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Rear window family stickers...It started out pretty harmless... Stickers representing a dad, mom, 2 kids and a dog attached to the rear window of their SUV. The social calling card...

chatillion2255Sep 291 hrs agoOct 1

HonestlyEvery relationship if is going to last must be honest and true. You must open up to each other even with your deepest secrets. Never be ashamed to sha...

Kevkl1,2052Oct 261 hrs agoOct 26
War Crimes Agent Orange And More

War Crimes : Agent Orange...And More.War will continue to destroy the world we live in, millions and millions are suffering and millions more will continue to suffer. Peace and humanity...

Crazyheart381,25678Sep 20171 hrs agoSep 2017

jokes copy pastePuns and Other Groaners The roundest knight at King Arthur's round table was Sir Cumference. He acquired his size from too much pi. I thought I...

Len051,89312Jan 20151 hrs agoJan 2015

How Americans View Other Religions Will & Won’t Surprise YouHow Americans View Other Religions Will & Won’t Surprise You...

jarred1184-May 20171 hrs ago

Information about who I amI have seen several people call me Phil, so I thought I would write a short blog containing information about me. So let's get started! My first...

Philipsen1567Nov 181 hrs agoNov 19

Deleting comments is not a logical argument......nor does it stop people from being heard. Let me explain your mathematical/English comprehension/logical fallacy blunders, Seaworthy. CHS cit...

jac_the_gripper1,16363Nov 151 hrs agoNov 18
Florida the Keys to happiness

Florida - the Keys to happinessSay what you like about keys or keys. The only keys are the keys, right? If you don't agree, then keys my arse!...

Grumpywriter32133May 20171 hrs agoMay 2017
jarred1161-Nov 20171 hrs ago

Losing a parent!This is a very personal blog, about a huge loss on my part. One month and 14 days ago, my father passed away due to a long and tough battle with CO...

Philipsen25620Nov 171 hrs agoNov 18
Im back

I`m back!Hi to all bloggers! After a long absence I`m back here again. It was hard time for me. I struggled with cancer and I have my small victory. Now I have...

spdspd1,14444Oct 20121 hrs agoOct 2012
The world and Peace

The world and Peace...It is not the World that needs Peace.. It is people who need peace... When people are in peace, the world will have peace.......

Unknown3042Apr 20091 hrs agoMay 2009

Latest on Weinstein, charges are filed"Harvey Weinstein's former intern claims he exposed himself to her ...

lindsyjones3,084105Oct 20171 hrs agoMay 31
Should i feel guilty

Should i feel guilty!...By the end of April...if all goes to plan...i'm off to my piece of paradise... Its been a dream for a looong time now...and just want my adventure to...

Jazz5390867Mar 251 hrs agoApr 15

DiscoveryMy brother is a diabetic with macular eye disease. Over a year ago he gave up sugar which shocked us how determined he was not to eat bread, pasta or...

UnFayzed795Nov 91 hrs agoNov 9

Loss in the family.Could be a men/women topic, but perhaps lots of overlap. All six siblings got to talk a good deal at family dinner/breakfasts after Mom's funeral Mas...

Vierkaesehoch1616Sep 221 hrs agoSep 22

THANKS GODYes thanks GOD, Praise to lord,GOD gave me everything, loving parents, body, brain, spirit,eyes, hands, legs and love, GOD gave me love with Jesus....

Unknown84835Sep 20111 hrs agoSep 2011
Regular Sex Is Good For You

Regular Sex Is Good For YouBeing one of the rare pleasures in life that is not yet taxed by government, we often overlook all the other advantages of regular sex. Quite apart fr...

Catfoot73970Nov 20171 hrs agoNov 2017
Have you ever

Have you ever?....Have you ever woke up in Sunday morning... after showered, get ready for your breakfast, you looked at yourself in the mirror and wonder... 'Why I loo...

MimiNGUYEN7955616Oct 20152 hrs agoOct 2015
This is not a racist blog

This is not a racist blogBut I am curious for others opinion. Because of where I work I get many Muslim men emailing me. 1st I check their profile ((seems most want kids...

weesally54921May 20152 hrs agoMay 2015
above the depths

above: the depthsthe smashing wavelenghts got it out for me endearing all of the trecherous infamy you like it rough when the shadows and the shapes make your body...

