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Good for you you have 700 messages

.Good for you, you have 700 messages.Good for you, you have 700 messages. That's great if you are just on the site for ego reasons., I have better things to do that chatting with you...

jarred1184-May 6
People need to stop sucking so much

People need to stop sucking so much. ?Online dating is stuuuuupid and such a waste of time. It's so much easier meeting girls out in public. All one has to do is open one's mouth! Your gon...

jarred1150-May 6
why is this so difficult

why is this so difficult?You should message me if only if you are very loyal and honest and funny, time caring, compassionate, understanding and unselfish and respectful. If y...

jarred1126-May 5

Is Fake the true danger?We have all heard of ‘fake’ people on dating sites. Who are they really? Are they the ones who put up a profile with no pic, who have a bit of fun...

mollybaby1,722120May 2May 3
Secret love

Secret loveSecret love...

jarred1103-May 1
where did I park my DeLorean

where did I park my DeLoreanIt appears that Im caught at the wrong place at the wrong time... I`ve been talking to various Women on another site . One has a profile that stat...

Dedovix24117May 1May 1
I Love You

I Love You..I really do. I think it would be very difficult for me to find a kind sweet patient funny good looking man who doesnt smoke has no pets no piercing n...

Kalpataru385-Apr 30May 7
Distance and the Heart

Distance and the HeartDoes distance really make the heart grow fonder? For me it depends on the individual. For instance, family yes it does. My youngest brother was statio...

Jao19611848Apr 29Apr 30
Loving an Older man

Loving an Older manIf you Love someone You don't have to ask for a Return, Loving an Older man Doesn't mean you will become a care taker for Him, as Long as you are lov...

jarred1125-Apr 28
How to overcome insecurities

How to overcome insecuritiesSometimes our thoughts are backed by so much insecurity that they create lies we ourselves believe. It is the typical guy-meets-girl story you read a...

Fieryred702058Apr 27Apr 28
67 years married

67 years marriedthere's a letter that an 87-year-old widow wrote in to a magazine saying that while her husband was dying, at 90, he told her he didn't love her and h...

Elegsabiff58359Apr 27Apr 28
beard and mouthtash

beard and mouthtashGreetings to all is wonderful people . an back thanks to those warm welcome I have had a few days ago.. Now .my question is about beard and mout...

georgie3926725Apr 27Apr 27
If You Ever Fall In Love

If You Ever Fall In LoveIf You Ever Fall In Love...

jarred1139-Apr 27
Sugar daddy anyone

Sugar daddy anyone ?Sugar daddy anyone ? Ha ha hell no not getting my money biaatches ?...

jarred1127-Apr 26
Back in the madhouse

Back in the madhouse. ...OK I'm back !!! Thought I could function in the real world ,but was only deluding myself !!! So who wants to start with the BS? '-)...

oldblue5467445Apr 25Apr 26
Ive heard that men seek supportive women above all other things

I've heard that men seek supportive women above all other things.Anyone who tells you what “men want” or what “women want” or what “men seek” or what “women seek” is utterly, irredeemably full of shit and can safely...

Fieryred7035327Apr 25Apr 26
Right Place

Right Place?Hello people of this Earth. Am I on the right? left? center? I mean, is this the right place to find me a rich woman? You see, rich women makes...

posolet77916Apr 23Apr 23
return to me

return to mereturn to me...

jarred1138-Apr 23
Girls go for bad boys for two reasons

Girls go for bad boys for two reasons:Girls go for bad boys for two reasons: 1. They think they can control and ultimately change the bad boy to be kind, caring, affectionate etc. This ne...

jarred1112-Apr 23
Come on Men what are you waiting for

Come on, Men, what are you waiting for?I see the same guys who look and look and don't write. What are you waiting for?a woman will not drop THRU your living room ceiling. You are still eat...

