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The Ex Factor

The Ex FactorWhat do you say about your ex when you meet someone, and the conversation gets round to that? Bearing in mind what you say often says more about y...

Elegsabiff79942Aug 2015Aug 2015
What is wrong with this

What is wrong with this?I had a frequent visitor to my profile. I once sent a greeting message,but he claimed he likes single girl. I immediately dropped him, never visited...

peonyjenny93145Aug 2015Aug 2015
Dear Jane letter

Dear Jane letterBeen dating this modelesque woman for a short while (certainly too good looking for the likes of me) and although she has a body like the statue of Ve...

Solamente2,41991Aug 2015Aug 2015

SEXI read an article about a woman who has not had sex for 18 years. My question is,how long can a man/woman go without sex?....

maxy20101,71776Aug 2015Sep 2015
A supplementary element

A supplementary element?“Dont ask what I can do for you, tell me what you can do for me.” This was a statement I made at a job interview several years ago, it took the interv...

Solamente44521Aug 2015Aug 2015
would you could you change

would you, could you, change?So, worked with a guy 20 years ago who looks like Sean Connery, stayed on friendly terms ever since, phone calls, occasional emails, even visits, I li...

Elegsabiff1,22868Aug 2015Aug 2015
Are you waiting for me or looking for me

Are you waiting for me, or looking for me?I have been listening to some songs I have always liked this afternoon. It was a love song. So I think of this topic, my love, in somewhere are you wa...

peonyjenny79525Aug 2015Aug 2015
Extracted from manjhi mOuntain man

Extracted from manjhi ' mOuntain man'I sits in the shadow of tree watching the beauty in front of eyes,I zoom the blonde hairs the eye lids nd thread all look perfect,I goes deep to the r...

shubhrank4280Aug 2015

Even if I had a "real Date", it's been so long thaI doubt that I would even know what to say or do. So easy when you are in your twenties. Not that anyone is pounding down my door but I still would be...

Calliopesgirl59022Aug 2015Aug 2015
Matchmakers Anonymous

Matchmakers AnonymousMy name is Elegsabiff, and I am a matchmaker. I talk to a woman in Gotham City, she seems nice, I suggest a man in Metropolis. They are both horrified...

Elegsabiff2,58684Aug 2015Aug 2015
How would you rate your lover in bed

How would you rate your lover in bed ?Would you give them marks out of 10 for performance stamina or comfort or what deserves your highest mark ?...

mjpd6787750Aug 2015Aug 2015
What you havent had you dont miss

What you haven't had you don't miss.......and there is the problem. I dislike the term..Soulmate..because so many Soulmates have split up. So I don't know what you would call a relations...

Ian15852327Aug 2015Aug 2015
My Kind Of Date

My Kind Of DateWhen was the last time you went out for a date and really enjoyed it? I joined another dating site a week ago and meet a nice 47 years old man. W...

Crazyheart383,985211Aug 2015May 2016
How come

How come?When you are looking for someone, no one looks at your profile or sends a flower, few answer the mails you send and the very small percentage of those...

Solamente72136Aug 2015Aug 2015
can people rate my porfile please

can people rate my porfile please ?Hello bloggers, i'm getting a little stressed out with this site as there is only scammers and older guys emailing me. im looking to date someone my o...

Unknown5299Aug 2015Aug 2015
Only scammers ignore profile info

Only scammers ignore profile infoMy profile is so dirrect. I won't relocate. I won't give money out. Now any person reading this would not bother If they not within a certain abo...

lanceblake5506Aug 2015Aug 2015
Are there any real people out there

Are there any real people out there.......Hi, are there any real or genuine men out there????? I have been on this site a few months now and have had everything from being ignored to undying...

PrincessPasha50953514Aug 2015Aug 2015

WHY MEN ARE SELDOM DEPRESSEDYour last name stays put. The garage is all yours. Wedding plans take care of themselves. Chocolate is just another snack... You can never be preg...

Elegsabiff89950Aug 2015Aug 2015

Watch outDo not give your real name or email......

WarmHeart75149Aug 2015Aug 2015
Great expectations

Great expectationsAsk not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country ... That's quite an oldfashioned sentiment, these days. Never mind...

