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ah your own personal stomach pump

ah! your own personal stomach pump.....A new weight loss device offers a novel approach to cutting calories: draining them from the stomach before they are fully digested. The AspireAssi...

sands8861635Jun 20162 hrs agoJun 2016
Physiological find a word

Physiological find a word.Physiological find a word. The first three words you will se describe you. Mine were fat ,nice,broken...

Kapjen3,53422Nov 20112 hrs agoNov 2011

DON'T BE SHYLet's get to know each other. Introduce yourself. Say hi & say what's on your mind. What would you like to know? Let's mingle! Don't be shy!...

zweet4you1,15751Oct 20112 hrs agoOct 2011

Vietnam ^_^WARNING! Same as other developing countries in this planet, we do have negative things, criminal, poor public skill behavior, other things may strange...

MimiNGUYEN7959015Nov 20152 hrs agoNov 2015

******YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH******Oh sure, You said I want someone HONEST - NO HEAD GAMES - REAL - AND MOST OF ALL KIND - yes?? then why when you get it you're like humna hum...

Unknown3732Sep 20082 hrs agoSep 2008
Bearwoman135-Oct 132 hrs agoOct 14

PRAYER DOES NOT NEED ANY WORDS"Prayer does not need any word. What is there to say to god? He knows it already. And if something is not given, that simply means that it is not need...

owlsway1,2720Nov 20112 hrs ago
woman waiting for the perfect man

woman waiting for the perfect manwoman waiting for the perfect man end up with spider crawling out of her skeleton crouch :))...

vleles3,78319Oct 20112 hrs agoOct 2011
MALAYSIA Govt Guide for Spotting Gays

[MALAYSIA] Govt Guide for Spotting Gays ==============================================...

MADDOG6975022Oct 20122 hrs agoAug 2015
Old School Love

Old School LoveSitting here listening to some old school R&B and thinking about the words to the songs I'm listening too...One song says "if you think your lonely no...

Unknown4103Nov 20092 hrs agoDec 2009
Likes and Viewed me

Likes and Viewed meWhat I get irritated about.....MOST.......I'm talking to men about women.....This site has a section.....Likes.....Viewed me.....Favored me.... When...

1jaguar27413Aug 292 hrs agoAug 31
JimNastics1,179120Jun 202 hrs agoJul 1

Possible side effects...I sometimes 'go off on a tangent' reading medical reports and studies on medicines. I have no desire to be a pharmacist but it intrigues me how pharma...

chatillion15012Sep 282 hrs agoSep 28
No need to be smart

No need to be smart.....Well... It is handy if we are like McGiver. Smart in term of practical is positive, smart in term of politic is negative. As for me, I see a word "sma...

Twinkle4263820Aug 20142 hrs agoAug 2014
The Aussie Dunny Poem

The Aussie Dunny Poem.The Service Staion trade was slow the owner sat around with sharpened knife and cedar stick piled shavings on the ground. No modern facilites had...

ironmaiden6622Feb 20132 hrs agoFeb 2013

To Love Or Not To LoveSo many times I heard people saying that they will never love again as it only brings pain but are they not doing themselves short for nothing? There...

Catfoot1,08785Mar 192 hrs agoMar 20
Valuable Words From Eisenhower

Valuable Words From Eisenhower...We need to learn from others...and history...Eisenhower was truly a man that spoke of a new world and the need to recognize how the military industria...

loulou7743329Apr 20172 hrs agoApr 2017

I Don't Think I was RudeIt happened about seven houses from home. The man saw me coming and moved to his garden wall as I returned from my regular morning walk. I cursed at m...

Catfoot1,30597Feb 262 hrs agoFeb 28
Whats This

What's This????Why it's the cone of silence of course. There has been a lot of [b...

Simmo11,655120Dec 20122 hrs agoDec 2012

:)I have just one word for beautiful women with questionable morals, poor decision making skills, and a high sex drive . . . . . Hi...

Track163171May 20162 hrs agoMay 2016

why????i dont understand why god takes away somebody so young 21 months of fighting for his life goin through chemo blood tests weekly a bone marrow transpla...

missewest8860118Dec 20112 hrs agoDec 2011
To Emo or not to Emo

To Emo or not to Emo . . .that is the question I know there are those who abhor the excessive use of Emo's Me? . . . .I'm not one of them I love the little mites...

cofyminx1,01143Jul 20122 hrs agoJul 2012

How good is your memory?Last night I activated my euro card, and got an automated phone call giving me the PIN. I wrote it down carefully. Today I cleaned house like a wh...

