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CS IS ADDICTIVE #Does Anyone else find that they are spending more and more time chatting with Friends. I know it is Winter and the nights are long and boring for...

manuman771023Nov 2015Nov 2015
When it sucks to live alone

When it sucks to live aloneWhen the lights suddenly go out and the house starts to creak. When the cat has left a dead rat in the middle of the hallway. When you're woke...

Elegsabiff73138Nov 2015Nov 2015
Like the sand in an hour glass I reflect on today

Like the sand in an hour glass I reflect on todayToday is a day no mother would want to relive or ever happen to them. Today being the anniversary of my son being murdered,and me trying to keep toget...

candykisses4685516Nov 2015Nov 2015
mature men and women

mature men and womenThere is a saying as the older you get,the more young you become at heart.unmarried mature singles and divorced singles in their mid life or post midl...

ihsanktk104477Nov 2015Nov 2015


IMBALIE4172Nov 2015Nov 2015
The Joys Of Being Single and the reasons

The Joys Of Being Single and the reasonsHere are a few reasons why a woman like me are single (and this is just me – please don’t assume that all women are single for these reasons). 1. I...

candykisses4660313Nov 2015Nov 2015
The Stalker

The StalkerEver been stalked? I got talking to a woman and she flew over for a weekend. NSA, she said, she just wanted to come for the Festival. Long story...

Chromedome561,34466Nov 2015Nov 2015
Controversial blog

Controversial blogJust an observation and not that it matters at all to me, however, from posts made over the past month or so it is evident that a shed load of members...

Solamente1,68086Nov 2015Nov 2015
The best revenge

The best revenge !Yesterday i have lunch with one of Indonesian singer, Daniel Sahuleka, maybe some of you know his songs. He was a real nice guy. He is here to Indo fo...

Kasih6866Nov 2015Nov 2015
What Do You Think

What Do You Think?Is it worth being in a relationship if one person is optimistic about the future of the partnership but the other is cautiously pessimistic about the...

Willow393962027Nov 2015Nov 2015
Lesson to be learnt on dating blog forum sites

Lesson to be learnt on dating/blog/forum sitesWhen joining a dating site/forum or blog,stick to your purpose of being on these sites and be true to yourself,and never but never discuss your person...

candykisses461,05720Nov 2015Nov 2015
Two pennies worth

Two pennies worthWe are a live-for-the-moment society, we take what we want, anything goes and everyone is up for grabs or they wouldn't be here on CS, yet for some re...

Elegsabiff1,698109Nov 2015Nov 2015
universal truth

universal truthLove is not a name only is the holly gift from all is the symbol of is is like a final comm...

sopnobilas3460Nov 2015
Rate the following

Rate the following:From 1 - 10 Long Distance Love Affair (LDLA) May December Love Affair (MDLA)...

Castle7967012Nov 2015Nov 2015
BF Best friend Forever

BF .... Best friend Foreverit was so nice when we have someone to talk to.... all burdens ... angry... tired... are gone. I know, not all people like me and not all people...

Amornthep88636Nov 2015Nov 2015

GnashersFrom some of the profiles I have read recently, it seems the importance of having ones own pearly whites features high on the list of "requirements" w...

Solamente42518Nov 2015Nov 2015
Death of conversation

Death of conversationI have a love-hate relationship with my smartphone. Well, strictly speaking, a hate-hate relationship. I hate it and it hates me but we are always tog...

Elegsabiff1,00139Nov 2015Nov 2015
Does anyone live in the Middletown area want to be

Does anyone live in the Middletown area want to beMy name is Tina I live in Middletown, OH. I am having a hard time finding someone to go out with that lives near me to be friends with. Why is this...

Freeatlast46swf5958Nov 2015Nov 2015
Answer me this

Answer me this...Warning... s*xual content! Do not read if easily offended, are under the age of consent or too old to remember what sex is! Question A... Why do w...

