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HungerWild flowers wither in the heat Cruel draughts keep hit seeding lands Absent clouds hide the sense of hope Sudden rain makes slopes slippery? ......

LastStrike3114Jan 2017Jan 2017
hi girls

hi girlsjust want to know is there any genuine girls here that want to chat and get know people and see where it might and maybe just be happy if so text me a...

kevin20202673Jan 2017Jan 2017

This *like* option, is it a terminator?Weirdest thing but anytime I log in and see that little red heart lit up, and go click on it eagerly - profile not available. Every single time...

Elegsabiff1,34654Dec 2016Jan 2017
Thank you Connectingsingles

Thank you ConnectingsinglesThank you Connectingsingles we are married!...

XuanMai55023Dec 2016Dec 2016
The science of chick hunting

The science of chick-hunting.So, in science, when you have no idea of how something works and hence you cannot model it using deterministic math, your only recourse is magic (aka....

Unknown30815Dec 2016Dec 2016

ContrastingContrasting are colors So are we with fractures of light Love - hate are just 2 sides Of knife that cuts my mind sharply...

LastStrike2670Dec 2016
Connecting Singles admin

Connecting Singles adminI didn't know they had a profile and you can message them.. I love what they are searching for... Also says they haven't been on since the 22nd of D...

lshtar70013Dec 2016Dec 2016
Sex without love is empty

Sex without love is emptyI have been without sex for 3 years, because I can't find love yet. sex without love is empty.. I would rather wait ......

Unknown63242Dec 2016Dec 2016

the door is open 24 hours a day all year roundthe door is open 24 hours a day all year round and it is for free you will find everything you are looking for where you can find that still....

jarred1238-Dec 2016

Enough tears, why am I crying??Not even 3 pm here and I have been in tears on and off all day, I need a plumber to fix this leak in my tearducts. They aren't even sad or self-p...

Elegsabiff1,207100Dec 2016Dec 2016
Dear diary

Dear diary..Woke up so late.. Why is it so cold outside? Put my thick sweater on Went to the store A pretty woman talked To me in the grocery Store She tal...

cafetwo20102485Dec 2016Dec 2016
Is It really over help

Is It really over? youre 19 and have a desire to grow as a complete and mature person in all aspects,,,,....Work, university(As called in Mexico), family frien...

JessHenderson2986Dec 2016Dec 2016
Do you think there are

Do you think there arePeople on this site who click to view there own blogs hundreds of times to make themselves look popular Clicksturbation I suppose...

nonsmoker67847Dec 2016Dec 2016
Forever in love

Forever in love..Do you have any idea how Much I've loved you? My passion for you burns Through my soul like a Thousand suns I only see you from a Distance and...

cafetwo20102767Dec 2016Dec 2016
Shes a whisper

She's a whisper..She's a mystery To be sure I smile when she writes a thing or Two Could it be you? Oh, I'm just being Foolish Guess I'll go to Sleep now Per...

cafetwo201036912Dec 2016Dec 2016
Thoughts and Memories

Thoughts and MemoriesDoes it refresh your breath , Mind and memories when someone you loved comes in your thoughts but doesn't exists anymore?...

ali11033117Dec 2016Dec 2016
Time flys

Time flysM tht 1 kind of a person. That dsn't waist time. Time waisted will nvr b returned...

Lera77702893Dec 2016Dec 2016
Stop hiding Us uglies have to stick togther

Stop hiding, Us uglies have to stick togtherBeing one of those being "So ugly I could be a modern art masterpiece" I stopped worrying what folks thought of my image long long ago As i get it!, I...

Unknown2989Dec 2016Mar 2017

Do You Think I'm Ghostly?This just in my CS mail. Hoping for my prince , I clicked to read. ================= Hello pretty, Where on earth did you get that promis...

calmheartseeks40724Dec 2016Dec 2016

To all those that are hurtingThe reason for me not wanting responses, is that I do not fear retaliation, but save myself from abuse. Semsu, to you my friend, I say, you are very...

Fieryred70305-Dec 2016

Silence Self-Criticism and Embrace Self-LoveThis world is a competitive place and it’s easy to fall into the trap of scrutinizing your abilities. You have a lot invested and want to control the...

