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Stop Being Dead Serious About LifeStop Being Dead Serious About Life...

jarred1183-Jun 20173 hrs ago
WRITING Cover Letters

WRITING - Cover LettersWe all know that, for several reasons, you're supposed to tailor your cover letter to suit the job for which you're applying. A generic 'cover-all' le...

Grumpywriter46638May 20173 hrs agoMay 2017

I REALIZEDThat.... Why live in loneliness, sorrow, anger,unhappiness,sadness and be in miseries when we can do something not to have it in our lives.Life is...

Unknown2553Jan 20113 hrs agoJan 2011

Neil Bantleman Canadian teacher jailed in Indonesia is innocent please pray for himNeil Bantleman, who was charged with the s*xual abuse of students at the prestigious Jakarta Intercultural shool Why Indonesian activists are defen...

britishcolumbian13313Oct 203 hrs agoOct 20

The swamp that Trump is drainingNOTE: IMPEACH Trump? Yeah good luck. A friend of mine sent me this and it is very logical and it might change our US political system forever. D...

lindsyjones1,835144Sep 33 hrs agoOct 22

The Match Game....Suggest the two people on blogs or on the site you think would make a good couple???? Just for giggles...not serious.......

Calliopesgirl3,546147Feb 20123 hrs agoMar 2012

To Love Or Not To LoveSo many times I heard people saying that they will never love again as it only brings pain but are they not doing themselves short for nothing? There...

Catfoot1,11285Mar 193 hrs agoMar 20

News you can abuse - Pot in the brownies at schoolTwo University of Colorado students were recently arrested, after they allegedly brought brownies baked with marijuana into a 'bring food Friday' ev...

JimNastics79412Dec 20123 hrs agoDec 2012
MONEY's really disappointed when best friend, someone I treat like my family, cheat on us in money matter... it is just prove that money can change you...

Smartassss44428Sep 20143 hrs agoSep 2014

Party Time!!!It's nice day...great night for others somewhere...some good friends are back home here on blogs...some are happily in love...some have happily moved...

Crazyheart382,30671Mar 20153 hrs agoMar 2015
Changing your way of life

Changing your way of life!Today was my first day of Day Watch, I have worked the last seven years on Night Watch. I told them I would rather work straight through from the begi...

Unknown4781Mar 20073 hrs agoMar 2007
I am walking in the damp

I am walking in the dampI am walking in the damp Of my tears Longing to come to you Just to hold you in my arms Worth this whole life I am seeing the melodies Falling...

bollywood7222Oct 20083 hrs agoNov 2008
Disney World In Danger

Disney World In DangerSimply amazing that child s*xual predators are being hired by theme parks for children...I was shocked!! Although the crimes were not committed on the...

loulou771,22557Dec 20153 hrs agoJan 2016
A picture is worth a thousand words

A picture is worth a thousand words.The Ruling Party. ANC. Bravo. Moral of the story is: DO NOT PROTEST AGAINST THE ANC's DECISIONS....

Lukeon2878Feb 63 hrs agoApr 10

New dangerous virusThe name of the virus is "work". If you get "work" - from your supervisor, your colleagues, by e-mail or via the Internet - do not open it, do not...

jarred1115-Jul 143 hrs ago
Reality Today Indeed

Reality Today IndeedJust live your life in a simple meeee...........

Unknown2556Sep 20153 hrs agoSep 2015
New CS names

New CS namesI am hereby proposing new names for ConnectingSingles. The .com at the end is a given. Feel free to add some of your own suggestions. Connecting...

Ken_191,06579Jun 113 hrs agoJun 28

Possible To Be AttractivePossible To Be Attractive Can You Copy Me ? [url=

jarred12,277-Mar 20153 hrs ago

predators and preySheesh, caught me napping. I must look a fright. C’mon in, make yourselves at home, mi casa es su casa. Tell you a secret? I never saw an im...

Elegsabiff95930Jan 20163 hrs agoJan 2016
Willy3411894Oct 113 hrs agoOct 11
Ever happened to you

Ever happened to you???How many of you guys posted a blog but did'nt get any comments and had to sadly delete the blog????[/...

