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teenameena2,835-Sep 2015Sep 2015
No one but Allah can her my voice

No one but Allah can her my voiceI AM a Syrian and i still her in Syria with my family .my seek mother and my wife and tow daughters ..i ask you good people in all the world to help...

diamond9871,75648Sep 2015Feb 2016

profile perfectThis ever happen to anyone else, you spot a profile and think ooh. Then you read the profile carefully. OOH. Not only ticks your boxes, but when you l...

Elegsabiff1,32618Sep 2015Sep 2015

ARE MEN MORE ROMANTIC THAN WOMEN?I think they are. They always buy flowers, perfume or chocolate. Men like to provide a good meal with music, wine and good conversation and are more s...

CROWNAFFAIR89834Sep 2015Oct 2015
Whats love got to do with it

What’s love got to do with it?The reasons why people enter into relationships or decide to get married are many and varied. In many cases “love” is not the initial primary factor,...

Solamente1,33973Sep 2015Sep 2015
WARNING Sex blog

WARNING !!!! Sex blogI blogged last night and was asked a strange question. Dirty was the word used in relation to bedroom. Can sex between a man and a woman who lov...

praison1,29232Sep 2015Sep 2015
Do you have friends on CS

Do you have friends on CS?I have friends I am happy to chat to on FB, gmail and Skype. Man, woman, young, old it not matter if just chat and share. But if you close to so...

praison1,06763Sep 2015Sep 2015

Ideal Man, Ideal Woman…or Settle for 2nd BestWhen I was younger, my Ideal Man was tall, dark ( Tan or Brown skinned) nice body and handsome. He has to be not more than 3 years older, clever,...

Crazyheart382,96688Sep 2015Sep 2015
My Boyfriend Is A Liar And A Cheater

My Boyfriend Is A Liar And A CheaterDid I mention he's also arrogant and heartless. We're finally done and it doesn't feel better yet but in time, I'm sure it will. I made the mista...

verylisa79911Sep 2015Oct 2015
Whispering in your inbox

Whispering in your inboxI have always felt that those that blog here on CS are a community within a community and like all communities there will always be people we warm too...

Solamente66715Sep 2015Sep 2015

Essential advice for menI was struck by the truth of this. Plus I loved the film. So hopefully it will make you laugh too. I promised myself, no more blogs for a while. P...

Elegsabiff1,27224Sep 2015Sep 2015

VISA HAS BEEN APPROVED!!I arrived an hour early and the nice security lady told me to come back at 12.20. I waited behind the embassy complex and had interesting conversation...

Unknown67710Sep 2015Sep 2015
Love Connection Dream Marriage

Love, Connection, Dream, Marriage.I saw a marriage in my dream. It was my ex’s. I used to tell him when I dreamed about him, but now that we are not together anymore I just kept it for...

sarasvathy5889Sep 2015Sep 2015
Chasing Shadows

Chasing ShadowsDo you ever get times when you feel sentimental and reflect on past relationships? Do the good times you had together run through your mind like a...

Solamente1,36581Sep 2015Sep 2015

Kissing frogsWhy, WHY, go looking for more frogs to kiss when you already met someone? Don’t we join singles website to meet someone special, to buy a ticket in th...

Elegsabiff3,157142Sep 2015Sep 2015

Do as you would be done byIf you want honesty, give honesty If you want respect, give respect If you want kindness, be kind If you want true friends, be a true frie...

Elegsabiff61921Sep 2015Sep 2015
True nd Honest

True nd HonestHi to all my Blogger Family. I was thinking on that how can a man nd a woman come to the conculsion that the man or a woman are true nd honest in the...

timotie97320Sep 2015Sep 2015

DeathIn the last 6 months, there were 4 death of friends. One was murdered, one killed herself, one was sick, and the last one had a motorbike accident....

sarasvathy73915Sep 2015Sep 2015
Do you think

Do you think..?Do you think it is possible for me to find my soulmate here?...

claudya63011Sep 2015Nov 2015
finding someone simular

finding someone simularFinding that one special woman...

scottyfischer3191Sep 2015Sep 2015
Physical Appearance

Physical AppearanceI am not being bitchy or anything but just curious. I am just baffled. As someone who doesn't look like the typical Filipina (brown skinned and slim),...

stormylady817248Sep 2015Sep 2015

Celibacy...Fighting TemptationFirst off, I’m not talking about celibacy for religious reasons here but rather celibacy that strengthens fidelity, loyalty, respect and trust in a r...

