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jarred1179-Sep 201725 mins ago
Crazyheart3840235Oct 1125 mins agoOct 12

Concerning in Cuba?I have heard bits and pieces on the news lately, but nothing really in great detail that I can recall. A buddy of mine came over last night and he me...

Johnny_Sparton36229Dec 201725 mins agoDec 2017

MoneyMoney For many people, making money online would be an absolute dream come true. If they could find a way to make...

Linobrown2438Sep 1625 mins agoSep 18
Invisible Scars

Invisible ScarsThis Blog is a true story which i heard from my good friend last night... it was about her life.... I meet her in school and she was pretty happy g...

Rusha71113Aug 201125 mins agoAug 2011
Every second of everyday

Every second of everydayTo love a person and to love them from the...

Unknown3041Jun 201026 mins agoJun 2010

Bestial Monks of the TundraIn 1956 an expedition financed by the British Institute of Animal affairs into the vast Tundra to have a look at wildlife and stuff discovered various...

Mapmaker41537Feb 201726 mins agoFeb 2017
Women Only Please

Women Only PleaseLadies, I would like to know whatz your innermost fantasy?...

kingrockstar5675Sep 201126 mins agoSep 2011
fortune telling is not from God

fortune telling is not from GodGod never gives us bad gifts nor try us with sinful actions (Luke 11:11-13, James 1:13). the Bible repeatedly tells us we are not to use fortunetell...

Unknown1,00169Mar 201426 mins agoMar 2014

Men and women....Pregnancy.....They have us beaten thumbs down, fellas. Unless, of course, one considers male representation in almost everything else of value. But I digress. Truly...

Vierkaesehoch1732Jun 1626 mins agoJun 17

ToleranceWhy do I always find so many posters, bloggers, readers on here complain about the nature of people's topics? The worst part is making it as an exc...

lindsyjones1,84643Oct 201727 mins agoOct 2017

Laughable US SnowflakeryWith the snowflake generation becoming more bizarre with their demands the world has become far too sensitive to these adult babies. Colleges have saf...

Mapmaker90066Oct 201727 mins agoNov 2017
thanks for the help guys but i still cant get it

thanks for the help guys but i still can't get iti'm following the instructions to the letter.. [ youtube ] [ / youtube ] just won't work. here's...

aScottishGuy8248310Apr 201327 mins agoApr 2013
At last a day for so many on CS to celebrate as their own

At last, a day for so many on CS to celebrate as their ownMonday 24th September is a day tailor-made for most bloggers on CS and since one can't get in too early on these important holidays, I hope to be the...

Elegsabiff73592Sep 2127 mins agoSep 23
If you had 24 hours

If you had 24 hours,....................To be anyone you wanted, who would it be,.........?...

Unknown29814Feb 201728 mins agoFeb 2017

It's still fairer than the western way though.?n Thailand, it is well known that young women with old men often say to their friends "Don't worry he'll be dead soon". They will have the house and...

jarred1148-Feb 328 mins ago

this is a story about four peoplethis is a story about four people...

jarred180-Sep 1628 mins ago
Kind Or Not

Kind Or Noti am sure we all come across these words when someone write to u and they will end with "" Kindly write back asap"" OR "" Kindly this, Kindly that....

JoleenC41012Aug 201328 mins agoAug 2013
Whos your daddy

Who's your daddy...?Having a moment pondering something yet again. Often wonder about this... Where are the fathers....? In my house tonight there are 6 children and y...

Unknown45327May 201428 mins agoMay 2014

TOP 4 ALL TIME HALL OF FAME BLOGGERS.....As promised, my all time list of favourite bloggers. To increase tension, I have placed the finalists in reverse order. 4) Cameltits/poor_and_ugly/...

maupassant5,21795May 201128 mins agoJul 2011
For Lora48

For Lora48Hi Lora, I’ve been busy with depression and reading these past few weeks. I have only managed to post short blog comments through all of that. I h...

aRrAe678-Apr 201628 mins agoApr 2016

Boycott the NFL?Black Lives Matter activist wants you to boycott the NFL? The same group that it's funded by George Soros and He has appointed three lesbians as being...

