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stringman1892414 hrs agojust now4 hrs ago

Treachery, we've been kicked in the nuts by BINOAfter a rousing speech just yesterday where Treason May (UK's PM) promised a full Brexit, she today locked up her lilly livered cabinet members in her...

zmountainman6,222759Jul 6just nowNov 25

How Can Laughter Change Someone´s LifeIt is said that Laughter is the best Medicine...Laughter is a powerful antidote to stress, pain, and conflict.. The ability to laugh easily and fr...

daniela7773,49145Oct 2017just nowOct 2017

The FISA memoI can't wait for it to be completely exposed. Let's see what's up in the air. How disturbing and contemptible these activities are....

lindsyjones3,471266Jan 30just nowMay 21

You'll Never walk aloneYou'll Never walk alone...

jarred1144-Dec 2017just now
I m looking for true love and marriage

I,m looking for true love and marriageI'm looking for true love: about myself: I am looking for a serious relationship only..I have no time for the games.. I'm looking for a girlfriend whi...

Unknown14,4109Jun 20111 mins agoJun 2011

spilled milki've been crying over spilled milk. like what's the point? regardless, i've ordered Chinese....

Palmfrond10969 hrs ago1 mins ago18 mins ago

hmhello there, who want to chat? most of peole on this website think's that he/she are scamers. don't waste my time and try to have positive and nice ci...

George88855616Oct 20122 mins agoOct 2012
Love redefined

Love redefinedwho lives in this heart, without you? I can't feel the same. with your magic of love, you colored my life I am so alone... so helpless without you...

dukeking3506May 20142 mins agoMay 2014
lucky me I had to report yet another fine example

lucky me I had to report yet another fine examplelast summer while outside working on a prodject I injuryed my finger nearly severed the nail off of it and it was purple in a few minutes as well...

doeicjr2182901Mar 20132 mins agoMar 2013
Google update

Google update!Google has just informed me they are updating their privacy policy, not to worry, they say nothing will change! Well of course not! They will contin...

CestMero33022May 112 mins agoMay 11
shit weather

shit weatherthis weather wud depress a prozac im sick of d rain wudn it be great if it rained men id sell me house and live outside with a gallon of hearbal essen...

Unknown66633Oct 20104 mins agoOct 2010
Needy people part 2

Needy people part 2I popped in here a while ago complaining somewhat about needy people on my team of teachers here in Russia. One of them had a genuine need today and I...

Unknown1,0203Mar 20084 mins agoApr 2008

MISSION IMPOSSIBLE TO FIND LOVE???Why is it so hard nowadays to find love online? I mean just to find a real decent person to get to know seems impossible. Don't get me wrong, I am gra...

eliabmap4319Aug 20164 mins agoAug 2016
Government or NGO

Government or NGO?SO headache with this calculation of pros and cons, priorities... http...

LastStrike5886May 20164 mins agoMay 2016

GamechangersWe all, whether on our profile, or just in our heads, have a list of the characteristics and qualities we would like in a potential partner. The list...

mollybaby1,413125Feb 154 mins agoJul 2

Men and women TV showsWhen a man admits to watching a women’s TV show or network immediately makes my mind wander... like, into the forest of no return. I mean, nothing em...

Palmfrond7,78510Jul 214 mins agoJul 22
do u sometimes lose hope

do u sometimes lose hope?i sometimes lose my hope when problems occur and seemed like unending trials to test ur faith.... i have hopes and dreams since i was a

Unknown31212Feb 20124 mins agoFeb 2012

Shake your head and see a photoShake your head and see a photo Count the number of black dots [url=

jarred14,360-Feb 20155 mins ago
stringman42426Nov 20175 mins agoDec 2017

How to increase size?Thought I'd find the answer down below so I've just spend the past 20minutes playing about down there thinking hoping I would figure/work it out for m...

itchywitch36915Jun 105 mins agoJun 11

"A DIFFERENCE IN TIME"I Have Allowed Myself... To Take Stock Here...I Really Dont Know Why I Wrote This...Maybe... Its Because.... I Am Just Filling In The Spaces...So ..At...

namaron484-Jul 20175 mins agoAug 2017

The blood of 58 people are on the hands of Wayne Lapierre VP of the NRAThe shooters blood can be used to flush a toilet. The NRA's Response To The Las Vegas Shooting Is Deafening In Its Silence

ooby_dooby1,31958Oct 20176 mins agoOct 2017

Ever been 'Ghosted'?Have you ever been dating and getting pretty serious with someone when......they disappear off the face of the earth without a trace for no reason wha...