Calliopesgirl28314Apr 23Apr 23
Baby I love you

Baby I love youBaby I love you...

jarred1112-Apr 22
I am what I am and I do what I want

I am what I am and I do what I wantI am what I am and I do what I want, Some women love me some hate me, it doesn't bother me. There are things in life that you can only achieve if you...

jarred188-Apr 21
Confidence is sexy is an over exaggerated statement

"Confidence is sexy" is an over exaggerated statement."Confidence is sexy" is an over exaggerated statement. If you talk to the Islamic Jihadist, he can tell you everything he does is right and he belie...

jarred1109-Apr 21
Recreation Vehicles Motor Homes

Recreation Vehicles/ Motor HomesThere should be a dating site for folks who travel around / live in RVs...

MyIchor1827Apr 21Apr 21
You gotta laugh

You gotta laugh"Expect the unexpected — Cupid’s arrow could strike you at any moment, Libra." (from Libra 2017 horoscope)...

bloodyawfull25510Apr 20Apr 21
Tips for Older Guys Dating Younger Women

"Tips for Older Guys Dating Younger Women"Tips for Older Guys Dating Younger Women " Buy some Viagra...

jarred1167-Apr 20
beautiful women we all do it whos feeling naughty i like to be romantic in the bedroom

beautiful women we all do it who's feeling naughty i like to be romantic in the bedroomok we all do it i like to be romantic in the bedroom i like passionate kissing...

colbyc281,09684Apr 19Apr 20
gold diggers

gold diggers,the best gold diggers never end up in low income housing. It is the guile-less, 'down to earth' women who TRUST men too easily who end up in unfortuna...

jarred1111-Apr 19
300 profiles

300 profilesI used to read profiles then I got sick of reading 300 profiles...

jarred199-Apr 19
im looking for the girlfriend of my dreams

i'm looking for the girlfriend of my dreamshi my name is colby crider i'm 27 years old i'm looking for a girlfriend the perfect girlfriend the girl of my dreams i'm 27 years old i have had a gr...

colbyc2843232Apr 18Apr 19
Gambling On Love

Gambling On Love...Love is one risky business, you risk your heart, your body, your mind, your business, your work, your money...and everything really. I play cards for...

Crazyheart3866659Apr 18Apr 19
the perfect girlfriend

the perfect girlfriend.You take the mind of an older woman and put it in the body of a younger woman and you have the perfect girlfriend. Why does life suck?!?...

jarred196-Apr 18
Crazyheart3841734Apr 17Apr 17
When the milfs come out

When the milfs come out......Then we'll see what happens.... ......

pat8lanips32731Apr 17May 6
Things just got wierd

Things just got wierdStrange things happen on the wwweb I realize this. I'm not even sure where to start or how I came accross it but here goes, After I logging in to th...

UsernameTaken12330221Apr 15Apr 16
Dreaming someone real lover

Dreaming someone real lover!!!!People come and goes nothing real person I talk with lies pretend and scummers internet I think it's not good to find someone is real lover,I need adv...

gracemartin22713Apr 15Apr 16

Men, Sex and SlutsWhat is it with men? Even the seemingly modern, progressive 'Western'-thinking men, despite what they think about themselves, still have a contra...

mollybaby1,875166Apr 15Jun 13
How to get laid

How to get laid...I turn 71 this year and the first thing I want to tell you, is what they say about turning 69 is bullshyte, lol. As much as I wished, it never happene...

AlanStagg31824Apr 14Apr 15
m an old man

'm an old man,m an old man, women like me, would you think my Ferrari has anything to do with it?...

jarred180-Apr 14
Friday Evening

Friday EveningHow do you handle Friday evenings when you are away from family, friends and feel lonely?...

LastStrike26118Apr 14Apr 15
It must be me

It must be me....Well, I've spent the best part of two years on this site, and I am still alone. I have spoken (written) to many people in that time and nothing has...

VikingSon18912Apr 13Apr 14
Why prophet Muhammad Pbuh married Aisha age 9 year

Why prophet Muhammad (Pbuh) married Aisha age 9 yearWhy prophet Muhammad (Pbuh) married Aisha age 9 year...

jarred1107-Apr 12
montecito: "United States"(meet us in the puzzles)

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