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Song Remakes...I listen to a local classic rock music radio station that has a few hours of talk show in the morning and music at 10am. One day, they talked about li...

chatillion82481Aug 2018just now31 mins ago
Dont read this

Don't read this!Why? why not? what are you waiting for? this is the most easyest time in history and you wont even try!? you are in the comfort of your own home as fa...

Unknown49512Sep 2010just nowSep 2010
Cows are Amazing

Cows are Amazing!Most of us just consider cows to be just farm animals, we should be more thankful for these Bovine creatures; History and political correctness have s...

Mapmaker1,35293Jul 2016just nowJul 2016
Relationship Killers

Relationship KillersMost problems in a relationship can be tackled as a couple but some problems are troublesome and sometimes impossible to fix. The main ingredients for...

Catfoot1,29266Apr 2016just nowApr 2016

I don't represent the World, I represent AmericaWhat a great speech. Interrupted about 94 times with applause, I could see how our country is ready to work in unity and achieve greatness as he prom...

lindsyjones50329Feb 2017just nowMar 2017
Any Bloggers In Here

Any Bloggers In Here?Will you please say something... Would appreciate some company here......

Crazyheart381,765106May 2015just nowMay 2015

Seriously, who needs you ?Look, I can do this without you. You are just slowing me down. I know how to do this and win. Just watch me. Apparently, it's not all t...

JimNastics2493Aug 20181 mins agoAug 2018
Some People

Some People!I’m very even tempered; always the same. When somebody or something pissed me off, I don’t take it out on the next person and I cannot understand why...

Catfoot1,484106Feb 20181 mins agoFeb 2018

What just happenedTwo weeks ago I mentioned a pretty friend that lived just a couple of doors down got diagnosed with Leukemia, three weeks later DEAD. ugh I had gon...

UnFayzed5563 hrs ago2 mins ago28 mins ago
Scared of dying as a virgin

Scared of dying as a virginI m 22 but i think i live a life of a 40 year old, my daily routine is always studying,horror movies, outdoor sports, how will i even loose it when i...

Unknown2,07268Sep 20132 mins agoSep 2013
E02 Not good Refugee crisis in EU

E02 - "Not good" - Refugee crisis in EUE02 - "Not good" - Refugee crisis in EU...

jarred1190-Jun 20172 mins ago
never wanted

never wantednever wanted i never wanted perfection i never expected it... i never wanted anything... more that just you.... i never wanted you to change...

Unknown4870Aug 20072 mins ago

I'll be lawn-ly today...A few weeks ago my neighbor asked to borrow my lawnmower. He's cut my grass when I'm busy so I didn't mind returning a favor. The big question was "Do...

chatillion846Apr 132 mins agoApr 14
found this vid

found this vidits worth a watch. Interesting stuff ....

nonsmoker4766Nov 20162 mins agoNov 2016
Big baby news

Big baby newsOn Monday night we will be going to the hospital and they will be indusing my girlfriend she will be having the baby Monday or Tuesday can't wait so...

prouddaddyrain26016Aug 20142 mins agoAug 2014

Mueller Report Causes Democrats To Double Down On Their Mental SeizuresNever expect facts to change anything for the Democrats. Their strategy is the same as it always is since President Trump was elected: character as...

Diamond_Rain1391524 hrs ago2 mins ago33 mins ago
this weekend

this weekend :)This weekend was wonderful. I spent it with my family I went out of town with my sister & mom to my other sisters. We decided to have an xmas weekend....

zweet4you34716Nov 20112 mins agoNov 2011

Who is God? Does God exists?This is one concept many people don't want to talk about, because they claim it is Religion. Others don't want to, because it is controversial and do...

WhyNotAgain4love44046Apr 112 mins ago8 mins ago
Do you know this guy

Do you know this guy?Do you know this guy?...

jarred1351-Jan 20162 mins ago

Ever Feel LikeHave anyone ever felt like that you are just tolerated by people but never truly liked or accepted?...