Unknown5940Nov 20072 hrs ago

Instead of playing Led Zeppelin songs...Back in the 70's, instead of playing Led Zeppelin songs, I should have written and recorded a Christmas Song. In the car this morning I heard a song...

chatillion634Nov 222 hrs agoNov 22
The Kiss

The KissThe Kiss No shame feel I for this most envied kiss! But joy! Let others weep at knowing we sate our desire in lips tracing t...

Unknown6850Jan 20082 hrs ago

Confused in CaliforniaIs it true what they say about love ,that it knows no age ? How many years younger or older is acceptable ?...

Abby19631,55659Jan 20162 hrs agoJan 2016
Father kills 2 5 year old kids

Father kills 2 & 5 year old kidsAnd again. A father killed his 2 & 5 years old kids, mum was at her parents, she did not know, what was going on, until the police contacted her and t...

connect195477215Nov 20122 hrs agoNov 2012

JokesA lady was throwing a party for her granddaughter and had gone all out….. a caterer, band, and a hired clown. Just before the party started, two bums...

Gentlejim1,6789Jul 20142 hrs agoJul 2014

Introducing ball point radio ) ) )... As eYe was about to present & sum my 8 part series-- the 2nd law of hot } the arrow of Time, took down the MD burn ward. I am pleased to see a f...

Agentbob602Dec 82 hrs ago14 hrs ago

No, it is not funny. It is dead serious............. No, it is not funny. It is dead serious. ………...

jarred140-16 hrs ago2 hrs ago
Do you want sex

Do you want sex?Mr Catfoot! I looked up. Of course she addressed me by my family name and not my nickname. What do you mean by ‘Yes, please’? She was the typical s...

Catfoot1,29259Feb 20162 hrs agoFeb 2016
Viva la Difference

Viva la Difference.I’m always puzzled by the behavioral differences between males and females. And the strange thing is that these differences show even before we are pr...

Catfoot55447Aug 212 hrs ago16 hrs ago
My New Years Eve celebrations have changed

My New Years Eve celebrations have changed........When I was younger, we HAD to go out and PARTY!! As I got older.....we HAD to have a party at home..... warm fuzzy pants...m...

lgs3746820Dec 20122 hrs agoJan 2013
Friends with benefits

Friends with benefits.I was talking to a friend earlier who has just been on a 2nd successful date. I naturally asked her if she had a 3rd one planned and was she looking f...

Unknown88633Jan 20122 hrs agoJan 2012
What Is In A Name

What Is In A Name?Some British surnames have been disappearing in recent years and the reason may be that the people have become too embarrassed to hold funny names....

Catfoot77321May 20152 hrs agoMay 2015

Rake America Great AgainTrump suggested a solution to the forest fire problem in the west yesterday. “You gotta take care of the floors. You know the floors of the fores...

LargeCurves40432Nov 182 hrs agoNov 20

Adam got more ...why is it when adam and eve were created the holy man decided to play favourites and gave that bit more to adam and not to poor eve ..for example...

itchywitch1,09150Oct 20112 hrs agoOct 2011

6:49 AMYeah its another one of those nights. Lot of those nights the last few weeks, gotta get on day shift again Tempted to go look at porn, or maybe n...

Track162399Jan 20172 hrs agoJan 2017
Track161992Sep 20162 hrs agoSep 2016

Faith Of The HeartThis may be familiar to Star Trek fans....

Track165201Jul 20162 hrs agoJul 2016

"FIRST MAN"Nope...Dont Think Ill Be The First Man To Know What It Means To Be Able To Define The Reasons Why First...They Are Up Then...They Are Down Now The...

namaron4171Mar 20162 hrs agoMar 2016

You will always be my little belle-cakes face,This night I shall dream of your bedazzling blue hair and monkey-eyes. Wrapped in echoes of your mellifluous small-music, I long to sip from your c...

jarred11,003-Feb 20162 hrs ago
Two Weeks on CS

Two Weeks on CSI felt her lips tremble, then part. She took my fingertip into her mouth and bit down gently on my fingernail. Then harder, harder... After 2 weeks...

postneoludite6257Aug 20142 hrs agoAug 2014

THE KISSING GAME!!!Where Do You Like To Be Kissed??? A.) Lips, B.) Forehead, C.) Hand, D.) Neck, E.) Ears, F.) Stomach, G.) Feet, H.) (Other) Please Try...

GoDaniel44413May 20132 hrs agoMay 2013
"How Chivalrous Are You?"(meet us in the quizzes)

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