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The biggest coward

The biggest cowardIs a man who awakens a woman's love without intention of loving her. Read this quote recently and can say it is so well said. Happened to me too and f...

olga1076521Nov 2014Nov 2014
my first time on Connecting Singles

my first time on Connecting SinglesWell 2 Years after my X Girlfriend Cheated on me I Have made sure I want to do work and work hard on Connecting Singles but I am Ready for a New Relat...

pakalolomanDavie4174Nov 2014Nov 2014
my first ever Relationship August 22nd 2011 to De

my first ever Relationship August 22nd 2011 to DeHi every one I am Dave I am Here to tel you about my first long-term Relationship with a Girl witch ended on Her Cheating on Me well I met a Girl nam...

pakalolomanDavie73820Nov 2014Nov 2014
How to become popular on CS

How to become popular on CS.........The mark of popularity here, is the number of comments you receive for your blog ,well most bloggers feel that way........ So to become popular on th...

Niayana90243Nov 2014Nov 2014
Just wondering

Just wondering...Mr. X met Ms. Y on a dating site a year ago.They met for coffee. Why not be friends ??? Arranged another meeting.She was busy ,he was busy.Did not ha...

Unknown44520Nov 2014Nov 2014
hello ladies

hello ladiesi have tattoos and piercings glasses and i have a job...

Thomas29303358Nov 2014Nov 2014

Adios!Hi Everyone! I write to say good-bye. I truly enjoyed all the friendly folks on this site. You guys are very entertaining and just a great bunch...

Unknown2679Nov 2014Nov 2014
a break up note spotted on Twitter

a break-up note spotted on TwitterDumped by her boyfriend after 7 weeks of dating. #3 is the final straw, if you ask me...

VivianLee56712Nov 2014Nov 2014
Why men love BAD girls

Why men love BAD girls?I have a question but it has no answer because I am a girl. Who show me why men love BAD girls?...

halloviet45219Nov 2014Nov 2014
whats wrong with us

whats wrong with usWhen you have searched and tried to find love with that special someone and when date after date and for no particular reason, you KNOW again,he/she i...

itchywitch90543Nov 2014Nov 2014
Single lookn

Single & looknCheck the profile. Hit me up if interested...

DMJames2460Nov 2014
i hate this word luck

i hate this word luck.....about six years back.....i met a man through my female that time i really had no any idea about dating i...

teenameena50814Nov 2014Nov 2014
Please read before you contact me I like a guy

Please read before you contact me, I like a guywho actually reads a profile and NOT just ogle pics! I wanted to write much more about me in my profile but since there is a character limit (and...

evagoblog5487Aug 2014Aug 2014
love over the distance

love over the distance!If I could find one word to define, The feelings I have inside... Each day that passing by, It's seems like a countless time.... Missing you putt...

shell_0ne43713Aug 2014Aug 2014
Artificial Friendship

Artificial Friendship?I was newly struck by the artificial nature of being online after reading the responses on a recent blog named ‘Dinner For Six’. What particularl...

Catfoot2,500159Aug 2014Aug 2014
Deserted In Your Love

Deserted In Your Love?Not all women are angels and not all men are devils. Or, if you want it the other way around, not all men are saints and not all women are demons. For...

Catfoot1,782110May 2014May 2014
Virtual Sex

Virtual SexYesterday, not for the first time, I received a funny PM inviting me to some naughty talk - virtual sex was the term - and it set me thinking. Th...

Catfoot2,417112Apr 2014Apr 2014
When Love Comes Knocking At Your Door

When Love Comes Knocking At Your Door.When somebody knocks on my front door, I open it. I think the majority of people do. Especially here in South Africa because most of us have safety ga...

Catfoot2,244132Apr 2014Apr 2014
A Six Or A Nix

A Six Or A NixIf the anticipation is really better than the act then I guess there will always be another mountain to climb. So now that I have bowled my Maiden Ove...

Catfoot1,183112Jan 2014Jan 2014
One Year Today

One Year TodayIf my memory serves me right I have been with CS exactly one year today. It had been an eventful year and a lot of things had happened. Back on the...

Catfoot2,343139Jan 2014Jan 2014
Can it work

Can it work?Long distance relationships are problematic and demand a lot of sacrifice; to say the least. It brings about many logistic problems. Visiting each oth...

Catfoot1,814113Dec 2013Dec 2013
Im in love with two women

I’m in love with two womenCan a man be in love with two women? I love my new girlfriend and she loves me… But I am also in love with the mother of her son and she is in love...

Catfoot2,014133Nov 2013Dec 2013
To Bowl A Maiden Over

To Bowl A Maiden OverThis is not about cricket, but you will need to understand one or two cricket terms here. For the benefit of those not into cricket: a maiden over is...

Catfoot2,367163Nov 2013Nov 2013
So You Want Sex

So, You Want SexDo you approach somebody of the opposite gender differently here on CS than in real life? Then why is that? CS is no different than the real world....

Catfoot2,028151Nov 2013Nov 2013
Getting Married

Getting Married.It would appear that less and less people still get married today, opting rather to live together ‘in sin’. That piece of paper that states that you...

Catfoot1,900116Apr 2013Apr 2013
8 tips for finding love in 2016

8 tips for finding love in 2016"8 tips for finding love in 2016" (found this on line) 1."be ready for love"be emotionally in a space where ur open to love.if ur holding a grudge...

RR3133362Dec 2012Dec 2012
You Took My Breath AWay

You Took My Breath AWayThe minute your lips softly touched mine,I knew-In every part of me,a tidal wave of desire existed within me-the fierce pulsating river flooded my he...

moonkitten7741Feb 2009Feb 2009
freebyrdflying: "Art Poster"(meet us in the puzzles)

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