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How Much Do You Know About The Person Youre Sleeping With

How Much Do You Know About The Person You're Sleeping With?Everything seems perfect right from the start, you get to know each other little by little. You tell each other things that are sensitive and you don'...

Crazyheart3845835Nov 22Nov 23
Missing My Love

Missing My Love.Missing my love Tapan and if you see this Tapan I miss you. I miss reading your sweet emails to me. I would love to see an email from you again. I hop...

Msweetrocks2064Nov 18Nov 20

proposingwomen would you propose to your man? men would you accept a woman proposal? decided not to blog again because too many stuck up people on he...

georgie3947237Nov 15Jan 28
What Do You Need A Man Woman For

What Do You Need A Man/Woman For?feels good to be back here tonight......

Crazyheart3881777Nov 14Nov 16

ScamAlert Gina65702 Russian scammer...

Unknown44021Nov 13Nov 13

The Sweetest GameThe Sweetest Game...

jarred179-Nov 11
A Woman Is A Treasure

A Woman Is A TreasureTrust- We must learn to trust our women, because that is one of the keys to a strong foundation. Don't assume that she is doing something just because...

MrB201726915Nov 9Nov 13

The relation we buildLast week I read some book about communication used in psychoterapy. I was surprised to notice that we are part of a revolution regarding the interpre...

Swami2747Nov 7Nov 8

if you believe that you are the messenger of doom and gloom, I guess you are a successful candidateWow been in this blog 4+- years, and never have I been so utterly bored. Was gone for four (4) months and return with non other than...??? The drea...

Fieryred701525Nov 7Nov 7
Is It Love Or Madness

Is It Love Or Madness"I'm amazed at how together you are" he scoffed. I might have mistaken it for a compliment hadn't I known it was sheer mockery. We'd been dating for t...

PrettyEyesJa23611Nov 6Nov 6
Is He A Lemon Or A Classic

Is He A Lemon Or A Classic?What is a more realistic expectation of dating the guy over 40 years old? He's been around the block... changed a few owners... He's been there... lo...

PrettyEyesJa59135Nov 5Nov 6
Thoughts about love

Thoughts about loveLove is a controversial feeling, both cure and ruin, A reason to live or die. Some people say there is no love without suffering, Still what is wor...

Annanda94879Nov 5Nov 14
seaworthy2638Nov 3Nov 4
New on here and is this real

New on here and is this real?I want to know from others experience in regards to CS. I am here to actually meet someone in my area- CA. I am getting messages from other States an...

occutie183851Nov 1Nov 4
Gal youre doing it wrong

Gal, you're doing it wrongGuy: Are you serious? Me: No, I'm funny. And then he didn't write to me again. Any ideas what I might have done wrong?...

Annanda2488Oct 30Oct 30
Dude youre doing it wrong

Dude, you're doing it wrongFlirting is an art, they say. Not that I am an expert or anything... However, on my short stay as a CS citizen, I already have a few suggestions...

Annanda1,00171Oct 30Oct 31
The Breakup

The BreakupActions carried out upon breakup: Delete photos, text, phone number, cut off any communication. Did they even ever exist? How do you handle it when th...

Shinegirl97059Oct 28Nov 3
Frenchie Loveday

Frenchie/LovedayYou say it is mutual, but I still am prohibited from contacting you due to the conditions you have set - there is nothing I can do to change my age (w...

Oppman48615Oct 28Nov 8
Love Vs Dependency

Love Vs Dependency....Is it Love from the Heart, or from the Wounded Self? How to distinguish the difference between "being in love" and being "emotionally dependent"...

daniela77784773Oct 27Nov 30
7 day journal of a newbie

7-day journal of a newbieDay one: Window shopping. Loads of e-mails from random guys. Day two: Hours answering all e-mails. Felling exhausted. What am I doing here?...