Track1644922Sep 20162 mins agoSep 2016
well youll never guess what I just done

well you'll never guess what I just done.Well don't think too hard, as I am about to tell you exactly what i did. I sent myself a flower just to see how long it would take to get here. and...

nonsmoker66728Jun 20163 mins agoJun 2016
According to a recent study you should not snort Viagra

According to a recent study you should not snort Viagra............................ According to a recent study you should not snort Viagra....

jarred1512-Jul 20183 mins ago
This is the news of all news

This is the news of all news.What is happening in blogland? Did not realized last night it was so bad. I only logged in tonight because I dropped my one and only needle with a big...

ekself38234Oct 193 mins agoOct 20

Riddles......1.... When ever she is singing you have to touch her then she keeps whispering in your ears....who is she? ANSWER......CELL PHONE. 2.......

Unknown2,144156Aug 20133 mins agoAug 2013
Warning R18

Warning R18+This blog may contain s*xual or other objectionable material Please leave now or make sure your wearing your big boys pants Thanks for all the...

oldblue5461612Aug 20173 mins agoSep 2017
Ahead 2011

Ahead-2011I always hear people saying I will make this resolution, or that resolution for the new year. Stop for a moment and think...Are you doing this beca...

Unknown2193Jan 20113 mins agoJan 2011

What Trump is guilty ofDonald Trump, the President of the United States, behaved like any innocent man would behave having been framed by fabricated propaganda prepared by f...

Willy34114847 hrs ago3 mins ago58 mins ago

FLUFFANUTi dont get it she wanted me to get back in to the drama affter i told her i was done with the drama she blokes me really but she says o we can be frie...

finngers1,26642Jan 20153 mins agoJan 2015
The Frog And The Scorpion

The Frog And The ScorpionIs it not strange how our nature can dictate our actions, sometimes even against our better judgement. As they say here in Africa: “A leopard can chan...

Catfoot47640Oct 20133 mins agoOct 2013

on the lighter sideon the lighter side because, boy, this place needs a lighter side. i watch films. i watch a lot of films, sometimes over and over. i play them whil...

Palmfrond50144Jun 20183 mins agoJun 2018

Anti TrumpThere are so many unpleasant words said to describe about us who are Trump supporters, yet the worse is from that of Hillary Clinton, "basket of deplo...

lindsyjones9,879567May 20183 mins agoFeb 27

Pssst.... they're fake !!Simple fact... ALL dating sites have scammers with fraudulent profiles. Some sites have more than others and I believe it's related to management, be...

chatillion62739Jan 204 mins ago21 mins ago
I think Russell Crowe

I think Russell CroweIs perfect to play this guy in a movie about his harrowing adventure....

nonsmoker50720Dec 20164 mins agoDec 2016

Clooney heading for divorce?If Clooney can't keep his woman, all us men are in trouble....

Johnny_Sparton28013Oct 184 mins agoOct 19
oh my God help me

oh my God .. help me..i have meet many scammer.. but i dont know how can ?they still can catch me. 3 scammer with 1 job , i think she/he is good people, cos she/he believ...

xinchen53114Apr 20114 mins agoApr 2011


mikenewtothis62424May 20134 mins agoMay 2013
For My Home Town San Juan

For My Home-Town (San Juan)I was born in San Juan, my city cant't longer, me to stand, been born in San Juan a city, no longer understand. Under May's rain I played and dreamed...

bungallow551949Aug 20144 mins agoAug 2014
So is it just me or is something really wrong with the world

So is it just me or is something really wrong with the world?Who actually thinks the world is getting better? you think charities are helping? CHARITY = an organization set up to provide help and raise money for...

Heartbeatfast00753235Oct 20175 mins agoOct 2017

Imagine ...I stay here and I think about that ... What a funny world... We think that we live so far away from each other, our mind perceive world like a someth...

PatchAdams_4224May 20115 mins agoMay 2011

Men and women TV showsWhen a man admits to watching a women’s TV show or network immediately makes my mind wander... like, into the forest of no return. I mean, nothing em...

Palmfrond14,94810Jul 20185 mins agoJul 2018
GRUMP TIME Copy Paste News

GRUMP TIME - Copy/Paste NewsIt's interesting to see how news providers are nowadays filling their column inches, or whatever the monitor, tablet or smartphone equivalent is - col...

Grumpywriter33627May 20175 mins agoMay 2017
Confession Time

Confession TimeSometimes, when we are still young, we can do very silly things. I’m no exception to it. I did something in a moment of weakness that has haunted me f...

Catfoot84242Nov 20145 mins agoNov 2014

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