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IT HURT BEING LONELYI feel so lonely in my heart. the feeling is so rough there is no description of how and what the feeling is. A mean I once had this strong and a mea...

Nakesha4125Oct 2015Oct 2015

WHY THE HEART HURT SO BADI got to know you, but not very well I rush in loving you so much you can't tell I fight with you all the time for your love, saying your giving but...

Nakesha2703Oct 2015Oct 2015

Do you read a lot?If you do enjoy reading - Kindle or dead tree - you may be interested in beta-reading? Beta readers read a book before it is sent for publishing:...

Elegsabiff68425Oct 2015Oct 2015
When Should You Give Up Online Dating

When Should You Give Up Online Dating?Give Up and Settle. Find your Settling Soulmate Today!...

Willow39391,21933Oct 2015Oct 2015
teenameena2,49014Oct 2015Oct 2015
Liar Liar An appreciation blog

Liar, Liar (An appreciation blog)Ever seen the film where the shady character finds himself in a position whereby he cannot lie? Crap film in my opinion, but hey!, the point is, so...

Solamente58828Oct 2015Oct 2015
Master and Servant

Master and Servant?I know a bit about the BDSM world. I did some writing on a project about the fetish lifestyle and, consequently, ended up dated a woman who called her...

Gird_Yourself73814Oct 2015Oct 2015
Holding Out For The Right One part 1

Holding Out For The Right One (part 1)There's two fundamental issues here I see. loneliness and living unfulfilled. ( and feminisms propaganda backed by cia psyops) Men and women both ha...

Unknown4206Oct 2015Oct 2015
cont Holding Out For The Right One

cont-Holding Out For The Right One'Continued.' Finally sex and relationships have opened up to in a very open form of communication for thousands using webcams and yet many females...

Unknown3100Oct 2015

I miss Alec :sigh:Strictly speaking, I miss being in a LDR. All those texts and messages and chatting on skype and cramming an entire relationship into an hour or two a...

Elegsabiff1,28747Oct 2015Oct 2015

SHOUT SHOUT LET IT ALL OUT----ONLY POSITIVEThis blog is a mere observation of the sarcasm,hate speech,arrogance and utter disregard for the feeling of all concerned. BY NO MEANS IS THIS A REFL...

candykisses461,042-Oct 2015Oct 2015
For those lazy hass men

For those lazy hass menWhy are some of these men on connecting single keep sending me emails, and sending there number asking me to call them,please revoked form doing that....

Alinson7166Oct 2015Oct 2015
Does this thing called real true love still exis

Does this thing called 'real/true love' still exisMaybe some people, (oh, I'm not excused) are just unlucky? or maybe the right question is, should I/we/you believe it? if it does exists, did y...

kody1876811Oct 2015Oct 2015

Pick oneBe with someone who makes you happy You cannot hang out with negative people and expect to lead a positive life. It's better to walk a...

Elegsabiff71333Oct 2015Oct 2015
Weird Ways Couples Annoy Each Other

Weird Ways Couples Annoy Each OtherI had to delete a blog post tonight because of a misogynistic, Neanderthals’ comments. This is why we can’t have nice things, people. It has also...

Willow393981928Oct 2015Oct 2015
easy cool after all life ends one day

easy all life ends one day...A crush with life and death...... human beings are lost in the materialistic world despite knowing the fact that they are not immortal but their...

teenameena62912Oct 2015Oct 2015
24 Questions You Should Ask On A First Date

24 Questions You Should Ask On A First DateHave you ever said no when offered pizza? Do you take bites of other people's food without asking first? Do you hashtag when you text? Do you put empt...

Willow393959013Oct 2015Oct 2015

JUDGE AND ADJUDICATOR (PART 2 )There but for the grace of God go I. I remind myself each and every day when passing by a homeless person,a street urchin sitting in the blazing sun b...

candykisses46738-Oct 2015
What draws women to bad boys Hint Its not the c

What draws women to bad boys? Hint: It’s not the cResearchers have found that there may be some truth to the perception that women are attracted to “bad boys,” but maybe not for the reasons you might...

