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Trump's disapproval rating hits all time high & 1/2 of the USA urges impeachment.Trump, officially the worst US president in history, is increasingly being recognized by the public as such. With the recent wave of guilty pleas and...

JimNastics86359Aug 312 hrs agoSep 3

Just inquisitiveWeeks ago, I've read about Jack Moyer who seemed to be a distinguished man here in Japan aside from being a teacher. There is a group in the intl scho...

tatami3055Apr 20142 hrs agoApr 2014
SYRIA My Beautiful Country

SYRIA .. My Beautiful Country :-(Can't Beleive that im far away from my home while it's being ruined and destroied ... it's been all over the news .. First Tunis , Than Eygpt , Liby...

Unknown58415Mar 20112 hrs agoMar 2011

WHAT R U GONNA DO WEN D WRONG ONE IS LUVING U RIGHwhat are u gonna when the wrong person (perhaps somebody u dont luv that much), is loving you right???????????????????????...

Unknown3749May 20102 hrs agoMay 2010

TIME TO TAKE A TRIP DOWN COMMON SENSE LANEHere are some common sense statements and mind sets we as people need to create to beat these morons these days the what I call smart dumb people. And...

Unknown1723Jan 20122 hrs agoJan 2012
Do all woman have lesbian tendencies

Do all woman have lesbian tendenciesHi, I had 3 young girls at my house a few weeks ago, and they wanted to watch some internet porn on my laptop. But anyway, we happened to go on a site...

Unknown4,1128Jan 20122 hrs agoJan 2012

"SAMHAIN"..("SOW IN")"Trick or Treat For Halloween...Were Knocking On Your Door"..............Halloween Goes Back Over 2,000 Years... To The Ancient Celtics... Of Ireland...

namaron80717Oct 20172 hrs agoOct 22
Your greatest moment yet

Your greatest moment yet“One of the greatest moments in anybody’s developing experience is when he no longer tries to hide from himself, but determines to get acquainted with...

Babishoes4865Jun 20122 hrs agoJun 2012
Incident At LifePittsburgh

Incident At LifePittsburghOn the 23rd of this month while I'm sitting down on a reclininer minding my own business in the activities room when music is playing this unstable wo...

Magnet5801791May 20172 hrs agoMay 2017

WOMEN\MEN WHO CANT PICK 1 OF 200+ INTERESTED IN EMI am interested in finding out how many people are dissatisfied with the treatment they get from individuals who have the attributes I mentioned. Ther...

Unknown1953Jan 20092 hrs agoJan 2009
Common Sense

Common Sense.Now that is a scarce resource. Common Sense will even prevent you from making a fool of yourself when you believe that you are brighter and better tha...

Catfoot84559Jul 20152 hrs agoJul 2015
a question for the women

a question for the womenI was just talking to a buddy of mine over the weekend. He was telling me how he got on the bad side of his girlfriend. He went on to say that she w...

Johnny_Sparton73171Feb 20172 hrs agoFeb 2017

"WHEN SOME WOMEN DONT GET THEIR WAY"This Blog................. Is Not With The Intent Of........................................... Aggravating Anybody...Or.....Because Of Any Blog That...

namaron68450Nov 202 hrs agoNov 24

EGGSSo here's the deal- if you buy your eggs in a carton, do you use them all from one end towards the other, or do you use them from both ends of the car...

pat8lanips48938Sep 20172 hrs agoOct 2017
If you say dont read it you know I will twice

If you say, don't read it; you know I will, twice..Do not read this blog: I always thought about why the Jews and Gentiles (Christians) could never see eye to eye when it came to Jesus being the Mes...

seaworthy3369Oct 142 hrs agoOct 20
Well thats my days stuff done

Well thats my days stuff done,....................Time to chill out, put my feet up, watch the football, get on one, eat and get blissfully drunk,....................

Unknown37518Oct 20162 hrs agoOct 2016
My Job I love but our contract is expired

My Job I love but our contract is expired...And my job might be in jeopardy.....they are raising our rates and maybe might want to move our sleek and beautiful salon into the new building outsid...

Calliopesgirl99144Jun 20122 hrs agoJun 2012
Track161742Feb 222 hrs agoFeb 22
Fifty Shades of Grey

Fifty Shades of Grey...I read the books and watched the movie. I really loved it. And with a bit of shame I admit I'm turned on by the idea of dominant and submissive. I'm s...

mica3290730Jul 20152 hrs agoJul 2015
The cycle of life

The cycle of life...I find it Strange people !will happily buy death wrapped up in packaged processed trays but can't stomach seeing it happen... I have ! to use a har...

oldblue544,761212Aug 20172 hrs agoAug 2017
She Is No More

She Is No More!My dad’s girlfriend is history. On Sunday, while my sister took her on a tour through the garden, I happened to find myself in the bedroom where she l...

