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Japanese attitude to work

Japanese attitude to work.If a member of staff can do it. I can do it. If no-one can do it I must do it. I remember reading a story of a Japanese company owner who upon ente...

weesally38514Jun 2015Jun 2015
Japanese attitude to work

Japanese attitude to work.If a member of staff can do it. I can do it. If no-one can do it I must do it. I remember reading a story of a Japanese company owner who upon ente...

weesally2080Jun 2015
Love is often unequal

Love is often unequal.Love is often unequal. Many people I’ve talked to have expressed hesitation over getting involved with someone, because that person “likes them too...

Unknown6442Jun 2015Jun 2015
The trick is to know exactly what you want

The trick is to know exactly what you want.Do you? I realized the other day that I don't. I just want someone to offer me interesting options and wait anxiously for my careful consideration...

VivianLee72251Jun 2015Jun 2015
How to detach from a 3 year relationship

How to detach from a 3 year relationshipHi All Most of the woman out there can relate to loosing a loved one, or I should say breaking up after many years with the same man. I recently b...

NJGirl6486Jun 2015Jun 2015
Saying it like how my mother taught me

Saying it like how my mother taught meOkay we all know scammers are careful to include just enough errors to annoy anyone critical because they don't want critical, thank you. They want th...

VivianLee2624Jun 2015Jun 2015
is it wrong

is it wrongIs it wrong for a man to want someone build a life with, starting from scratch....

Joseph6541213Jun 2015Jun 2015
About Time

About TimeI don't get it: When I put an ad like this one on this site no one is interested but some ladies from overseas have been"checking me out" like a book...

cavalier5603113Jun 2015Jun 2015
For those who dont love loudly

For those who don't love loudlyWe love just as deeply and powerfully and passionately when we love. I promise you, we do. Sometimes it’s a love you’ll find in quiet glances and al...

Unknown3932Jun 2015Jun 2015
Lap Dance

Lap DanceThe last time I did one was on the father of my kids during our honeymoon in Bali some 19 years ago! I was 23 and full of flexibility then. I th...

Dreamcatcher991,26934Jun 2015Jun 2015
Seems I need some help guys

Seems I need some help guysWhat am I doing wrong? Enjoy and add....

weesally53927Jun 2015Jun 2015
It is better to have loved and lost than never had

It is better to have loved and lost than never hadIt is better to have loved and lost than never had loved at all. I don’t know about this. I have known people who early in their adulthood have...

Unknown4186Jun 2015Jun 2015
You dont choose who you fall in love with

You don't choose who you fall in love with“You don’t choose who you fall in love with.” This is a little more difficult. Why exactly do we love the people we love? Moreover, do we not have...

Unknown2751Jun 2015Jun 2015
whats the purpose of this site

what's the purpose of this siteIs this site suppose to be where single,lonely people suppose to meet each other,fall inlove or be friends.I doubt this its a mind playing game here...

Unknown66135Jun 2015Jun 2015
First Kiss

First KissFirst Kiss

jarred1309-Jun 2015
It does what is says on the tin

It does what is says on the tin.I watch a lot of UK tv which I download and unfortunately it is still hit with adverts. This is a line from one such. Seems on CS though (an intern...

weesally40619Jun 2015Jun 2015

Hey!I just spent 3 hours tidying up a translation of a trade manual done by an Indian agency from German into English and that's a little too exciting. No...

VivianLee81439Jun 2015Jun 2015
I need ask this very personal question

I need ask this very personal question.It is only for my own enlightenment and mabe I am being a bit obtuse it being very late. Maybe some kind person can enlighten me. Why...

weesally56940Jun 2015Jun 2015
Young Asian Women with Older White Men

Young Asian Women with Older White Men...There are many advantages for both young Asian woman and an older White man in an interracial relationship. Is it really worth it?...

Crazyheart388,458246Jun 2015Apr 2016
Mexican American women

Mexican-American womenLately, I have been interested in and prefer to date Mexican-American women. It's not about the race or anything, I just find them very pretty and at...

MBT774779Jun 2015Jun 2015
Dont get mad Get even

Dont get mad... Get evenI am quite sure a lot of us have heard this phrase before, however, after reading one of the current blogs I am inspired to suggest it is true to say...

Solamente1,02119Jun 2015Jun 2015
Asian Women

Asian WomenWhat is it about them and their culture, that makes them so alluring....

