs ever felt and seen, from the Casino. But now Im giving my eyes a res...

Mrcreative51010Nov 20122 mins agoNov 2012
stringman78722 hrs ago2 mins ago4 mins ago

Recognise this lady?In one month it will be Emma Morano's birthday. Though she hasn't invited anyone, "I'm 116 years and on 27 November, I'll be 117," this al...

Lukeon49713Oct 20162 mins agoOct 2016

WIFE VS. HUSBANDA couple drove down a country road for several miles, not saying a word. An earlier discussion had led to an argument and neither of them wa...

Gentlejim2,4918Dec 20172 mins agoDec 2017
The Clear Evidence That Gold Is Being Manipulated

The Clear Evidence That Gold Is Being ManipulatedOctober 16th, 2013 by Phoenix Capital Research At this point the Gold manipulation is outright absurd. For years there have been rumors that Gold...

Keys7072716Oct 20132 mins agoOct 2013

Transgender raped: jailed with men instead of womenPITTSBURGH — A transgender woman was physically and sexually assaulted during stays at a Pennsylvania jail, because staff refused to place her with fe...

lindsyjones3,07843Nov 20172 mins agoNov 2017
Be an Individual Dont Look For Others Opinions

Be an Individual, Don't Look For Others' Opinions"Be an Individual, Don't Look For Others' Opinions"...

jarred1140-Nov 20172 mins ago

If We Treated Other Medical Ailments Like Mental IllnessNo one would ever say these things to someone with diabetes or a broken arm but people seem to think its fine to say to someone with mental illness....

Track1680971Nov 222 mins agoNov 28
Track161112Feb 173 mins agoFeb 17
WOW What a weekend

WOW . . . What a weekend ! ! ! !Not only was it long awaited , but it was also just what I was need and more than I had anticipated For anybody who is holding out for that BIG...

cofyminx72020Apr 20123 mins agoApr 2012

Meeting FriendsLast night I went to visit some of my friends whom I hadn't seen in over a year. 8 1/2 yrs ago, I started a singles club in Madison, Wi. which is whe...

Gentlejim44616Jan 20153 mins agoJan 2015
Love is the answer

Love is the answerI went out to lunch with my sister the other day and noticed an older couple sitting at the table next to ours. The man seemed very freindly , outgoin...

Unknown91927Jun 20113 mins agoJul 2011
Norway enjoy

Norway...enjoy...;) Beautiful...;)...

Unknown2193Feb 20113 mins agoFeb 2011

GOD WITH USWritten by Virginia Brandt Berg Tuesday, 01 December 2015 Some people cannot understand how God could have come down and been wrapped in human fle...

Keys7071,1982Dec 20153 mins agoDec 2015

"SEVEN DAYS IN PURGATORY"It Was Monday...The 19th Of June...Round About 930 Am.....As Nam Woke Up...And Got Out Of Bed.................... And As He Always Does....He Heads S...

namaron1,99170Jul 20173 mins agoJul 2017

Good night ! Bed bugs ??"Good night ! Sweet dreams ! Don't let the bed bugs bite !" As I am getting ready to go to sleep here now, I am remembering WAY back to when I...

JimNastics9699Mar 20133 mins agoMar 2013

What the hell is YOUR problem ?!?!?That's right, I'm talking to you. Yes, YOU ! No, not the other person, but YOU, the one reading this right now. So, what the hell is your pro...

JimNastics1,33328Aug 20103 mins agoAug 2010

Trump gives advice to government workers not receiving paychecks.And as a bonus, hot off The New Yorker today; Forever By Andy Borowitz 10:57 A.M. WASHINGTON (The Borowitz Report)—In a b...

JimNastics38818Jan 244 mins agoJan 25
Christmas in the tropics

Christmas in the tropicsHah...You're wrong. I'm not going to complain about the heat. Cause I like it. No, I'm going to complain about my Christmas present. My bad....

VikingSon2653Dec 20164 mins agoDec 2016
whats the problem

whats the problem???i just dont get it... is there something wrong with my profile? is it my pics? am i not that attractive or something? why is it that i'm not getting a...

LONELY_ROGUE4674Feb 20114 mins agoFeb 2011

the PFPHV method to success5 ways to success and soon i will reveal them but for now can anyone guess?...

cupiidd3418Jul 20144 mins agoJul 2014
Graveyard shift

Graveyard shift...Ok I drew the short straw and get to spend the next 10 hours guarding the boat from opitunists while we're at the wharf... Let's see if anyone is o...

oldblue5445928Aug 20174 mins agoAug 2017
Best Buddy

Best Buddy“When a person can find sorrow behind your smile, words behind your silence and love behind your anger, you can believe that you have found your best...

Babishoes64510Jul 20124 mins agoJul 2012
bimbalive64: "bimbalive64 puzzle"(meet us in the puzzles)

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