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How does one move on

How does one move onI see everything accelerating pass me but life has just stopped for me. I know I am strong and time will heal but......

BladeofGrass60911Mar 2015Mar 2015
some people think dating and relationship is all a

some people think dating and relationship is all aWhy do people think dating and relationship is base on sex ? They need to know its not .its about companionship commitmend trust and sex followws...

Locious250218Mar 2015Mar 2015
How do you spot a bad boy

How do you spot a bad boy?I always seem to find out the hard way but if there's one thing I've noticed about them it's that they are way too full on early in the relationship....

RainComeShine96766Mar 2015Mar 2015

idkoh when will i ever finally be loved by someone for who i am and not for who i am not an never will be life is very short as i always wrap my he...

theluvfool2227369Mar 2015Mar 2015
My Jerk

My JerkHe is not perfect, but then no one is. He is grumphy sometimes, hard headed, stubborn. He smokes and drinks a lot and he hunts and shoot deers and...

Crazyheart382,26850Mar 2015Mar 2015

LOVELove is something we say we are all looking for, but in reality the word love is simply an anagram that we use to express how we want to be made to fe...

Solamente1,0655Mar 2015Mar 2015
i dont know

i dont know" I guess there's no man for me! lol ! Not wanting to die alone .. :p " Have u encountered this thoughts like me ? How did u manage to overcome...

carlo241111Mar 2015Mar 2015
A man pays child maintenance but is not the father

A man pays child maintenance but is not the fatherIf a woman is giving birth to a child and she claims maintenance from a man who she slept with, but years later the man finds out he is not the father...

Bernhardiner43113Mar 2015Mar 2015
So whats worse Old photo or no photo

So what's worse? Old photo or no photo?Spotted a couple of recent blogs going on, yet again, about profiles with no pics. What do you think? *does a twirl* I'm not going to meet any...

VivianLee57936Mar 2015Mar 2015
Emotions Chart

Emotions ChartEmotions Chart

jarred12,769-Mar 2015
Why are you hiding

Why are you hiding?This is a blog to all the faceless profiles. There seems to be an inconsistency in the reasoning as to why people join a DATING site then dont pres...

Solamente1,87456Mar 2015Mar 2015
Another one gone

Another one goneI'm a bit saddened to see someone I was quite buddy with has closed his profile down and gone. He was meeting someone last weekend so with any luck th...

VivianLee49017Mar 2015Mar 2015
Gave Someone A Card

Gave Someone A CardA couple of weeks ago I dreamed of giving someone in church a card.Well yesterday at church in Pittsburgh that dream came true when that card went...

cavalier5603494Mar 2015Mar 2015
Baseball Fight

Baseball FightBaseball Fight

jarred12,699-Mar 2015
Two Owls In Love

Two Owls In LoveTwo Owls In Love...

jarred12,143-Mar 2015
To be happy enough to share what you are

To be happy enough to share what you are.The woman is not man's property, nor man of woman. Who truly loves you will always allow you to be, not condition thee to make her happy at the expens...

minnie502282Mar 2015Mar 2015

PromiscuityEngaging in an unselective s*xual act is not my kind of thing, does that make me less of a woman? I have friends who openly enjoys casual sex, they ch...

Crazyheart382,86987Mar 2015Mar 2015
What is Casual sex

What is “Casual” sex?My Thesaurus tells me Casual means... Informal (relaxed, laid-back) Careless (indifferent, off-hand), Chance (accidental, unplanned). So.... does...

Solamente2,16755Mar 2015Mar 2015

A question to the menHe met her on a dating site... within afew mails, he thought she might be the one..they exchanged numbers and between afew calls he knew he had to me...

itchywitch1,05551Mar 2015Mar 2015
Testing Your Mate

Testing Your MateInteresting article on this morning news groom-fails-math-test-Indian-bride-walks-wedding-Apparently the groom failed a simple math question 15+6=...

48jojo278-Mar 2015
Dating Hermits a rant

Dating Hermits.. a rant!Time and time again I read statements from women on profiles, blogs and forums that state “Not looking for a fling or casual sex”, not only is this de...