Catfoot1,14960Mar 20162 hrs agoMar 2016

TattoosI don't know how you feel about this topic. How could I ? You is a collection of yous with likely varied opinions. But, I'll tell you how I hone...

JimNastics3,92569Oct 20112 hrs agoOct 2011

"RAMBLIN MAN"..("RAMBLE ON")..(165)I Was Once Told.......................... That No Matter What It Is?.......................................If It Has Anything To Do With Humans?.........

namaron350-Sep 32 hrs agoSep 5
Trump comes up trumps again

Trump comes up trumps again,...................So far pre election doing what he said he would, our General election next week, and listening to the normal drivel and lies time and time again to ge...

Unknown33918Jun 20172 hrs agoJun 2017

SighYeah I know, I'm here again. For anyone who wants to know, I been depressed lately and its causing me to not be myself. I haven't mentioned much a...

Track1635419Aug 20172 hrs agoAug 2017
The Supernatural thesis of Catholicism

The Supernatural thesis of CatholicismI've been thinking recently about the unique spiritual occurrences that have appeared through the years of the Catholic Church. These mysteries of my...

seaworthy52230Jan 212 hrs agoJan 21

What Is Your Passion In Life?Or PassionS – as there can be more than one? I´ve got inspired from a friend who has come to realize that she has no passion in her life...? A...

daniela7771,19090May 20172 hrs agoMar 19
On Line Loving

On-Line LovingShortly after I joined CS, somebody ask me to be her online lover. The idea sounded great and not knowing what it entails, I agreed. I thought on...

Catfoot1,32156Jun 20162 hrs agoJun 2016

"SAYINGS...AND OTHER STUFF"Okay...Ill have to very careful on How I word stuff from here on in...So as not to be where it can be controversial and run the risk of Ending up in t...

namaron5,036-Mar 20152 hrs agoJul 20

CRIMES OF GODS BEAUTIFUL CREATIONNot proud of the body , we all turn into ashes one day. Branded for life "to those who, remember it there is no brand of linen. What are the trick...

peednama401-Jul 20162 hrs ago

"UPSIDE DOWN FROWNS"Everybody Seems To be driving on The same Road Lately..........'I Think its time To make A turn here And get On A Side Road....Slow Down .....And See...

namaron67255Aug 20152 hrs agoAug 2015

Be yourself & give your bestBe yourself & give your best If I Cried Every Time You Hurt Me

jarred13,123-Apr 20162 hrs ago

s*xual DESIRE DECLINEOur s*xual desire or interest in sex is determined by many components such as : DRIVE, which is our s*xual thoughts and fantasies, erotic attract...

Crazyheart383,817159Mar 20152 hrs agoSep 2015
pretty crappy not sure what to say really

pretty crappy, not sure what to say get ragged on stuff you say that upsets another's thoughts and you can't help shit..... my family have absolute prime property to sell here on th...

lillyleaf2781Apr 20132 hrs agoApr 2013
my old Angel

my old Angelhere's to you my dog who passed away july 11 this year. Angel, who was a "mixed race" died of old age, she managed to do quite a lot of funny thing...

roger77swe3588Oct 20162 hrs agoOct 2016
Men Women Sex and Love

Men, Women, Sex and Love...Men, Women, Sex and Love. Been on CS a while... mainly here for the poetry. This is my first Blog. Just trying to canvass a few opinions. Dear fellow...

lovecanbereal48330Jun 20172 hrs agoJun 2017

"EVERY MAN FOR HIMSELF"And That Moment Comes... When You Awaken From Recharging Your Lifes Batteries...And After Youve Gotten All Presentable For The Possibility Of Being St...

namaron2247Apr 20172 hrs agoApr 2017

"LETTERS FROM KIDS"..("AND OTHERS")Some Say....... That If The Children Ran The World...It Probably Would Be A Better Place....And I Myself...Think That The Kids Should Make The Decisio...

namaron1,022-Oct 20172 hrs agoOct 2017
jarred1169-Sep 20172 hrs ago
what would jesus do

what would jesus do ?if half the world knows something must be done about the things that are wrong with the world ... is folding our arms and looking at each other in dis...

THELEMAGE1633Oct 42 hrs agoOct 4

Time Magazine's Person of the yearTrump, as expected is the recipient this year. I know there's a lot of other people deserving to be given this yearly recognition and so my qu...

lindsyjones46137Dec 20162 hrs agoDec 2016
Water I have a drip

Water, I have a drip.Sad but it is true. Why did it happen when water is so scarce. The used laundry buckets are recycled during the day and that is the best I can do...

NAKEDMUDPEOPLE5456Jul 20152 hrs agoApr 2017
bappy14: "elements"(meet us in the quizzes)

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