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Ghost Month Have U Heard

Ghost Month.. Have U Heard ?... the 7th month of Chinese Lunar Calendar is known as the Ghost Month. this stretches the entire month. on the 1st and 15th day on this month, u...

JoleenC42914Aug 20132 hrs agoAug 2013
Shallow Confession

Shallow ConfessionHeight plays such a big part for me when making decisions about which person I might agree to meet. This strikes me as crazy since it makes absolut...

RainComeShine49527Jul 20152 hrs agoJul 2015

BraggartsI was reading about people who are affected by braggarts and expressing their disdainful taste about it, here's what I can say: leave them be, they'...

lindsyjones2,41129Aug 20172 hrs agoAug 2017
I Need Girl women have to full fun romance in ja

I Need Girl & women have to full fun romance in jahi Girl & women have to real fun in jaipur call me 9549734811. i want meet & fun u....

Unknown2716Jan 20132 hrs agoJan 2013

Death of conversationI have a love-hate relationship with my smartphone. Well, strictly speaking, a hate-hate relationship. I hate it and it hates me but we are always tog...

Elegsabiff1,10839Nov 20152 hrs agoNov 2015
The last two nights

The last two nightsin a row. I have had such strange dreams about The world being flooded, I was safe in both and watched people I know sink. There were no feelings of...

nonsmoker61541Jun 20132 hrs agoJun 2013

"BACK TO THE INDIAN""Back To The Indian" The Year Is Sixteen Thirty Four You Know You Couldnt Ask For More Such a Time in Time to live In I can tell you that for Su...

namaron39710Mar 20152 hrs agoMar 2015
life can be so bittersweet

life can be so bittersweeta very good friend who i have had the very great pleasure of knowing for many many yrs...called me to come over and chat...and also to receive some th...

sweetiefireball2677Jul 20142 hrs agoJul 2014

Sold my van . . . farewell adventure. :(Blog buddies may remember last August I packed up my whole life, bought a 2003 converted Citroen Relay, and drove from Scotland to Spain with a dog, a...

Elegsabiff70646Mar 20182 hrs agoMar 2018

RainFark this rain is so stupid im sick of it eh, no muay thai today lol no fun nothing. what should we do? any suggestions?...

Unknown1812Apr 20092 hrs agoApr 2009
good guy looking for a good women email me

good guy looking for a good women/email meIm friendly, loving, honest, caring, intelegent, sweet, happy, Romantic, funny, gentle, sensitive, likes to stay in, likes to go out, adventurious, li...

Unknown1,4723Mar 20072 hrs agoNov 2009
Have you ever

Have you everbrowsed through the personal ads and found someone you knew in real life, like a relative or someone you worked with and that person didn't know?...

Unknown8581Aug 20082 hrs agoAug 2008
Pension Day

Pension DayI was in the front garden when Danny came round the corner. He lives next door to me with his more prosperous sister. He was wearing that forty-year o...

Catfoot85358Apr 20132 hrs agoApr 2013

feeling“The decision to kiss for the first time is the most crucial in any love story. It changes the relationship of two people much more strongly than even...

ddeep1593551Nov 20112 hrs agoNov 2011

helloThe deep root of failure in our lives is to think, 'Oh how useless and powerless I am.' It is essential to think strongly and forcefully, 'I can do it...

ddeep1593180Oct 20112 hrs ago

TRANSFERENCE/Emotional ProjectionIn every day life the games that people play are very noticeable and they are driven by a subconscious agenda (our shadows) gleaned from our childhood...

daniela77761549Aug 152 hrs agoAug 16
Track161030Jan 312 hrs ago
To Love Or Not To Love

To Love Or Not To LoveSo many times I heard people saying that they will never love again as it only brings pain but are they not doing themselves short for nothing? There...

Catfoot1,28885Mar 20182 hrs agoMar 2018
Online dating in the 1920s

Online dating in the 1920s............. Online dating in the 1920s...

jarred1177-Oct 142 hrs ago

Were they evil?When Scipio placed Numantia under siege back in 133 BC it eventually fell. Roman soldiers entering the city found a hungry woman cooking her dead chi...