Solamente89444Nov 2015Nov 2015


jarred1204-Nov 2015
Unknown5192Nov 2015Nov 2015
What means a good relationship

What means a good relationship?From my point of view is that relation with a person who have many things in coommon,the person who can t stay without you and you without her,to be n...

claudya5177Nov 2015Nov 2015
why I really alone

why I really aloneI really amaged....... why God has send me alone...if not, where is she? I want to chat....if someone real..........please,dont play with me...

Nayansaharia4514Nov 2015Nov 2015
how fights start

how fights starthow fights start...

jarred1245-Nov 2015
Guy Fawkes and the Result Thereof

Guy Fawkes and the Result ThereofWhat a night of frayed nerves,loud bangs and disregard to animals big or small,not forgetting children as well.It does not cease to amaze me at the fa...

candykisses468468Nov 2015Nov 2015
Older woman younger man

Older woman younger manOlder woman younger man...

jarred1265-Nov 2015

SwingingI am not talking about dashing off to the local park for a play on the kiddies swings. I'm talking about those people that call themselves "swinger...

Solamente1,35866Nov 2015Nov 2015
19 reasons why sex is important

19 reasons why sex is important19 reasons why sex is important...

jarred1341-Nov 2015
True love

True loveDo anyone here knows what true love is?...

MYst2574914Nov 2015Nov 2015
Blood Sweat Bullets And Tears

Blood,Sweat,Bullets And TearsThe day and the life of the killing fields in South Africa.The outside world should sit up and take note this is black on black ,not white on black,as...

candykisses468228Nov 2015Nov 2015
Why I No Longer Take Blogging on CS Serious

Why I No Longer Take Blogging on CS Serious.When I first arrived here a couple of years ago, I was completely enchanted by the functionality of the site but I have since learnt that it’s not the...

aRrAe1,10816Nov 2015Nov 2015
5 Cruel Online Dating Scams

5 Cruel Online Dating Scams5 Cruel Online Dating Scams...

jarred1367-Nov 2015
Whos whoes

Who's, whoesOn the site, I have found not to many are who they say they, their anyone had experienced this?...

MYst2568811Nov 2015Nov 2015

Remember.As I walk through life, I look at all I have done. I had wandered aimlessly, And wondered what I have become. I have been through so much, It is...

butterrum3193Nov 2015Nov 2015

BEAT OVER WOMANwhat does the woman at home get the bad treatment , for the other b*tch out there. Hit in the eye by my own baby father and all i got is a black eye a...

Nakesha79516Nov 2015Dec 2015

BEAT OVER WOMANwhat does the woman at home get the bad treatment , for the other b*tch out there. Hit in the eye by my own baby father and all got is a black eye and...

Nakesha2670Nov 2015
If People Behaved in Real Life Like They Do in Onl

If People Behaved in Real Life Like They Do in OnlIf People Behaved in Real Life Like They Do in Online Dating...

jarred1257-Nov 2015
wanted to clear this confusion

wanted to clear this confusion....I met a guy online matrimonial site and we were chating since last three months and it was our mutual decision to meet in person. He is from Sweden bu...

bullbull69918Nov 2015Nov 2015

MEETING MY BESTFRIEND EVER.Meeting someone who can make u Happy, who can Love u with uncondition Love.... Are u the One????...

Kelvink263852Nov 2015Nov 2015
Do you have a best friend too

Do you have a best friend too ?There are friends who can make you happy even thou they are far apart, you can talk and text and email and web cam each othher and still you never fin...

Kasih64411Nov 2015Nov 2015
Youve slept with HOW many people

You've slept with HOW many people?Hundreds. HUNDREDS. Oh, I know you wouldn’t dream of having sex with a stranger without a condom. But what happens when they aren’t a stranger, an...

Elegsabiff1,19859Nov 2015Nov 2015
The Qualities You look For In A Partner

The Qualities You look For In A PartnerList 5 qualities, in order of importance, that your partner must have. Why are these qualities important to you? Which ones are less important? Why?...

Willow39391,45614Oct 2015Nov 2015

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