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Where Does the Past Belong

Where Does the Past Belong?Many of us walk in this world, filled with regret. It seems to be the one thing none of us can ever really put down. It, and possibly the remote contr...

Unknown2003Mar 20112 hrs agoMar 2011
Five ways to save your relationship

Five ways to save your relationship1 Spend quality time together... It might seem obvious, but the couple that plays together has a far better chance of sticking it out than those who...

Unknown3203Mar 20122 hrs agoMar 2012
Hate Speech

Hate SpeechI hope Fred Phelps finds redemption in those pearly gates... Sometimes religion is what divides our citizens...and Canada regards all of its ci...

loulou771,00747May 20182 hrs agoMay 2018
GPs do they promote drugs from drug companies

GPs do they promote drugs from drug companies?statin drugs are big money earners(for drug companies,sorry THE biggest)and it is the choelesterol?but if GPs get paid for promoting such drugs?we lay...

scouse2735514Dec 20132 hrs agoDec 2013
we are really having a good time

we are really having a good timeIt has been so long since I really had a good time... and tonight is one of those nights that we are really having a good time.... Our Englis...

titsy57421May 20132 hrs agoMay 2013
What Possesses Some People

What Possesses Some People?Well, one thing for sure, online, you'll find all kinds of behaviour. What I wonder is, what do people get out of behaving in such a bizarre fashion?...

LadyImp3485Apr 20182 hrs agoApr 2018


jarred13,819-Apr 20152 hrs ago

"ITS NOT THE SAME PERSON""As Far As Picture Comparisons Go.... For Sure................................At First?...I Didnt Even Give it ....A Second Thought...............I Me...

namaron1,64163Oct 20172 hrs agoOct 2017
lindsyjones51618Jan 20172 hrs agoJan 2017
StreetWalker Working the Market

StreetWalker: Working the MarketYesterday I was vending at the White Rock Farmer's Market - a highly popular beach community and where I lived while my daughter was growing up. As I...

LadyImp32421Aug 132 hrs agoAug 14
people hurting people

people hurting peopletheir are people out their that make me sick the way they treat people what gose around will come back around with intrest...

Unknown2226Jun 20092 hrs agoJun 2009
real love

real loveis it really even possible to find real love on the net... i mean real love..........

Unknown4149Oct 20102 hrs agoOct 2010
What bring you to CS

What bring you to CS...?Me.... In the very beginning was wanting to find a "friend". After the rupture of my marriage, habit to have someone before, then suddenly I find myse...

Twinkle421,26825Jun 20142 hrs agoJun 2014

Kinky SexYeah, it's happened. I remember a time during doggie style, when my girlfriend at the time on her knees, twisted her head to look back at me....

JimNastics4560Sep 102 hrs ago
Nice things in life

Nice things in grandmother use to tell me that everyone should do 3 nice things for someone else everyday, whether that be opening a door for someone or just sayi...

Unknown64324Mar 20102 hrs agoMar 2010
stringman50215Feb 242 hrs agoFeb 28

aliens r here to help or to stealaliens r here to help or to steal our planet cause cause the thing is this trump wants to build a wall between mexico and usa but never build one in a...

Genuis25431Jan 292 hrs agoFeb 1
Girls if a man write this to you what will you do

Girls if a man write this to you what will you doThe only thing I can promise you is kissing you, teasing you so you smile, care about you when you are sad , give you a massage, talk your ear off, ma...

phjep60443Jul 262 hrs agoJul 27
A good friend

A good friend...A good friend is like a computer.She enters your life,saves you in her heart,formats your problemes,shifts you to opportunitirs and never deletes you...

claudya3204Apr 20092 hrs agoApr 2009
Shake your head and see a photo

Shake your head and see a photoShake your head and see a photo Count the number of black dots [url=

jarred14,547-Feb 20152 hrs ago
First Love Never Dies

First Love Never DiesFirst Love Never Dies...

jarred1922-Oct 20172 hrs ago
love and peace

love and peaceIn the end we only regret the chances we didn't take. The relastionship we were to scared to have and the decisions we waited too long to make. There...

