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A broad spectrum

A ...broad ( spectrum ) ....My ...( first ) ... " blog " ..Hi there to all the ( real ) peoples ! ..This ( post ) maybe a little ( out ) of character for myself...not really a "...

justryagain2505Dec 2014Dec 2014

................................Anyone actually hate xmas??....................................................................

Rob1UK37320Dec 2014Dec 2014

meetBeen here so long trying to converse with civil/ rational men...seem like a huge reauest! my...

trudi429637312Dec 2014Dec 2014
Prize catch

Prize catchHe is charming, confident,witty and single...... Ladies are thrilled to bits when he comments on their blogs,many are lining up to be on his friend...

Niayana1,11347Dec 2014Dec 2014
Age differences

Age differencesWhy are young women contacting old men and why are older women looking for someone much younger, lets be realistic aren't we just setting ourselves up...

48jojo59323Dec 2014Dec 2014
Tired of Watching fake people around

Tired of Watching fake people around..I am on CS from past few months but still I haven't seen a sincere and loyal female to meet. I don't know why women write so much about their self ins...

Bangash7973653Dec 2014Dec 2014
pirategirl4949Dec 2014Dec 2014
pirategirl2090Dec 2014
Never giving up

Never giving upDont give up what you want most, for what you want now...

greeting2332Dec 2014Dec 2014
Never giving up

Never giving upDont give up what you want most, for what you want now...

greeting1920Dec 2014
Never giving up

Never giving upDont give up what you want most, for what you want now...

greeting2020Dec 2014
Never giving up

Never giving upDont give up what you want most, for what you want now...

greeting2020Dec 2014
Never giving up

Never giving upDont give up what you want most, for what you want now...

greeting1861Dec 2014Dec 2014
Never giving up

Never giving upDont give up what you want most, for what you want now...

greeting2100Dec 2014
Never giving up

Never giving upDont give up what you want most, for what you want now...

greeting2020Dec 2014
Can a woman be truly faithful to one man and if so

Can a woman be truly faithful to one man and if soThe reason for my blog, i've found myself being hurt with my last 2 relationship. I've done everything to make them happy, and they cheated, they were...

Sean34479624Dec 2014Feb 2015
A match made in heaven

A match made in heaven!!!During a seminar, a woman asked," How do I know if I am with the right person?" The speaker then noticed that there was a large man sitting next...

usha1231,71333Dec 2014Dec 2014
new age relationship

new age relationship.......Two consenting adults can do....anything in privacy it makes a big issue only when of the partner comes out in public...

teenameena4337Dec 2014Dec 2014
Killer distance

Killer distanceFor any long distance online dating site,distance is the biggest killer,and one knows, the chances of meeting a prospective partner is very slim or ne...

Niayana46122Dec 2014Dec 2014
Part Time Lover

Part Time LoverHi friends, I'm in a confusion and would appreciate your opinions here. I have no desire to marry and have kids again, been there, done that...but...

Unknown97978Dec 2014Dec 2014
Angry Birds

Angry BirdsStudents at New Mexico State University had trouble walking to class last fall after hawks built nests in trees by the gym. The mother hawks considere...

Gentlejim3349Dec 2014Dec 2014
Any Pretty Little Ladies Bored Lonely Wanting

Any Pretty Little Ladies Bored, Lonely, Wanting?Any Pretty Little Ladies Bored and Lonely? maybe I can Help Save you, . . Temporarily, . .for a while, . ....

aJester2254426Dec 2014Dec 2014
Other peoples Comments

Other people's CommentsEveryone makes comments on other people's blogs. We don't always agree or disagree on the subject matter, so we make a comment. Well this morning, a...

Gentlejim86350Dec 2014Dec 2014
What Is This Thing

What Is This Thing??!!What is the one thing that has everyone mystified? This thing that has started as many wars as it has ended? This little but big thing that has had mo...

SistaCallie77022Nov 2014Dec 2014
Activity Partner

Activity Partner..Need an activity partner,read this on many profiles,just wondering what type of activities are these people interested in.............

Niayana1,53448Nov 2014Nov 2016
Uuhhh Hes Shes just not into you like that

Uuhhh, He's/She's just not into you, like that...Had to share this article... this applies to both men and women. He/she loves me... he/she loves me not 6-WARNINGS: He's Just Not Into You...

SistaCallie6519Nov 2014Nov 2014
CS blogs mafia

CS blogs mafia ?Sometimes ago someone was suggesting there was a CS mafia… Well…I still don’t clearly understand their motivation but they are...And they are playing...

corneliusd4906Nov 2014Nov 2014
Simple Question

Simple QuestionHere is one to figure out. A person is lonely and would like to have more people in their life, but that person has social anxiety and finds it hard t...

Track163887Nov 2014Nov 2014
The percentage of motivated and unmotivated guys i

The percentage of motivated and unmotivated guys iI have a question here,I mean as nowadays if a guy tries to please you, they will still do the same as the young guys in their 20s?Will they still arr...

peonyjenny39114Nov 2014Dec 2014
Hot debate I need your vote

Hot debate, I need your voteSo, he's getting texts and messages and phone calls and invitations and I don't know what all else, from women who have been in his life and are still...

VivianLee38420Nov 2014Dec 2014
Proposing Marriage

Proposing MarriagePerhaps I’m outdated but I think I don’t understand the finer details on how to propose marriage in this modern age that we live in. Since I have...

Catfoot73831Nov 2014Jan 2015
My ex Bf wanted to become brothers with my Bf

My ex Bf wanted to become brothers with my BfGuys i need some suggestion here , anyone familiar with the church marriage annulation process ? My bf once married in the catholic church in the US...

Kasih56913Nov 2014Dec 2014
yes please

yes pleasePlacing my order. One lover boy scrubbed and brought to my room. Thank you....

VivianLee3629Nov 2014Nov 2014
Anyone feel the same way

Anyone feel the same way?Inside of myself, I have learned a lot, but I know there is something missing, or more like someone. Everyday I long for that one woman that I can com...

Korey2hall2724Nov 2014Nov 2014
Scorpio and all that stuff

Scorpio and all that stuffAnything to that? We water signs tend not to believe in it....

VivianLee55916Nov 2014Nov 2014

YOU NAME!!!I write you name on d cloud but d wind blow it away so i write it on the sandy but d waves wash it away them i write it in my heart and there will it...

shandeen295323Nov 2014Nov 2014
Green Card

Green CardSeems like everybody is going for the much coveted green card! Much sought after by many, especially those from Asia. Hmmm....... Maybe I sh...

Unknown59540Nov 2014Nov 2014

LOVEWhen love embrace us, together and we lace together them i wrap my arms around u just for to feel my heart beating just for you when i said I love yo...

shandeen295036Nov 2014Nov 2014

MariageIm looking for matured women to mary must by american...

Zayani43716Nov 2014Dec 2014
Just a thought for today

Just a thought for today...It was a long day today,one of those days that are very intense... so many events ,so many people ,communications,phone calls...As a result... We sh...

Unknown34421Nov 2014Nov 2014
Had to laugh about a man that

Had to laugh...about a man thatActs like "Hard to Get!" I thought that was a woman thing???? Men...are you coy? Do you like to play hard to get? Danielvega, we know that is not you!...

Calliopesgirl2016Nov 2014Nov 2014
marriage on the horizon

marriage on the horizonWell cant keep it quiet any longer...Im Getting married to jerky 76 aka fruitloop..aka parrot Lady. Been chatting for nine months and tieing the Kn...

Ian1583,343103Nov 2014Nov 2014
"PLAY NOW: Sushi Pairs"(meet us in the games)

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