Solamente2,46349Mar 2015Mar 2015
There May Be Trouble Ahead

There May Be Trouble Ahead.There May Be Trouble Ahead....

jarred1348-Mar 2015
why my last relationship failed

why my last relationship failedMy last relationship failed for my fault to identify her as a match good for me. We loved each other with all our hearts but she was too different fro...

truthlove7140711Mar 2015Mar 2015
the secret in finding a good man

the secret in finding a good manI want to know whats the secret in finding a good man. I have been here and it seems like the guys that I gave my contact too are crazy People tell...

Unknown53915Mar 2015Apr 2015
when yes becomes no

when yes becomes noSo you offered tea and she was like well, I’m not sure. So you said you’d start it and see how she felt but when you had, she decided not. A waste of...

VivianLee45731Mar 2015Mar 2015
Is it hard to find friends

Is it hard to find friends ?Wondering Why is it hard to find a friends here? I have made friends request , emails ..trying to start a friendship , or some kind of relationship wi...

Bigheart20145649Mar 2015Mar 2015
Virtual love

Virtual loveVirtual love Most people use Facebook to stay connected with family and friends. It is indeed a useful medium through which one can share important mo...

jarred1292-Mar 2015
Being Serious

Being SeriousTo be serious and to be styled SERIOUS will take time for such true love to go deep into one's mind, heart and soul by constant communication and comm...

nansabino54343-Mar 2015

SOME AMERICAN WHITE MALES ARE JEALOUS & BRUTALELast week, a handsome white man, and a beautiful black girl walked in a shop,i was there with my boss. The girl greeted me and smile , with her small...

Didier1568325Mar 2015Apr 2015
love is very very difficult

love is very very difficult......Finally i come to terms in life... before of now... mind fails to accept the realities and terms and conditi...

teenameena2821Mar 2015Mar 2015
Help me to understand please

Help me to understand, please...I honestly don't understand the different between "seeing someone", "dating someone", "being a lover", "being a girlfriend/boyfriend". Are all tho...

sarasvathy68129Mar 2015Mar 2015
Ever Feel Like

Ever Feel Like?Ever feel like you have been doing this forever? The being single thing. For some of us, its becoming a permanent way of life and after so long, you c...

Track163574Mar 2015Mar 2015
Question what is a another word for male lover

Question - what is a another word for male lover?I've gone blank. Want to say character A is character B's lover but I'm not crazy about the word at that point - too twee. Boyfriend is even worse....

VivianLee73466Mar 2015Mar 2015
Bedroom Etiquette

Bedroom Etiquette!Is there, or should there be such a thing as bedroom etiquette? What for you are the do’s and dont’s in the bedroom?...

Solamente1,94761Mar 2015Mar 2015
What is honesty

What is honesty?A friend told me that he wasnt lying to me. I just never asked the right questions when i had the chance to ask. Would you be lying to someone if y...

FjBabe54526Mar 2015Mar 2015
love is painful

love is painful............... ........ "Fill each other's cup but drink not from one cup," and "G...

teenameena2873Mar 2015Mar 2015
I would like to marry someone called Turner

I would like to marry someone called TurnerI'm by way of being a sort of writer. If Mr Turner would be kind enough to make me Mrs Turner, I could call myself Paige. I suppose I could just c...

VivianLee50621Mar 2015Mar 2015
Someone in mind

Someone in mindI met a local chick at First United Methodist Church in Pittsburgh on Sunday morning; her name escapes my mind right now as an image of her sits in...

cavalier5603563Mar 2015Mar 2015
Just Married

Just MarriedJust Married...

jarred1332-Mar 2015
Dance Like Angels on the Moon

Dance - Like Angels on the MoonONE WOMAN, ONE MAN, TO SHARE REMAINDER OF OUR LIVES. I would hope you are a one man woman! Would you care to sit with me, here, beside the crystal, c...

loyalaboveall4205Mar 2015Mar 2015
In my difficult times

In my difficult times...I still have hope, I believe in my dreams, and I have decided that even if it doesn’t happened what I wanted, I’m still going to be happy. I really be...

MaruQ44312Mar 2015Mar 2015
Long Distance Love Possible or Impossible Inte

Long Distance Love – Possible or Impossible? InteLong distance love also has some advantages. I think oftentimes in life our relationships take too much emphasize on the physical. We become attracte...

minnie5054716Mar 2015Mar 2015

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