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Things Come in Groups lol

Things Come in Groups lolI have been idle and lonely for long time then at once all the work and men came in mass seem things rarely come alone. Is it a good sign or...

LastStrike71110Jun 2016Jun 2016
when dating sites become political it is best to s

when dating sites become political it is best to sI have never in my wildest dreams ever thought that a dating site would be so political Be it the blogs or the forums, all that is spoken about are t...

Fieryred706628Jun 2016Jun 2016
Your Knight On His White Horse

Your Knight On His White HorseStill waiting for him? Well, he’s probably arrived many times before but you did not recognize him because his arrival was not announced by trumpets a...

Catfoot1,38367Jun 2016Nov 2016
Passing my dreams ending

Passing my dreams (ending)I left from PuKu shop in the cold winter . The young couples of Ha Noi are happy together in the leather jacket or the webbing . Well, perhaps you wil...

yukinohana3433Jun 2016Jun 2016
Passing my dreams 3

Passing my dreams (3)I arrived at Hanoi in the late afternoon . Hanoi was beginning to move to winter. It was mostly cold and some cold winds swept leaves around under my...

yukinohana2180Jun 2016

Over 30 And Still A Virgin.........How do you cope with it? I was watching a TV show about first dates last night. There was a 24-year old man meeting this girl for the first time...

daniela7771,986113Jun 2016Jun 2016
Crackpot Correspondents

Crackpot CorrespondentsI correspond with a few CS members around the globe. Nothing romantic, just about everyday events, likes and dislikes. This normally last until the co...

Catfoot1,34187Jun 2016Jun 2016
Recipe for your perfect match

Recipe for your perfect match?I noticed something yesterday, I had friends round for a BBQ and they are very much in love, I noticed that they had very similar facial features....

Mapmaker1,55990Jun 2016Jun 2016
On Line Loving

On-Line LovingShortly after I joined CS, somebody ask me to be her online lover. The idea sounded great and not knowing what it entails, I agreed. I thought on...

Catfoot1,18956Jun 2016Jun 2016

dont be fooledi dont chase after anyone , but if i like you i might jog a little bit.. just a little bit...

georgie3954219Jun 2016Jun 2016
LastStrike69214Jun 2016Jun 2016

helloAfter a very long time again my hello to all the cs members..hope u all are doing well....

wonderfullife863752Jun 2016Jun 2016
The reason women dont trust men online

The reason women don't trust men online.As a guy I have always wondered why so few women actually enter into a chat with me. The more I chat with women, the more i realize that it is because...

Swaith62220Jun 2016Jun 2016
Broke an have nothing

Broke an have nothingWhat do u do when your broke dont have a car or a job . But you are still looking for love???...

sdw198147011Jun 2016Jun 2016
Younger Boys

Younger BoysIs it ok to accept proposals from boys of 2-7-10 years younger than me? crazy boys Maybe they are just like kids with curiosity, eagerness and c...

LastStrike72524Jun 2016Dec 2016
So here I am

So here I ama single man, a hunter of sorts if you will. a searcher in a last chance saloon by the name of CS. Its a strange kinda place, an I don't seems to th...

nonsmoker1,38665Jun 2016Jun 2016
10 Year Love

10 Year Love?"How are you?" the strange but familiar voice raised from the other end of the phone, followed by a series of questions. Who is the stranger pouring m...

LastStrike3624Jun 2016Jun 2016

NakedSome people can go without makeup and still look beautiful either way.....some, its a drastic improvement personally, being a true pale redhea...

lllllEnigmalllll1,924117Jun 2016Jun 2016

SAD&FUNNY BUT REAL !!!Dear ladies ! 99% of you here are unserious then In the name of all serious males please: Dont waste internet and time it would be better to go an...

Unknown1614Jun 2016Jun 2016
Called him

Called himon phone and told him when he cant leave his girlfriend it must get over with us....

