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Compulsory Blogging

Compulsory Blogging.This is my first blog - so please be gentle with me! While perusing posts on the blogs, I have noticed how member's personalities become exposed o...

Pieceacake3,624217Sep 2015Sep 2015
s*xual Partners

s*xual PartnersDoes the number of s*xual partners a person has had change your perception of that person? For example... A low number of s*xual partners could be...

Solamente1,384102Sep 2015Sep 2015
immigrant love

immigrant loveWhat do u think about a women ( immigrant ) , and she love someone , and she have do anything for that guy, guy love her to , cos her boyfriend want m...

xinchen6566Sep 2015Sep 2015
Are you crazy

Are you crazy? )))))))Are you ready to do crazy things for your love? What can you do to make her happy? Can you tell me about the most craziest thing you did for her?...

PrimaveraSpring66016Sep 2015Nov 2016
teenameena560-Sep 2015

This is how we never metThis is how we never met...

jarred1192-Sep 2015

Have you got courage to let your love ones go?Have you got courage to let your love ones go?...

jarred1247-Sep 2015
teenameena44020Sep 2015Sep 2015
How can my blogs got remove immediately

How can my blogs got remove immediately ???Do you know why my blogs got remove it right away ???...

itsmejackie6725Sep 2015Sep 2015
Do not want talk about Scammers

Do not want talk about Scammers ??It`s so ashamed to see if your guys don`t like to know about SCAMMERS !! Most of them are here .... in this site. They are between us here .... that`s...

itsmejackie2,0083Sep 2015Sep 2015

IMPORTANT !!!Please check this link out : What do you think ??...

itsmejackie4494Sep 2015Sep 2015
Which one is Scammers and not

Which one is Scammers and not ???can you find out this situation ? Anybody here has to deal with this situation ? I only know about US Military Scammers ..... I was catch them a lo...

itsmejackie4911Sep 2015Sep 2015
Report your Scammer

Report your ScammerGuys, You can report your scammers here : Also, to find out if he / she`s a scammer or not .... you can check on t...

itsmejackie4270Sep 2015

What Men and Women Want…Changes As They Grow OlderThis is solely based on my observations. I would welcome any opinion that could clarify and contribute more meaning to my following statements::wink...

Crazyheart381,918123Sep 2015Sep 2015
Where my soulmate

Where my soulmate?Hi Candy im newbie in this dating site.Im started join to dating member around few years ago,why?im never meet in the real?too shy?yeah...

Unknown4377Sep 2015Sep 2015
Am confused

Am confusedIs that a new way of saying "I'm"? I'm not native and I really want to know whether "Am" is the new "I'm". It tickles me when a guy writes "Am",...

sarasvathy74610Sep 2015Sep 2015
Do camera chat to know if you they are real or not

Do camera chat to know if you they are real or notGuys, To catch those scammers, you can tell them to do camera .... face to face with them. If they do not want, then you need to tell him / her " g...

itsmejackie5409Sep 2015Sep 2015
White guys scammed

" White guys " scammed ???Normally, I got scammed by " black guys ". But now, I got from " White guys ". LOL .... I can not believe it. Crazy thing is ..... this " white gu...

itsmejackie5743Sep 2015Sep 2015
Are you a Kisser

Are you a Kisser?Do you like to melt into the arms of your lover in long passionate kisses, or are you content with those simple pecks on the lips? Do the surround...

Solamente1,24451Sep 2015Sep 2015

Life is Great or just a dream..Cant always do and get what I want but all in all, LIFE IS GREAT. A VERY special friend of mine calls me her Niki man... Sooooo...

Lukeon47118Sep 2015Sep 2015

Whadda we want?I worked it out this morning as I lay in bed, loving the fact I didn't have to get up (working full-time SUCKS), and day-dreaming. Whadda we want?...

