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Would You Marry Someone Who Has A Disability

Would You Marry Someone Who Has A Disability?Let me make this question clear: It's about marrying someone with a disability, not dating someone with a disability. Ie, about making a livelihood w...

wheelchairguy3831612Jul 17Jul 18
I found it interesting

I found it interestingI found it interesting they say, “People generally portray their lives accurately, making online interactions closer to in person interactions.” It ca...

jarred1119-Jul 16
Its a lovely day today

It's a lovely day today.Take a few minutes from your day to watch this. You'll feel a lot better afterwards. Promise....

pat8lanips2629Jul 15Jul 16
Remember girls love is just dopamine

Remember girls, love is just dopamine.Remember girls, love is just dopamine. A chemical in the brain. That's why it hurts so much when you're away from your 'love'. You are addicted to dop...

jarred1114-Jul 15

MimiC ongratulation dear .. seems i have been missing out on a lot of juicy bits .. i wish for you and your love lots of blessings for the future ....

georgie392053Jul 15Jul 17
How Do Would You Deal With The Other Man Woman

How Do/Would You Deal With The Other Man / Woman ?How far would you go to protect or keep your marriage/relationship ? I had a stupid call from a very silly jealous woman today, telling me to stay...

Crazyheart38839107Jul 14Jul 14
Im an older gentleman

I'm an older gentlemanI'm an older gentleman and always pick-up hot young girls between 19 and 29 years old. I use my life and travel experiences to relate to these girls a...

jarred1142-Jul 10
Isnt a man just a man

Isn't a man just a man?Ladie What happens when you date a man of African decent? When African soccer players score a goal we all celebrate, and it's counted just like any ot...

Angelos771360Jul 9
Non responsive profiles

Non-responsive profilesIt would be better to remove outdated profiles with no activities. Who knows they left to eternity after heart attack or stroke. Old folks like me has...

regenerating1623Jul 9Jul 9
Have you met that Special Person Please share your story on here

Have you met that Special Person? Please share your story on here...Cos there are so MANY SCAMMERS on here; and also many just continually Online - & seemingly going nowhere slowly...wink wink. Of course on CS ther...

Soul_Whisperer1012988Jul 9Jul 11
Everyone seems to be looking for their Soulmate

Everyone seems to be looking for their Soulmate ??Everyone seems to be looking for their soulmate... They say - whoever they are - Never look, cos then you never find... Love just happens when lea...

Soul_Whisperer1012226Jul 9Jul 9

Settling for less than perfectand yes I know I have been snooty about others putting up multiple blogs. If you can't beat 'em, join 'em This is in part inspired by Mimi's blog...

Elegsabiff91440Jul 9Jul 9
People Come Into Your Life For A Reason

People Come Into Your Life For A Reason...."People come into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime. When you figure out which one it is, you will know what to do for each person......

daniela77773143Jul 9Jul 10
Back on CS again after a failed relationship

Back on CS again after a failed relationshipThis thought has been on my mind for months now and when I read what Calmheartseek on Kal's ' Weird ' blog wrote, I knew I have to put a blog up regar...

MimiArt73481,22253Jul 8Jul 21
Should I give up hope

Should I give up hope?CS/POF/Match....different sites but same results. Should I give up finding the one now or carry on undeterred? Is there ANYONE real on these sites?...

themanclad27714Jul 8Jul 8
Do mail order bride really exist

Do mail order bride really exist?The answer is Yes, and No, it really depends on your definition of mail order brides. The historical roots of the mail-order bride industry that em...

Lukeon31229Jul 8Jul 8
Intelligence is erotic

Intelligence is erotic!"Life is worthless if you do not have an obsession," said John Waters. I have several, but I will dedicate this blog to two of them: women who read an...

Huitzilopochtli2557Jul 8Jul 8
Girls if youre single dont worry

Girls,if you're single don't worryGirls,if you're single don't worry your future husband isn't even born yet.?...

jarred1126-Jul 7
I decided years ago I rather be lonely than miserable

I decided years ago ... I rather be lonely than miserable.?I decided years ago ... I rather be lonely than miserable.?...

jarred1113-Jul 6

International Kissing DayHow did we miss this? Have you kissed someone today? This is a pretty iconic kiss. Who would you like to kiss today? What celebrity /...

Elegsabiff1,01989Jul 6Aug 5
Newlyweds Shoe Game

Newlyweds Shoe GameI so wanna play this game!...

