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Ian15860211Apr 2015Apr 2015

DOES THIS SITE REALLY WORKSI been on this site about two years and i t seems it dosent Really works .so can tell me if this site works for them Cause if it does work i wa...

Locious25908Apr 2015Apr 2015

heyam so cold wish i have a girlfriend to go home to now...

Unknown2223Mar 2015Apr 2015
Finding The One

Finding "The One"..." Here’s the point: We want to believe in the idea of “The One.” Human beings crave this idea. One of the reasons I believe we crave it is because...

Unknown7238Mar 2015Apr 2015
There are also nice white guys in Africa more so

There are also nice white guys in Africa, more soWhy do some exclude the surge for partners or pen pals from Afrika. There are plenty good light brown and white male and female in Namibia and South...

Bernhardiner64016Mar 2015Apr 2015
jarred1203-Mar 2015

s*xual DESIRE DECLINEOur s*xual desire or interest in sex is determined by many components such as : DRIVE, which is our s*xual thoughts and fantasies, erotic attract...

Crazyheart383,691159Mar 2015Sep 2015

BlogsLately, my observation about the blogs is....they are very boring! It seems that the same stuff is posted every day with a little different spin! Bu...

Gentlejim1,51259Mar 2015Apr 2015

I am the guy your mom warned you aboutI am the guy your mom warned you about [ur...

jarred12,335-Mar 2015

pilotsSo I met a guy via internet dating ~ a pilot. yep I know the statistics. Couldn't wait to meet me...messaged every day and actually still does returni...

Zaraaha63632Mar 2015Mar 2015

BEWARE OF THIS INTERNET ROMEO !!!Beware of the tall, dark, educated, internet Romeo who wines and dines you and sends romantic greeting cards, and has the money to fly and see you. He...

Unknown73614Mar 2015Mar 2015
Riyadh Dating free

Riyadh_Dating_freeOnly riyadh mumber join hear..i always alone in i seeking a free woman..she can meet evry week .. If any one agréé please inbox me>>>>>>...

Unknown2991Mar 2015Mar 2015
jarred1332-Mar 2015
For Teena

For TeenaYou made me think of Linda Ronstadt....

postneoludite5617Mar 2015Mar 2015
learn from the experience of old man

learn from the experience of old manDonot ever ever feel regret for something you did in the past. the life too short. good night for every one...

visal4148-Mar 2015
sleepless nights empty

sleepless nights -emptyI wanna be with you if only for a night To be the one whos in your arms to hold you tight ... . . .. Thought of singing this for "him.. But .....

carlo23995Mar 2015Jun 2015
women who would date a single father

women who would date a single fatherHey there are there any women out there that i mentioned in my title? I have been looking for years and im starting to give up hope. Seems most si...

plentyofheart65923Mar 2015Mar 2015
Tough but fragile

Tough but fragileI watched a great film last night. It featured a young man who'd been physically abused as a child and the difficulty he had in his everyday relation...

RainComeShine45612Mar 2015Mar 2015
I Think Its A BJ

I Think It's A BJ!Well well well, since we have been asked what makes a woman happy, I think it's only fair we direct the question back to the men. So...what makes a...

Dreamcatcher991,62560Mar 2015Mar 2015
For nothing will be impossible

For nothing will be impossible ....Luke 1:26-38 Birth of Jesus Foretold 26 In the sixth month the...

XuanMai3063Mar 2015Mar 2015
How does one move on

How does one move onI see everything accelerating pass me but life has just stopped for me. I know I am strong and time will heal but......

BladeofGrass61811Mar 2015Mar 2015
some people think dating and relationship is all a

some people think dating and relationship is all aWhy do people think dating and relationship is base on sex ? They need to know its not .its about companionship commitmend trust and sex followws...

Locious251916Mar 2015Mar 2015
How do you spot a bad boy

How do you spot a bad boy?I always seem to find out the hard way but if there's one thing I've noticed about them it's that they are way too full on early in the relationship....

RainComeShine98766Mar 2015Mar 2015

idkoh when will i ever finally be loved by someone for who i am and not for who i am not an never will be life is very short as i always wrap my he...

theluvfool2227679Mar 2015Mar 2015

My JerkHe is not perfect, but then no one is. He is grumphy sometimes, hard headed, stubborn. He smokes and drinks a lot and he hunts and shoot deers and...

Crazyheart382,33750Mar 2015Mar 2015

LOVELove is something we say we are all looking for, but in reality the word love is simply an anagram that we use to express how we want to be made to fe...

Solamente1,0755Mar 2015Mar 2015
i dont know

i dont know" I guess there's no man for me! lol ! Not wanting to die alone .. :p " Have u encountered this thoughts like me ? How did u manage to overcome...

carlo242611Mar 2015Mar 2015
A man pays child maintenance but is not the father

A man pays child maintenance but is not the fatherIf a woman is giving birth to a child and she claims maintenance from a man who she slept with, but years later the man finds out he is not the father...

Bernhardiner45913Mar 2015Mar 2015
So whats worse Old photo or no photo

So what's worse? Old photo or no photo?Spotted a couple of recent blogs going on, yet again, about profiles with no pics. What do you think? *does a twirl* I'm not going to meet any...

VivianLee60136Mar 2015Mar 2015
jarred12,786-Mar 2015
Why are you hiding

Why are you hiding?This is a blog to all the faceless profiles. There seems to be an inconsistency in the reasoning as to why people join a DATING site then dont pres...

Solamente1,92056Mar 2015Mar 2015
Another one gone

Another one goneI'm a bit saddened to see someone I was quite buddy with has closed his profile down and gone. He was meeting someone last weekend so with any luck th...

VivianLee50817Mar 2015Mar 2015
Gave Someone A Card

Gave Someone A CardA couple of weeks ago I dreamed of giving someone in church a card.Well yesterday at church in Pittsburgh that dream came true when that card went...

cavalier5603674Mar 2015Mar 2015
jarred12,716-Mar 2015
jarred12,159-Mar 2015
To be happy enough to share what you are

To be happy enough to share what you are.The woman is not man's property, nor man of woman. Who truly loves you will always allow you to be, not condition thee to make her happy at the expens...

minnie502412Mar 2015Mar 2015

PromiscuityEngaging in an unselective s*xual act is not my kind of thing, does that make me less of a woman? I have friends who openly enjoys casual sex, they ch...

Crazyheart382,92187Mar 2015Mar 2015
What is Casual sex

What is “Casual” sex?My Thesaurus tells me Casual means... Informal (relaxed, laid-back) Careless (indifferent, off-hand), Chance (accidental, unplanned). So.... does...

Solamente2,20855Mar 2015Mar 2015

A question to the menHe met her on a dating site... within afew mails, he thought she might be the one..they exchanged numbers and between afew calls he knew he had to me...

itchywitch1,08351Mar 2015Mar 2015
Testing Your Mate

Testing Your MateInteresting article on this morning news groom-fails-math-test-Indian-bride-walks-wedding-Apparently the groom failed a simple math question 15+6=...

48jojo300-Mar 2015
Dating Hermits a rant

Dating Hermits.. a rant!Time and time again I read statements from women on profiles, blogs and forums that state “Not looking for a fling or casual sex”, not only is this de...

Solamente2,50849Mar 2015Mar 2015

There May Be Trouble Ahead.There May Be Trouble Ahead....

jarred1357-Mar 2015

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