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Valentines day we deserve

Valentines day we deserve1. Should you shed a tear. Please let it be a tear of over whelming joy 2. Should you feel fear. Let it be fear of the unknown as you start a great...

1r1shmale2965Feb 2017Feb 2017
Was it a dream

Was it a dream.I felt her soft hand on my face. So gently it passed with out a trace. I heard a whisper I tried to wake excitement filled my heart. I wanted to wake...

1r1shmale2819Feb 2017Feb 2017
HMPH or HMPHless

HMPH or HMPHlessWould you marry for Love or just security ?...

iRLYmisseduxo2076Feb 2017Feb 2017
Mother Wolf

Mother WolfIt's only when you face death that understanding of our living can be comprehended, Here is a story for you written by a very strange fellow. M...

elypss2487Feb 2017Feb 2017
keeping the valentines countdown alive

keeping the valentines countdown aliveWoven silk gently capture your hands. Blindfold whispered demands. Exotic foods caress your lips. The play fullness of your lovers whip....

1r1shmale2262Feb 2017Feb 2017
Name Above All Name

Name Above All NameThe world has a million religion today each religion has a God each God has a name but you can see & prove to your self there's only one name that can...

Mikee_Lee07825911Feb 2017Feb 2017

UnknownWhen a man is interested in a woman he gives her a glare in her eyes and the magic begans...

Unknown25012Feb 2017Feb 2017

Any Interested LadiesWould it be wrong to ask if any lady would want to date me? I think I have a good sense of humor and I certainly can communicate well! Any takers?...

Gentlejim43016Feb 2017Feb 2017
propose day

propose dayPropose day.....ooops....... I am still single..........

skaligsm4165Feb 2017Feb 2017

First loveDo we ever stop loving and thinking of our first love ?...

Abby196341236Feb 2017Feb 2017
Wide Awake

Wide AwakeI have flirted with just about every thing. With time and death and all the rest. I have flirted men and women and I have flirted with others with my...

1r1shmale3298Feb 2017Feb 2017

TimeThey time is precious. Yet we are all guilty of wasting time. I wonder if we calculate how long we wait for a message or we scroll through our phone w...

1r1shmale2623Feb 2017Feb 2017

WhyI remember when I kissed your forehead and missed your lips for fun. Now I kiss your headstone and long for those lips and through your hair my hands...

1r1shmale3138Feb 2017Feb 2017
Blog of the day

Blog of the dayIf you wished to be loved, love....

skaligsm2591Feb 2017Feb 2017

The Mathematics of LoveIn a ludicrous (video)presentation, Hannah Fry goes into detail on the mathematics behind love and relations. She's addressing questions such as: -...

Jefke593408Feb 2017Feb 2017

which one is more painful,separated or divorcedThinking,how they feel when divorced or separated. It may be so painful.......wanna to know,how you feel ,when it becomes as a reality....

NayanM1847Feb 2017Feb 2017

Why Thai Women marry Foreign MenWhy Thai Women marry Foreign Men...

jarred1296-Feb 2017

Curtain RodsA dear friend sent it to me and just wanted to share. Very clever. CURTAIN RODS --- PRICELESS On the first day, she sadly packed her...

lindsyjones38627Jan 2017Jan 2017

Beware Of the Type Of Women You Bring HomeBeware Of the Type Of Women You Bring Home...

jarred1240-Jan 2017

Confused...Dear Diary. Have no one else to talk to, so I will write it down for you. Why are we so stupid? Believing in stories and myths about love? Love i...

mica3251622Jan 2017Jul 29

LoveDefine LOVE in your own.......

lhet7836613Jan 2017Jan 2017

I Love YouIts I love you day today Happy day to all of you...

ali1102694Jan 2017Jan 2017
Who is Jesus Christ

Who is Jesus Christ ??!Who is Jesus Christ?! "The beginning of the gospel of Jesus Christ, the Son of God.'" Mark 1:1 "I, Jesus, have sent my angel to give you this me...