Fieryred70283-Dec 2016

AGE&SIZE DN'T REALLY MATTERYou can be old by numbets n still behave like highschool kid You can b blessed n still cnt use your stick be creative Ladies meet the guy halfway i...

Lera77704049Dec 2016Dec 2016
had a CRUSH on her

had a CRUSH on herLoved this creative approach of this boy! What have been your experiences from early school or high sc...

imbackagain38417Dec 2016Dec 2016
Why I am here

Why I am here.Someone from here, a "regular" emailed me, and mocked me about me being in connectingsingles. That I have already have a man in life, and that if I am...

agirlwhodreamt56241Dec 2016Dec 2016

BalanceWhy are many good men impotent? Is that why bad ones are attractive to women? Is there for me someone with balance? or sacrificing one of those th...

LastStrike47821Dec 2016Dec 2016
What are the mind games that girls like to play with guys

What are the mind games that girls like to play with guysI am not on here to play mind games and I don't have time for this game...

MrJohnTravas044932Dec 2016Dec 2016

Exactly RightA woman can't change a man because she loves him, a man changes himself because he loves her....

Track162324Dec 2016Dec 2016

Happy birthday to the Best Lady on C.SCrazyheart I wish to say a very happy birthday to you as I know mine was a day before yours May you stay as beautiful and vibrant as you are You b...

Fieryred7048014Dec 2016Dec 2016

WHO?You...Me Meet each other with laughter You...Me See each other with eager You...Me Miss each other with fever You..Me Want each other with hun...

LastStrike3942Dec 2016Dec 2016

RelationshipsWhy is it so difficult to love another person ? Why is there often no trust or respect for the other person ? I wonder how people can live wit...

Joaonl3198Dec 2016Dec 2016

THE SWIPE IS NOT THE PROBLEMOctober 11, 2016 This post is also on my blog: JESUSCHRISTISNOTGOD.COM I'm forced to weigh in here as a very very former "Tinder" user....

Phil_413194-Dec 2016


RNGUPTA1754Dec 2016Dec 2016

Women!!I should have taken my late grandfathers advice when he said that women were made to love; not to understand. Now, with hindsight, it makes perfect se...

Catfoot70459Dec 2016Dec 2016
To Confess Or Not

To Confess Or Not?Okay, in a moment of weakness you have cheated on your partner. You got away with it without discovery, but your indiscretion was instantly regretted....

Catfoot51129Dec 2016Dec 2016
The not so old timer

The not so "old" timer.This is a big shout out to the friends I knew here in the blogs "not so long time" ago. I wonder where and how you all have been. Shay...

agirlwhodreamt4179Dec 2016Dec 2016
When do you know that the relationship is over

When do you know that the relationship is over?It's incredible that as a species we have not unpacked one of the most basic elements of human interaction. The inane and yet incredibly significant q...

flaxmeadow42217Nov 2016Dec 2016
Why People Cheat 2

Why People Cheat 2It would appear that some people cannot help for cheating. Cheating may be embedded in our urge to reproduce, which is hard coded into our DNA. A...

Catfoot49223Nov 2016Nov 2016
5 mistakes men do

5 mistakes men do1) most men aren't confident with girls 2) bad body language 3) fear of losing 4) needy/beggy 5) proposing without understanding...

Ancientfarmer1722Nov 2016Nov 2016
5 mistakes women do

5 mistakes women do1) most women are uncomfortable with strangers 2) trying to understand them without speaking 3) judging by body language 4) pretending as not intere...

Ancientfarmer1723Nov 2016Nov 2016

Anyone .. .Has anyone seen Lisa j77 around? Thanks in advance....

Lukeon46411Nov 2016Jan 2017
Why people commit adultry

Why people commit adultryCan someone explain why married couples feel the need commit adultry. Sadly I'm newly wed almost one year. And based on my husbands reputation I start...

lanceblake52429Nov 2016Nov 2016
Narcissistic women are dangerous

Narcissistic women are dangerousOk I am in a society where sex and romance before marriage is considered immoral by most women.And most men are forced to take the route of arrange m...

aldude58327Nov 2016Nov 2016
mucker09: "All advice welcome"(meet us in the profile reviews)

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