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Just so many questions

Just so many questions ...Bunches of questions about relationship that I don't know where to start here. If you do care please inbox your skype ID. I will add and seek for your...

LastStrike5427Sep 20161 hrs agoOct 2016

saddlebredsold my horse for wheels but still feel the saddle under me heels down trying to balance the wind sweeps but not everything sweeps under cheap...

Palmfrond663Nov 301 hrs agoNov 30

Brain Teasers 11(1) What does a trampoline artiste and a nightclub worker have in common? (2) Where is kidnapping legal? (3) When does worth and price have...

socrates4488422Aug 20161 hrs agoAug 2016

Females and males.....Striking.......In very primitive life forms, there are methods of exchange of genetic materials, between sexes, but it hardly resembles s*xual reproduction. But all...

Vierkaesehoch2097Jul 51 hrs agoJul 5
time to get wet

time to get wetIt's raining a bit in kuwait since 2 hours, normally it rains in winter only. Winter starts here around mid of Nov. What part of the year u experi...

imbackagain80782Nov 20161 hrs agoNov 2016

Kindness !It is so rare !...

Snookums32,27463Dec 20151 hrs agoDec 2015

"REVOLUTION TWO"("ITS A COMIN")This Is About The future Of The United States Of America Not The United States Of Canada Not The United States Of The United Kingdom Or Any Other C...

namaron1,26766Dec 20151 hrs agoDec 2015
When a lover becomes a brother

When a lover becomes a brotherNot all relationships end badly, in some cases following a relationship a deep friendship ensues that in many ways can be more worthwhile than the rel...

Solamente1,10024Dec 20151 hrs agoDec 2015

Tapping my fingers... waitingSo... you look across to a person you have known for ten years,theres' a change. You look around you and your friends are all changing. They are greye...

Abagail62138Apr 20131 hrs agoApr 2013
What wild and crazy activities are you into

What wild and crazy activities are you into?I just LOVE waiting until dark falls to take out the trash! I find it extremely thrilling and dangerous. Who knows what might happen? I could be blind...

IMunbreakable12,01589Mar 20121 hrs agoMar 2012
Track162320Dec 20161 hrs ago

The First Time Ever I Saw Your FaceThe First Time Ever I Saw Your Face...

jarred1363-Oct 20151 hrs ago
have you been to the United State

have you been to the United State?from John How are you doing today? I hope that everything is moving fine with you and that this letter finds you in good health and spirit I will s...

Niitsa61312Jul 20131 hrs agoJul 2013

Advice given - lay them right, you can walk over them for 30 yearsNow, is that true? I think I must have been laying them wrong. Or perhaps I didn’t get the best quality in the first place. I do find after a few year...

Elegsabiff823112Apr 20171 hrs agoApr 2017
Another Blog about Scottishmen

Another Blog about your favorite Scottishmen in kilt pics....just for a smile if nothing else....Maybe we can make our two sick ladies smile also!!...

Calliopesgirl1,19662Jan 20131 hrs agoJan 2013

OopsHis request approved, the CNN News photographer chartered a flight from the local airport, and was told a twin-engine plane would be waiting for him a...

Elegsabiff46213Dec 20161 hrs agoDec 2016
Guy Fawkes

Guy Fawkes...Early hours of the 4th of November here and already people are letting off fireworks. So apart from being an outdated custom from the "mother land"...

oldblue5433410Nov 20171 hrs agoNov 2017
jarred1218-Aug 20151 hrs ago
Rufus Viking

Rufus VikingRufus is doing well. He had a problem with his heart the other day. It got out of rythum(not sure of the spelling)it is ok now.He is sore and gets o...

Unknown50313Dec 20111 hrs agoDec 2011
soulgoddess942-Jul 20121 hrs ago
why do men insist on leaving d toilet seat up

why do men insist on leaving d toilet seat up??Until the end of the late 1990s ,toilets were small boxes out the back of a home.whenever a woman was going to use the toilet,she would take other wo...

