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Hes back

He's backwanting me wanting me and I WANT him so.... But i can't ... yet its not enough when temptations gotten the better of me. how do you not do what...

itchywitch82758Apr 78 hrs ago
Genesis Phil Collins and Peter Gabriel

Genesis, Phil Collins and Peter Gabriel So many classic songs to choose from and I will enjoy this blog [yout...

LeeCharming22630Apr 7Apr 10
LeeCharming11914Apr 7Apr 10
Old fashioned views

Old fashioned viewsNext month my gang shall be celebrating their cousins wedding (from his side) ... So I'll not be going But seriously ........ thank God A...

itchywitch1156Apr 7Apr 7

MaybeI think I have maybe changed my mind about not looking for someone anymore. That causes a lot of problems so will have to think a bit more before I de...

ekself38761Apr 7Apr 8

HelloI guys today is my birthday so please wish me a happy birthday...

shandeen2924715Apr 73 hrs ago
NO COMMENTS Just listen to it and enjoy

NO COMMENTS, Just listen to it and enjoy,NO COMMENTS, Just listen to it and enjoy...................

jarred143-Apr 7
NIne years

NIne yearsNine years I’ve known some of the characters here. I recovered my old email and read things I posted in 2009. I noticed, my life hasn’t change...

Palmfrond1359Apr 7Apr 7

Links.Why do people post links to videos and articles supporting their, quite often crackpot, views as if it's some kind of authoritative confirmation when...

Harbal48546Apr 7Apr 10
German police say this may be a terror attack

German police say this may be a terror attackGerman police say this may be a terror attack..................

jarred156-Apr 7
Identical Twins Meet for the first time at age 33

Identical Twins Meet for the first time at age 33I'll start by telling you that I was adopted shortly after birth. In 2005 I was found by my birth family and reunited with 5 sisters and 2 brothers....

Willy3411632Apr 7Apr 7
From Misfits and Wisers

From Misfits and WisersOne day there was a chat on the blogs, I can´t remember what was about ....I uploaded this clip (I loved it so much...pure passion!): Some one sai...

Crunia210-Apr 7Apr 8
When you dont have the words

When you don't have the words ...I'm not sure what I would have said even if there hadn't been a language barrier, tbh. Picture it - This morning my dog was doing her squat in the...

Elegsabiff82190Apr 7Apr 9
what to do or say

what to do or saywho do you chat with . what Age . what are the Topics . is it best to be in your Age group or Generation . so many being. left out . so much to say ....

kyacheo14710Apr 6Apr 7

"RAMBLIN MAN"..("RAMBLE ON")..(152)What Does It All Mean?.........................................Dont Be Askin Me.....................But...........I Know What It Doesnt Mean............

namaron360-Apr 6Apr 9

mesmerisedStrange how some simple photos can fascinate (me) This is the area (just West of Port Elizabeth) where lightening struck and killed more than 60 catt...

Lukeon31639Apr 6Apr 10

My Juke BoxMy Juke Box .............................................................................................................................................

galrads574-Apr 6Apr 22
Riddle me this

Riddle me thisIf my mother is also my sister and my father my half brother do you think the gene pool will become too small if I marry my fist cousin

ribabezvode1061Apr 6Apr 6
Wenever sweety

Wenever sweety,.... I pay my bills. Would you please log off....

bloodyawfull47221Apr 6Apr 8
Food poisioning

Food poisioning....More common than we think. In the USA, some 30K cases yearly, with up to 10% being fatal ! Well, after a lunch at a street vendor's truck this week,...

Vierkaesehoch1228Apr 6Apr 14

I GOT NOTHINGWell it's Friday, the day is starting off good. I was thinking of putting up a blog and thought about it for a while then said to myself.....I GOT NO...

wenever22927Apr 6Apr 7
It wont be long now

It won't be long now......Art and I would be reunited on the 11th April. He made the arduous trip to Malaysia to meet his MiMi for the first time last year February. That was a...