Ken_19653Feb 172 hrs ago19 hrs ago

Disabled Comments BlogsA lot has been written about “Disabled Comments Blogs” lately. My suggestion re the same is that the viewer should be informed up front that such...

socrates4450819Aug 20172 hrs agoAug 2017
Ever Been Beaten Up By A Woman

Ever Been Beaten Up By A Woman?Well, I have. I picked her up… No! She picked me up in a pub one night. We were playing pool. We were the usual six and four wives. I was newly divor...

Catfoot1,23796Feb 20182 hrs agoFeb 2018
No it is not funny It is dead serious

No, it is not funny. It is dead serious............. No, it is not funny. It is dead serious. ………...

jarred1131-Dec 92 hrs ago
Their are no coincidence

Their are no coincidence................. Their are no coincidence...

jarred191-Dec 252 hrs ago
stringman12512Feb 122 hrs agoFeb 14

"RAHAF MOHAMMED AL QUNON"Will The Eighteen Year Old Saudi Woman .....................................................Get The Freedom She Desires? Shes Under The Protection Of...

namaron40437Jan 82 hrs agoJan 16

Build me a bridge to HawaiiA biker was riding along a California beach when suddenly the sky clouded above his head and, in a booming voice, the Lord said, “Because you have...

bcjenny1407 hrs ago2 hrs ago
Age a state of mind or statement of uselessness

Age a state of mind or statement of uselessness?Isn't it unique the many varied profiles of women who are 65 or older who have one foot on a banana peel and the other on the threshold to a nursing h...

Akeldama4046228Dec 20172 hrs agoDec 2017
The Facts Regarding the CDA USA Dairy Tariffs

The Facts Regarding the CDA/USA Dairy Tariffs"For those of you who think Trump's argument about Canada's 270% tariff on milk makes sense, here are a few facts to ponder: 1. Canada imports 10%...

LadyImp1,004-Jun 20182 hrs agoJun 2018
Friday night i mean Monday morning

Friday night! i mean Monday morning.How was everybody's night? Who went out? who stayed in? Who met someone? gotta love the weekends!...

Joe21234463Jun 20112 hrs agoJun 2011
Calm before the storm

"Calm before the storm."Now Trump says many things...but what do you think he meant with his recent comment about this being the 'calm before the storm'? The way it seems,...

Johnny_Sparton50331Oct 20172 hrs agoOct 2017

CHOOSING ISN'T EASY!!!What if one finds themselves with too many options? How do you know whether you've made the right choice in a mate? There comes a time when shopping...

Unknown36312Oct 20102 hrs agoOct 2010

"BARNEY FIFE CLUB"The Only Club I Ever Belonged To.... Was When I Was Little...It Was Called The Boys Club....During The summer When There Was No School...Thats Where w...

namaron87316Aug 20172 hrs agoAug 2017
Floridas Stand Your Ground Law

Florida's 'Stand Your Ground' LawThere was no arrest in this recent shooting because of Florida's 'Stand Your Ground' law. The shooter said he was afraid for his life. The problem f...

Talldreamy93177Jul 232 hrs agoJul 28
the first terrorist

the first terrorist................... the first terrorist...

jarred193-Jan 202 hrs ago
People find ISIS attractive despite beheadings

People find ISIS attractive despite beheadingsPeople find ISIS attractive despite beheadings...

jarred1196-May 20172 hrs ago
New in Dubai Uae

New in Dubai UaeHi there, looking for some friends to get together and do stuff with in Dubai. Anyone living here?...

Unknown1,2902May 20072 hrs agoMay 2007
Why is timing so important in meeting the right partner

Why is timing so important in meeting the right partner?Have you ever held two magnets together? And noticed how they attach tightly to the other magnet? But if you flip the magnet, they push away? And...

ysabeljhen47454Nov 212 hrs agoNov 23
Whats worse than a no one cares post

What's worse than a "no one cares" postWhat's worse than a "no one cares" post is a "no one cares" comment.?...

jarred1220-Jun 20172 hrs ago
Prometheus120919Feb 152 hrs agoFeb 16

Perceptions, people.Don’t even think of responding until you have read the bottom line. It was created by someone with Asperger Syndrome and is, in its own way, incredi...

Elegsabiff33128Dec 282 hrs agoDec 30

BOB MARLEY... AND HIS SON...!!!And his son... (older post) You know that allready......

makis8225226May 20112 hrs agoMay 2011
Attty: "Are you the one??"(meet us in the quizzes)

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