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#Pink is the new BlackToday we are in the process of making the English language gender-neutral, and manliness, the quality of one gender, or rather, of one sex, seems to d...

usha12349751Oct 16just now2 hrs ago

Drama PloysMost of the time, when reading posts, I can gauge whether or not a person is just venting and wants some attention, or wants a solution to their probl...

LadyImp32924Sep 9just nowSep 12
Please This Blog is Only Meant for my one True L

Please! This Blog is Only Meant, for my one True LPlease! This Blog is Only Meant, for my one True Love, and I ask all others, to Pass this One By, . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ....

aJester228195Oct 2010just nowOct 2010

Tenacity“Let me tell you the secret that has led me to my goal. My strength lies solely in my tenacity” De Gentis What a lovely word this is. It means...

Babishoes4304Jul 2012just nowJul 2012

Hurting someone is easyHurting someone is easy...

jarred12,459-May 2015just now
Is it worth the effort

Is it worth the effort?PIM We meet in real not dream. We share everything and are adaptable. We are very far apart And have cultural differences. Patience and understand...

praison728-Sep 2014just nowSep 2014

Breakthrough in medical technology re vegetative patientsVegetative-state patient responds to therapy By Michelle Roberts Health editor, BBC News online A man in France has regained some degree of...

lindsyjones1,6549Sep 2017just nowOct 2017

profilesim just wondering can a person here have more then one profile going at the same time with different user names of course??? on the last dating site i...

itchywitch6,364128Aug 20101 mins agoMar 13

The busI will find her today I know I will! I am getting hungry now it is 2 hrs after my breakfast of ham 5 kilos of potatoes & a kilo of veg I waited with...

Cervatilla1161012 hrs ago1 mins ago2 hrs ago
i hatee to see my mail box dont want to look

i hatee to see my mail box,,,,,dont want to looksometimes I look in my mail I only see the same ole faces.....same ppl not a new msg....... no guy favor me. have being I that...

shane456885821Jun 20141 mins agoJun 2014

SAVE ASIA BIBI - Resistance InternationalThe vid below presents the plight of Asia Bibi. She's lived in the shadow of a noose for seven years. It's not long; less than 11 minutes. But for...

miclee76142Apr 20172 mins agoOct 14

NAFTASeems like Canadians are getting prepared regarding the idea of scrapping the trade agreement...although it is a complex appears that Trump...

loulou7758244Sep 122 mins agoSep 15
DrJoseph Murphy

Dr:Joseph MurphyMurphy zeigt in diesem Buch wie der Titel schon verrät was das Unterbewusstsein ist, welche Macht es hat und wozu man es gabrauchen kann. Er benut...

Taillard3517Nov 20122 mins agoNov 2012
Zentai dating

Zentai datingMaybe the new way of dating for some people. Guess it makes them feel like superheros...

lshtar2,82265Aug 20162 mins agoAug 2016
NewYorkcitylove136-Sep 20172 mins ago

Question to boys and men:Question to boys and men: Do you prefer a woman with a lot of muscle or one with a little curves? Thank you for your answer...

jarred1159-May 20172 mins ago
Older woman dating younger man

Older woman dating younger man. . .Guys,please tell me what is ur honest opinion about this? For example, Demi and Ashton. . . (i think the age gap is too much is it?) But honestly,it...

Kasih3,55383Apr 20102 mins agoJul 2013

Isn't it Ironic?That a man who goes by the name of "freedomofspeech" would ban anybody from commenting on his blog?...

ooby_dooby39614Aug 20172 mins agoAug 2017

My blessings:Today my daughter flown in from Frisco and will drive with me back to the West CoastSome people count their blessings based on material wealth. I guess there is nothing wrong with that really. For me, I count my blessings with my...

lindsyjones2,466171Jun 232 mins ago12 mins ago
Uncle Ho

Uncle Ho"You will kill ten of us, we will kill one of you but in the end you will tire of it first". ...................Ho Chi Minh..................

posolet277-May 20172 mins ago

What are some cultural differences between the UK and USOh well haven't gone yet to USA hopefully soon.UK maybe later ... But I have friends I have met from diffetent countries. "...

ysabeljhen65764Oct 152 mins ago23 hrs ago
Willy34112393Apr 33 mins agoApr 4

Off BalanceI'm sure I've been described as "off balance or air head, whatever" at times probably trying to hurt me, however it just makes me proud. I like bein...