Joseph6568641Jun 2015Jan 2017
Just found a pair of his socks and a shirt

Just found a pair of his socks and a shirtThere's a saying that you always leave something in a place if you want to return. So much for that saying. So what do I do with them? Post them o...

MotherGrundy31120Jun 2015Jun 2015
The one

The oneHow do you know that someone is the one? Is it the butterfly in your stomach every time you meet him? Or the smile remembering the good times share...

sarasvathy53115Jun 2015Jun 2015

GIVING ALL, ENDING UP WITH NOTHINGHow many of you, gave everything to your partner, just to end up with NOTHING?...

Joseph6580330Jun 2015Jun 2015

CrackerdogThe thing about affairs, you ignore all the things that aren’t quite right because you’re having such fun, and eventually they won’t be ignored any mo...

VivianLee82224Jun 2015Jun 2015
Do you read profile

Do you read profile?I am curious and read profile of folk than answer on my blogs. Way more curious about folk that message me. I love blogs and the comments. I...

weesally43430Jun 2015Jun 2015
What Now

What Now?He was 45 when they married. At 29, she was 16 years younger. He’s not my best friend but we were friends enough for me to be invited to their wedding...

Catfoot1,27467May 2015Jun 2015
Relationship You will never find anyone like me

Relationship: You will never find anyone like meBy Ehi Daniel Ekhator Relationship is dependably sweet as nectar when it begins, before pride pushes in. I have become aware of "compatibility" as...

daniel12067273May 2015May 2015
Why are you still in that relationship

Why are you still in that relationship?It’s time to ask yourself some hard questions, time for you to be real and objective, time for you to answer why do you stay? 1. If you remove sex...

daniel12063325May 2015Jun 2015
This is not a racist blog

This is not a racist blogBut I am curious for others opinion. Because of where I work I get many Muslim men emailing me. 1st I check their profile ((seems most want kids...

weesally52021May 2015May 2015
Torn between two lovers

Torn between two loversSince joining this site i have learnt the golden rule in a relationship is one CANNOT cheat or heaven forbid your kicked to the curb like a peice of d...

itchywitch1,534-May 2015Jun 2015
Moody Smokers

Moody SmokersI have a few smoking friends and they always come across as moodier than my non smoking friends. When they've had a smoke they cheer up but if you ca...

RainComeShine43321May 2015May 2015

LoveTo all you beautiful ladies. I will appreciate it very much for a girl to come into my life.please.I'm feeling lonely .why I'm not getting rescue?am I...

Troy19743552May 2015May 2015
Florida Wemen

Florida WemenI am for a great number of people when I say this..I am the Type of man that will seek out Honesty Loyalty and Intelligence in any person....I have to...

COWBOYDEE48510May 2015May 2015
Im so shallow

I'm so shallowWhat the hell is love, anyway? I spent the best part of a year feeling more and more affectionate towards a guy and he was more and more affectionate...

VivianLee72639May 2015May 2016
Love whats is all about

Love..whats is all aboutOk so the word love covers a broad range of things, how you love your kids, mum family and your partner. its been said before but when it comes to...

Ian15835412May 2015May 2015
Frustration I Want To Kill Myself

Frustration: I Want To Kill MyselfBy Ehi Ekhator If you die today, what dreams, what ideas, what gifts, what talents, what voice, what stories will die with you? See, a lot of pe...

daniel12067455May 2015Jun 2015

Lonelywhy no one is giving me a chance to be in their lives? am I getting scorned Just curious...

Troy19743353May 2015May 2015
A gorgeous TV meteorologist

A gorgeous TV meteorologist!Attempting to establish a friendship with Kristin Emery,a gorgeous chick who does weather forecasting for KDKA-TV Channel 2 in Pittsburgh, PA!...

cavalier5603717May 2015May 2015
Which is easier to find a great job or a great lo

Which is easier to find? a great job or a great loFinding a great job, one that will interest you, grow over the years, keep you enthralled, how hard is that? No harder than meeting a perfect partner....

VivianLee29410May 2015May 2015
Las pequeas cosas

Las pequeñas cosasThe little things. -Her soul is written in her beautiful hazel eyes!- "The soul that admires and dare not to reveal it, with reason, is concealed s...

Huitzilopochtli5361May 2015May 2015

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