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Track161400Dec 20173 hrs ago
dangerous time

dangerous time!!!!!!!!when life becomes too meaningless,then drinks not help....getting break is not as simple...

Unknown1843Feb 20143 hrs agoFeb 2014

"ISNT IT A PITY"("NOW"... "ISNT IT A SHAME")"Isnt It A Pity"..."Now Isnt It A Shame" "How We Break Each Others Hearts" "And Cause Each other Pain" "How We Take Each Others Love".."Without Thi...

namaron42614Nov 20153 hrs agoNov 2015

Space Force - the gay frontier lolFew people are better at duping the public than Donald Trump. Whether it's tales about how Mexico is going to pay for a giant wall, or how he's goi...

JimNastics47333Aug 103 hrs agoAug 14
New pets yay

New pets yay!My uncle still loves to pamper me and he sent me two parrots on Thursday, Dad and I are enjoying them 100% as we both love animals so much and our tou...

LonelyMontse0860836May 20133 hrs agoMay 2013

Stealling from the blind: What would you do?Stealling from the blind: What would you do?...

jarred1255-Oct 20153 hrs ago
Why Are Women More Affectionate Than Men

Why Are Women More Affectionate Than Men?Maybe because men and women are wired differently. This old saying again. Men are from Mars and women are from Venus. Well, this might be close enough...

Unknown9832Nov 20093 hrs agoNov 2009

A WOMANS WORTH !!A woman that knows her worth doesn't measure herself against another woman but stands strong, calmed and self confident., as a woman, it is better to...

Townsend4630Feb 20123 hrs ago
What are women looking for these days

What are women looking for these days?I just don't understand. I know i'm no prince charming but come on,,, am i really that bad, i have a great personality, kind, generous, fun loving, ha...

Unknown83212Jan 20113 hrs agoJan 2011
Why Are Some Men So Clumsy

Why Are Some Men So Clumsy?I once read somewhere that men were made to work and woman were made to love but I’m not so sure about some of my fellow men. On Sunday, coming fr...

Catfoot1,20063Apr 20143 hrs agoApr 2014

Bill Clinton At The Pearly GatesThe scene: HEAVEN The year: 2031 President Clinton finishes his time on earth and approaches the Pearly Gates of Heaven. "And who might you be?...

Gentlejim48114Dec 20153 hrs agoDec 2015
Please answer these questions for me

Please answer these questions for me...................Instead of talking to your plants, if you yelled at them would the still grow? Only to be troubled and insecure? Will you die if you get scared hal...

britishcolumbian2488Sep 20173 hrs agoSep 2017
What Romantic song would you play for your Lover

What Romantic song would you play for your LoverIf you meet your lover after ages of love declarations, emails & skype. What is your favorite romantic song? I have several & have learned to play...

Unknown1,30667Dec 20123 hrs agoDec 2012

why do people irritate each other?.......... Because everyone demands a certain space. Space is limited. Everyone has their own territory. Animals have their own territory and peopl...

jarred197-Aug 243 hrs ago
livin_the_dream60221Feb 20113 hrs agoFeb 2011
Vacant Position Idiot Required

Vacant Position: Idiot RequiredSometimes I forget that I’m an Idiot and from time to time I need the services of another Idiot to remind me that I’m an Idiot. One such Idiot di...

Catfoot80145Jan 113 hrs agoJan 13
Track161633Oct 20173 hrs agoOct 2017
Night fell thud a while ago

Night fell (thud) a while agobut I am still awake. This is all part of my new plan to sleep late into friday morning so I am time shifted enough that I don't start to flag at thre...

Unknown9410Jun 20073 hrs ago
A DAY TO BE WITH FAMILYThanksgiving memories

A DAY TO BE WITH FAMILY:Thanksgiving memoriesWhen i was a little girl, we had Thanksgiving at my aunties house. We entered the house and the first thing to catch the eye was the huge 12 foot Chr...

Unknown2641Nov 20083 hrs agoJul 2009

lolAn old man goes back to bed. He ask's his wife "honey, do the bathroom light turn on and off automatically when I open and close the door?" She replie...

