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Psychological warfare

Psychological warfare!Now, being on here for around a week, I had lots of traffic in my inbox. It is very long time ago that I participated on a dating site. First: compare...

Protegaia1,09137Mar 23Apr 27
No more fights

No more fightsSo, this is an update to my first blog.. I have ended it with my then boyfriend. I was taught by the example of my parents that loving someone is p...

Unknown61321Mar 22Mar 23

Love Is A DecisionI wrote and posted the following piece on Poetry Corner on Jan 7, 2016: Love Is A Decision (Author: socrates44) Love is not based on a feeling...

socrates4437832Mar 21Mar 25
A shocking reveal from a female regarding dating sites

A shocking reveal from a female regarding dating sites.I was talking with a female friend of mine over the weekend. We were talking about me and my activity on a dating site. She revealed to me, if she...

Johnny_Sparton1,582106Mar 19Mar 29
To Love Or Not To Love

To Love Or Not To LoveSo many times I heard people saying that they will never love again as it only brings pain but are they not doing themselves short for nothing? There...

Catfoot1,04485Mar 19Mar 20
Statement of a professor on internet dating viewed on Sat TV

Statement of a professor on internet dating ( viewed on Sat - TV )Internet has expand our world bounderies. Dating sites arise by hundreds and thousands and yes people are finding and have found a suitable partner du...

bookofdays28211Mar 18Mar 27

GAS GRASS OR a** NOBODY RIDES FOR FREELet's face reality boys of CS. If you have nothing on your plate that is better than what the girls of CS have your chances of winning their heart and...

Akeldama402484Mar 17Mar 18
Bridge collapse in Miami

Bridge collapse in MiamiIn case anyone is interested a recent accident in Miami when a new walking bridge was recently installed at a Florida University had collapsed on seve...

Akeldama4020711Mar 16Mar 16
I wanna wake up next to you

I wanna wake up next to youWhat do you think is the best part of a loving relationship? Is it the sharing, the intimacy, the sex, the security it gives you, the feeling of being...

Bunyi88831014Mar 16Mar 17
Looking at faces making choices

Looking at faces – making choicesIt’s weird isn’t it? Looking at all these faces and wondering which one’s you should contact and which ones you won’t. How is it, we can make such...

Bunyi88838531Mar 15Apr 5

100%It seems everyone is looking for that special one, that soul mate, that life partner but isn’t that one and only so hard to find? What each is looking...

Bunyi88824813Mar 15Mar 16
What is a friend

What is a friend?We take for granted our need for friends but really what is a friend? Well, on one level a friend is the opposite of an enemy, so anyone on your side...

Bunyi88828311Mar 14Apr 6
Expectations Part 1

Expectations. Part 1The following blog titled "When you are e...

Stargazer1113,575232Mar 12Mar 21
Very sad indeed

Very sad indeedReviewing various female profiles and their perception of self and the quality of men they seek It's rather sad when they preach about how loving cari...

Akeldama4045025Mar 12Apr 10
Two Sides Of A Coin

Two Sides Of A Coin -Two Sides Of A Coin -...

jarred1112-Mar 11
Online dating rules

Online dating rules<This will be multi page, sorry> So a friend of mine goes on a popular dating site. She finds someone localish, good looking, 35 years old and al...

Ken_1947414Mar 6Mar 31
Youre The Only Woman Ive Been Dreaming Of

You're The Only Woman Ive Been Dreaming OfOh baby Say, now, you You talk about the things I do But baby, I yeah, I'll try 'n' explain the reasons why 'Cause I've been thinkin' 'bout the...

LoveRanger522275Mar 4Mar 4
hey there you

hey there youwhen you think your all alone but something comes an hits you in the face its called destiny and it has found you before you found it. Can true love c...

Babegurl5102526Mar 3Mar 10
Cold Outside But whatabout Peoples hearts

Cold Outside .... But whatabout People's hearts?Well dear community. Life's full of regrets ... but there's always a light at the end of the tunnel .... irrespective of how long that tunnel is....

