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You Deserve That Someone

You Deserve That SomeoneBe with someone who you don't have to hide from, in any way. Whether it's your morning face before you've put your make-up on, an embarrassing stor...

Dreamcatcher99340-Nov 20162 hrs ago
Valentine without love

Valentine without love!Again there is Valentine, passing in my life without love and has been same since 10 yrs.. tired of falling in love alone, tired of getting hurt, tire...

wonderfullife8631612Feb 20182 hrs agoMar 2018
Change from within yourself

Change from within yourselfChange the quality of who you are from within yourself , and not only improve the physical appearance . Know that what's inside reflects on the outsid...

Roshan29104495May 20132 hrs agoJun 2013

So out of the blue..,the 28 year old step daughter calls at 7am and asks me if I can come see her that morning. She's an hour drive away, but I say sure. All I have to d...

Ken_1978313Aug 20162 hrs agoAug 2016

HonorIt isn't often I would laud a Republican Politian , but there is one who deserves all the admiration and respect I can muster, that person is Senator...

studecar2835Feb 20172 hrs agoFeb 2017

The Advantages Of Living In The EUThe European Laws Eighteen months ago my 7-month old Dalmatian pup was attacked in a public area, while on the lead, by a free roaming German Sheph...

daniela77775649Sep 20172 hrs agoSep 2017

Pizza...One of our new employees asked if there was a pizza shop near the office. Yes, I replied... due west about a mile in a little shopping plaza on the le...

chatillion1437Nov 162 hrs agoNov 16
About hate

About hateSome people never conquer the feeling of hate. They are taught to be so submissive that they fear the affect. Some people are lost with they hate....

Unknown5696Jul 20102 hrs agoAug 2010
TED TalksThe Power of Vulnerability 3

TED Talks:The Power of Vulnerability 3And you know how I feel about vulnerability. I hatevulnerability. And so I thought, this is my chance to beat it backwith my measuring stick. I'm goin...

Cherielxl2540Aug 20162 hrs ago
Track161512Jan 82 hrs agoJan 9
THE LOVE VENUE The original version

THE LOVE VENUE (The original version)You can`t be "completed" by someone.That depicts a wrong need to use someone, for the happiness that you should have,yourself,in your own skin.The com...

moonkitten5952Mar 20092 hrs agoMar 2009

"SOME OF US ARE SO OLD"..("MICLEE'S 21ST CENTURY")Some Of Us Are So Old Because..............................."When We Were Kids?"........................................ (You Fill It In From Here)....

namaron28,4171,390Aug 20142 hrs ago3 hrs ago
Im contemplating thinking about thinking

Im contemplating thinking about thinking,.........Its over rated so get another drink in and watch me come undone, their selling razor blades and mirrors in the streets, I prey that when Im coming dow...

Unknown44411Oct 20162 hrs agoOct 2016

I've stretched it & now it's too long !As this is an over 18's site I should be safe to talk about this I remember when it happened as if it were yesterday, though in reality it happened i...

zmountainman1,10061Dec 20142 hrs agoDec 2014

LOVE..LOVE Two stars in the sky can't disapear Two persons that were once in love Will ne...

claudya1,1631Jan 20092 hrs agoJan 2009
Books Books Books Journey down memory lane

Books!Books! Books! Journey down memory lane!Hey All, Hiya.. ..I was on a blog last week, where books were discussed & it prompted me to search my memory banks for those I had read. So, without...

Unknown87557Mar 20132 hrs agoMar 2013

I Simply Love It....Funny SMS Chats With Mommies Enjoy.

Lukeon3,14427Aug 20142 hrs agoAug 2014

Age difference....yes again, but now about history of my and my relatives age differences.I have been brought up in a family, where age difference had no meaning, no matter it was the woman that was younger or the man. From my Mothers si...

Bekard1512412 hrs ago2 hrs ago5 hrs ago

Palm Oil And Its Effects On The Environment?Palm oil plantations are devastating the rainforests across Indonesia and Malaysia destroying the natural habitat of countless species. What is...

daniela77734629Apr 20172 hrs agoApr 2017

Phobia'sDo you have a phobia that you aware of. Untill I flew on a jet liner I never thought that I had a phobia of flying but I hate it. Except that to get f...

funlaugh51524Nov 20132 hrs agoNov 2013

all i want for christmasis to have life and find my self a nice loving,caring,honest,down to earth romantic,man so santa hope u remeber me on the good list lol...

shandeen293518Dec 20162 hrs agoDec 2016
Our Stella

Our StellaOur Stella in the bottle is sanctified Your taste, Your smoke coming, Your alcohol affected, from a glass or from the bottle. Give us toda...

jarred1120-Jun 232 hrs ago

Evidence ?Evidence ? Come on !! What evidence ? I never laid a hand on her !! . . . . ....