MiMiArt138-Apr 6Apr 6

InfidélitéYes,Xtra-marital,brief infatuation,a tryst,an indulgence,a liaison,dallying,philander....infidelity oh my,oh my ,thats a lot of words to describe what...

Dfrezne1154Apr 6Apr 6
Donald Trumps motorcycle

Donald Trump's motorcycleCool footage of one of Donald Trump's lesser known treasures: a one-of-a-kind gold-plated Chopper bike!

Willy34111517Apr 6Apr 9
A Visit To The Nut House

A Visit To The Nut HouseOne of the local institutions for the mentally impaired had an ‘open day’ not so long ago. Somebody I know works there and she invited me to pay them...

Catfoot58667Apr 6Apr 8
Parsnips and old lace

Parsnips and old laceHe sat in the recliner, pretending to read a magazine His eyes peering over glossy pages Watching a feminine figure, dusting She bent down to po...

Palmfrond1242Apr 6Apr 6
Cherish The Moment

Cherish The MomentQingming fastival (tomb sweeping day) is a day for us to recall the deceased relatives and old friends ... Time flys fast. year after year, our age is...

July012876Apr 6Apr 6
stringman1057Apr 5Apr 6
5ECX5M460Apr 5

Artificial IntelligenceWith the rise of AI, is humanity doomed? Or are we flourishing like never before? Robotic world is taking over almost everything that we can...

lindsyjones27936Apr 5Apr 10
Im thinking of getting a dishwasher

I'm thinking of getting a dishwasher.In today's modern world, a man has little time or inclination for washing up. Especially all the greasy plates and cutlery, and all sorts of congealed...

pat8lanips55159Apr 5Apr 8
Why is depression so depressing part two

Why is depression so depressing? part...twoFor everyone out there who has these conditions and those who don’t… please remember it does not make you less of person or even an outcast… you are w...

TattoedMonk480Apr 5
Why is depression so depressing part one

Why is depression so depressing? part...oneI know I am not alone when asking a question as simple as this… yet the answer is not quite easily rendered. I have often stated and will continue to...

TattoedMonk1934Apr 5Apr 5
Miss Magpie

Miss MagpieThis is just BLOODY AWFUL and I'm not in the least impressed would of been more so if you uploaded a suitable song to me as well.... given my n...

itchywitch2887Apr 5Apr 5

SPAIN´S JUMBO PROBLEMAnother incident to add to Spain´s many problems... An elephant has died and four others are recovering from injuries after a circus truck tipped o...

daniela77737244Apr 5Apr 6
miss Magpie

miss Magpie.....and a few grudges ......inspired by another blog. Since I've been told: "Bloodyawful NEVER put your ugly self on any of my blogs ever again...

bloodyawfull1831Apr 4Apr 5
Shinguruzu the JP equivalent of singles

Shinguruzu,the JP equivalent of singles.Like the English original,shinguruzu is used to not only describe young people,but also the leftovers who never got hitched,the divorcees and the bere...

Dfrezne1174Apr 4Apr 5

MyWordsCutUnstimulating ramblings that paint a biased picture of contemporary life in post-code JP as a foreign-born person,in all my layered,contradictory and...

Dfrezne18917Apr 4Apr 6
What do you know today

What do you know todayThat you didn't know yesterday Only today I found out I can get a divorce without his permission Well that's my lesson for today.... over...

itchywitch39724Apr 4Apr 7
Cute Friends

Cute FriendsCute Friends,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,...

jarred136-Apr 4
Its Not Me Its You

Its Not Me Its YouThere are very specific reasons why we will never connect, and distance aint one of them, Baby...

My_Lover1988Apr 4Apr 5
The Potential Males on this Site

The Potential Males on this SiteI have never found so many men with the color "black" for eyes. So many "mixed race" men and when you ask them what "mix" they are reply something stu...

StellaSato41730115Apr 4Apr 5

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