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all of us wants and seek love

all of us wants and seek love..we always search nor look for someone who can be our lifetime partner..who can love us uncondtionally..who will accept us no matter what our past brin...

Unknown3568Aug 20103 hrs agoAug 2010
Proved it once again

Proved it once again ! ! ! !We constantly complain about how boring the blogs are (yet we keep returning to it) We complain about how there aren't any real men or women out he...

cofyminx3,699162Mar 20123 hrs agoMar 2012

"OCCUPATION""This Is One Time You Cant Blame The United States For The Israel/ Palestine Fiasco.........................................At Least The Beginning Par...

namaron3,164115Dec 20173 hrs agoJan 2018
Celestial Readings Astro Update for Jan 29 Feb 5

Celestial Readings Astro Update for Jan 29 - Feb 5The week opens with expansive Jupiter and the Moon conjoining in Taurus (Jan 30, 31st) widening our personal circle. Since the Moon rules all things f...

starfire_girl4920Jan 20123 hrs ago
Like a Stunned Rabbit

Like a Stunned RabbitWith her mesmerising eyes, I was like a stunned rabbit in the glare of the oncoming trucks headlights.

Simmo13,56578Feb 20143 hrs agoFeb 2014
Pigs on the Wing

Pigs on the WingPigs on the Wing...……....

jarred161-Nov 283 hrs ago

People we don't need to hear/read about on a daily basis...My search engine is usually Yahoo where I can catch a few news stories. Sometimes I see stories about the same people over and over and... over. The...

chatillion2023Jul 20183 hrs agoJul 2018
The Anything Blog

The Anything Blog!!What's on your mind? Wanna be silly & goofy? Sex bloppers? Got a question....maybe someone could answer. Maybe you're curious about the opposit...

zweet4you56716Apr 20133 hrs agoApr 2013
If you love someone for their beauty

If you love someone for their beauty,,,If you love someone for their beauty, not love is desire. If you love someone for their intelligence, love is not admiration. If you love someone beca...

Rahmond3,0802Feb 20133 hrs agoFeb 2013
What would you do if

What would you do if ?A van driver accused of killing 10 people in Toronto posted to Facebook minutes before the attack to praise killer Elliot Rodger and refer to the miso...

Kiterunner133515Apr 20183 hrs agoMay 2018

MeditationThe general idea of meditation most of people have, is of a person in lotus pose, trying to think of nothing. I was surprised to discover that the...

Ariel282,17386Oct 20123 hrs agoNov 2012
greatest experiece to see your idols live on sta

greatest see your idols live on staif you hade a choice see your idol,s live in concert....just once..only......but you had to sacrafice .all your cds ....of them ......what woul...

market3928115May 20123 hrs agoMay 2012

sweetguyWell about me I am divorced with 3 boys I love the outdoors camping,hiking,and taking walks on the beach under the moonlight, love cooking romantic di...

Unknown5455Mar 20113 hrs agoMar 2011
Trump says Saudi Explanation Credible

Trump says Saudi Explanation "Credible"Trump says the Saudi explanation of the death of Khashoggi is Credible. Makes sense to me. Anyone can die in a fist fight. It happens a lot. H...

LargeCurves1,372103Oct 223 hrs agoDec 9

EMBRACING A FAITHReflect on this quotation: "Islam isn't in America to be equal to any other faith, but to become dominant. The Quran should be the highest auth...

JoyCrest81032Dec 20153 hrs agoDec 2015

althoughalthough i need to spend more time alone and can't handle social activities, i have to say with passion, i love people. all kinds of people. how ric...

freehand39410Sep 20173 hrs agoOct 2017

It was a Dark Knight when..The Exorcist , a man by the name of Gump, he was a Graduate of a West Side university, but that's another Story, he'd studied to become a vet & had wr...

zmountainman9,714504Jan 20133 hrs agoFeb 2013
Fear of death

Fear of deathFear of death...

jarred1197-Dec 20163 hrs ago
I am who I am

I am who I am...I am who I am...don't need to make me look bad. Don't need to messup with Me... Even if people try to putdown me...Even if they try to remove my re...

Unknown2155Apr 20093 hrs agoApr 2009
Revenge Served Cold

Revenge Served ColdOver the past couple of years, I've immersed myself in my photography, loving every second of it, and being challenged to do more and create more in t...