BumbleB2373Mar 3Mar 14
Getting ready for my first date

Getting ready for my first dateGetting ready for my first date [/i...

jarred1104-Mar 3
If You Are Happy

If You Are Happy….If You Are Happy…....

jarred1251-Mar 1
Ask yourself this question and answer it honestly

Ask yourself this question and answer it honestly.Ask yourself this question and answer it honestly. Do you think men become better when changing themselves to attract more women, or worse? The ans...

jarred1115-Feb 28

SAPIOSEXUALITY - What Attracts You To The Opposite Sex?After reading a friend´s poetry, I was extremely enlightened and have now found a name for my rather specific prerequisites about what attracts me to...

daniela7771,938136Feb 26Mar 13
Let it go and be free

Let it go..and be freeSomeone asked me, “Why do loyal people get played on and cheated”? I paused and smiled. Well, it is all because they have so much to give. They lo...

Jennymcbride2858Feb 26Feb 26
The only good woman in a bar

The only good woman in a barThe only good woman in a bar is the one working behind the counter...and she goes home to her husband after work.?...

jarred1119-Feb 25
because nice is not real

because nice is not real....80% of nice guys will become serial killers the rest of 20% they are already dead?. because nice is not real.... like ultimately genuine. the worl...

jarred1112-Feb 24
Where to go to meet a prospective lover soul mate

Where to go to meet a prospective lover/soul mate ?So guy any suggestions? A friend once told me that whenever he tried to go hunting so to speak, he would always meet the wrong candidate or none at...

Kiterunner146925Feb 24Mar 15
My bf still open his dating site profile

My bf still open his dating site profile..Lets just say i met a guy on a dating site, hes good hes great we click, all rainbows Communication is intense, we got into a dates, he shows his rou...

Kasih80039Feb 23May 17
f you want true loyalty and companionship

f you want true loyalty and companionship,If you want true loyalty and companionship, then go to your local animal shelter and get a dog.?...

jarred1120-Feb 20

The DILEMMA of a SUSTAINABLE RELATIONSHIPA lasting relationship can be like marriage or cohabitation and seems like something complex and difficult to achieve in our lives. It is often depict...

muzzena1770Feb 16
Is My Boyfriend Cheating On Me

Is My Boyfriend Cheating On Me?Relationships are a spiritual commitment between 2 souls. Relationships are necessary for our spiritual development. Cheating or unfaithfulness is...

muzzena1730Feb 16
Disaster Recovery

Disaster RecoveryWhat a disaster my Valentine date turned out to be. I met him last Saturday at the Laundromat. I have seen him many times before but this was the firs...

BeaPatient40535Feb 16Mar 10
To good to be true

To good to be true.Hi, I want people to know that I was in contact with a man that claimed his name to be "Wayne Jones" and was supposed to be living in Quebec Canada wh...

MSAPRIL12343120Feb 15Feb 17

GamechangersWe all, whether on our profile, or just in our heads, have a list of the characteristics and qualities we would like in a potential partner. The list...

mollybaby1,300125Feb 15Jul 2
This Is What She Wanted

This Is What She WantedWell, as they say, all good things come to an end. And this was a good one. I felt kind of sad when I took her home earlier. She’s leaving today and w...

Catfoot1,10994Feb 14Feb 17
Happy Valentines Day

Happy Valentines DayThere are so many here I wish to dedicate this song too I can't list them all but I can sing out a few, Kalpataru, Usha, LouLou, Seagrit, Lacrimosa, I...

Ken_1925710Feb 14Feb 16
My Valentine

My ValentineI never make a fuss about big days like Christmas, Easter, Valentine’s Day and the likes. To me it is just a commercialized moneymaking racket and the...

Catfoot73570Feb 14Feb 14

SancoAmong the 'intellectuals' visiting here has anyone heard of 'Sanco Panza'......??...

Sanco552819Feb 10Feb 11
A Gift or Not A Gift

A Gift or Not A Gift?She is here on holiday from one of the Northern provinces and will be leaving for home on the fifteenth. I met her at a dance on the third day of her...

Catfoot1,170114Feb 8Feb 11
Men marry women for their looks

Men marry women for their looksMen marry women for their looks. women marry men for their money. As men get older we get more successful, as women get older their beauty fades. He's...

jarred1177-Feb 6
An Amusing Conversation

An Amusing ConversationI received a PM from a 26 year old, obese Asian girl with a very cute face. She claimed to be a professor living in Cape Town. She has two photos in h...

Catfoot1,10096Feb 6Feb 6
Sex is just sex

Sex is just sexSex is just sex a relief but making love is so different in many ways size and how long it lasts doesn't come in to it , Its the quality that counts...

jarred1153-Feb 5
soloseeker: "Politeness & Flirtation!"(meet us in the puzzles)

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