Crazyheart381,21280Sep 2015Sep 2015

LOVEOne does not Love if One does not accept from Others.........

Kelvink262740Sep 2015
Face to face

Face to faceAsk anyone for advice in solving a personal problem, dumping a relationship or just ironing out a few gripes and the answer you’ll get is... Talk to t...

Solamente1,05878Sep 2015Sep 2015
Im away for a dirty weekend

Im away for a dirty weekendEnjoy the blogs back monday so take care you good folks...

mjpd6740113Sep 2015Sep 2015

It's really overSo I was sitting in a Scottish pub garden last weekend, basking in the fierce Scottish sun as dogs collapsed panting and eggs fried on the sidewalk. I...

Elegsabiff54836Sep 2015Sep 2015

Reasons not to get marriedHere's a couple, not young (knocking 60) in a really good relationship. One was very happily married, then widowed, and believes marriage is important...

Elegsabiff1,05367Sep 2015Sep 2015
Human Rays

Human Raysis it reality that there is rays in human body. the woman rays attract the man and man rays attract the women....

atifshz1,02520Sep 2015Sep 2015

LoveA kiss can be a comma, a question mark, or an exclamation point. That's the basic spelling that Every Woman ought to Know.........

Kelvink263031Sep 2015Sep 2015
Secrete of Long and happy Relation

Secrete of Long and happy Relationhow can we impress our beloved especially of gf or wivies. when she mistake ignore it. and give her suprise gifts. and when ever you expext that you w...

atifshz3945Sep 2015Sep 2015
teenameena2776Sep 2015Sep 2015
Do men age better than women

Do men age better than women ?I have my own views on this but would love to hear your thoughts ,...

mjpd671,70350Sep 2015Sep 2015
For u my next boyfriend future

For u my next boyfriend futureI never tried to be someone else so that people care about, want to stay on my side. As long as I know, that all this time I never treat...

Unknown4986Sep 2015Sep 2015

Break-up in Relationship and DivorceWomen are more likely than men to initiate divorces, but women and men are just as likely to end non-marital relationships, according to a new study....

socrates4457818Sep 2015Sep 2015
Being rich is not about how much you have but how

Being rich is not about how much you have but howHi everybody...i have good mood for writting now.. Hope you not boring... Few days im watching short movie so inspiration,tittle "GIFT" production...

Unknown8793Sep 2015Sep 2015

You’re My Best FriendYou’re My Best Friend [url=

jarred12,021-Sep 2015

Life"A smile cannont be brought, begged or borrowed or stolen, for it is of no value to anyone Until given Away. Some people are too tired to give you a S...

Kelvink263445Sep 2015Sep 2015
He said

He said"She was in a very fragile state when she came, and she needed someone. I was there and I did not know how, I just got closer to her. I was drawn to h...

sarasvathy57218Sep 2015Sep 2015

Normal peopleDo normal people exist? First you have to define normal. Take yourself. Are you normal? YAY! Find someone like yourself. YAY! If they really...

Elegsabiff1,19517Sep 2015Sep 2015
What a drag

What a drag!I sometimes wonder whether all the effort we exert in trying to get a relationship off the ground is worth the effort. The lengths we go to, to pre...

Solamente67839Sep 2015Sep 2015

BetrayalIf your partner cheated on you, would you want to know when they met and how they became closer or you just don't give a shit. Sometimes I wonder w...

sarasvathy59515Sep 2015Sep 2015
Lonely is Killing Me

Lonely is Killing Me!!Lonely is Killing me can l lets it kill me like dis.? If a Bird of one wing can fly l'll let lonely kills me, if not l'll survive this lonely No matte...

Kelvink263112Sep 2015Sep 2015
abcWOMAN: "Evening sun"(meet us in the puzzles)

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