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To Spank Whup a** or not to Spank Whup a**

To (Spank) Whup a** or not to (Spank) Whup a**There was a man once, who said that he never spanked his children, yet. But if they got very rebellious, then he probably will. So far, they h...

DynamiteLuv1,4858Feb 20101 hrs agoAug 2013
some things im thinking right now

some things i'm thinking right nowthis blog probably won't make any sense at all, it's just some random things i'm thinking, if you don't like it, i really don't care this love shit...

Unknown7471Feb 20081 hrs agoFeb 2008
Deep Condelence

Deep CondelenceRT @CNNElite Bless Indonesia - Earthquake, Volcanic Eruption, Tsunami, Heavy Rains - all types of Natural Disasters! Be careful Indonesians...

Unknown3024Oct 20101 hrs agoOct 2010
Are women too embarrassed to

Are women too embarrassed to..........reveal that they have s*xual fantasies? Are they too shy to discuss their feelings with their partner for fear of being considered strange or weird, o...

CROWNAFFAIR96733Sep 20151 hrs agoSep 2015
jarred1233-Aug 20161 hrs ago

METAMORPHOSIS...Am I turning into a butterfly or a frog? Over the last few years I have not...

daniela77755950Apr 20171 hrs agoApr 2017
Ghana Spammers and Scammers

Ghana Spammers and ScammersHas this ever happen to any of you here on this or on another site? There are people out there who post phony profiles. They say they live here in the...

Baddabing668098Apr 20161 hrs agoApr 2016
Ian1582001Aug 20151 hrs agoAug 2015

Life Is Short Eat Dessert FirstLife Is Short Eat Dessert First [url=

jarred12,369-Aug 20151 hrs ago
Saturday 11th April The magic of the city

Saturday 11th April...The magic of the city..I am shattered. I need to go to bed. I have had a wonderful day and I must type this whilst the adrenaline is still flowing.. He is snoring softly st...

Unknown1331Apr 20091 hrs agoApr 2009

Spoilers don't actually spoil anything - look into the future -I still believe I would have enjoyed Terminator 2 more if I hadn’t - hang on - SPOILER ALERT look away now if you are one of the handful of...

Elegsabiff30435Aug 191 hrs agoAug 21
Which one is it

Which one is it?Everyone has an explanation as to why so called radicalized Muselmen have a penchant toward facistic behaviors, once they take over an area, as so oft...

Aaltarboy22716Mar 20171 hrs agoMar 2017
CS End of year academy awards 2016

CS End of year academy awards 2016This blog is in no way meant to be harmful or hurtful to anyone and all nominees are coincidental, not directed personally towards anyone, and the cat...

Unknown3,495152Dec 20161 hrs agoDec 2017
after watching a movie

after watching a movieAfter watching Solaris... The old man tells Clooney, there are no questions, only decisions. Is it foolish to think life can be figured out?...

Johnny_Sparton28319Nov 20171 hrs agoNov 2017

10 Reason Why A Man Won't Marry A Black & Hispanic Women10 Reason Why A Man Won't Marry A Black & Hispanic Women...

NewYorkcitylove253-Oct 20171 hrs ago

Lips are not red powder,eyebrows not touched by peLips are not red powder,eyebrows not touched by pencils....

jarred1290-Apr 20161 hrs ago
let it rain

let it rainas time goes bye i dont have 2 ask why my dreams in my heart will never die some bumpy roads i pray 2 the sky only god knows why and i still haven...

Unknown3493Feb 20091 hrs agoApr 2009

RANDOM LATE NIGHT THOUGHTS* If you attempt to rob a bank you won't have any trouble with rent/food bills for the next 10 years, whether or not you are successful. * Do twin...

Gentlejim2358Dec 20171 hrs agoDec 2017

"CREATION"..("A WAY TO SAY")..(105)All Your Yesterdays.....................Theyve Been There All Along..................................For You To See.......... Over And Over..............

namaron166-May 61 hrs ago

Wasted relationshipThis would be one of my rare personal topics in blog land. I wasn't going to share and let the world judge me and my situation but I thought I need it...

lindsyjones2,12784Jul 20172 hrs agoJul 2017
Sense Sensibility

Sense & Sensibility..When people lose all sense & Sensibility... And decide they can post anything on the blogs? Where is the line drawn? People attack other people, we lo...

