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Maths and love theres a link

Maths and love - there's a link -Ever looked at your X and wondered Y? Well, not so much a link as a joke. Algebra doesn't often make me laugh, but then I'm easily amused. Do...

VivianLee1,02516Feb 2015Feb 2015

HAPPY BIRTHDAY KNenaghHAPPY BIRTHDAY KN! I hope you have many more! Enjoy "your day"!!!...

Gentlejim2,60537Feb 2015Feb 2015
Lives around my area

Lives around my area.I like to find new friendships and someone that I can talk to about feelins and health issues.she has to live around my areas or close to me....

Ravenwingseye7853354Feb 2015Feb 2015
And the next step is

And the next step is ...LOVE & marriage and to fill the world with the most beautiful babies one has ever seen You would imagine that would be the correct answer whe...

itchywitch56322Feb 2015Feb 2015

Love ...Love is like heaven, but hurts like hell !. But trust me, with the true soulmate, the one whom you're compatible with emotionally, mentally and sexua...

Crossbreed553969Feb 2015Feb 2015
In These Days Meaning of Love

In These Days,Meaning of LoveIn These Days,Meaning of Love...

jarred12,378-Feb 2015
Same sex relationship

Same sex relationshipThe bible says its an abomination to have a s*xual relationship with the same sex and yet still its so prevalent in today`s society. Is it that peo...

Sean34474648Feb 2015Feb 2015
big window

big window .....He who is unable to live in society, or who has no need because he is sufficient for himself, must be either a beast or a god. Aristotle..... human k...

teenameena503-Feb 2015Feb 2015
So You Have Been Had

So, You Have Been HadI said it before and I say it again, not all women are angels and not all men are devils. The opposite is also true, not all men are saints, and not a...

Catfoot1,60079Jan 2015Feb 2015
Ill Never Fall In Love Again

I’ll Never Fall In Love Again.How many times have you resolved not to fall in love again? And yet, once the wounds have healed, we just fall in love again; time and time again. And...

Catfoot1,89293Jan 2015Jan 2015

wrongwhen u hang out with someone and all thay do is talk with outher guys on the phone and thay start drama and u get the blame for it its just wrong that...

finngers35810Jan 2015Jan 2015
Live Today

Live Today!Activated Vol. 16 Issue 1 Thursday, 01 January 2015 Someone has said that today is a marvel of opportunity, crucif...

Keys7072630Jan 2015
First last kiss

First last kiss....How many of you out there is looking for the first last kiss? How many of you are willing to spend the rest of your life with that special someone. In...

Sean3443811Jan 2015Jan 2015
mark on our relationships

mark on our enables us to connect with many more people, from all walks of life, than we might normally meet in a normal working or no working hours.......

teenameena294-Jan 2015

meI'm new to blog so just came to say hello. I don't think my profile is the greatest and I know I'm older but I still am actually pretty young and can...

callmeBoots46212Jan 2015Jan 2015
Its Econimic

Its EconimicIts Econimic...

jarred1443-Jan 2015
Why can not people be true

Why can not people be true ?Like when posting pictures It seems always happen they post a young picture; Not up to-date. That to me is deceiving us who are looking for love. Also...

BearWave55116Jan 2015Jan 2015

seekingAm a single woman looking for that good man...

nicola11733764Jan 2015Jan 2015

Hello!Hope every one doing well!...

Zeurich49013Jan 2015Jan 2015
Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday !!!Happy Birthday to my best, one and only CS friend Ravensgold ! Wishing you all the best and be happy!...

Unknown43116Jan 2015Jan 2015

FlirtingFlirting is an important component of social behavior and although it can easily be misinterpreted, it need not be so if you select your ‘victims’ car...

Catfoot1,61774Jan 2015Jan 2015
postneoludite5506Jan 2015Jan 2015

LIES, DECEIT, DISHONESTYHello everyone Well I did not exactly know under which subject to put this but I needed to get this of my heart! I receive so many messages. An...

Antoinette4055111Jan 2015Jan 2015

FindingOkay life is not bad but it's also not un-interesting. My computer has a bug in it and is infecting all my sites that keep me wanting to live. Email,...