Elegsabiff1,79829Sep 20152 hrs agoSep 2015
interracial relationship

interracial relationshipI love mixed babies.i wish one day to have mixed babies....

honeybunny8294915Feb 20162 hrs agoFeb 2016
The Virgosign on a beard

The Virgosign on a beard.So yesterday I visited my mum at her retirement home and after the initial hellos, and a lack of a conversational subject, she asked me about my bear...

virgosign1516Oct 102 hrs agoOct 16

What A Grand Mess!This weekend was an abortion. Almost everything went wrong. Luckily only one event placed me at some disadvantage. First I walked out of my volunt...

Catfoot1,22155Feb 20162 hrs agoFeb 2016
Groundhog Day is here Yes it is

Groundhog Day is here!!!Yes it is!!If you live in North America you will most likely have hear of the great day,Groundhog Day...that is the day on which according to legend, the groundh...

youretheone201143911Feb 20122 hrs agoFeb 2012
Celestial Readings Astro Update Feb 26 March 4 201

Celestial Readings Astro Update-Feb 26-March 4 201A 2012 GIFTED MOMENT FOR US ALL! Peering between dust clouds towards the central bulge of the Milky Way, our galactic home, the Hubble Space telesc...

starfire_girl4240Feb 20122 hrs ago

Asian Girls Watching American PornI already done a thread about Asian men watching American porn, this is Asian girls watching American porn lol....

Track162,1322Feb 20162 hrs agoFeb 2016

A most opinionated and judgmental momentsThe dysfunction of one's behaviour can pollute even the most lucid and formidable mind. Why is that? Is it because sensationalized and most in...

lindsyjones1,45616Sep 20172 hrs agoNov 2017

A House On An IslandEver since I was a child, I wanted to live on an island, but if I must believe all these rumors about global warming, all islands will soon be joining...

Catfoot89650Sep 20152 hrs agoSep 2015
and just another boring sunday

.... and just another boring sunday...After some days of rather fun writing here it strikes me that it's a boring sunday today. what can be more boring than sundays when you live allone?...

roger77swe6637Jun 20142 hrs agoJun 2014
nonsmoker45520Feb 20132 hrs agoFeb 2013

HAPPY COAST GUARD DAY, YALL!!Yep. Time to put the squids on the barbie and celebrate all things USCG. America's oldest continuously operating Sea Service, founded 4 August 1790...

miclee40628Aug 20162 hrs agoAug 2016

No pressureIn UK and now in Spain, I can buy my groceries at an automated teller, with one human employee monitoring about 12 machines I can draw cash at an ATM...

Elegsabiff75966Nov 20172 hrs agoNov 2017

LOOK INTO MY EYES...You Will See...What you mean to me. Search your heart, search your soul, And when you find me there, you´ll search no more... William Shakespeare once said: “Th...

daniela77761328Aug 20162 hrs agoAug 2016

Islamic State of Iraq and Syria known as ISISThis is to create a positive discussion about how ISIS was created. America while partly responsible is not directly involved in its creation....

lindsyjones43636May 20172 hrs agoMay 2017
Love for you

Love for youWhere are you that my heart long for you, My lips are dry, They want to kiss you My eyes are dime They want to see you. I wish my eyes could spe...

Novita5472Apr 20122 hrs agoApr 2012
Crazyheart383213222 hrs ago2 hrs ago19 hrs ago
Zodiak question

Zodiak question...How many people use the Zodiak sign as a tool to either yea or nay a potential date? I personally avoid the sign of the ex-wife....

sands881,03926Aug 20112 hrs agoSep 2011

AA restless heart rarely sleeps as sharks don’t sleep at all A lonely heart often weeps even if no tears fall, burning cheeks Having a voice with...

Palmfrond1400Feb 72 hrs ago
Lironie amre

L'ironie amère!Bitter irony now is that apparently the story is true; and most cosmopolitan English, which once unfurled the banner of neoliberalism and free market...

Huitzilopochtli5783Jun 20162 hrs agoJun 2016
Earthancestor: "Never Give Up! "(meet us in the ecards)

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