LadyImp25915Mar 13 hrs agoMar 6
Lukeon1112Oct 273 hrs agoOct 27
My 1st blog

My 1st blogI'm pretty much new to blogging. I hope you enjoy it. Hmm for some reason the powers that be won't allow me o post images using the Edge browser Now I...

skng14me32213Mar 20173 hrs agoMar 2017
Eyeballs rolling and are about to pop out

Eyeballs rolling and are about to pop out......YOu are pretty tired yet you can't close your eyes.... You tried reading a book but won't work either.... and then sitting in front of your screen,...

titsy90621Sep 20113 hrs agoSep 2011

HE ANSWERS,I`m having a coffee ... what is it that makes us post a blog with a shitload of blah blah blah ? Is it a new trend ,lack of pets who`d listen...

Dedovix68226Oct 20173 hrs agoOct 2017
Why Women Dont Reply

Why Women Don't Reply!Sadly many women like myself have learnt not to reply if we do not want to take it any further on any level. I think that should be a person's preroga...

HutheringWeights37818Dec 173 hrs agoDec 18

I Have A "HUGE" Problem!Sometimes I do certain things in the middle of the night - or early morning - and wake up with sudden urges... then... I can´t remember if I actually...

daniela77772248Jun 20183 hrs agoJun 2018
slippery soap

slippery soap :))))Two priests are off to the showers late one night. They undress and step into the showers before they realize there is no soap.Father John says he has...

devilchick5216Aug 20123 hrs agoAug 2012
Water Park

Water ParkYesterday, 3rd of May, the last day of our three day holiday, I took my daughter to Water Park, the largest park in Tianjin. It took us about 20 minut...

carrieyang52614May 20143 hrs agoMay 2014
What does the Bible say about feminism

"What does the Bible say about feminism?Should a Christian be a feminist?" Answer: This question is especially important to Christian women. Does the Word of God address feminism? The moder...

Unknown2,05850Mar 20143 hrs agoMar 2014

"CREATION"..("TIME...FROM A TIME")..(92)"And It Was At This Exact Spot...This Very Place That Joined The Mountains...Which Crept Down To The Bottom..Where They Formed A New Beginning...That...

namaron237-Jun 20173 hrs ago
Track162070Jun 20173 hrs ago
diary book 1 john as a kid

diary book 1 john as a kidi always had dreams every second we find are darker hours im looking every day but some times its where we don't expect it to be i was a happy kid mos...

Unknown2870Apr 20103 hrs ago

Over The EdgeWhat does it take for a man to shoot his girl twice in her face? 54 years old, at that age he should know better... "For some reason, he got ou...

Lukeon18213Mar 203 hrs agoMar 24
Which is the reason

Which is the reason...Which is the reason why so many people in net are not sincere?What do they win if they don't say the truth?...

claudya87221Nov 20123 hrs agoNov 2012

whoathe summertime is still a lot of work....been up almost 21 hrs now...and have done so much today it is hard to slow down...too bad there is not a grea...

sweetiefireball2652Jun 20143 hrs agoJun 2014
The Life We Live In

The Life We Live InWhy do we all disobey God's path for us in life? It is just way too easy to just be inconsiderate of other peoples feelings and needs. It is soo easy...

Unknown2714Apr 20093 hrs agoApr 2009
Fine Memory

Fine MemoryFine Memory...

jarred1200-May 20173 hrs ago

UK's X files release delayed, again!Release of 18 files containing details of unidentified aerial phenomena, that's UFOs to you & me, have been delayed again, till at least next March...

zmountainman99288Oct 20163 hrs agoOct 2016

BYE to CS....I really hoped to meet someone nice but, I guess the good ones are to good and the fakes will not leave me alone,SAD ! But, there are some nice friend...

SassyEyes4099Feb 20123 hrs agoFeb 2012
Store keeper become an Ambassador

Store keeper become an Ambassador!!!!Good morning sweethearts and angels I have received an email with very loving words and all the expression can copy and paste from Shakespear...

Zeurich52913Jul 20143 hrs agoJul 2014

1Today, the weather was cold, my dog to the park, it is like a rabbit, run and jump, the river has been frozen, few people inside the park, we played a...

lvcha3296Dec 20113 hrs agoDec 2011

Becoming pregnant..........should be a joy. Sure, the birds and bees advice some, but more and more, not all, of our folks gave us, mostly did the job. And speaking of paren...

Vierkaesehoch1264Feb 33 hrs agoFeb 3
"PLAY NOW: Tritris"(meet us in the games)

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