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The joys of living alone

The joys of living aloneOkay going to probably need a bit of help here, listing those joys. However I just ate a garlic and herb flatbread and that is definitely one of t...

Elegsabiff1,43066Feb 2016Feb 2016
Who Should I Date

Who Should I Date?Is this person kind, and growing in kindness? How do they treat their friends or family? How do they treat “everyday” people who they don’t need to im...

catsrus15365Feb 2016Feb 2016
jarred1322-Feb 2016
Is old fashioned romance dead

Is old fashioned romance dead?These days the internet and mobile technology has allowed us to meet people all over the world, messaging, Skype and these internet dating sites have...

Mapmaker2,74969Feb 2016Feb 2016

FriendsAll my friends on CS are Sweet Loving nd Hounorable for me. I Love Respect nd Have Goodwishs for them. What you say....

timotie5888Feb 2016Feb 2016

I made time to find me a chancechicken it's here Lo stuck don't learn uncle, gather. I to get stop said out This to DON'T upon Grey talk to my Doom I fell, buried under goat's m...

jarred1297-Feb 2016
Tips to date a Spanish woman

Tips to date a Spanish womanTips to date a Spanish woman. I do recognize I'm not the typical Spanish woman, but I have a good idea what Spanish women like and expect from a ma...

lshtar2,903122Feb 2016Nov 2016

Life is like a big sausage, full of flowers.Only with great restraint I did not flog her... Life is like a big sausage, full of flowers. I found myself alone beneath her...

jarred1294-Feb 2016

LoveIs it possible at the age above 50 fall in real Love to become Lover forever nd meet in person....

timotie85238Feb 2016Feb 2016

Chinese Zodiac Compatibility -Happy New Year Of The Monkey, Y'all! What with all the blogs on the Chinese New Year, I became curious if the Chinese Zodiac could be used to predi...

miclee77730Feb 2016Feb 2016
2016 year of the Fire Monkey

2016 - year of the Fire MonkeyNot all of us in the West are familiar with the Chinese horoscopes so here's a quick handy guide for the newly dawned Year of the Monkey. I'm apologiz...

Elegsabiff1,69752Feb 2016Feb 2016
Ladies endering comments

Ladies..endering comments.Ladies..if you had a partner and he would call you sexy bum would you consider this.. 1) a sexist remark 2) a term of endearament towards you....

Unknown1,06017Feb 2016Feb 2016
love online

love onlineDo you believe on love online?some people say,love doesn't exist over the internet without meeting the person in love comes after meeting in...

Unknown70816Feb 2016Feb 2016
I really hate stupid

I really hate stupidThis has nothing to do with education. A PhD can be stupid when it comes to judging situations and people, while someone who didn’t finish high school...

Elegsabiff78132Feb 2016Feb 2016

how the internet has change our abilityhow the internet has change our ability to be honest and trustworthy...

georgie3975511Feb 2016Feb 2016

why the helli dislike so much people who have limited pics, and the ones they have is so far u gotta use a magnifying glass to see them . or they dont have any...

georgie3992532Feb 2016Feb 2016

ArkansasAnybody from Arkansas united states I am looking for a friend in Arkansas if intrested , please inbox me a message...

ali11081813Feb 2016Feb 2016

Dating AdviceYes, it is ridiculous. Just as ridiculous as falling in love with anyone else that you met anywhere else. Love is time-consuming, exhausting, danger...

jarred1473-Feb 2016
Is It conceivable to fall deeply in love with

Is It conceivable to fall deeply in love withA man or woman that you know could possibly be a Scammer? This man writes me constantly. Even poetry. He sends flowers from the site he begs me to mar...

pinksdejavu1,05167Feb 2016Feb 2016
Failure To Love

Failure To Love?...The more the years go by, the more I find it hard to love. I've seemed to have misplace my ability to know and feel what it's like to BE inlove. The s...

Kim_Apple6539Feb 2016Feb 2016

Dating Criteria...So, you have certain things listed in your profile, like don't send me your personal email right away, and have a pic please, I do, and other criteria...