Elegsabiff77830Aug 2015Sep 2015
i lost him but i want him back in my arms

i lost him... but i want him back in my arms!!!This passed days I realized how to stupid i am to let go the person who taught me alot of things. That not only me have a problem in this world. He ta...

bella233472240Aug 2015Aug 2015

heyWhat the f*ck ever happened to people beening Honest and NOT Lieing......

stanley538592427Aug 2015Oct 2015
Crossing the line

Crossing the lineI know there’s sometimes good reason to check out photos, or IP addresses, and scammers get exposed that way and it’s a GOOD thing. Not quite so m...

Elegsabiff90934Aug 2015Aug 2015
What happened to romance in dating

What happened to romance in dating?I recently say this question on another dating site's forum for dating over 45 years old. Some of this applies to you young'uns, but some doesn't. FYI...

Branes79431Aug 2015Aug 2015
well THATs a relief

well THAT's a reliefMadonna is 55. Her boyfriend is 22. Tina Turner is 75, her boyfriend is 40. JLO is 42, her boyfriend is 26. Mariah Carey is 44, her husban...

Elegsabiff2,47562Aug 2015Aug 2015
disabled and dating

disabled and dating.Now this isn't a "Oh poor me" pity party kinda thing; I simply want advice. I'm 20 and live in Muskegon Michigan. I'm disabled; I've got what's call...

Disabledgirl199479030Aug 2015Aug 2015

what do people in cs think of this.i befriended a lady 3 years ago that turned out to be a grt friend of mine nothing s*xual just plutonic discussing anything in life to problems in rel...

moc123462222Aug 2015Aug 2015
Lying about age

Lying about age.From memory, I can’t recall ever being in contact with someone on CS that didn’t lie about his or her age. Although I now state my correct age, for...

Solamente2,438154Aug 2015Aug 2015

RELATIONSHIPhhmm... I call my lover "night-man" because he is mine in the night and he belongs to his work in the day...except on week end if he is not traveli...

Twinkle4265817Aug 2015Aug 2015
Open minded

Open minded.I recently got an email from guy describing himself as open minded person and willing to try new things.To him "trying new things and being open minde...

maxy201059415Aug 2015Aug 2015
Falling For Someone Ask Yourself These Questions

Falling For Someone? Ask Yourself These QuestionsThere’s nothing like the rush of a new relationship. The butterflies. The lost sleep. The giddiness. The unknown. It’s easy to lose ourselves in it...

Unknown90525Aug 2015Aug 2015
jarred12,496-Aug 2015
Engagement Ring Wedding Ring and Gifts

Engagement Ring, Wedding Ring and Gifts.What do you do with them after a divorce or break up? I went through my messy closet over the weekend and found some gifts from my ex-hubby that re...

Crazyheart3869439Aug 2015Aug 2015

What happened 2 ur network?What happened 2 ur network? I tried 2 call u but the operator said “Welcome 2 the jungle, the monkey u r trying to call is on the tree….Plz try late...

jarred1158-Aug 2015
Somewhere In Time

Somewhere In TimeWoke up with this song in my head... Hopefully this new week will bring me some sweet promises that I've been year...

Dreamcatcher99536-Aug 2015
jarred12,283-Aug 2015
The Tells

The TellsI’ve noticed an odd thing, when I’m looking at profiles. I instantly like, or dislike, people who remind me of other people I have known. We’ve talked...

Elegsabiff1,14817Aug 2015Aug 2015
ladies Ladies

ladies LadiesLadies are there any chubby chasers out there? I promise I won't run...

boomboom20154707Aug 2015Aug 2015
I am in love with you

I am in love with youIf not for you, I wouldn’t know What true love really meant. I’d never feel this inner peace; I couldn’t be content. If not for you, I’d never h...

itsmejackie348-Aug 2015
Absolute no nos forbidden fruit

Absolute no-no's / forbidden fruitWe know the obvious ones: don't date your boss or your assistant. Dipping your pen in company ink is never going to end well. (Apparently after th...

Elegsabiff1,53941Aug 2015Aug 2015
I did cant wont but I DO

I did, can't won't but I DONot that i'v an option ... but as i'm getting older marriage again becomes less important to me, what matters to me more is finding someone to love a...

itchywitch1,13480Aug 2015Aug 2015
The girls side of getting ready

The girl's side of getting readyGetting ready for that first meeting, half-mocking yourself, half-hoping. He looks nice, he makes you laugh, if nothing else it will be fun. Nerve-wr...

Elegsabiff1,77564Aug 2015Aug 2015
EyeLook4U: "No Man Is An Island"(meet us in the poems)

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