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News you can abuse - Black Bear in NJ breaks into vehicle and eats all 24 assorted cupcakes.This happened early this morning at about 2 am. The owner of the vehicle owns a pastry shop and was trying to get a head start on a anticipated busy...

JimNastics1016May 12May 13
When Life Laughs at You

When Life Laughs at You...Well, so much for a bike ride this morning. I'm up early, raring to go for my 10km bike ride, load up the bike with my camera and..... flat tire. Not...

LadyImp15015May 12May 12

Coffee Talk -So y'all punsters have a blog OF YOUR VERY OWN Am I considerate or WHAT?!...

miclee139-May 12May 12

(Troll) Trouble Brewing?I'm Taking The Unorthodox Step Of Posting My Final Comment At The BEGINNING of this renamed blog... COMMENT - Shall we begin by defining our sub...

miclee310-May 12May 12

some control over your life?Imagine that your life is a play .. And you are the writer of your own script, how would you continue to write your life from this moment on? Do you b...

jarred154-May 12

Out of Africa - WildlifesideSomeone mailed to ask for photos of African wildlife. So here we go. There's many more photos, and will just keep adding to this blog. I shudder...

Keepers56858May 12May 14
A Lonely Life

A Lonely LifeHi there. This is my first ever blog, so I'm not to sure what to write or if anyone will even read this. I have something on my mind though & a frie...

Zulu822009May 12May 12
Toilet Deaths what a way to go

Toilet Deaths, what a way to go!Parting shot, I have to go, I may be in love, too early to tell yet I guess. And this site is sooooo addictive, compulsive even, so I'm off for a whi...

CestMero23616May 12May 13
After A While You Just Get Sick Of This Online Dating Game

After A While You Just Get Sick Of This Online Dating GameOnce upon a time i used to think this online dating thing was fun and entertaining and at times really believed it could bring me closer to a dream i...

My_Lover1,10863May 11Jun 6

"RAMBLIN MAN"..("RAMBLE ON")..(154)There Awaits A Time.........And There Is Always The Place........................For Whatever Might Be There To Come For...It Shall Be Within That Da...

namaron27519May 11May 12

Interesting article in Rolling Stone Magazine yesterdayIt seems that Trump's attorney, has a lot of Russian Mafia ties and that Trump's towers have been a vehicle to launder money from Russian criminal act...

JimNastics1377May 11May 12

Never forgive a traitor, she really was a traitor, "Hanoi Jane"Never Forgive A Traitor For those of you too young to remember Hanoi Jane is a bad person and did some terrible things during the Vietnam war. Thin...

britishcolumbian32938May 11May 13

Chronic itching is torture trust me..............Years ago I spend two weeks in the hospital because I was bleeding from every pore, was itching everywhere. My head, between my toes, you just name...

britishcolumbian16110May 11May 13

are we olbligatedAre we obligated to satisfied another whom you may be just a friend answering all of their questions, including personal quest...

Johnny_Sparton73672May 11May 14
Just some healthy eating stuff

Just some healthy eating stuffInspired by the wonderful, talented and eminently desirable, Daniela. I was just going to mention this on Daniela's blog, but you all know how I ra...

CestMero15117May 11May 11

Abnormal.Normal is getting dressed in clothes that you buy for work, and sitting for ages in gridlocked rush hour traffic in a car that you are still paying...

Elegsabiff68670May 11May 13
You Cant Fix Stupid

You Can't Fix StupidDon't you ever wonder if people have any sense at all, never mind common sense? The other day, approximately 9pm the train's whistle blew for a long,...

LadyImp24021May 11May 11

REIKI - Hands On HealingWhat is Reiki? Reiki is a Japanese word – Rei meaning Universal, and Ki meaning Life Force Energy. Reiki has been around forever. It is not some...

daniela77745053May 11May 14

Where should I throw my balls to catch you?Where should I throw my balls to catch you?...

jarred169-May 11
Me Me

#Me Me"Well,one day you will all have to grow va**nas." Thats probably the one unprintable rant that Ill tell my JP male friends.With all that is going on...

Dfrezne24425May 11May 13
Google update

Google update!Google has just informed me they are updating their privacy policy, not to worry, they say nothing will change! Well of course not! They will contin...

