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Safely dead

Safely deadI wished a 90 year old relative a happy birthday yesterday. She has been much loved by her family in the past, and will be remembered with love when h...

MotherGrundy3196Feb 2015Feb 2015
The Friend Card

The "Friend Card"....I am sure we all have had the experience of caring for someone who does not care about us as much as we have them.....I just received "the friend card...

Calliopesgirl64111Feb 2015Feb 2015

THANK YOU JESUS!!I had been single for 2 years before I decided to join an online dating site.. Anyways, I gave it a try but I was not really serious about finding a r...

Unknown4927Feb 2015Feb 2015
I will miss you

I will miss all my dear friends.....

teenameena4,216-Feb 2015
Something anusuall

Something anusuall...You like a new discovered diamond; Who hide's of me so long. I felt a little bit strange; And there's no words to describe this... I want to ask...

Inguss6533Feb 2015Feb 2015
green eyed monster

green-eyed monsterI hate being told I'm jealous. I know I'm possessive. And controlling. And like things to go my way. But jealous? Jealousy is about being unreasonable...

VivianLee51729Feb 2015Feb 2015

ConnectingSinglesHi every one Have you Had success on Connecting Singels well Hi I am PakalolomanDavie Real Name Dave Miles Beckett from HoutBay Cape Town well I have...

pakalolomanDavie5608Feb 2015Feb 2015
All that people seeing my profile and nobody says

All that people seeing my profile and nobody saysIs it because Im too far? Is it because Im not in USA? or is it because??? Any ideas... Have a nice weekend you all...

MaruQ63023Feb 2015Feb 2015
My Plans

My PlansWe all make plans. Mine were pretty straight forward. Fall in love, get married, have children, live happily ever after in the country with horses. As...

soquiliquay61811Feb 2015Feb 2015
Dont judge me by my past i dont live there anymo

Don't judge me by my past,i don't live there anymoHi eweryone!Could somebody tell me,why the women's always look in the past of man,and don't see the real man in real time!You open your heart to someb...

Inguss45518Feb 2015Feb 2015
Bye I got my other me

Bye I got my other meWho would have said, I am really excited i know that feeling I am falling in love, some how in fear but l like the feel..... It was a pleasure Bye...

honebee3472Feb 2015Feb 2015
Its not all about looks

It's not all about looksI didn't and don't have a picture up for a reason just to see how many girls actually do go for looks and f*ck me it's no wonder there still single...

Davidkelly1001,09444Feb 2015Nov 8

AstrosexologyI got the idea and the link from a forum. And to think I didn't used to believe in this stuff. lang=e&ract=xx68...

postneoludite84715Feb 2015Feb 2015
Who wears the trousers

Who wears the trousers?Jack took off his trousers on his wedding day and offered them to Jill to try on. They were far too big. 'I wear the trousers in this relationship...

VivianLee2407Feb 2015Feb 2015
postneoludite74413Feb 2015Feb 2015

wowI came onto this site to see if I could meet a quality man and I have not been so lucky. most of who I have talked to are scammers or losers. I cannot...

Unknown3493Feb 2015Feb 2015

GodWheni begin to feel weak, I begin to remember how powderful my god had alawys been to me...

shandeen295143Feb 2015Feb 2015
Real Medz

Real MedzHappiness keep u sweet,sorrows keep u humam, life keep u humble,success keep u glowing but god keep u going...

shandeen295217Feb 2015Feb 2015
slightly erotic

"slightly" erotic?I'd have done this as a poll but I couldn't think of options. We overdo everything - 1 drink good, so we never stop at one. 1 slice of cake good,...

MotherGrundy54822Feb 2015Feb 2015

H.V.DHappy Valentins Day to all thoes lover out there n to all thoes friends I hope u all enjoy this special day muah...

shandeen295106Feb 2015Feb 2015
Happy V day

Happy V-dayto those who are taken, almost taken, taken for granted, waiting to be taken, assumed to be taken, and aren't taken seriously I don't...