Track166100Jun 20163 hrs ago
Dr Maps Advice All Questions answered

Dr. Maps Advice - All Questions answeredDr. Map is available to answer all your questions, from problem Bears in your garden, to tuning a Webber twin Carb, relationships and general woes and...

Mapmaker1,775156Oct 20173 hrs agoNov 2017
stringman25712Jun 20173 hrs agoJun 2017
Ode to the goldfish

Ode to the goldfishThank you goldfish, you are something else Yes, county fair, guess what my daughter won Yea a ping pong ball and Hahahahahahahah, lets see I splashed...

Unknown3955Aug 20123 hrs agoAug 2012
Pretense and Hypocrisy

Pretense and Hypocrisy. Best looking male blogger Incu (without the beard ) 2. Best looking female blogger (Usha) 3. Best overall blogger (Biff) 4. Worst overall blogger...

BestistomeandU302-Dec 20163 hrs ago

Spain - Life In A Parallel UniverseAlthough I had learned sufficient Spanish to get by before coming to Spain, I soon discovered that there was more to it than meets the eye. In...

daniela77759441Jun 83 hrs agoJun 11

Accidental Overdose....or....Murder?A very wise man once wrote, "The great enemy of truth is very often not the lie— deliberate, contrived, and dishonest — but the myth-persistent, persu...

Willy34111591May 213 hrs agoMay 21

Stormy Daniels lost her suit against the President"An attorney for the president, Charles Harder, characterized the ruling in a statement as "a total victory for President Trump and a total defeat for...

lindsyjones1,18486Oct 173 hrs agoOct 21
Track162142Jun 20173 hrs agoJun 2017

The FBI agentThree men want to become agents for the FBI. After a day of intensive interviews, they are told there is one more test to prove their dedication to th...

Gentlejim2427Apr 123 hrs agoApr 20
The Small Things Count

The Small Things Count.It is true what they say. It is the small things that matter. No matter which way you look at it. Just take a look at the great inventors. The...

Catfoot1,60191Apr 20133 hrs agoApr 2013

"WHOLE LOTTA NOTHING""When Will They Ever Learn?........................"Thats Easy To Answer".....................Never...................Why?...............................

namaron236-Jun 193 hrs agoJun 20
The Virgosign on the mobile phone

The Virgosign on the mobile phone.Does anybody clearly remember life before the mobile phone? The mobile revolution started in the mid to late 80s. It was a bulky contraption looking c...

virgosign1725Aug 193 hrs agoAug 21
DeViL Is BaCk

DeViL Is BaCkHelloooooooooooooooooo How are you Ppl I'm B A CK...

peednama1598Dec 53 hrs agoDec 6

DEADLY SELFIES! Are They Worth Dying for?.....Most of us know that being a selfie hog can make you vain and kill your image but, apparently, it can also kill you literally. Some people would...

daniela7771,45066May 20163 hrs agoFeb 1

noticeIt says right here on the site blogs are journals of life, love and relationships, witch means i can right what i feel, not what everyone would like...

bambiena73121Nov 20133 hrs agoNov 2013
Women dont understand men

Women don't understand menAnd men don't understand women, i therefore reason that is why there is an increase in the Gay community...

funlaugh1,16043Jul 20133 hrs agoJul 2013

Where's the RogueEnquiring minds want to know. I'm jonesing - need a fix please...

UnFayzed1833Sep 193 hrs agoSep 24
10 things I learned in 2008

10 things I learned in 2008A friend of mine recently wrote a note about the importance of what we learn each year. She read an article about how each New Year, you should consid...

Unknown3720Mar 20093 hrs ago
The World of Tomorrow Final


Keys70766614Jul 20163 hrs agoJul 2016
Shinegirl4829Oct 20163 hrs agoOct 2016

German police say this may be a terror attackGerman police say this may be a terror attack..................

jarred1146-Apr 73 hrs ago
Hours go by like minutes here

Hours go by like minutes here!Dude, let me tell ya... There is an endless amount of stuff to do on this site. So much more than facebook even! You can browse, blog, write poetry, d...

rick037543617Oct 20113 hrs agoOct 2011
bimbalive64: "FRENDS FOR EVER "(meet us in the ecards)

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