Unknown3622Nov 20082 hrs agoNov 2008

More on the Dragon...I've had a few private messages this afternoon, asking me to define my allegory for what happened to me, 1996(strangely enough, the same dateline as i...

Ronnie7796767Jul 20162 hrs agoJul 2016

Respect or self respect Can one of the Irish bloggers translate what t...

Onthcrestofawave28110Jan 142 hrs agoJan 14
SO its a Leap Year this year

SO, it's a Leap Year this year!!!!!Who is going to take the "Leap" and ask their favorite guy to marrry them????...

Calliopesgirl58823Jan 20122 hrs agoJan 2012

What's life without sexWell it's my first time to blog about one of the most important thing in life so bear with me on this one. Or better yet share me your most predi...

lindsyjones1,10173Dec 20162 hrs agoDec 2016
Current state of the world

Current state of the world.Hidden in Plain Sight This Isn't Revolution, It's Evolution. rev·o·lu·tion/?rev?'lo?oSH?n/ Noun: A forcible overthrow of a government or socia...

Sutdog4584Feb 20122 hrs agoFeb 2012
has anyone herd of rocketmail com

has anyone herd of rocketmail.comI received a mail from America and the email address was I haven't herd of this one before, but got me thinking if it might be a scamme...

whitec87712Apr 20102 hrs agoApr 2010
stringman2996Apr 20182 hrs agoApr 2018
Have a lovely week my friends

Have a lovely week my friends...Monday - Tuesday - Wednesday - Thursday - Friday - Saturday - Stop! This is the weekend!!!...

fotinia07372,698197Jun 20132 hrs agoJun 2013
A Blog To Please Everybody

A Blog To Please EverybodyI have been thinking very hard to find a topic - and a view on it - to please everybody but to no avail. It will be such a welcome change to produce s...

Catfoot2,074124Jul 20142 hrs agoDec 2017
Messy girlfriend

Messy girlfriendThis woman had the dirtiest house I've ever seen!She said the place was too small to keep clean so we got a much bigger place,The bigger place turned...

Unknown67214Dec 20102 hrs agoDec 2010
Santa Claus is a Troll

Santa Claus is a Troll!Beware! God did not give his only son so you could have a Christmas tree with presents! We must remember Christmas is the birthday of the baby Jesus w...

Unknown82017Nov 20162 hrs agoNov 2016
Youre Only Lonely

You're Only LonelyYou're Only Lonely...

jarred1216-May 20172 hrs ago
An advice

An advice..."Find a guy who calls you beautiful instead of hot, who calls you back when you hang up on him, who will lie under the stars and listen to your heartb...

4MaryB9414May 20082 hrs agoMay 2008
Dear CS Dont delete your children

Dear CS, Don’t delete your childrenLet your children to fight because they are not fighting with guns but ideas. It is the best way of being evolved. So let your children to fight and...

Unknown2403Nov 20092 hrs agoNov 2009

Hmmmmm.....I've been on a couple dating sites, I've made several men angry. I feel if someone wants to chat fine but it should move forward. The way it works we...

Unknown3176Nov 20132 hrs agoNov 2013
Boyfriend fiance Baling

Boyfriend/fiance BalingI was/ is engaged. Or atleast thought so. He was supposed to show up the 28th and broke my heart by not showing up. I know I may worry but, he never c...

Unknown87853Dec 20122 hrs agoJan 2013
You are not forgotten God knows your name

You are not forgotten God knows your nameJeremiah 1:5 - Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart"; God has a great plan for your life. You are set ap...

Unknown64731Mar 20142 hrs agoMar 2014
I Dont Think I was Rude

I Don't Think I was RudeIt happened about seven houses from home. The man saw me coming and moved to his garden wall as I returned from my regular morning walk. I cursed at m...

Catfoot1,62897Feb 20182 hrs agoFeb 2018

Today...There's no better time to say what you need to say and do what you have to do, before all your lights go out on you....

fiorenza40018Jan 122 hrs agoJan 13

CrackerdogThe thing about affairs, you ignore all the things that aren’t quite right because you’re having such fun, and eventually they won’t be ignored any mo...

VivianLee90824Jun 20152 hrs agoJun 2015

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