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Women and Wimps

Women and WimpsIs it true that most women want a guy who knows exactly how they feel at any given moment, the sensitive type yet sufficiently manly to make a woman f...

Solamente1,16422Jul 2015Jul 2015
Men that are to nice

Men that are to nice........overley expressive with their they have something to hide ?...

Ian15858622Jul 2015Jul 2015
Con men

Con menGirls I hope u read this and take heed, a gentleman on this site going by the user name getitcyber,he is a fraud and has a wife and three kids in Kerr...

squiggly71014Jul 2015Jul 2015
Hazard a guess

Hazard a guessWhat do reckon is the percentage ratio of... The number of men that contact women Verses The number of women that contact men...

Solamente7845Jul 2015Jul 2015
Hot day

Hot dayToday day is sunny and very hot......

Amarsrcc3153Jul 2015Jul 2015
jarred1204-Jun 2015

MY FIRST LOVEI was in love with my classmate . when I was in 12th standard.. She was my first love .. Now I am missing her very much.....

Amarsrcc3354Jun 2015Jul 2015
cant say who to trust in these time

cant say who to trust in these time.Could someone tell me if this is a scam-er or what...i just meet a guy online..he send me a mail saying hello beautiful can i have your number so i ca...

Alinson58319Jun 2015Jul 2015
Ciao for now

Ciao for nowThis isn't a bowing-out blog because I really just want to change my name - the one and only thing CS does not allow us to change. Age, country of ori...

VivianLee52320Jun 2015Jun 2015
jarred12,251-Jun 2015
Meet and meet and actually be together

"Meet" and meet and actually be togetherDo you know any friends here, who meet someone here, then actually meet in person and be together? Just want to know whether this dating site reall...

sarasvathy68012Jun 2015Jul 2015
Sure Signs of a Healthy Relationship

Sure Signs of a Healthy RelationshipI was just reading this in the latest issue of Psychology Today. It followed the story, "Adjustment Bureau" by Theresa E. DiDonato, Ph.D. Since we...

Johnny_Sparton98525Jun 2015Jun 2015

wondering ..How long you've been here ? Connecting singles .. Is there any woman and man same range as my age ? Noticed here age almost above me Didn't see m...

carlo24807Jun 2015Jul 2015

wantedWanted soul mate ! Craving for true love from any Jack in any isle...

carlo22999Jun 2015Jul 2015

FriendshipI am member of Cs since April 2015. But I am unable to Make any friend here.. I do not know what they want in Cs . what I should .???.. Please g...

Amarsrcc75231Jun 2015Jun 2015

FriendshipI am member of Cs since April 2015. But I am unable to Make any friend here.. I do not know what they want in Cs . what I should .???.. Please g...

Amarsrcc3164Jun 2015Jun 2015

FriendshipI am member of Cs since April 2015. But I am unable to Make any friend here.. I do not know what they want in Cs . what I should .???.. Please g...

Amarsrcc2540Jun 2015
For The Buster 04292015 05122015

For The Buster 04292015-05122015A messages from MARS: Yes, I did meet this good-looking man from the virtual land since 01252015. It was calling of an angel from heaven’s above t...

Unknown60714Jun 2015Jun 2015
Double standards

Double standardsIf I slept with many men, people would call me a slut. But when a man sleeps with many women, people call him a real man. How come? Here's one...

VivianLee61235Jun 2015Jun 2015
Some one on here asked me

Some one on here asked me......why do you date asians, why not your own kind. Well being based in Bahrain there was not much option for western women there, but many other opt...

Ian1581,11866Jun 2015Jun 2015
sex long ago

sex long agohave you ever had great sex where you have, many years down the line, often thought about it, thought what it would be like again with that person and...

Ian15876619Jun 2015Jun 2015
Are You Kinky

Are You Kinky?I’m always amazed at how transparent some people can be about their bedroom exploits; and the openness of it here on the blogs does not seize to surpr...

Catfoot1,70092Jun 2015Jun 2015
It was not puppy love

It was not puppy love.Some people only love once. I’m such a person. The only man I ever loved got married when I was fourteen. I thought my world ended. In a way it did. M...

BeaPatient76224Jun 2015Mar 9
What I have a soft side

What? I have a soft side!It's hard when you miss people. But you know, if you miss them, it means you were lucky. It means you had someone special in your life, someone worth...

VivianLee50828Jun 2015Jun 2015
Divorce insurance

Divorce insuranceYou never know the man you are with until you split up, and neither do men know what they have on their hands until the dishes start flying. Relations...

MotherGrundy5189Jun 2015Jun 2015
To stop your losses in time

To stop your losses in time!I feel on line dating is something ,which adds one more chance to know people. I will not fall in love before I meet anyone on line in real life. I th...

peonyjenny44218Jun 2015Jun 2015
Crazyheart3864412Jun 2015Jun 2015
The guy stopped talking to me after saw pic video

The guy stopped talking to me after saw pic/videoI had read a good article, it might happen both of guys or girls and just want to share :)

jjita8296Jun 2015Jun 2015
Why Knowing Good English Is Important

Why Knowing Good English Is ImportantGot this from a Swedish guy.... I've always have a soft spot for them, blond, blue-eyes and all that but now............

Dreamcatcher991,06314Jun 2015Jun 2015

AwWe're all looking for someone. How long do we want it to last? For me, all the way, babe. All the way. Getting better and better.

VivianLee3579Jun 2015Jun 2015

RELATIONSHIPSRelationships are like mirrors. Who you choose to date is a direct reflection of how you feel about yourself....

Unknown3096Jun 2015Jun 2015
He threatens me

He threatens mezman wrote me a message: "Tried to explain on blogs before about posting her pictures, Simmo promised this girl that he'd make sure her pictures didn...

guadal88120Jun 2015Jun 2015
Its all about ME

Its all about “ME”Dont know what it is about relationships, but for some reason, the world seems to turn around what men can do for women. You know... things like, walk...

Solamente1,01722Jun 2015Jun 2015

Strengths and WeaknessesIt may be necessary sometimes, in dealing with others to toughen up oneself mentally. Consider the following scenarios: 1. A bright hardworking emp...

socrates446238Jun 2015Jun 2015
At last Ive found him

At last I've found him!!!Iam addicted to the WVM list. I always open and take a look on the pictures and profile of people who viewed my profile. And lo and behold, I've found...

tatami55012Jun 2015Jun 2015
Scams arent always about money

Scams aren't always about money..Love! The ever elusive dream of every heart. For most of us, it is the one thing which seems almost impossible to find. We desire warmth and...

Unknown47328Jun 2015Jun 2015
Take this chance

Take this chanceI hope you discussed taking away your friendship with her before you decided to just walk away, communication is on the most important things in any r...

guadal46513Jun 2015Jun 2015
A good photo

A good photoEspecially in my age group, guy photos need to tell a story. Most of the time, the story is 'my camera is out of focus' or 'I never used moisturizer o...

VivianLee81849Jun 2015Jun 2015

A Cute Relationship - Dog And KidsA Cute Relationship - Dog And Kids...

jarred11,755-Jun 2015

When A Girl And Boy Get A New RelationshipWhen A Girl And Boy Get A New Relationship...

jarred12,554-Jun 2015
Is it OK

Is it OK....Hi again, interesting reading the least there are real people out there which is reassuring. Can anyone advise me. Is it quite safe to swa...

PrincessPasha5093859Jun 2015Jun 2015

Perfect Start To HoneymoonPerfect Start To Honeymoon [url=

jarred11,218-Jun 2015

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