Unknown98841Apr 20133 hrs agoApr 2013
Need your advice on how to best explore USA

Need your advice on how to best explore USAI am going to USA in 2 weeks in July (tentatively NYC, WDC, MD, VA, CA, WA). All the suggestions on how to best experience the places are highly appre...

LastStrike35425May 20173 hrs agoMay 2017
Old men want to date young girl

Old men want to date young girl!I wonder sometimes, there are old men want to date young girl and very young girl. I got many and many messages from old men, who trying to become my...

Unknown1,96135Apr 20103 hrs agoApr 2010

National Prayer's Breakfast SpeechEven I was convinced with the sincerity of the US president Obama on his speech at the National Prayer Breakfast meeting today. He said in a very...

lindsyjones72447Feb 20153 hrs agoFeb 2015

Wild Birds... Facials ! Photos included !Hoping you get the irony of the title as it lies above another blog. Anyway, I just posted a photoalbum on another site containing 26 photos o...

JimNastics95711Sep 20123 hrs agoSep 2012
How to maximum enjoy from wife or gf

How to maximum enjoy from wife or gfit is my personel experience, in relationship, if any body wants to get maximum, respect the parents of your wife, gf, bf, respect her parents, saisfy...

Unknown2630Oct 20103 hrs ago

IrelandYesterday we seen a St Patricks parade that we were told represented Ireland. Multicultural and full of color and song and dance. Together we are an I...

1r1shmale2749Mar 20173 hrs agoMar 2017
Em Ladies

'Em LadiesHey 123Butterflies, make some noise gal....ive just noticed and your silence is an agony..i love the fuk when you always put a smile on my face.......

Lyla1235946Oct 20143 hrs agoOct 2014

TGIFdrink responsibly...

Unknown2,89021Sep 20123 hrs agoSep 2012
How Long

How Long?When Ralph first noticed that his manhood was growing larger and staying erect longer, he was delighted, as was his wife. But after several weeks, h...

Englishingermany2583May 20133 hrs agoMay 2013
The record player

The record playerI feel like I should write something. . . I got a portable turntable Set it up by my crate of vinyl memories Voices singing, brings the click...

Palmfrond1541Mar 83 hrs agoMar 9
When one door

When one door,,,When one door of happiness closes, another opens. But we often took so long at the closed door, that we don’t see the one which has been opened for us...

Rahmond5871Apr 20123 hrs agoJan 2013

LOVE IS GOD'S BLESS BUTis it rite plz leave ur comments LOVE IS GOD'S BLESS BUT we use it to break others heart. under our selfish nature. :confuse...

jamil17713503Nov 20113 hrs agoNov 2011
Favourite Place

Favourite PlaceWhere is the nicest/best place you have ever visited, and why? (Don't include places you Want to visit, but have not yet done -that is fuel for ano...

mollybaby80732Feb 20143 hrs agoFeb 2014

I'm Getting One For My DogTake him to the park one day....

Track162140Aug 20173 hrs ago

MOTHERS DAY -"Trust Me"Dear Mother It isn`t always peace and happiness that abounds in a mother`s life. Only you know how many mountains you have climbed, and yo...

moonkitten4630Apr 20093 hrs ago
Looking for a new challenge

Looking for a new challenge...I've seen quite some people on my FB that are putting up messages like this the recent months. Searching a new challenge is great, but for me it wou...

teddybeerke885076May 20143 hrs agoJun 2014

so will it be Pacquiao or Mayweather?Sports time folks. With a million dollar per seat sold in the box for this game, how many are anticipating this game? I'm a very sports addic...

lindsyjones59238May 20153 hrs agoMay 2015

CapricornOk.i dont beleive in any Zodiac sign and else.but i see that many people do and even sometimes Zodiac signs play a big role in the making a relationsh...

Unknown1,50477May 20113 hrs agoJun 2011
Im happy now i got wht i want tnx

I'm happy now...i got wht i want...tnx"I have to find my people, I've got my world, I've got my own small planet where love is the rule, where laughter is prayer, where the dance divinity,...

owlsway3272Jan 20133 hrs agoFeb 2013

USDA...The United States Department of Agriculture is the agency who inspects meat processing plants and sees to it they maintain health standards. Every we...

chatillion1395Aug 83 hrs agoAug 9
oldblue5462226Sep 20173 hrs agoSep 2017

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