Mikee_Lee0783025Jan 2017Jan 2017
single hard working mom looking for acceptance what life i have Respect

single hard working mom looking for acceptance what life i have..Respect!what do you think? Would I find a man? Who will love me for real who can be the father of my children? like his own children and give Respect....

azshanti4367Jan 2017Jan 2017

The Four Personality Types and How to Deal with ThemThe Four Personality Types and How to Deal with Them...

jarred1211-Jan 2017

Hi HansomeSo that is the new opening line in all my recent personal messages. Small case i's, capital letters mid sentence and the urge to relocate in the name...

UsernameTaken12377170Jan 2017Jan 2017

Full Moon?Is there a full moon? Seems like people are more on edge than normal. A little advice for everyone, its not worth it. Your just making yourselves...

Track162636Jan 2017Jan 2017
Love A woman lies to you

Love : A woman lies to youLove is a verb, not a noun. It is active. Love is not just feelings of passion and romance. It is behavior. If a woman lies to you, she is beh...

skaligsm3037Jan 2017Jan 2017
Excluding relationship potential as a form of prejudice

Excluding relationship potential as a form of prejudice.CS is terrific. Great way to explore oodles of possibilities. My pickinesss has rewarded me by allowing me to meet many folks with just about every st...

Aaltarboy39912Jan 2017Jan 2017
Are You a Non Muslim Woman Do You Want to Marry a MUSLIM Man

Are You a Non-Muslim Woman? Do You Want to Marry a MUSLIM Man?A non-Muslim woman will generally only marry a Non-Muslim man. But love is very strong, stronger than we can imagine. Also, the most difficult par...

skaligsm49616Jan 2017Jan 2017

Basic Human NeedsIf a woman is married to an uncommunicative man, she has the choice of talking to herself, not very satisfactory, or else sharing with friends, or eve...

mollybaby2,145154Jan 2017Jan 2017
I was made to love

I was made to loveWe love you Lord JESUS CHRIST. You are the reason why we are alive and awake You're the reason of our existence You're the reason why we are moving fo...

Mikee_Lee0782767Jan 2017Jan 2017

Manipulators love to manipulate you!!!Manipulators love to manipulate you!!!...

jarred1243-Jan 2017

Jamaican Dating ServiceJamaican Dating Service...

jarred1260-Jan 2017

NikkiRecently I met via Facebook someone single and local-closer to my home; works security at a convention center here in Pittsburgh; right now I'm just p...

Atheist582322Jan 2017Jan 2017
meeting people the first time

meeting people the first timeso people tell me is there some big secret to getting another person on here to actually agree to meet and see where things go is there something im m...

sroyw40320Jan 2017Jan 2017
What do you ladies think

What do you ladies think ?A scenario you are presented with.. You meet a guy on a dating site, you meet him but in that meeting he tells you that his long term partner died...

Unknown47221Jan 2017Jan 2017
Unfailing love mercy of God

Unfailing love & mercy of GodHave mercy on me, O God, because of your unfailing love. Because of your great compassion, blot out the stain of my sins. Wash me clean from my guil...

Mikee_Lee07830516Jan 2017Jan 2017

" ouch"So how are you on your feet when you feel them in the air Do you run Hide throw the armour on Or just follow the arrows instead...

itchywitch1,10127Jan 2017Jan 2017
You are very special

You are very specialAll You Need Is JESUS CHRIST - Now is the perfect time for you to accept Jesus Christ as your Lord God & personal Saviour He died for you on cross of...

Mikee_Lee07831914Jan 2017Jan 2017
Its in his her X

It's in his (her) XWhat is it about this letter X? It's not attractive as a way of expressing affection! C would be more affectionate. A nice rounded letter with an...

GregorysPeck3789Jan 2017Jan 2017
Am i forbidden here

Am i forbidden here?I received an email from a lad and saying i shouldn't show off my body to everybody specially on not suit for filthy old man to flaunt myself...

Olangoisland61035Jan 2017Jan 2017

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