VivianLee38718Feb 2015Feb 2015

LOVE <3Love is the master key that opens the gates of HAPPINESS...

shandeen295763Feb 2015Feb 2015
Bob Marley singer composer Reggae artist Bein

Bob Marley (singer,composer,Reggae artist)....BeinBob Marley “Only once in your life, I truly believe, you find someone who can completely turn your world around. You tell them things that you’ve nev...

avias572-Feb 2015
The Pain of Being in love with someone you can nev

The Pain of Being in love with someone you can nevI came across the article and found it interesting so decided to share. The Pain Of Being In Love With Someone You Can Never Be With by Paul Hudson...

Bajanshay78736Feb 2015Feb 2015
It Depends

It DependsIt Depends...

jarred1264-Feb 2015
Life lesson or what the hell

Life lesson or what the hellWhat I learned from watching (50 shades of grey) is that if you treat a female , like crap, they will fall in love with you ,and no cops will be calle...

Unknown39710Feb 2015Feb 2015

THE TOP 30 SIGNS OF A RELATIONSHIP COMFORT ZONEI read this in a magazine today 1. Not wearing make-up 2. Not locking the bathroom door Giving your partner our house keys is another sign th...

minnie5033713Feb 2015Feb 2015
Happy Birthday to AVIAS

Happy Birthday to AVIAS[ ] I remind your rich sharing...

LifeThirst2,64514Feb 2015Feb 2015
i dont want a broken heart i dont want to be a br

i dont want a broken heart i dont want to be a brnot to add a sad news, but firstly , I would love to big up all my past friendzez in here from long time and new comers and also my self for being bac...

shane456854611Feb 2015Feb 2015
Coping with change

Coping with changeWhenever you get bad news, maybe your job is going phut, maybe your health just took a serious dip, or there’s bad news about a family member or loved...

MotherGrundy2956Feb 2015Feb 2015
Am living in Berlin Germanyand want to relocate

Am living in Berlin Germany??and want to relocatePlease am 34 years old working in Health management am single looking for cute and caring wih self confidence babe that we care start new life togethe...

Ayofe2439711Feb 2015Feb 2015
sex without love

sex without love"Sex is delicious, but with love, it becomes something extraordinary. It is beyond the pleasure is mutual." But today society has changed, and freely...

minnie5057829Feb 2015Feb 2015
Naughty Girl

Naughty GirlNaughty Girl...

jarred1532-Feb 2015

meWell have only chatted with one person in my area he didn't seem to appreciate my views on a subject and no longer wants to chat its a shame as I thou...

callmeBoots38112Feb 2015Feb 2015
Which updated

Which - updatedGot some intelligent comments on the Which blog so thought you might be interested in the update, as at last night (this is hot off the press, people)...

MotherGrundy3345Feb 2015Feb 2015
Sex cheats and liars

Sex, cheats and liarsHistory abounds with tales concerning men that are liars and cheats and how these types of men only use women. If the truth be told these men bring...

Solamente1,24112Feb 2015Feb 2015
Wana Kiss

Wana KissWana Kiss...

jarred1556-Feb 2015

10 Simple Ways To Be a Happy Person!Joy is within your reach, go grab some! We all want to feel happy, and each one of us has different ways of getting there. Here are 10 steps you...

Gentlejim63541Feb 2015Feb 2015

which?One hand - marriage has been stuttering along for over 20 years. No thrills, no spills, get on fairly well, the sex is almost non-existent, he's too i...

MotherGrundy40529Feb 2015Feb 2015
I went to a party last night

I went to a party last nightFunny, when someone says they have been invited to dinner somewhere I instantly think delicious food, good company, and I turn green because I wasn't...

VivianLee73029Feb 2015Feb 2015
Love can kill you

Love can kill youLove can kill you...

jarred1718-Feb 2015

words.."The word is half of who says it, half of the listener," wrote Michel de Montaigne. We belong to both parties in dialogue when it is sincere, attenti...

minnie503042Feb 2015Feb 2015
appassionata: "Soccer players"(meet us in the puzzles)

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