Benedikta5139Jun 2016Jun 2016
A good to Remember

A good to Remember??A HEARTBREAK is a BLESSING from GOD. it's just his way of letting you realize he SAVED you from the WRONG ONE <3 <3 <3...

Jennymcbride2792Jun 2016Jun 2016

MissingWhat do you miss the most in your life ? Whats the special you miss ?...

ali11089819May 2016Jun 2016
robs sm move and delivery local or long distance a

robs sm move and delivery local or long distance aAsap delivery maybe available together we can make it happen god bless you and your family.thank you for looking in...

ruggedgear60360-May 2016
Online Dating

Online DatingHe strongly affirmed that he was not like other expats who just look for sex, that he wanted a serious relation and i was a bit convinced though still...

LastStrike51120May 2016Jun 2016

BONDSBONDS Everybody needs somebody. But not just anybody. A person you can create a bond with. Do Y’all know what a bond is ? It’s something...

Unknown3898May 2016May 2016
What do you want to do when you like someone

What do you want to do when you like someoneHey guys, when someone catches your eyes, who is so hot and beautiful, what do you want to do them in ways of expressing how much you like them and la...

Cutietc123557May 2016May 2016
When you get in the mud with a pig you get dirty

When you get in the mud with a pig, you get dirtyCompletely ignore them. Don’t think about them. Don’t talk to them. Don’t write them. Most important: Don’t give them advice You know who I’m tal...

Fieryred7071131May 2016May 2016
Birthday Greetings

Birthday GreetingsBirthday Greetings...

jarred1276-May 2016
Relationship Goal

Relationship GoalRelationship is not how long have been together,not how much love given or received, not how many times you helped each other..ITS HOW YOU VALUE ONE A...

Jennymcbride45312May 2016May 2016
Hot hot so hot

Hot hotWhich things come in your mind first when you read or listen......HOT.......

fatjatt78719May 2016Jun 2016
Smiling at girls

Smiling at girlsDon't you guys get the feeling when looking at beautiful woman so beautiful you can't stop looking could be love or a just a crush...

Cutietc123494May 2016May 2016
What Frank said

What Frank said -I love the old swing stuff but I don't know the words, it's before my time, I just like it in the background. Tonight Frank Sinatra sang something tha...

Elegsabiff76352May 2016May 2016
Come on baby

Come on "baby"This seems to be a problem I run into and it bothers me a bit...surely I can't be the only one who thinks this way. Please correct me if Im wrong.......

lllllEnigmalllll91152May 2016May 2016

hey7312592857 text me lets talk and get to know each other...

tennstud59413May 2016May 2016
Do Men Have A Harder Time Letting Go Than Women

Do Men Have A Harder Time Letting Go Than Women?I'm not sure who are more emotional, men or women I've seen men who are more emotional than women, my ex-husband is one of them. I've seen women...

Crazyheart3877439May 2016May 2016
Computer Sex

Computer SexComputer Sex...

jarred1336-May 2016

Long Term Relationship For The 55+........I am inviting all men and women over 55 to define what exactly do you mean – and want – when writing on your profile “long term relationship”?...

daniela7771,10057May 2016May 2016
Life plan

Life planIt’s taken a few years – okay, lots - but I finally know what I want. Sell more books. That opens up more options and funds everything else. Earni...

Elegsabiff1,14774May 2016May 2016
If you love me

If you love me...They met on a dating site. Every day they would email each other and they would text each other for hours. Talk about there dreams, their hopes and th...

Mustang24065238May 2016May 2016
What do u prefer doing on dates

What do u prefer doing on dates ?We all have certain entertainment areas and topics ! I haven't been on a date for a long time, but it will depend on what both prefer doing most, a...

Snookums31,06559May 2016May 2016
Women dont want your money they want THIS

Women don't want your money..they want THISWomen don't want your money..they want THIS...

jarred1330-May 2016
If u want someone Go for it

If u want someone --> Go for it !I have met quite a few men on CS, in the 1 + year I have been on this site. I am scared th...

Snookums31,20358May 2016May 2016

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