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Track161720Apr 201726 mins ago
Track162884Apr 201726 mins agoMay 2017
Track162155Apr 201726 mins agoMay 2017
Track162564May 201726 mins agoMay 2017
Track162141May 201726 mins agoMay 2017
Track162493May 201726 mins agoMay 2017
Track162933May 201726 mins agoMay 2017
Track162635May 201726 mins agoMay 2017

DreamsAnyone else remember their dreams? I been having some weird one's lately....

Track163085May 201726 mins agoMay 2017
Track162131May 201726 mins agoMay 2017

lolI would do this....

Track162150May 201726 mins ago

PassionPassion is usually some heavying petting followed by great sex. That's my understanding of it anyhow lol...

Track163245May 201726 mins agoMay 2017
Track162303May 201726 mins agoMay 2017
Track161900May 201726 mins ago
Track161902May 201726 mins agoMay 2017
Track161970May 201726 mins ago
Track162401May 201726 mins agoMay 2017

PARIS, GAY PARIS - My Home Town - NEWS UPDATE!I often hear and read about this beautiful city and some even have ambitions about spending their honeymoon there as it is the fabled glittering city...

daniela77788270Aug 201826 mins agoApr 16
Track162151May 201727 mins agoMay 2017
Track162589May 201727 mins agoMay 2017

If I CouldI would trade my musical abilities for a satisfying life with someone to share it with. Have you ever found yourself wishing you could change some...

Track162435May 201727 mins agoMay 2017
What Are You Doing Here

What Are You Doing Here?Yes, you! I'm serious. Tired of looking?Tired of making others think you live a perfect life? Why create such a bubble in the first place? Do me a fav...

TheRevenant204-Feb 201827 mins ago

"TIL ITS OVER"All Of The Entire World Can Be United In Their Thoughts...Thinking Because Everybody Accepts The Same Way of Thinking...That They Have To Be Right...T...

namaron37914May 201727 mins agoMay 2017

Another DayGot some home made burgers on frying, all the animals are asleep, may soon take a nap myself. Just another day. How is your day?...

Track162332May 201727 mins agoMay 2017
Track162894May 201727 mins agoMay 2017
Track162240May 201727 mins ago

DreamingSix o clock already I was just in the middle of a dream, I was kissing Valentino by a crystal blue italian stream....

Teresa0987645821Aug 201427 mins agoAug 2014
Track161930May 201727 mins ago
Track162150May 201727 mins ago

lolThe following errors occurred: [Blog Detail] must contain at least 50 characters, you entered 41...

Track162852May 201727 mins agoMay 2017
A bond of love A medal of trust A shoulder in sa

A bond of love, A medal of trust. A shoulder in saA bond of love, A medal of trust. A shoulder in sadness, A hand in darkness. A special relation to hold, An ear where secrets can be told. An ap...

Unknown2400Oct 201127 mins ago
Track161972May 201727 mins agoMay 2017
Track162692May 201727 mins agoMay 2017

SocietyI think we fked up somewhere.

Track162822May 201727 mins agoMay 2017
Track162346Jun 201727 mins agoJun 2017
Track162871Jun 201727 mins agoJun 2017
Track162632Jun 201727 mins agoJun 2017
Track162241Jun 201727 mins agoJun 2017
Track162150Jun 201727 mins ago

LadiesRead this and take it to heart....

Track1631612Jun 201727 mins agoJun 2017

The most honest Muslim everShockingly true. Finally someone in the Muslim world sees and expresses the truth. Way to go Yousef Al-Husseini....

lindsyjones5,04278Dec 201727 mins agoMar 2018
Track162562Jun 201727 mins agoJun 2017
LifeThirst: "10 Benefits Of YOGA"(meet us in the top 10 lists)

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