ZaiJian11,86753Oct 20166 mins agoNov 29
A messiah a day

A messiah a day....How many have there been? Reincarnation or fairy tales? Poor Jesus. Just another hamster on the great wheel of karma

Midnitecwby24130Nov 176 mins agoNov 26
George micheal and the jews

George (micheal) and the jews...‘Now you have probably never heard of this, and that is how the pro Israel media works. All they ever told you about George Michael after his comments...

Unknown79939Dec 20166 mins agoDec 2016
What it means to be a patriot

What it means to be a patriotWhat it means to be a patriot is to Bless the Troops -- and Question Our Government. It is our duty when we send our kids to give their blood for t...

ron39892121Feb 20126 mins agoFeb 2012
women seeking rich older men to pay their universi

women seeking rich older men to pay their universiIt's been euphemistically referred to as "mutually beneficial, transactional dating" but is the growing world of "sugar daddy" relationships just a sa...

nonsmoker3,15080Jun 20156 mins agoJun 2015

"CREATION"..("ILLUSIONS WITHIN")..(117)There Is Not The Need To Explain Myself..........................................................Understanding Just Doesnt Exist I Could Say A Lot Of...

namaron153-Aug 86 mins ago

Some terrific irony in the newest Borowitz columnI'm not sure, if you are aware of the current feud between Dirty Don and his former aide, Omarosa. But, if you like, you can catch up with this video...

JimNastics4593Aug 137 mins agoAug 15

Values ?We were all born innocent, without any faults or values. Our caregivers then teaches us as we grow up what we should and should not do. We meet peo...

Snookums31,29345Feb 20167 mins agoFeb 2016

Latest news from Judicial WatchIN THE NEWS Fitton: Judicial Watch Sues for Docs on Obama DOJ Effort to Shut Down Clinton Foundation Investigation DECEMBER 04, 2018 | SOURCE: BREIT...

bcjenny94137 hrs ago7 mins ago21 mins ago

What to wearAs we have kindly been reminded this is a freeeking Datong site, I must ponder If your date met you for the first time, what to wear? Men-in al...

Palmfrond64440Feb 287 mins agoMar 26
stringman661Nov 48 mins agoNov 4

Nobody Can Judge MeNobody Can Judge Me...

jarred14,431-Apr 20158 mins ago
Track161900Nov 20178 mins ago
Just a story

Just a storyAbout a lonely girl who found love on a web site. It was a beautiful love full of hope and projects. They both were so in love and happy with eachothe...

MaruQ51514Jun 20148 mins agoJul 2014

Connecting the dots...It's been a blast of political news stories this weekend about Mueller, Manafort, Cohen and Trump. I have to ask myself "Have we passed the point of...

chatillion19035 mins ago8 mins ago
THE LOVE VENUE The original version

THE LOVE VENUE (The original version)You can`t be "completed" by someone.That depicts a wrong need to use someone, for the happiness that you should have,yourself,in your own skin.The com...

moonkitten5772Mar 20099 mins agoMar 2009
The Merchant of Truth

The Merchant of TruthFrom time to time I get a real laugh when I read our so called “experts” tell each of you what to think about a certain subject, politician, or anyone...

injuneer5853Jul 20099 mins agoJul 2009
Trump The Trumpiest Trumper in the Trumpin Trumperverse

Trump: The Trumpiest Trumper in the Trumpin' Trumperverse!I'll be honest with you guys, the only reason why I'm writing this blog is because I really wanted to type that title. XD But that isn't really a subs...

gamemaster46839412Nov 20169 mins agoNov 2016
A Good friend is a Good Assets

A Good friend is a Good Assets!For Life A Good friend are Very Important but where is that good friend? But I think to get a good friend needs some good moral quality....

hafiz68us4232Jul 20159 mins agoJul 2015

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