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bambina_bee64421Aug 20131 hrs agoAug 2013
The Marketable

The MarketableNowadays everything revolves around good marketing from person to the cheapest, dumbest, bizarre and even craziest creation or invention. Everyon...

r3y5a63374Dec 20131 hrs agoDec 2013

I CAN'T LAUGH RIGHT NOW I AM TO BUSY FUSSINGI put a blog on the other day that I thought would bring a lot of laughter and just have fun and enjoy but instead all I seen was fussing on another b...

wenever71266Jan 61 hrs agoJan 7
never you judge someone by there looks

never you judge someone by there looksNever you judge someone by there facial or physical look!!!take the time and get to know the person before you judge because you might just be wrong!!...

javii1236114Mar 20141 hrs agoMar 2014
2 more weeks left

2 more weeks leftand then i am off to california!!! woo-hoo!! look out am gonna go shopping....hit the beach...go to art museums w family and friends...oh yeah....afte...

sweetiefireball30212Feb 20131 hrs agoFeb 2013
back from Marrakech

back from MarrakechHey people how are u doing? i really miss be in this site i was in Marrakech annd now im back home wowow it was great trip even its hot but it was...

Unknown3026Jul 20101 hrs agoAug 2010

Wealthy men----Poor women...I sometimes think, while watching the dozen or so ladies queued (lined) up at the womens' rooms, as I saunter by alone with no wait to pee, that biolo...

Vierkaesehoch30614Feb 191 hrs agoFeb 21
JimNastics11023Dec 81 hrs ago15 hrs ago
Track161831May 20171 hrs agoMay 2017
For the Less Loquacious

For the Less LoquaciousI don't lack knowledge in the art of words, I'm simply verbally challenged. If it seems I'm sometimes wordy here, know that, face to face and in th...

Unknown1842Dec 20081 hrs agoJan 2009
My online nightmare

My online nightmarea c4 documentary about on line dating gone wrong Serial killers and everything. There sure are some creepy people in the world Any body...

nonsmoker73063Apr 20171 hrs agoApr 2017

tornado..I am asking anyone who can clarify this for me.. Can you please do so.. Was there a tornado I. Tulsa Oklahoma over this weekend? Please anyone...

georgie3948133Aug 20171 hrs agoAug 2017
Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

Let Sleeping Dogs LieI should learn to keep my trap shut but there are things that can annoy me so much that I have to speak. A dog on a chain is one of those things....

Catfoot81736Nov 20141 hrs agoNov 2014
How do u

How do u...How do u stop bad luck from your life?What do you do whn nothing is good in your life no job no love really nothing?...

claudya65818Jul 20161 hrs agoAug 2016

WeirdiosWhy is it i keep getting these vile men who want to do rude things via skype and for me to watch...REALLY..... Does anyone else have this problem?...

angelteller83218Dec 20151 hrs agoDec 2015
I found love going to north africa

I found love, going to north africaI found love, going to north africa soon now. And it wasnt on here, although I did have one or two girls on here, but werent really compatible....

Unknown71533Jun 20121 hrs agoJun 2012
Track161578Oct 241 hrs agoDec 2

Christmas Party IllusionHe spotted her immediately He was starstruck at her beauty Vibrant russet locks flowing down her back Cheekbones cut from pure granite Breasts t...

mollybaby95147Dec 20161 hrs agoDec 2016
Women still living with offspring

Women still living with offspring.These dating (really scanning/screening/introduction)services are wonderful additions to the usual ways to find love. But as to the screening aspect,...

Aaltarboy92811Nov 20151 hrs agoNov 2015

Usually around the holidaysAll day yesterday I kept thinking if we can make it one more week without any tragedy, we can make it through this holiday. Last night my bro calls t...

UnFayzed1106Nov 131 hrs agoNov 14
Couch surfing

Couch surfingHas anyone here tried this or is a member.

funlaugh75420Aug 20131 hrs agoAug 2013

New Commercial = funnyI have no idea if their insurance is any good. However, I have to hand it to Geico (or more precisely, their ad agency), they keep coming up with fu...

JimNastics7146Jul 20101 hrs agoJul 2010
Life without laughter

Life without laughterIn The Name of The Rose a old movie maybe some of us have seen this movie. When was the last time we look at ourselves and have a good laugh? W...