Calliopesgirl1,08915Feb 20162 hrs agoFeb 2016
its an AD

it's an ADa woman is waitting for a man. what does she want ? . he's a man at first. . then he has a kind heart. . then? can ask her yourself...

rose111days38215Apr 20152 hrs agoApr 2015
How beautiful is your heart

How beautiful is your heart?I read this story and it made me think of what makes a beautiful heart. A Piece of My Heart One day a young man was standing in the middle...

wallops196465545Sep 20142 hrs agoSep 2014
too hard

too hardwhy is it so hard to get a woman in here maybe something wrong with me!!??...

babaluli48914Apr 232 hrs agoApr 28

YOU..You are what your deep driving desire is. As your desire is,so is your will. As your will is,so is your deed. As your deed is,so is your...

claudya3252Jun 20092 hrs agoJun 2009

"RAMBLIN MAN"..("RAMBLE ON ")..(115)This Is Definitely A "Ramblin Man" Night For Sure.......IIt Looks As Though Ill Be Doing A Lot Of "Ramblin" This Night.....So..When Being The "Ramblin...

namaron87422Jun 20172 hrs agoJun 2017
stringman43619Jun 20172 hrs agoOct 8

When the Hairdresser does your hair, and you end up Grey !Not a mindblowing blog ~ I had an early appointment today at Hairdressers, one of our better ones locally. I usually cover the greys myself with a N...

goldengloss51025Jun 20172 hrs agoJun 2017
I want to be a bird

I want to be a birdI want to come back as a bird in my next life, if we have a next life that is. I want to be able to fly anywhere I want, land anywhere I want and se...

Unknown9164Feb 20082 hrs agoMar 2008

what would you do.......... what would you do...

jarred189-Oct 102 hrs ago
Congratulations to

Congratulations to,...................................................Candy aka MH, Mimi aka DC,........................ Both found someone from here, so something positive and proves you can find someone here, I couldn'...

Unknown1,865208Feb 20172 hrs agoFeb 2017
Husband Store

Husband StoreA store that sells new husbands has opened in New York City, where a woman may go to choose a husband. Among the instructions at the entrance is a des...

Gentlejim27717Jan 122 hrs agoJan 15
What A Woman

What A Woman!!!Last night I met a most extraordinary woman. When she entered the room, she caught my attention like nothing before and I daresay that she had that ef...

Catfoot99680Nov 20162 hrs agoNov 2016
Things must be bad

Things must be badHven't read or writen a blog for over 5 months now , but am drewen back due to complete an utter boredom. See there are a few not here any more so hop...

funlaugh3863Apr 20132 hrs agoApr 2013

Never Judge people by their appearanceNever Judge people by their appearance...

jarred1405-Dec 20152 hrs ago

The Trumps are fully enjoying lavishly spending our moneyMelania Trump's Hotel Charges Were $174,000 For A Day Trip To Toronto: Records Mary Papenfuss, HuffPost 16 hours ago First lady Melania Trump’s...

JimNastics27031Nov 172 hrs agoNov 18

Anti TrumpThere are so many unpleasant words said to describe about us who are Trump supporters, yet the worse is from that of Hillary Clinton, "basket of deplo...

lindsyjones7,820480May 62 hrs ago3 hrs ago

"ANIMAL ABUSERS""The Guy Behind The Camera Is Ready.......................................................................................................Then...Mr "T...

namaron1,486-Feb 62 hrs agoFeb 17
The most boring blog ever written

The most boring blog ever written.Yeah whatever. Like totally, you know, whatever. Yeah....

pat8lanips1,34547Dec 20152 hrs agoNov 2017
Radio My favorate

Radio -- My favorateI enjoyed listening radio since was a kid. At that naive age, often wondered who hidden inside that box to made sounds, peeped through its apertures a...

phoenixFH63114May 20162 hrs agoNov 2016
How to Relax

How to RelaxIt may be hard for you to fathom, but the Fure-cat can sit and stare straight ahead for long periods of time ... and oddly enough, he's happy when do...

Unknown2452Jan 20112 hrs agoJan 2011

Piss offwhy do some men want to slap their womans face whilst making love? why do some want to urinate on their woman afterwards??? can anyone tell me whats...

itchywitch1,39048Dec 20112 hrs agoDec 2011

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