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WHERE DO SINGLES MEET THIS NEW YEARS EVE?Is there anywhere in Dublin a "single"-party on this new years eve? Has anybody planned a party? What are you doing this year or where are you going...

redrockcanyon5297Dec 2014Dec 2014

Personalities.Does your true 'personality' siphon thru on the blogs? Some would say: Only the Split ones... "One nice thing about egotists: they don't talk abou...

Lukeon1,33754Dec 2014Dec 2014

WTF?This is a dating site?...Yeah,a real dead one..I'm decent looking,artistic,smart,and have my own house,job,car..etc etc and not one reply?..WTF?...

BOONGY72824Dec 2014Feb 2015
Lowest of the low

Lowest of the lowI have been on numerous datings sites for many years. Its really got to the point where's its not about finding Mr Right. Its gotten to a cat and mous...

Lana30057156534Dec 2014Dec 2014

menHow do you get men to talk to us on this site....

katylynn1865424Dec 2014Dec 2014
Need a Date

Need a DateI need a date for New Years Eve in Sacramento CA.. Please be my age, not married! Message me if interested!...

WindinherhairCAS4092Dec 2014Jan 2015
Thief in the House

Thief in the HouseShe stole my heart away Sneaked in sure but not astray She must have known all along Several others, but she was among What air of self confiden...

Crucible2532Dec 2014Dec 2014
Just Want To Say

Just Want To SayMerry Christmas to all of my friends and nonfriends! Because of CS, I have a lot more friends this Christmas! Thank you CS! Wishing all of you the...

Gentlejim36224Dec 2014Dec 2014
I didnt mess around did I

I didn't mess around...did I?Last year my 3 years relationship with my bf was on the rocks, I asked for a break and found CS. I joined the site and discovered how fun blogging is....

Unknown1,03846Dec 2014Dec 2014
what about blind dates

what about blind dates???????what ppl think about it? why ppl do it? maybe the intreging part to meet someone new who knows....

wow3452907Dec 2014Dec 2014

Are 'We' on CS to REALLY Find 'The One'!??Because the majority of 'Us' on CS seem to still be searching / or at least trying to 'Connect' with The One! ?? Are we just caught up in the conti...

Soul_Whisperer10181728Dec 2014Dec 2014
totally frustrated

totally frustratedY does any of us spend our valuable time on this site looking for that man or woman to fill that empty gap.Its so time consuming,energy draining somet...

Unknown3916Dec 2014Dec 2014
update on relationship

update on relationshipTogether with partner now from Phillpines in New Zealand . All is going well....

funlaugh5749Dec 2014Dec 2014

idkis it wrong to want to date 40 or 50 or 60 old man when thats who i feel confortable around...

mshellfire45720Dec 2014Dec 2014
JimNastics6644Dec 2014Dec 2014

temperamentsI have 2 types temperaments which i am and want my partner to have. I dont mind if they have one or both types. i dont care how handsome or sexy you a...

irishandscotti3625Dec 2014Dec 2014
How i can get

How i can get..For my job- everyone knows me..I cannot feel free,when I'm with anyone on the road...I think someone know me..someone make a gossip & story about me.....

Robin3212461Dec 2014Dec 2014
I just pulled big time

I just pulled big-timeHey, I just scored, this eligible 57 year old dish took one glance at my profile and he is in raptures. He is so besotted by my smile I went to check...

VivianLee42815Dec 2014Dec 2014
Tainted love

Tainted love...For some complicated and unfair reasons, I can't be with the one I love for a lifetime . It hurts, it sucks but things happen for a reason. Maybe it...

Unknown1,23280Dec 2014Dec 2014
Could being single be seen as destiny

Could 'being single' be seen as destiny?There are so many troubled relationships. This applies even to wealthy and very beautiful people one would thought on the surface to be very happy. If...

LonelyfromAfrica3695Dec 2014Dec 2014
cs profiles

cs profileswhat is the first thing noticed when you scrutinize a profile apart from the pic? is it the ....age, weight, occupation, Income, marital...

