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KING DAVID The Red Bone King part 4 Final

KING DAVID (The Red Bone King) part 4 (Final)English Dictionary Ruddy Duck: (zo?l.), an american duck (erismatura rubida) having a broad bill and a wedge-shaped tail composed of stiff, sharp fe...

NewYorkcitylove43-Oct 11
KING DAVID The Red Bone King part 3

KING DAVID (The Red Bone King) part 31 Samuel 16:1(Kjv) 1 And the Lord said unto Samuel, How long wilt thou mourn for Saul, seeing I have rejected him from reigning over Israel? fill th...

NewYorkcitylove39-Oct 11
KING DAVID The Red Bone King part 2

KING DAVID (The Red Bone King) part 2Psalms 144:1(Kjv) 1 Blessed be the Lord my strength, WHICH TEACHETH MY HANDS TO WAR and AND MY FINGERS TO FIGHT: 2 My goodness, and my fortress...

NewYorkcitylove38-Oct 11
KING DAVID The Red Bone King part 1

KING DAVID (The Red Bone King) part 1?KING DAVID (The Red Bone King) The red bone is known for having one of the most beautiful complexions among Black people. King David was also a re...

NewYorkcitylove43-Oct 11
The Possibilties Are Endless

The Possibilties Are EndlessThe Possibilties Are Endless...

jarred148-Oct 11
Track16652Oct 10Oct 11
I cant believe it

I can't believe itHey guys my son dady text me saying he is sorry for all that happened I should forgive him.... Guys he left me long time ago .guys he put my stuff o...

shane45681020Oct 10
The church vs the scriptures All men created equal

The church vs the scriptures All men created equal?The church vs the scriptures All men created equal?...

NewYorkcitylove45-Oct 10
Track16550Oct 10
Ah and what shall we say about Self Sabotage

Ah and what shall we say about Self - SabotageHow do we define self sabotaging behavior as there are many definitions and many ways we often sabotage our efforts to form healthy relationships wi...

Akeldama4014410Oct 10Oct 13
A Look Inside The Brain Of A Drug User

A Look Inside The Brain Of A Drug User I saw this on Dr Phil show. the son is on drugs for a while....

stringman15012Oct 10Oct 11
How it feels

How it feels?Gentle women and men I am wondering about my s*xual been I never enjoy sex the way I hear other persons speak of it... Men tends to love it more ... I...

shane45681125Oct 10Oct 10
Is sex the same for a man and a woman

Is sex the same for a man and a woman?I read this question today as part of a post. Today Psychologists already know the answer. I read some time ago an article which referes to this matt...

Swami1487Oct 10Oct 11
stringman24730Oct 10Oct 11
Im glad we are friends

I’m glad we are friendsI’m glad we are friends...

jarred144-Oct 10
Northbay Area a Raging Inferno

Northbay Area a Raging InfernoI've lived here for 40 years. All my children born and lived here except one who is in the southern part of the State, I've not seen as devastating...

lindsyjones20623Oct 10Oct 11
NewYorkcitylove37-Oct 10
the antisocial

the antisocialThe life of the solitary/hermit type. I go to work. I greet people with a genuine interest in how they are. I find a common element and talk about...

freehand17614Oct 10Oct 10
Where is that lady

Where is that lady?You know the one. The one who is always so stunning, charming, beautiful, exciting, fine, classy, elegant, lovely, kind, breathtaking, unique...

robrt78746439Oct 10Oct 12

Let's talk crazy conspiracies?I don't know what it is, but I seem to attract some people with novel different ideas. I was out at the bar the other night and this guy who I have n...

Johnny_Sparton34137Oct 10Oct 12
Track16701Oct 9Oct 10

Strokeswhen a person suffers one, why does it matter what part of the head suffered the stroke? as in .. the front, side or back?...

itchywitch19411Oct 9Oct 10

"WHEN YOU'RE HOT".."YOU'RE HOT"..(2)(When Youre Not?...Youre Not)......"Sometimes...We..As Humans...Cannot Do It..... No Matter How Hard We Are Trying.....................It Just Doesnt...

namaron21718Oct 9Oct 10

Ladies what do you think of males who cat call you in publicI get that guys have been doing this workers, cab drivers ect ect But seriously what should our reaction be to guys lusting w...

Jada_Bella1155Oct 9Oct 9

BIBLE CODE BREAKERS…BIBLE CODE BREAKERS…Trees = men/nations. Vines = lineage Beasts = men/nations. Clouds = heavenly chariots. heavens = Kingdoms/Rulership. Hel...

NewYorkcitylove44-Oct 9

Failed ExperimentMy caffeine free experiment has officially failed, I am drinking caffeine again. I was able to give it up but the last few months I spent the whol...

Track16781Oct 911 hrs ago
Hi Smile

Hi SmileHi Smile...

jarred130-Oct 9
Is it people or governments that dont get on

Is it people or governments that don't get on?I find this very interesting I'm from Ireland and you could have all races living on the same street, block, estate, were ever an they will get on wit...

Heartbeatfast007621Oct 9Oct 9
An Alternative To OJ In 20

An Alternative To OJ In '20?As we approach the 1st anniversary of arguably the most bizarre Prez Election in U.S. history*, is it too early to consider a challenger to Orange Jul...

miclee871Oct 9Oct 10
Arsareth is America

Arsareth is AmericaArsareth is America...

NewYorkcitylove35-Oct 9
Britain prepares for possible war with North Korea

Britain prepares for possible war with North KoreaI just read it from New York Post today. It's interesting, under what motives is my question. As a support to the USA? Or more like to show cas...

lindsyjones35542Oct 9Oct 10
R E M music blog

R.E.M music blog Do you like this band? Do you have a favourite R.E.M song?...

Freedomofspeech910913Oct 9Oct 9

THE PROPHESY OF SIMEON AND LEVI (DOMINICAN REPUBLIC & HAITI) Part 2In the book, "Haiti Revolt" a similar story happened during 1668 on the sugar plantations in Haiti right before the slave masters Christmas The Hai...

NewYorkcitylove35-Oct 9

THE PROPHESY OF SIMEON AND LEVI (DOMINICAN REPUBLIC & HAITI) Part 1The Island of Espanola. This is a prophesy given by our forefather Jacob concerning the offspring of these two brothers.Where their dwellings will be...

NewYorkcitylove33-Oct 9
Track16581Oct 9Oct 9
Why do you personally post a blog

Why do you personally post a blog ?To: Share information such as current world events... Most of which can be read online quicker than you can cut and paste the link Recycle an...

oldblue541909Oct 9Oct 9
What to do

What to do?When life goes upside down? #all negativity to be kept aside #what is the positivity...

imbackagain28837Oct 9Oct 9
First Love Never Dies

First Love Never DiesFirst Love Never Dies...

jarred147-Oct 9
A quickie for you

A quickie for you ;)How sex & math are related. 2 plus a bed, subtract the clothes, divide the legs and hope you don't multiply ! Plus, we all enjoy getting... sum....

JimNastics672Oct 8Oct 9
Track161203Oct 8Oct 9
Scammers Contd

Scammers, Cont'd....Think the deal may actually go down. But moved the 3000GT in front of boat so no pick up before deal is consummated to my satisfaction. Consummated to...

Aaltarboy650Oct 8
The Changing of Clocks Politics or Seasonal

The Changing of Clocks; Politics or Seasonal ?Most of civilization, as we call it, is based on cowardice. It's so easy to civilize by teaching cowardice. You water down all standards which would...

Kattte530Oct 8
LifeThirst: "Good Morning "(meet us in the ecards)

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