UnFayzed40028Oct 163 mins ago31 mins ago

2 strikesThis is the second time that I have simply posted the truth and because the blogger, LJ, is so closed-minded, that my simple statement was deleted so...

JimNastics155117 hrs ago3 mins ago5 mins ago

BANANAS...Happy Weekends To All! Just a healthy tips to shared... A banana a day keeps the doctor away-helping cure almost everything, from depression to ha...

crystal_sphere36724Jan 20133 mins agoJan 2013
are we

are we?so much of socializing going on these days, i was just using my Outlook today and it was giving me information about the people on my contacts who are...

Unknown96653Mar 20134 mins agoMar 2013

Group hug......because you know you want to. I'm creating this hug space because I have an urge for an interlude from the serious stuff. I think it might...

jac_the_gripper3,55865Apr 20154 mins agoApr 2015

I Took A s*xual Harassment Class TodayI think I'm gonna be good at it..................................

Track162382Oct 20174 mins agoOct 2017

"BURIED WITHIN SECRECY"Theres Not A Chance That You Can Convince Anybody That Youre Not Hiding Something........Its There...Its Always Been There...Youre Just Real Good At K...

namaron2089May 20174 mins agoMay 2017
Good bye Magic Couch

Good bye Magic CouchIt’s time to replace my Magic Couch. It’s a bittersweet affair. My new couch had been sitting on the showroom. My favorite piece with upholstery that...

Palmfrond1876Feb 254 mins agoFeb 25

Beware of Lie Detector Robots!A father buys a lie detector robot that slaps people when they lie. He decides to test it out at dinner one night. The father asks his son what...

Gentlejim26212Dec 20174 mins agoDec 2017

stay home moms...A man came home from work and found his three children outside, still in their pajamas, playing in the mud, with empty food boxes and wrappers strewn...

itchywitch1,89515Jun 20114 mins agoJun 2011
Miss You Like Crazy

"Miss You Like Crazy".........."Miss You Like Crazy" I miss you like the sky misses the birds I miss you like a song without the words And everyday away fr...

Unknown6,13712Apr 20134 mins agoMay 2013
Do you believe in zodiac sign

Do you believe in zodiac sign?Just come to think about horoscope - one of the hottest topics in school - I used to deal with people as well as their zodiac signs and I come to a co...

Unknown2,00360Mar 20104 mins agoApr 2010

The impulse buySo I saw this bulky black leather sofa cheapcheapCHEAP at a charity shop a few months back and bought it because I need furniture and it was just the...

Elegsabiff61148Apr 144 mins agoApr 15

Cotton: Feinstein to be investigated over leaked letter from FordSen. Dianne Feinstein’s office will be investigated to determine whether it leaked a confidential letter from one of Brett Kavanaugh’s accusers, Sen....

Willy341117812Oct 14 mins agoOct 3
Unknown2,76424May 20144 mins agoMay 2014

Get out your Moon Cakes...It's time to get out your Moon Cakes and celebrate the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival. From what I've read, the Mid-Autumn Festival is the second most i...

chatillion1034Sep 245 mins agoSep 25

RE:HOW GOOD ARE YOU AT BILLIARDS?A long time ago back in the day, I tried my hands at shooting pool at a place called the House of Culture that was located in an innercity neighborhoo...

cavalier5502924Jul 20145 mins agoJul 2014
The waving of flags

The waving of flagsI'm sure it's escaped very few of us that today is September 11th. In Catalonia at least, that makes it a day for waving flags. As I look from my b...

Patrick19844969Sep 20145 mins agoSep 2014

An accolade to...The scammer's and the trolls

Onthcrestofawave8956 hrs ago5 mins ago2 hrs ago
Dogs New Years Resolutions

Dogs New Year's Resolutions1)I will not bark each time I see or hear a dog on TV. 2)I will not steal underwear belonging to my mistress and then dance all over the back yard...

Unknown3778Dec 20115 mins agoJan 2012

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