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Men would not lie so muchMen would not lie so much if women did not ask them so many questions...............

jarred1114-May 29

Do you miss someone? CallDo you miss someone? Call Do you want to have a chat? Invite Do you want to be understood? Explain Do you have questions? Ask them Do not you like...

jarred1116-May 27

Many men would like to be married, only not twenty-four hours a day.Many men would like to be married, only not twenty-four hours a day....

jarred1108-May 26
I have heard this said is it true

I have heard this it true?Women claim to like sex just as much as men. If that were the case, how come I hear it repeatedly...many the point it is just about the...

Johnny_Sparton97694May 26May 30
hey you guys think a minute man guys ...think a minute man.............the movement i am on ............they are flooding my box it makes it diificult for me to chat....with the ones ...i like...

dimplesimple2307May 26May 26

Where is my soulmateI have just decided to trip somewhere I will be avaible 2 month later so im planing to go somewhere who attends me otherwise im gonna on my...

Juantolga1562May 24May 24

I have a Serious question ??Somegrils send me massage and asking my mail account or phone number ? Have you ever run across who are they...

Juantolga26813May 24May 28

I have a Serious question ??Some grils send me massage and asking my mail account or phone number ? Have you ever run across...

Juantolga61653May 23May 23
JUST saying

JUST sayingcougar hunter Young man who typically has trouble scoring with women his own age. A woman who is attracted to older men is known as a panther....

dimplesimple2169May 23May 23
Sex slavery

Sex slavery'There are millions of girls in sex slavery throughout the world, an estimated minimum of one hundred thousand in the US alone. The average entry age...

CestMero37725May 21Jun 1

There is too much sadness in the worldThere is too much sadness in the world: at this moment more than 7 million people have sex and you are behind your computer ... that is so sad...

jarred1123-May 21
Can love exist without respect

Can love exist without respect.I ask this because New Girl and I were just chatting and she told me she knew people who said that they loved each other but didn't respect each other...

CestMero82983May 19May 23
Sexually transmitted diseases

Sexually transmitted diseases..........pre-marital sex. Of the cultures, past and present, who treasure the bond of marriage (for whatever reasons), pre-marital sex has been generally looke...

dimplesimple2623May 19May 20
What does love mean to you

What does love mean to youLove what it means to you and why is it hard people to love you back...

Trucker161291May 18May 18

i love youThe most used phrase in the world. One person says it quickly, the other says it only when one says it and a third may never.................. ..........

jarred1114-May 17
Treating your partner like their the last person on earth

Treating your partner like their the last person on earthLadies and gentlemen how would or how do you treat and adore your better half...

Trucker1633219May 15Jul 30
Were are the down to earth fun honest loyal women at looks mean nothing its whats on the inside

Were are the down to earth fun honest loyal women at looks mean nothing its what's on the insideTrying to find someone down to earth honest fun about no games its on the inside what counts...

Trucker161972May 14May 14

The eyes are the mirror of the soul,The eyes are the mirror of the soul, but how can you see the soul of someone wearing lenses?...

jarred1136-May 14
Did you know Hate is only a direct door to love

Did you know Hate is only a direct door to love?There is no way to love that does not carry a little bit of hateful feeling. We hate the other a little because sometimes he is not there when we need...

Amed321451May 13May 13

Ugly people.Ugly people. You've probably experienced it. During the meeting you look at someone and you can not help but you find him / her really ugly. Tastes...

jarred1139-May 13
maybe true about love

maybe true......about love.....SOME... interesting facts that came to the experimental researchers of love: If you hold hands with someone you love, this can help to alleviate...

dimplesimple1872May 13May 14
After A While You Just Get Sick Of This Online Dating Game

After A While You Just Get Sick Of This Online Dating GameOnce upon a time i used to think this online dating thing was fun and entertaining and at times really believed it could bring me closer to a dream i...

My_Lover1,40765May 11Jun 27
are we olbligated

are we olbligatedAre we obligated to satisfied another whom you may be just a friend answering all of their questions, including personal quest...

Johnny_Sparton91072May 11May 14

TimeTime is worthless/priceless.. time has created the universe. time makes money that revolves the Earth. time compensates itself for the purpose its bee...

Okose1260May 10
What Really is True Love Part Two

What Really is True Love? Part TwoI need to explain that a favourite quote of mine is, 'when you are up to your arse in alligators, it is often difficult to remember, that the objectiv...

CestMero25115May 8May 9
What Really is True Love Part one

What Really is True Love? Part oneI only this year understood what true love is and have only just now realised why I am here, on this site. For someone my age this is a revelation th...

CestMero21613May 8May 9

I know nobody who never liesI know nobody who never lies.................

jarred1122-May 8
Wanted Dimwit incapable of learning anything

Wanted - Dimwit incapable of learning anything.One of the most common phrases I see on profiles is " No Baggage" Ok we none of us want a person so laden down with baggage they can't move especial...

zmountainman80666May 8Oct 5
I thought I was over this

I thought I was over this!It made me catch my breath and gave me that feeling in the pit of my stomach. I thought I was over this! 'Oh come on!' I thought, 'you really need t...

CestMero2479May 8May 8
Did you ever get that feeling

Did you ever get that feeling?You're about to do something and you get that little voice in the back of your head whispering 'don't do it.' but you go ahead anyway. Have you ever...

CestMero38034May 7May 11

Blue Eyed FairyWhen i first joined this site... my intentions were as clear as a jellyfish sunbathing on a beach. I was not in the market to find a soulmate... lover...

TattoedMonk152-May 7

After 9 years of talking online,After 9 years of talking online, ....................

jarred1140-May 7

KarmaWhat is it with the most interesting people not living here or at least near me? Karma is kinda rough sometimes, isn't?...

solo_traveler54320May 6May 10
Somethings happening

Something's happening...Strange, but true. Well...make what ya will, of it... My horoscope reading (not that I pay much heed): Voices from the past, are nothing new, espe...

Bspoken429011May 2May 9
Its my pleaure who like contacts me

It's my pleaure who like contacts meI am a Chinese, 62 years old,178cm tall,divorced,living with my only daughter 25 years old,retired ,before was an electrical engineer,designing automa...

shdnglu1300Apr 29
Age Difference

Age DifferenceSince I have joined this site, I am getting more responses from women in the 30-35 year old range than closer to my age, and I am 56. I am wonderin...

Dwarbit75230Apr 29Sep 21

Congratulations!You've only been on that other site for about two weeks and are already disliked. They say that you are a gossip monger, who seems to be angry at ever...

LadyImp44913Apr 28May 1
Which boy like to China meet me

Which boy like to China meet meI am a Chinese girl,am 25 years old,English is not well but am learning,I do not know if you like a Chinese girl,I am 170cm tall from a company as a r...

lwnr096533Apr 28Jul 9

What Possesses Some People?Well, one thing for sure, online, you'll find all kinds of behaviour. What I wonder is, what do people get out of behaving in such a bizarre fashion?...

LadyImp3005Apr 27Apr 28
Emotional investment

Emotional investmentGosh how emotional investment be it online or up close and personal is measured in so many ways. To consider the pain of emotional investment in som...

Akeldama4022019Apr 25Apr 26

Friendships With A DeadlineDoomed to fail! “All good things come to an end” – do they really have to? A few people on this site have inspired me to write this blog and I ca...

daniela77796472Apr 24Jun 23
A true friend

A true friendA true friend will let you stubbornly walk your way and wait patiently until you come to your senses. A true friend will love you unconditionally i...

Akeldama401816Apr 23Apr 24

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