5something3659Jan 2015Jan 2015
Do men ever listen

Do men ever listen ?Maybe i am not that lucky to be able to be with a man who listen to what i said. What drives me mad is that it seems like forgetting what i said or wh...

Kasih72823Jan 2015Jan 2015
Our Love

Our LoveOur Love...

jarred1729-Jan 2015
laughing out loud

laughing out loudI woke myself up this morning, I was laughing so much, after being flirted with outrageously in post after post in my dream version of social media. I...

VivianLee38117Jan 2015Jan 2015
The Myth of finding THE ONE

The Myth of finding "THE ONE”Certain women hold on to a romantic notion that “a Knight in Shining armour” or “a Prince” will appear to sweep her off her feet and live in happiness...

7billion2_11,17860Jan 2015Jan 2015
6 tips for good comunication

6 tips for good comunication1. Think before you speak. Words can get to do as much damage as we imagine, it is important to know the way we use them, because if we give a tone or...

minnie504025Jan 2015Jan 2015
Dating Safely on the Internet V

Dating Safely on the Internet VFinally, don’t take out your vendetta with your last date on your new date. If you allow yourself to be blinded by the bitterness of a past relationsh...

Crucible3187Jan 2015Mar 2015
Dating Safely on the Internet IV

Dating Safely on the Internet IVTalk with this person as often and as long as possible, but listen and listen good. Don’t get carried away with telling the story of your life and lis...

Crucible2402Jan 2015Jan 2015
Dating Safely on the Internet III

Dating Safely on the Internet IIIThe next thing is to reach out. It does not matter whether you are a man or woman. You see someone that “rings your bell”, reach out to them. What is...

Crucible1780Jan 2015
Dating Safely on the Internet II

Dating Safely on the Internet IIDupes. How about them? I have always maintained that in order to be duped on the Internet, you have to be foolish, greedy or both. It is wrong to want...

Crucible1951Jan 2015Jan 2015
Dating Safely on the Internet I

Dating Safely on the Internet IThere are all sorts of comments and positions out there on why people should stay away from online dating. Top on the list is the safety concern. Peop...

Crucible1690Jan 2015
Marriage box

Marriage box.Most people get married believing a myth that marriage is a beautiful box full of all the things they have longed for,companionship,intimacy,friendshi...

maxy20104157Jan 2015Jan 2015
Three Stories on Love Pt 1

Three Stories on Love Pt. 1There's More to Love than We Both Know-- 1 Corinthians 13:12 KJV Compilation: 02/14...

Keys7072620Jan 2015
to the one my hearts dearest

to the one... my hearts dear are the right person the right timings... Finding the right person, a person you want to spend your life wi...

teenameena3132Jan 2015Jan 2015
Will The Right One Ever Show Up

Will The Right One Ever Show Up?I think most of us here are waiting for the right one to show up; some actively searching and some passively waiting; even though our profiles may ind...

Catfoot1,16678Jan 2015Jan 2015
Meeting Friends

Meeting FriendsLast night I went to visit some of my friends whom I hadn't seen in over a year. 8 1/2 yrs ago, I started a singles club in Madison, Wi. which is whe...

Gentlejim40616Jan 2015Jan 2015
Foot in mouth disease I need a cure

Foot in mouth disease - I need a cureSome days I read through the blogs, skipping the numpties, popping in to see what my favourites have to say, saying little myself, and enjoying CS soc...

VivianLee81251Jan 2015Jan 2015
He is not perfect so do you

He is not perfect so do youHe’s not perfect. You aren’t either, and the two of you will never be perfect. But if he can make you laugh at least once, causes you to think t...

Chingchingyap42915Jan 2015Jan 2015

HAPPY BIRTHDAYHappy, Happy Birthday to my friend Wallops! May you have many more and may God bless one of the nicest ladies on the blogs!!!!!!!!! Hey gan...

Gentlejim65133Jan 2015Jan 2015
"PLAY NOW: Tricky Cups"(meet us in the games)

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