Elegsabiff1,46128Sep 2015Sep 2015
Right Partner

Right Partner....Men typically want a relationship that.. ..allows autonomy, while women look for... ......

teenameena40926Sep 2015Sep 2015
Its time for taking care of health

It's time for taking care of health/I begin to realize if a woman find a guy who is not so good. It is way better to stay sinlge than to be with a low quality guy. And life is so fragile...

peonyjenny56911Sep 2015Sep 2015

Sola?Interesting blog spotted on another website. This woman says she lured a man in with coffee, and she has him trussed up like a turkey for the benefit...

Elegsabiff1,80946Sep 2015Sep 2015

Attached the wrong file :doh:A friend asked to see a pic of a bloke I was seeing. I had a good pic embedded in a very steamy love letter. I saved a copy, deleted the steamy text -...

Elegsabiff1,38711Sep 2015Sep 2015
4 Signs Youve Found Your Twin Flame

4 Signs You’ve Found Your Twin FlameI thought I'd borrow this to see what your thoughts are: article from: Your twin flame is sort of like...

Newheartstart84313Sep 2015Sep 2015
Another short

Another shortThis one was written in Indonesian language, I am translating it now. Feel free to give opinion or see the grammar mistake, I need it :) Mike...

sarasvathy59321Sep 2015Sep 2015
Military Scammers

Military ScammersBe careful with everybody who is telling you if he / she work as US Military and stationed in anywhere. You can check all of scammers info on face...

itsmejackie1,1554Sep 2015Sep 2015

Love Is A DecisionLove is not based on a feeling only There must also be a clear decision Passionate feelings may die off early Showing it was just infatuation On...

socrates4457022Sep 2015Sep 2015

An AFFAIR...When does Affair begin? I listen to your ideas.

Benedikta77716Sep 2015Sep 2015
mjpd6754712Sep 2015Sep 2015

Wish listFinally put together my wishlist - 14 items Before you shout, there's nothing on there which I don't offer in return, or something of equal value...

Elegsabiff1,89961Aug 2015Sep 2015
Invited in for coffee

Invited in for coffeeYou’ve been on several dates together and become friends, you like the person and get on well, however, the day arrives when you get invited in for co...

Solamente60731Aug 2015Sep 2015
Life Partner

Life Partner.....Nothing is perfect or else everything would move in peace loving harmony. If everything was perfect we wouldn't have to compete with one another. .......

teenameena45322Aug 2015Aug 2015
the opening

the openingI am writing a story, I still don't know whether it will be a short story, novelet, novel. It's only the opening. I'd like to share with you all, as I...

sarasvathy70230Aug 2015Aug 2015
What side of the bed

What side of the bed?Do you have a side of the bed you prefer when sleeping with someone? I am ambidextrous, so for me it doesnt matter what side of the bed I am on, I...

Solamente91854Aug 2015Aug 2015

Yuck.Men, please tell me what has put you off a woman instantly and forever, very early on. I want to put a bloke off. Women, if you know of something...

Elegsabiff1,84295Aug 2015Aug 2015
CS Manuel For Male Beginners

CS Manuel For Male BeginnersHello Guys. As you enter this site, you have to becareful before meeting ladies here. I will transfer all my experience to you before you fall in to i...

COGreece3,53348Aug 2015Oct 2015

The Ex FactorWhat do you say about your ex when you meet someone, and the conversation gets round to that? Bearing in mind what you say often says more about y...

Elegsabiff80942Aug 2015Aug 2015
What is wrong with this

What is wrong with this?I had a frequent visitor to my profile. I once sent a greeting message,but he claimed he likes single girl. I immediately dropped him, never visited...

peonyjenny95745Aug 2015Aug 2015
Dear Jane letter

Dear Jane letterBeen dating this modelesque woman for a short while (certainly too good looking for the likes of me) and although she has a body like the statue of Ve...

Solamente2,44591Aug 2015Aug 2015

SEXI read an article about a woman who has not had sex for 18 years. My question is,how long can a man/woman go without sex?....

maxy20101,73076Aug 2015Sep 2015
Supina: "Do we match?"(meet us in the quizzes)

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