Rusha1,41850Aug 20111 hrs agoAug 2011
Celestial Readings Astrological Update Oct 2 9

Celestial Readings Astrological Update Oct 2-9Four planets, Saturn, Mercury and Venus, along with the Sun, occupy the sign of Libra, birth sign for the month of October. Relationships will definit...

starfire_girl73113Oct 20111 hrs agoOct 2011

More breaking news 9/7/2018 Michael Cohen to get at least 4 years in prison - Russian involvementToday from the Associated Press US: Trump lawyer met Russian offering 'political synergy' Associated Press CHAD DAY, ERIC TUCKER and JIM MU...

JimNastics19216Dec 71 hrs ago2 hrs ago

disabled..I noticed the other night turning off my laptop this ad.. "Disabled Dating For Local Singles" On my way to bed to get some sleep, start thinging a...

Unknown63314Oct 20091 hrs agoOct 2009
Happy Birthday BritishColumbian aka Jenny

Happy Birthday, BritishColumbian aka JennyI want to wish a dear lady and friend a very, very Happy Birthday! Jenny! Please join me in wishing her an awesome and wonderful birthday!...

Gentlejim30829Sep 151 hrs agoSep 16
A Creed To Live By

A Creed To Live ByDon't undermine your worth by comparing yourself with others. It is because we are different that each of us is special. Don't set your goals by wh...

4MaryB3660Jan 20091 hrs ago
When there is something in your head that BITES

When there is something in your head that BITESafter shower i was holding towel in one hand and clothes to be thrown in washing bin in other.....i opened the window of my room to put my wet towel o...

imbackagain52034Oct 20171 hrs agoOct 2017
It starts

It startsWhile I may not be religious, the words of "Mad Madea" help me out. Love yourself I`ve been fighting that for so long, and in that fight I`ve lo...

soquiliquay3370May 20111 hrs ago
Track16260Dec 51 hrs ago

"THE ICE AGE?.. ITS A COMIN""There Have Been Numerous...................................................... "Ice Ages" ......................Throughout The History Of.......And O...

namaron24121Nov 291 hrs agoDec 5
Can You Be My Personal Guide

Can You Be My Personal Guide?I pretended not to see him while others left the scene. It’s not that I was into his look or style. It was obvious that he and his look and style h...

asian_delight3223Feb 20121 hrs agoFeb 2012
Some Humor

Some HumorI’m on a whisky diet. I’ve lost three days already. Went to the zoo. There was only one dog in it. It was a shi-tzu. A young blonde fears her hu...

Gentlejim2804Jan 20171 hrs agoJan 2017
This site is great Can we make it even greater What new features would you like on this website

This site is great, Can we make it even greater? What new features would you like on this website?This site is great, Can we make it even greater? What new features would you like on this website?...

CreightonBrown3067Apr 20171 hrs agoApr 2017
Ebola This is very concerning hope they can someh

Ebola. This is very concerning hope they can somehforgotten how to link a web page to here so you'll have to copy and paste.

funlaugh3989Aug 20141 hrs agoAug 2014

THE PERFECT ONEHe holds me when I start to cry Makes me smile with just his eyes Shares my hopes,dreams and fears... Wipes away all my tears...

claudya4622Feb 20091 hrs agoFeb 2009


NewYorkcitylove188-Oct 20171 hrs ago
Jakarta Today

Jakarta TodayHi everyone Wonder where all my Indonesian Ladies been, guess everybody's busy lately. Just a quick update from the craziness been going on in J...

Marshmallowgirl64714Mar 20121 hrs agoMar 2012
The World in 2050

The World in 2050It’s the year 2050, a few things have happened:- All wars have ended; all races and religions have ceased hostilities and live in har...

Mapmaker90557Jun 20161 hrs agoJun 2016
Womenfor Dummies

Women…for DummiesThis short but concise guide will help men have a little more understanding on women and how to deal with them. Women have been around for a very l...

Mapmaker1,266141Oct 21 hrs agoOct 5

The church vs the scriptures All men created equal?The church vs the scriptures All men created equal?...

NewYorkcitylove162-Oct 20171 hrs ago

BraggartsI was reading about people who are affected by braggarts and expressing their disdainful taste about it, here's what I can say: leave them be, they'...

lindsyjones2,22829Aug 20171 hrs agoAug 2017

Y'all Can Join The InvestigationAfter Oct. 31, '17! ... This is of UTMOST importance to the survival of mankind...and the planet. As...

miclee32519Oct 20171 hrs agoOct 2017

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