Calliopesgirl75524Feb 2016Feb 2016
Leap year baby

Leap year, baby!In 27 days you can go down on one knee to the man of your choice and beg him to make you the happiest woman in the world. So who you gonna pick? Wh...

Elegsabiff1,582111Feb 2016Feb 2016
Kristin Emery

Kristin EmeryWeekend metorologist at the KDKA-TV Weather Center in Pittsburgh; sent her a half-dozen tweets every Saturday morning with positive results....

bookworm5704950Feb 2016
When should you have sex with your new partner

When should you have sex with your new partnerWhat is a respectable waiting period before having sex with your new partner...

Abby19631,37171Feb 2016Feb 2016
where the partner

where the partner ?For a long time and I'm looking for a partner but did not find them...

alsanjuk5394Feb 2016Feb 2016
Internal feelings

Internal feelings........Sometime we love with someone but we can't understand the importance of her when we understand her importance she is not in our life.......

fardan512khan5743Feb 2016Feb 2016
how the other half lives

how the other half livesMy father had 3 sisters - one married very well, one married a successful but extremely Bohemian Jewish author (that was a bit shocking, back at the t...

Elegsabiff96046Jan 2016Feb 2016
Write to me

Write to me!Please write and tell me about yourself... anyone can participate that would be interested in me of course. Does this blog actually have reat visitors...

CanadianBCman5834Jan 2016Jan 2016

why promise forever?Why promise a person forever when you can't see past the present day!...

georgie396848Jan 2016Jan 2016
Happy Ending

Happy EndingLove to the moon and back, To infinity and beyond, Forever and ever love, Forever and a day and a day after love, Everlasting love, Soulmates.etc,etc....

Unknown3985Jan 2016Jan 2016
Saying nothing

Saying nothingIf you can't say something nice, say nothing at all. I grew up with that one. I grew up before the internet. If I had nothing to say, nice or not,...

Chromedome5696637Jan 2016Jan 2016
Confused in California

Confused in CaliforniaIs it true what they say about love ,that it knows no age ? How many years younger or older is acceptable ?...

Abby19631,50559Jan 2016Jan 2016

If you could only see...what love has made of me..This is inspired by Itchy, my friend and fellow blogger. Sometimes I think we get stuck by our expectations, but here she goes...trying to find the ri...

Calliopesgirl86319Jan 2016Jan 2016
what has become of us

what has become of usIgnorance is the nucleus of destruction. To be conscious of your ignorance is a great step twords knowledge. It really bothers me when people are unne...

canduce4685Jan 2016Jan 2016
No caring in loving

No caring in loving???Once upon a time when i knew how it felt to be wrapped up in love, i remember one of the nicest joys of it all was getting to care for the one i was w...

itchywitch95840Jan 2016Jan 2016
predators and prey

predators and preySheesh, caught me napping. I must look a fright. C’mon in, make yourselves at home, mi casa es su casa. Tell you a secret? I never saw an im...

Elegsabiff92530Jan 2016Jan 2016

Were is king?When will I find someone to truly love me the way a woman should be love all I get is pay hurt cheated on lord I cry day an night to find some special...

shandeen295498Jan 2016Jan 2016

Do ya wanna "hang out"?What does that mean exactly... I am too cheap to buy you coffee or dinner but maybe if we are at MY House then...maybe just maybe we could get lucky?...

Calliopesgirl1,14243Jan 2016Jan 2016
jarred11,641-Jan 2016
Some women are easily pleased

Some women are easily pleased.........oh plus liquorice, and oh, no, cant say that Love & peace xx...

wolfie88471,08025Jan 2016Jan 2016
Defining friendship

Defining friendshipWhat would I call those people on CS I would enjoy having a drink with if the chance came up, would go out of my way to meet, have talked to a great d...

Elegsabiff1,22770Jan 2016Jan 2016
The one that got away

The one that got awayI think most of us have one.... be it here or in the real world. I'm not talking about a love that you once had, but one that you may of had if on...

itchywitch1,65261Jan 2016Jan 2016

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