Halv05394Oct 2015Oct 2015
A blast from the Past Adjudicator Sentenced to

A blast from the Past. Adjudicator----Sentenced toOnly been able to have access to my profile after it was blocked by not myself but C.S ,I am being ripped to shreds by the bloggers for being the so c...

candykisses46996-Oct 2015Oct 2015
First Date Questions Men Really Want To Ask

First Date Questions Men Really Want To Ask"Listen, I like you, so I just got to know, I can continue being my nice self or I can be an a**hole, what are you into? Wow. You are beautiful. Are y...

Willow393975030Oct 2015Oct 2015
Trust and Love

Trust and Love...Trust is like a Mirror which can not be Fixed if Broken Thousand pieces... And Love Can never Be Brought but it comes from deep down the Heart. True L...

Kelvink263342Oct 2015Oct 2015
where are you my love

where are you my love?so...there is some commotion and emotion going on here eh .......but..believe me mind was thinking only of him......the new one ....i...

teenameena2365Oct 2015Oct 2015

Truth behind Internet datingTruth behind Internet dating...

jarred1298-Oct 2015

ObsessionNOUN (1) the state of being obsessed with someone or something: (2) an idea or thought that continually preoccupies or intrudes on a person's mi...

Elegsabiff91645Oct 2015Oct 2015
First Date Questions Women Really Want To Ask

First Date Questions Women Really Want To Ask"Are you emotionally stable?? So, really, when was the last time you sent a d!ck pic? And is your apartment creepy?"? Tomorrow I'll post First...

Willow393975713Oct 2015Oct 2015

life......... .......

teenameena8190Oct 2015

Does Your Dream Man/Woman Deserve You?We all know what we want in a man/woman. He/She has to be this and that...good looking, attractive, fit, funny, financially stable, honest, though...

Crazyheart382,16387Oct 2015Oct 2015
If People Were Honest On Their Dating Profiles

If People Were Honest On Their Dating ProfilesAs said by most guys on Tinder... "I swipe right on every girl."...

Willow393985415Oct 2015Oct 2015

A QUESTION FOR THE DAY.Should a woman in a relationship give a man sex every time he wants,whether she is in the mood or not?....

maxy201082940Oct 2015Oct 2015

SmokingDo you need to stop smoking to meet any of these lovely ladies?I've felt like a leper for some time, but all these ladies who NEVER smoke is very off-...

Barranco776727Oct 2015Oct 2015
Whats Secretly Sexy About Men

What's Secretly Sexy About Men?What's considered hot is a little more diverse than you think.... Okay, ladies, it's our turn, tell me what you find sexy about men....

Willow393989120Oct 2015Oct 2015
teenameena1,0099Oct 2015Oct 2015

How not to be single anymore: the final secret!!!what, Trapped again????!!!! as if there was ONE secret for that!!!!... come on!!!!...

antarkrishna72711Oct 2015Oct 2015

.................Technology, new operation modes turn Mumbai, Delhi into prostitution hot-spot....... ........T...

teenameena1,774-Oct 2015Oct 2015
Whats Secretly Sexy About Women

What's Secretly Sexy About Women?What's considered hot is a little more diverse than you think.... Tell me what you find sexy about women. Tomorrow I'll post What's Secretly Sexy...

Willow39391,36948Oct 2015Oct 2015
teenameena6206Oct 2015Oct 2015

IF YOU WERE HAPPILY MARRIED&DESPERATE FOR MONEY...Would you be prepared to spend the night with someone who offered you £50,000, and if your partner would not be made aware of the situation?...

CROWNAFFAIR1,45360Oct 2015Oct 2015
Everything You Always Wanted And Less

Everything You Always Wanted And Less.My search labeled “True,” when I use criteria that is honest with myself, has always come up with zero matches. ZERO. This startles me. It provides em...

aRrAe1,03017Oct 2015Oct 2015

talk about offputting ...There are always blogs about what should we be doing, saying, or NOT doing / saying, in our relentless hunt for lurve, but I can't remember if anyone...

Elegsabiff1,47533Oct 2015Oct 2015
Run Away

Run AwayWhy everybody run away from each others? We are human and we talk to each other by a language. When did we scare humankind? What happened to us? If yo...

Mr_Goat4975Oct 2015Oct 2015
Dating Now Vs The 90s

Dating: Now Vs The '90sWas dating in the 90’s more natural and easier than it is today? Or is dating easier now with all the technology of dating sites and apps? Which do yo...

Willow39391,49323Oct 2015Oct 2015
ru4eva: "Ten Things That Make Me 'Sick'"(meet us in the top 10 lists)

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