JimNastics3574Jun 20142 hrs agoJun 2014
I want to get another dog now

I want to get another dog now,........................Defintiley mans best friend, grown up with them all my life, brought my boy when he was 12 weeks old, and the kids on the farm named him First as was...

Unknown35425Mar 20172 hrs agoMar 2017
Hellfire club

Hellfire clubI hiked up to the Hellfire club in Dublin today. I met the locals and some really nice tourists and explained my theory of faces in the stone. One of...

1r1shmale28511Feb 20172 hrs agoFeb 2017

A weird ordinanceIn one city in the Metro Manila area, a city ordinance was passed limiting to four the number of pet cats and dogs. I'm just wondering if they could p...

tatami41320Apr 20152 hrs agoApr 2015
warm and cold

warm and cold...Now let the day Just slip away So the dark night may watch over you Velvet blue, silent true It embraces your heart and your soul Nocturne Nev...

jennynguyen344-Jan 20132 hrs ago
for the the love of my life when i find her

for the the love of my life when i find her ??There will be a beautiful house on a stunning greek island,adorned with sweet smelling exotic plants and flowers,next to stunning crystal clear waters...

thassos604705Feb 20112 hrs agoFeb 2011

ANNOYING NEIGHBORSEverywhere i have ever lived i try to stay clear from the neighbors. I don't want relationships cause every time i show a little kindness it opens a b...

Unknown5283Jun 20092 hrs agoJun 2009
I am very intrigued

I am very the human race - humanity if you will. How is it possible that we are all so biologically similar yet so aesthetically and mentally dissimilar? Ho...

Unknown3281Dec 20092 hrs agoDec 2009
To love or not to love

To love or not to loveFinding love is one thing and deciding to love is another thing. When we are lonely, down and weary, we secretly vow to give our hearts to the next pe...

Unknown6743Oct 20072 hrs agoOct 2007

"DOING THE UNEXPECTED""I Was Watching Some Stuff........................................... About The Incredible Things ...................That People Have Done In The Thea...

namaron1,189-May 20182 hrs agoMay 2018

They had to pee......................GOTTA PEE Two women friends had gone for a girl's night out. Both were very faithful and loving wives, however they had gotten over-enthusiastic o...

bcjenny11111Feb 172 hrs ago4 hrs ago
Jealousy and Relationships

Jealousy and RelationshipsJealous, am I jealous? I know, no one would admit that they are jealous, who wants to admit this imperfectness? However, I never jealous. Of someone o...

Unknown5172Mar 20112 hrs agoMar 2011
women first impression part 2

women first impression..part 2..Candykiss46... no kisses from this South African Beauty...should rename Candycrush...cross this lady and out comes Apartheid all over again..once you...

Ian1583,26723Aug 20152 hrs agoAug 2015
When will it stop the muslim questions

When will it stop !...the muslim questionsFor the last 30 days or so there has been little blogs about muslims and terror. When will people look back at history to see why we are where we a...

Unknown50320Jan 20172 hrs agoFeb 2017
Which Do You Prefer

.....Which Do You Prefer.....Which do you prefer, being wealthy and miserable always wanting more?? or being poor and content with what you have??...

GoDaniel52717Sep 20132 hrs agoSep 2013
Trial and Error methods in a Relationship

Trial and Error methods in a RelationshipI have found that people do trial and error methods to maintain relationship, however its an impediment at times to build a strong relationship. It wo...

Unknown2,6082Aug 20112 hrs agoSep 2011

Happy New Year 2019Happy New year 2019 I wish you all the best for 2019 and a very peaceful Happy n prosperous New Year

1_SPCTR12918Dec 312 hrs agoJan 1

"WHEN SOME WOMEN DONT GET THEIR WAY"This Blog................. Is Not With The Intent Of........................................... Aggravating Anybody...Or.....Because Of Any Blog That...

namaron75250Nov 202 hrs agoNov 24
for all the gals in here who lov men

for all the gals in here who lov men!!!!how would u feel if u met someone in here,went on date,it all went well,yet next day u log in and hes online!!!all day mayb... Can u really trust som...

Unknown63319Oct 20092 hrs agoNov 2009
GOOD cannot survive without EVIL

GOOD cannot survive without EVILGOOD cannot survive without EVIL. Get rid of evil, good will create another evil....

whtwhb38119Jan 20142 hrs agoJan 2014
SweetWitch: "we "(meet us in the ecards)

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