Annanda85657Oct 27Oct 28
Why did she do this to me I know I am a succor

Why did she do this to me? I know, I am a succorI met a girl online from the Philippines as I was going through a divorce here in Denver. I thought someone overseas would be great to get away and bu...

stemik6274142Oct 25Oct 28

fireFrom a deep sleep, in a womb Of insulation The chill touches my nose As if the wood burning stove is starving For fuel, to keep things cozy I p...

freehand1490Oct 24

PhobiasDo you have any ? And can you link it to an event in your past .... Maybe not this life but one of the other times you have been here I rem...

oldblue542519Oct 23Oct 24
Frenchie Loveday

Frenchie/LovedayYou have inadvertently blocked me - please contact me again - peterelsco...

Oppman2653Oct 23Oct 23
For those seeking love here or elsewhere

For those seeking love here or elsewhereLove Quotes Author: Gabriel Garcia Marques I love you not for whom you are, but who I am when I'm by your side. No person deserves your tear...

Akeldama401805Oct 23Oct 29

THE STORY OF MY LIFEThe story of my life It all begins two years back. I got a unknown friend request on the facebook. I was amaze to find a request from a girl which wa...

Shinglal1331Oct 22Oct 22

Patience....not exactly a love fest of it on these introduction sites. The whole format both speeds things up enormously compared to the alternatives, and allows...

Aaltarboy1462Oct 2017Oct 28
Whats Wrong with People

What's Wrong with People?Have you ever spared some time just to talk to someone, rushed home just to get to hear his/her voice before he/she goes to bed (let's say you are of...

Geline_1396045Oct 2017Nov 15

I Don't Ask For MuchOnly to meet someone as messed up as I am and marry her...

Track161997Oct 2017Oct 2017

Something I want to say...Maybe,maybe I was wrong... I got some mails from men and appreciated them. Cos I am not a positive person writting first. I only know waitting instead...

July012155-Oct 2017
Hi Hello How Are You Where Are You

Hi Hello How Are You? Where Are You?Hi Hello How Are You? Where Are You? This guy message me and he's gone. What in the world happen to him anyway. When i try to reply his message t...

datatraveler3136821Oct 2017Oct 27
I Think This Is My Year

I Think This Is My YearSo I had another date last was a boring date in an Irish pub but the seafoods and drinks were all worth dressing down We were the last cu...

Crazyheart3873373Oct 2017Oct 2017

The Online Disinhibition EffectFrom It's well known that people say and do things in cyberspace that they wouldn't ordina...

Swami38644Oct 2017Oct 2017
I saw the blog about

I saw the blog about...Casual sex And also believe people should practice safe sex... So how long into a relationship would you feel safe having unprotected sex with s...

oldblue542796Oct 2017Oct 2017


DIRKFLEET2106Oct 2017Oct 2017
Sex robots

Sex robotsWhen do you think state of the art sex robots will be on the market? Will they also be able to do cooking, cleaning and Ironing? Will they also bat...

Freedomofspeech91,116119Oct 2017Oct 21

Party on InternetThe main problem of the internet and with sites like CS is that those do not offer the possibility to have a party between us. At a party are invited...

Swami1,00367Oct 2017Oct 2017
dont go to dating sites If your not serious

don't go to dating sites If your not seriousDating sites are for honesty and pen pal communications not profiling or spyware or porn etc.I find that many people are searching for their soul mate...

josephevans31613Oct 2017Oct 28
I miss you

I miss youI miss you so much, your playful touch your kiss, your giggling about nothing over lunch. I miss how our eyes would meet And how you would laugh...

1r1shmale1581Oct 2017Oct 2017
I cant believe it

I can't believe itHey guys my son dady text me saying he is sorry for all that happened I should forgive him.... Guys he left me long time ago .guys he put my stuff o...

shane45681700Oct 2017
How it feels

How it feels?Gentle women and men I am wondering about my s*xual been I never enjoy sex the way I hear other persons speak of it... Men tends to love it more ... I...

shane45681735Oct 2017Oct 2017

Is sex the same for a man and a woman?I read this question today as part of a post. Today Psychologists already know the answer. I read some time ago an article which referes to this matt...

Swami2407Oct 2017Oct 2017

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