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Dont settle

Dont settle!Why do people settle for less in relationships. We are all worth something valuable just the one we pic sometimes decreases our value. My opinion so t...

latinluvbug46712Apr 2016Apr 2016

JerkI gave my guy a second chance. Last night I went onto the dating site to see if he was there because he gave some some crazy excuse for not calling me...

Abby19631,30448Apr 2016Apr 2016
Oh shit

Oh shit!!!I just realized some people are full of shit!.lol...

latinluvbug37417Apr 2016Apr 2016
Well Ive gone and done it

Well, I've gone and done it.....The past few months with the mystery man was certainly bittersweet. The times spent together were absolutely amazing....had never been happier than in...

lllllEnigmalllll92546Apr 2016Apr 2016

Love is having things in commonLove is having things in common [/...

jarred1278-Apr 2016
looking for love but

looking for love...butlike everyone else on here, im looking for love, but seem to be getting scammers, ive edited my profile and added new pics. go one have a look, but st...

cosmica5099Apr 2016Apr 2016
Crazyheart3888521Apr 2016Apr 2016
all played out

all played outam not bashing no one but hey whats up with men who play with a woman's emotion and leave only to come running back when he has been played ou...

georgie3996537Apr 2016Apr 2016

can't stop laughingcan't stop laughing...

jarred1233-Apr 2016

Smack the PonySmack the Pony...

jarred1211-Apr 2016

Threesomes......has any one had one..or fantasied about one...could this be on your bucket list ?... I might go out and get two ladies of the night tonight for...

Unknown1,03943Apr 2016Apr 2016


THELEMAGE46010Apr 2016Apr 2016
Make a wish

Make a wishDo you make wishes on your Birthday ? So, my sister asks, what do you want for your Birthday ? ( oh its next week,) I think, hmmm, a nice man,...

wolfie884744311Apr 2016Apr 2016
No please dont make my heart beat fast blushing

No, please don't make my heart beat fast :blushingNow I am more confused. Is it American style to say that they like someone so much even just via webcam for the first time and say that the person is...

LastStrike87116Apr 2016Apr 2016
Ghana Spammers and Scammers

Ghana Spammers and ScammersHas this ever happen to any of you here on this or on another site? There are people out there who post phony profiles. They say they live here in the...

Baddabing667198Apr 2016Apr 2016
What day is it Mike Mike Mike lol

What day is it ? Mike. Mike. Mike. lolIt's humpday ! So, lets say that tonight, for one night only, you get your choice of ANYONE you could have all night no-strings-attached pa...

JimNastics5430Apr 2016
Never forget you

Never forget youDuring our life journey some people enter our lives and make us feel special. I was so lucky to have met someone that helped me through moments of m...

lshtar1,01136Apr 2016Apr 2016
For Lora48

For Lora48Hi Lora, I’ve been busy with depression and reading these past few weeks. I have only managed to post short blog comments through all of that. I h...

aRrAe609-Apr 2016Apr 2016
the upholder

the upholderthe upholder is just as guilty as the thief how many of us believe in that? if i am to do something wrong and u supported me on it or know i h...

georgie3967813Apr 2016Apr 2016
Same Sex Marriages

Same Sex MarriagesIn 2013, the UK passed a law, allowing couples of the same sex to marry. However, by doing this, no one looked at the bigger picture, what if, that ma...

wolfie884781524Apr 2016Apr 2016
Crooked Wang

Crooked WangWhen i was young all the Girls used to tease me ............................................................... But now that i'm old, they all li...

LoveRanger5281121Apr 2016Apr 2016
jarred1253-Apr 2016

LonelyFeeling lonely and miss some company What about you ?...

ali11079034Apr 2016Apr 2016
unconditional love

unconditional loveWould you getiinvolved or marry someone that lose a limb due to accident or illness? And if so what?...

georgie3950921Apr 2016Apr 2016

AttractionLadies ,what qualities of Men attract you ? Gentleman , what qualities of women attract you ? What are the impressive things you are looking for i...

ali1104467Apr 2016Apr 2016
Broken hearted

Broken heartedWhat would you do if you really liked a person a lot maybe even loved him . The two of you weren't compatible in the bedroom would you get your fee...

Abby19632,030132Apr 2016Apr 2016
Makes you proud to be British

Makes you proud to be BritishWhen we put our minds to it, we can take stupid to an art form. BBC NORFOLK Stewart White: Who had a worldwide hit with What A Wonderful World?...

Elegsabiff86726Apr 2016Apr 2016

WHAT ARE THE TOP DEAL BREAKERS?WHAT ARE THE TOP DEAL BREAKERS? 1. Unattractiveness 2. Unhealthy lifestyle 3. Undesirable personality traits 4. differing religious beli...

Unknown4253Apr 2016Apr 2016

OverIt's over now! wish every piece of me was frozen to be free of feelings. Didn't anticipate his touching, his presence in my life might be such...

LastStrike71032Apr 2016Jun 2016
Can we truly admit to our flaws

Can we truly admit to our flaws?I'm sure that every single one of us has our own flaws that keep us here, or at least keep us coming back. Other than the obvious enjoyment of sociali...

lllllEnigmalllll86052Apr 2016Apr 2016
georgie3965221Apr 2016Apr 2016
Gained Someone New

Gained Someone New!Her name is Elvira and she's in the North Side of Pittsburgh,PA and likes dancing to smooth jazz and old skool music-just like I do!...

bookworm5704611Apr 2016Apr 2016
Truth be told

Truth be told.....Why are men such big babies? This is just an observation...I get into a car accident on my way home from business school one day, broke my knee cap...

lllllEnigmalllll91343Apr 2016Apr 2016
ring a rosy

ring a rosy99.9 % of men online and offline plays this game and then when they get old where they cant find no oe to play with no more they come running back...

georgie3981121Apr 2016Apr 2016
Red Flags

Red Flags!!!!Last evening I engaged in conversation with a woman from Europe I've never contacted previously. As a matter of fact, I rarely look at who is online....

sands881,02643Apr 2016May 2016
Had enough

Had enoughWell, I think that I have had about enough. I'm thinking seriously about cancelling my account here. Too many people have too great an expectati...

VikingSon76223Apr 2016Oct 2016
hello to my old friends n new too

hello to my old friends n new tooFor few months I had been away from CS,busy in my kid ,I meet so many peoples in last 4 yrs some were close to me to them to everyone be happy and wis...

shubhrank4631Apr 2016Apr 2016
What Do Men Women Want Exactly

What Do Men/Women Want Exactly?Following the “sexting” blog yesterday, it has been brought to my attention that quite a few men are still interested in finding love & romance, while...

daniela7772,270167Apr 2016Apr 2016
Online crushes

Online crushesIt started here on CS. Then we flipped it into emailing each other. After that it then graduated to whatsapp. She had just broken up with her boyfrien...

2317588F6368Apr 2016Apr 2016
Just call me Fred

Just call me FredHello it’s me and I know, you don’t usually see me this time of day. Usually? Ever. I’m awake an hour earlier than usual because my good buddy / L...

Elegsabiff95344Apr 2016Apr 2016
Would you

Would you?“I love these legs”, said Ale. Nad was shocked. Trying to get a book from bookshelf, Ale just kneeled and caressing her legs saying that. “Do yo...

sarasvathy7274Apr 2016Apr 2016

Sexting...How Would You Know If You Are Sexually Compatible? We all want to be with that right person...right, in what way? We talk so much about that "spark...

Crazyheart382,134119Apr 2016Apr 2016

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