MimiArt7348174-Jul 6
Choose your partner wisely

Choose your partner wiselyI have a friend a guy from middle east (22 years old) who knew a local woman 37 years old (a widow with one daughter 5 years old) online for 2 years t...

Davinadia41212Jul 5Aug 21
I make my money in business

I make my money in business,No woman wants to hear about how I make my money in business, but they are more than happy to start fights and argue if I don't give them any. It's th...

jarred1116-Jul 5

Are you a Snapchatter? sooooooooo - did you know about Snapmaps?If you are using Snapchat, you know it updates constantly. You may not know it recently added a new feature which activated automatically without...

Elegsabiff39622Jul 3Jul 4
Dating By Numbers

Dating By NumbersKnowing who you are…realistically identifying your number/ranking and that of your prospective dates will greatly help you in finding the right part...

Crazyheart381,00079Jul 3Jul 4
Sugar mommas and sugar daddies

Sugar mommas and sugar daddiesI recently had read an interesting article talking about about a boy in the US finding a sugar daddy. Completely changed my concept of the subject. Ap...

AmorVincitOmnia2647Jul 3Jul 10
So much baggage comes with pretty females

So much baggage comes with pretty femalesSo much baggage comes with pretty females. Bad habits, old boyfriends, kids, crazy family?...

jarred1106-Jul 3
Sex money and Sex The three most important things

Sex, money and Sex" The three most important things??Sex, money and Sex" The three most important things??...

jarred1113-Jun 30
Choking During Sex Breath Play Little Death or Big Death

Choking During Sex ...Breath Play = Little Death or Big Death?Just wondering what does it say about a person who engage in breath play during sex...seems very risky...Is it worth it?...

Crazyheart381,20878Jun 30Jul 16
Updating the Marriage vows

Updating the Marriage vowsUpdating the marriage vows to keep things more in sync with the current times;...

JimNastics2188Jun 30Jul 1
Older men value younger women higher

Older men value younger women higher.Older men value younger women higher. There is the politics of the s*xual animal at work here.The younger guy feels that the woman owes him - the olde...

jarred1134-Jun 30
The first is deluded The second twisted

The first is deluded. The second, twisted.?I think there's two types of men who try to establish relationships with young women; 1st is the "Peter Pan" who refuses to recognise his own age. Th...

jarred1110-Jun 28
Why It All Needs Money

Why It All Needs MoneyI joined CS just to have fun, meet different people, good friends...but what I found here....only Money matters to the people.....uffg...

RaisJavid9929821Jun 2017Jun 2017
This Ones For Newbies

This One's For Newbies!This has been done before and it's been fun. It hasn't been done for awhile, so maybe it's time to do it again. So. Here's the deal... Judging b...

miclee86063Jun 2017Jul 1
praison36913Jun 2017Jun 2017
How To Get Rid Of Lawyers

How To Get Rid Of Lawyers...?I thought lawyers are smart...but this one simply can't take a hint! he just keep going on and on...geez, there's no chemistry! and I'm trying...

Crazyheart3891567Jun 2017Jul 18

THANKS C.S. I NO LONGER NEED MY READING GLASSES !Is it just me ? I turned on my laptop this evening and a new format, BIGGER print ! Easier to read and run through the Blogs. Thanks C.S. G...

goldengloss1955Jun 2017Jun 2017
alone in a house full of cats

alone in a house full of cats.?Most women want a guy who is a 6'4" muscular athlete with model good looks and $100,000 a year income with no flaws or baggage and who accepts without...

jarred1222-Jun 2017
LDR The Netherlands to Philippines

LDR The Netherlands to Philippines.LDR The Netherlands to Philippines....

jarred1137-Jun 2017
some of the messages

some of the messagesI receive are hilarious....won.t go into too much detail so as to alert the ones who are fakes...suffice it to show this symbol...

sweetiefireball3316Jun 2017Jun 2017
10 Reasons Why Women Are Attracted to Older Men

10 Reasons Why Women Are Attracted to Older Men10 Reasons Why Women Are Attracted to Older Men. Top Ten reasons: 1. Money 2. Money 3. Money 4. Money 5. Money 6. Money 7. Money 8. Mo...

jarred1336-Jun 2017

ProIf he disrespected you because you wouldn't let him in your bed, he is a boy, not a man. Forget him....

Track162264Jun 2017Jun 2017

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