Niayana36217Dec 2014Dec 2014
Long distance person phone

Long distance, person, phone.So after a year having a long distance relationship, he asked for a break. It was late October, after 4 months not seeing each other, he asked me to m...

sarasvathy56733Dec 2014Dec 2014

Have U Connected or Met ANY ONE on CS,AS YET?As for my experience to date on CS!!!: confused dunno scold sigh wow mumbling cool doh 1. 'THE GUYS THAT I 'LIKE'!!!' - They mostly turn out t...

Soul_Whisperer10182320Dec 2014Dec 2014

LifeWe ignore those who want us, love those who hurt us and hurt those who love us. Well, that's life....

Middagzon6367Dec 2014Dec 2014
Painful but I love to explore this life happily

Painful but I love to explore this life happilyI read some articles about ladies recently. I enjoy a lot the great idea from it. I admit I had been unclear about my own way. People with wisdom do h...

peonyjenny38129Dec 2014Dec 2014
what is the best start for a relationship

what is the best start for a relationship?two pints: 1.having sex for the first date= in my experience had short relationship. beginning to know the other person on a friendship state always...

wow3452718Dec 2014Dec 2014
what to do

what to do?Now that most men are taken or on the verge of being taken,the remaining are too far away or some of them only want rich females9 so what shall I...

Niayana40129Dec 2014Dec 2014

scapegoatwhy people easily blame single as scape goat in a triangle relationship ?...

datatraveler313379Dec 2014Dec 2014
Some thoughts about relationship

Some thoughts about relationshipI read some articles about relationship. I begin to think about this topic. This is a problem existing in human society. I prefer to find someone...

peonyjenny2487Dec 2014Dec 2014
Men and romance

Men and romanceAre men romantic?, I think they are as I read there poetry and listen to there remarks here about the one they are looking for in there life. My thoug...

48jojo50415Dec 2014Dec 2014
why do asian men always come to me

why do asian men always come to me?ok. here we go. I am 44 year old woman who is very attracted to asian men. maybe in my past life i was asian, who knows. since i been on here i get al...

irishandscotti61043Dec 2014Dec 2014
Endless Love

Endless Love!I never thought that love could be this endless,deep and true,until the day i gave all my and all my love to you...

shandeen296987Dec 2014Dec 2014
i cant understand why older women are afraid to da

i cant understand why older women are afraid to dawhy its hard to get noticed by an older woman these days........

wow34543420Dec 2014Dec 2014
Is your love life writing in the stars and we have

Is your love life writing in the stars and we haveSo I've been on website just over 6 months and unfortunately haven't had any luck with any of women from my country, the fact they seem to never respo...

RamCal34510Dec 2014Dec 2014

HAPPY BIRTHDAYHappy, happy birthday XuanMai! May you have many, many more! Time for everyone to celebrate XuanMai birthday!...

Gentlejim41529Dec 2014Dec 2014
Love Vs Lust

Love Vs. LustWhat is a good relationship worth keeping for you? Not many of us are lucky to find that perfect relationship wherein love and lust equally co-exist....

Unknown54145Dec 2014Dec 2014
teenameena74125Dec 2014Dec 2014

BedJust before you go to bed tonight look out side you'r window see that one little star every times it twinkle it me saying I love you...

shandeen295348Dec 2014Dec 2014
i want a bf hubby

i want a bf/hubbyI hope by next year 2015 I find that special someone who I can love,share my laughter with my kiss,my feeling for him my hugs my thoughts myself ect I...

shandeen298146Dec 2014Dec 2014
Introduction History of Dating

Introduction & History of DatingI've never been one to use dating sites; never thought that I even would use one. But the fact of the matter is it has been a long time since I've bee...

Picasso884555Dec 2014Dec 2014
A broad spectrum

A ...broad ( spectrum ) ....My ...( first ) ... " blog " ..Hi there to all the ( real ) peoples ! ..This ( post ) maybe a little ( out ) of character for myself...not really a "...

justryagain2505Dec 2014Dec 2014

................................Anyone actually hate xmas??....................................................................

Rob1UK37320Dec 2014Dec 2014

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