NewYorkcitylove195-Jul 201728 mins ago

"RAMBLIN MAN"..("RAMBLE ON")..(80)It Is All In The Way It Is Presented...For Although It Is Only Just The Written Word...For The Receiver Of These Words...It Can... And Always Will Be...

namaron255-Jan 201728 mins ago
age doesent matters on dating site why

age doesent matters on dating site why???we alll come here to find true partneer and true heart we dont come here to find same age partneer , ihve seen may ppl they askes 1st age and when if...

Unknown4091Aug 201129 mins agoAug 2011

How to increase size?Thought I'd find the answer down below so I've just spend the past 20minutes playing about down there thinking hoping I would figure/work it out for m...

itchywitch35515Jun 1029 mins agoJun 11
The purpose of the Ephod

The purpose of the EphodOne of the most interesting stories of the Bible is the story of the Tabernacle. We begin seeing it in the book of Exodus and it keeps popping up in...

Ken_19902Oct 529 mins agoOct 5
SOS Help have date

SOS Help have dateHello Ive arranged to meet a girl off site. we plan to go to beach for first date. I wanna know what would be a good gift to get here thanks...

Scooby198937422Oct 201229 mins agoOct 2012

The Purrrrfect giftour factory personnel are boxing it now & shipping it right out to you;...

JimNastics6135Sep 201129 mins agoOct 2011
Our Values

Our Values1 Passion for God We love God with our hearts, souls, minds, and strength. We seek a close personal relationship with Jesus, and to grow in emulat...

Keys7072412Sep 201329 mins agoSep 2013

Compliments,Hello CS Universe, Well, I don t post many blogs, but figured its time for this one. Lately we ve had some bickering, and feuding on CS, That's life...

1to1to187232May 201629 mins agoMay 2016
How long does it take to find a good lover

How long does it take to find a good lover?Can any body tell me that how log does it take to find a good lover fr me....

0323901937165819Feb 201329 mins agoFeb 2013
Is it just me

Is it just meWhy do people set up a profile with out a picture. Then you get this big message from them about how they would like to friends. I am not shallow I kn...

1r1shmale32113Feb 201729 mins agoFeb 2017

Yes ITS KIWI Timeyes I'm here with your daily dose it comes ....... adds included...

virgosingle3437Dec 201230 mins agoDec 2012
unconditional love

unconditional loveWould you getiinvolved or marry someone that lose a limb due to accident or illness? And if so what?...

georgie3954021Apr 201630 mins agoApr 2016

"BACK TO THE INDIAN""Back To The Indian" The Year Is Sixteen Thirty Four You Know You Couldnt Ask For More Such a Time in Time to live In I can tell you that for Su...

namaron36410Mar 201530 mins agoMar 2015
Exactly what is a low maintenance woman

Exactly what is a low maintenance woman?We hear this counter-intuitve platitude occasionaly but what does it mean? Is it like vinyl siding or something?...

Unknown54424Aug 201130 mins agoAug 2011

"SUNDAY IS SUNDAY"Ive decided to not talk about Love..Dreaming of not being alone....Imagining this...And Imagining that....Im sick of all that Mushy Crap.................

namaron981-Dec 201430 mins agoDec 2014
Is Chivalry DEAD

Is Chivalry DEAD ???????If so how and why did it die I have some theories. It may not be quite dead yet, it may still be on life support. About 2 years ago i was travelli...

Simmo11,37482Jun 201430 mins agoJun 2014
Morning Beauties v Morning Beasts

Morning Beauties v Morning Beasts...........A bit of fun, but for some, its sooooooo accurate Happy Friday...

wolfie884784915Apr 201630 mins agoApr 2016
I cant understand

I can't understandsome of guys and girls are successful but still don't settle to their life or still single for a long time. Most of them has good carreer stable job...

Unknown4075Mar 201131 mins agoMar 2011

tryingto locate my pics on the computer...but so many files...and it's a monday morn...and heya to heck w all of this gonna go c my friends and have a good...

sweetiefireball2812Feb 201331 mins agoFeb 2013
Some of the Best Shots

Some of the Best ShotsThis was sent to me this morning. Some really great pics of animals in the link below. Enjoy! Check it out and see what you think.

Gentlejim37517Feb 201531 mins agoFeb 2015
"Are You a Disney Devotee?"(meet us in the quizzes)

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