CestMero20922May 11May 11

Ivan Reboff, Looked like a Russian, sang many Russian folk songs...... what a voiceIvan Rebroff was a German singer, allegedly of Russian ancestry, with a vocal range of four and a half octaves, ranging from the soprano to bass regis...

britishcolumbian641May 11May 11

Holland, the war ended there on May 5tth 1945Holland just celebrated the end of the second world war on May 5th 1945 “Ich habe der krieg nicht gewilt: (I did not want this war) A German sol...

britishcolumbian984May 11May 11

Secret money payments from huge corporations to Trump via shell company set up by his lawyerMore & more is daily being revealed about the shell company set up by Trump's personal attorney, Michael Cohen to receive payments from several huge...

JimNastics31330May 10May 14
Just Chilling

Just Chilling...Thinking, feeling, reminiscing and reflecting on this strange, weird, wonderful mysterious life......

Crazyheart3846754May 10May 10

Cashless societyInternet banking and eftpos Do we place too much trust in our cashless societies? Last night I tried to log onto my bank account to make a tran...

Onthcrestofawave35233May 10May 15
Rescue Paying It Forward

Rescue! Paying It ForwardI've written a little about my bratty fjord x, who in actual fact, saved my life. I won't go into that, but how, a few years later, I was able to pay...

LadyImp13815May 10May 10
Whats your pet hate

What's your pet hate?The thing I dislike most of all, is going to bed and finding I didn't put the clean bed linen on when I washed the bedding!...

CestMero41655May 10May 10

Top Dozen Favorite fruits to eat by meThis is MY top 12 list, it's somewhat acceptable, if YOUR list is different. #12 Plum #11 Apricot #10 Strawberry #9 Blackberry...

JimNastics1169May 10May 11
Gingers Redheads Strawberry blondes as promised

Gingers/Redheads/Strawberry blondes ~ as promised .Are we a superior Race? miclee and myself think so. Biff? anymore redheads out there on C.S.? I have done some research and it would seem, we are ce...

goldengloss65770May 10May 28

TimeTime is worthless/priceless.. time has created the universe. time makes money that revolves the Earth. time compensates itself for the purpose its bee...

Okose710May 10

Food For Thought - Honey & CinnamonThe Natural Cures & Health Benefits Honey contains B6, thiamine, niacin, riboflavin. The minerals found in honey include calcium, copper, iron, mag...

daniela77736853May 10May 11

I see myself a bit like a Christian figure.I see myself a bit like a Christian figure. Is because I always have to walk with that gigantic cross...........

jarred152-May 10

Living in Hope with Peace of MindAll human wisdom is summed up in two words. - Wait and Hope. -- Alexandre Dumas. Keep a green tree in your heart and perhaps the singing bird wil...

Keepers1422May 10May 10
Shine to the Dragons Tooth

Shine to the Dragon's Tooth!My weekly adventure led me to the Dragon's Tooth in Catawba, VA. Hiked another small section of the Appalachian Trail to get to it. The last part of t...

Shinegirl1118May 9May 10

Lol, born to survive?..... Or made into a survivor?..............whatever....Surviving, a few people have mentioned that I am a survivor. Never really thought about it but if I am, I had early training. Oldest of six, mam sta...

britishcolumbian14010May 9May 10

Old saying with a twist"Never judge someone until you have walked 1 mile in his shoes... " ...the twist "Then your a mile in front of him and you have his shoes..."...

Onthcrestofawave1858May 9May 10

My goodness, that was moving tonight!This is really only for the UK audience & those of us who are old enough to follow Corrie. I haven't for years but got back into it lately, mainly thr...

Cervatilla1295May 9May 9
stringman24024May 9May 11

My sweetheart is in the hospital today, being operated, having gall stones removed.....Yep what next...............Lol, he wants to ask the doctor to give the stones to him. Maybe thinking of making a necklace for me ................

britishcolumbian20124May 9May 11

Redneck mam writes to her about backwards lolDear son I’m writing this slow ’cause I know you can’t read fast. We don’t live where we did when you left. Your dad read in the paper that most acci...

britishcolumbian1003May 9May 10
Living Wide Open

Living Wide OpenDo you ever look at your life like someone else may look at it? Do you ever take yourself out of yourself, and look at your life from a different pers...

LadyImp740May 9
4MaryB: "Each of us "(meet us in the ecards)

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