FLYJAMES4155Jan 20151 hrs agoJan 2015

Have youHave you ever looked at a profile and it felt like you got electrified and then you think you know them?...

Palmfrond2132Dec 20171 hrs agoDec 2017

TRUE FRIENDSHIP, LA LA LAReal friends encourage one aonther, forgive one another easily and completely, they have unconditional love for one another. Genuine friendship suppor...

Unknown65735Aug 20111 hrs agoAug 2011

I LOVE MY MOTHER AND HER LAND.......India is my country, my motherland. I love it and I am proud of it. India is a big country. In population it is second only to China. India has a rich...

Unknown38918Dec 20121 hrs agoDec 2012

I have really good news for you !If you are reading this blog, you are very likely alive. OK, you may not call it... really living, but the truth is, you are above ground and bre...

JimNastics1,39641Sep 20111 hrs agoSep 2011
Women of Yeshua

Women of YeshuaWomen of Yeshua where are you?A woman who covers her physical form with clothing bc she values herself... Women of Yeshua where are you a woman whos...

Unknown51714Nov 20141 hrs agoNov 2014
forum fights

forum fightswow, the ppl in the forums sure are scrappy. they seem to all be just itchin for a bitchin. i havent heard so many insults at once in a long time....

Unknown1,1087Oct 20071 hrs agoOct 2007
What Does Valentines Day Mean To You

What Does Valentines Day Mean To You??What does Valentines Day mean to you?? for me it means spending precious time with Christina it's also a time when you express your love toward famil...

GoDaniel79665Feb 20141 hrs agoFeb 2014

Is this a new scam or what???Got a very interesting and unusual mail in my inbox today.... it came from a young man writing to me on behalf of his father who apparently has falle...

itchywitch77242Jan 291 hrs agoJan 31
Randy Pausch

Randy PauschAs reported in the press today. There is nothing else that can be said other than here walked a man that touched the hearts and minds of so many. We...

injuneer1,0531Jul 20081 hrs agoJul 2008
you decide this is just my opinion

you decide, this is just my opinionmost of you are probably aware of the relationship between me & becca and what we're trying to build together.and you'll know what becks has been th...

tisme3775833Mar 20121 hrs agoMar 2012

It's the Teeth problem again..... and I am looking for genuine, someone in the know, adviseSome weeks ago, I shared something, which for me, is extremely embarrassing. Through no neglect, but bad luck, health etc., I have to have teeth...

goldengloss59228Apr 20171 hrs agoApr 2017

India's DaughterFinally after being is now accessible for people to watch...the story of a female medical student brutally raped and killed by men...sadly...

loulou772,15381Jun 20151 hrs agoJun 2015
The Fox

The FoxGood day to all where every you are I hope you had a good day. Today is Easter Monday ,this morning I had my run ,then off I was with my son-in law t...

FLYJAMES55628Apr 20141 hrs agoApr 2014
The Power of Words

The Power of WordsWhen we were growing up and would encounter the cruel tongues of other children, we were taught a rhyme designed to assauge our hurt feelings: "Sticks...

Unknown8611Jan 20081 hrs agoJan 2008

Never Lose YourselfNever Lose Yourself...

jarred11,232-Sep 20171 hrs ago

reality- state of things as they are, rather than as they are imagined to be (Cambridge dictionary) Hmm... ,but everything starts in my mind. A frien...

bloodyawfull53120Jun 20171 hrs agoJul 2017
No Picture No Reply

No Picture, No ReplyWhat's the nicest way to say this without looking like an arsehole? Girls can do it no problem because there's a lot of wierdos out there but if a guy...

dublin_nerd76325Jul 20111 hrs agoJul 2011
Let me be nasty just this once

Let me be nasty, just this once ...Why am I here? I mean really really ...honestly, why am I here? And you? What's your reality? Here's mine : I pass some boring time here, and Simmo...

Crazyheart384,773163Mar 20151 hrs agoMar 2015
London 2012 The Olympics

London 2012 The Olympics !!27 July to 12 August 2012 Rik Clay walks us through his staggering research that indicates that there is a Trinity Event of the Ages looming for t...

FirasLion72815Jul 20121 hrs agoJul 2012
lemonika22: "My Top ten most Amazing Guy"(meet us in the top 10 lists)

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