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THE PERFECT FEMALE ROBOT.What design requirements would you incorporate in her construction, and would you wish for her brain to be programmed to always be positive and happy...

CROWNAFFAIR91218Oct 20154 hrs agoOct 2015
Women many are fake

Women ..many are fakeAmerican women mainly like to play ...they are not looking for what so called a soul mate!! or dream honest man...majority whom I've contacted are not...

betterknowU75343Sep 20174 hrs agoSep 2017
jarred1151-Oct 20174 hrs ago
You Call It Justice

You Call It Justice?I find it disturbing that people can call it justice when a human is killed and mutilated by a wild animal and yet when a human kills another human th...

Catfoot1,15181Feb 164 hrs agoFeb 18
a good relation

a good relationIt's not easy to have a relation that can carry many years.. Not to mention to keep a healthy relation for the rest of ones lifetime. I see people he...

teddybeerke881,252-Feb 20134 hrs agoFeb 2013

Everything on the Internet is entirely true.Everything on the Internet is entirely true.. Especially porn, never trust porn sites.?...

jarred1182-Jul 20174 hrs ago
looking for my lady

looking for my ladykeep searching for the one and only lady.. i still didnt find honest one ... but im sure i will...

pangio4626Aug 20114 hrs agoAug 2011
Being friends with members of the opposite sex

Being friends with members of the opposite sexI am a heterosexual man and have many women as friends, because I tend to find women friends are great to have and most women are very good at verbal...

Freedomofspeech91,21148Dec 20154 hrs agoDec 2015
How to maintain a woman

How to maintain a womanWomen require constant maintenance and servicing, some handy information to get the best performance out of a woman is: Listen to her; she will mak...

Mapmaker1,930149Nov 20174 hrs agoDec 2017

Men&WomenWomen need a reason to have sex....Men just need a place. ............ Women still remember the first kiss...after men have forgotten the last. ......

diamond9871,08414Jun 20114 hrs agoJul 2011

Naive travellerI am sure there are people that will laugh at me here.... and with good cause, but in Spain... they mostly only speak Spanish. One of the most common...

Abagail83151Sep 20174 hrs agoSep 2017

Yeah, tell us againTell us all about all those impending championships and how you're better than Michael Jordan. What's that LeBron ?? By the way how many points DID...

JimNastics41412Jun 20114 hrs agoJun 2011
Its been a while

It's been a whileJust want to say hello to all my friends here (Ed, Welela, Knenagh, Catfoot, Lavina, Bambina, Chingching, Virgo, and many more oh it's been ages I don...

sarasvathy50611Feb 20154 hrs agoFeb 2015
teenameena4805Dec 20154 hrs agoDec 2015

La poemTwo of a kind, you and I Though my age betrays a maturity Your guidance directs me to my soul To be lost for so long, a kind gentleman showed me t...

Palmfrond20213Mar 44 hrs agoMar 5
The electronic Age

The electronic Age !If u r of a certain age, u grew up with these electronic gadgets. If not, u only picked up on it at an adult age, and had to do it the hard way....

Snookums31,46945Dec 20154 hrs agoDec 2015
To you my Irish man

To you my Irish manSince your first movement yesterday, you showed me more then you ever did before. Last nite, even its a simple things you made me fly. And this mornin...

Novita6059Nov 20114 hrs agoNov 2011

I stand between two doorsI stand between two doors. One door in happiness. Openly seldom, And it is closed often. Other door of misfortune shabby house, Openly often. It is...

Ummka4547Mar 20134 hrs agoMar 2013
30 Day Soul mate Prayer

30 Day Soul mate PrayerSpeak this prayer each morning and evening for 30 days. Dear God, Loving Essence of all there is. Please fill me with your sacred presence. I ask...

Unknown12,96312Aug 20114 hrs agoAug 2011

I’ve got Great Tits!I’ve got great tits. I had already thought that I had, but I wasn’t sure, not being an expert on tits or anything. Then a few people told me tha...

mollybaby2,201145Apr 204 hrs agoApr 22

How The Past Affects The PresentThe essence of transference, one of Freud’s greatest concepts. It shows how we are prisoners of the past and how the energy of old emotions stays w...

daniela77785053Dec 20174 hrs agoDec 2017

3 Reasons The EU's NEW Migration Plan Will DESTROY Europe3 Reasons The EU's NEW Migration Plan Will DESTROY Europe...

jarred1102-Sep 124 hrs ago

Worthless DemocRatshtt://

stringman36319Feb 20174 hrs agoFeb 2017
Watching 10PM News With A Blond

Watching 10PM News With A BlondI was setting in this bar chatting with this blond having a beer. At 10PM the late night news came on. At the top of the news they showed this woman...

Gentlejim32216Jul 20144 hrs agoJul 2014
Just One

Just One ...A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. (Chinese Proverb)...

4MaryB3101Dec 20084 hrs agoDec 2008

SUMMER'S NEARLY HERE, Don't Sunburn To A Crisp, orA Fish Tale Of Acquired Sunburn Immunity. The subject of sunburn came up on gg's "Ireland's Not A Garbage Can" blog. (It's not as off topic a...

miclee50734May 74 hrs agoMay 10
BONER ever had an akward boner

BONER-ever had an akward boner?seeing that sex is the order of the day,i wanna ask the male bloggers, ever happened to you?...

Unknown16,86062Oct 20124 hrs agoOct 2012
Will God forgive a murderer

Will God forgive a murderer?Will God forgive a murderer? When a person places his faith in the SON of God Jesus for salvation, all of his sins are forgiven, repents, confesses...

Unknown94649Nov 20144 hrs agoNov 2014

Mister wrongLordy knows i'm great for picking him but it seems hollywood is too. But there again it depends on how you imagined him in your head But for...

itchywitch51317Feb 20154 hrs agoFeb 2015

AmbivalenceI struggle with the notion of being in a "serious" relationship. I am a person who needs alone time and a fair amount of it. Albert Einstein recogni...

Gypsytramp1,12757Jul 20164 hrs agoJul 2016

"SHEEP TO THE SLAUGHTER"Whats All The Blabbin About Fake News?...What Ta Hell Is Fake News?...How Do You Define Fake News? Do You Define Fake News As...Something That Suit...

namaron24912Apr 20174 hrs agoApr 2017
Social media personal data Kid with treatable cancer

Social media...personal data. Kid with treatable cancer.Sure, many say it's fun and costs nothing. But really? Facebook and most others ask quite a bit of us to join up. Huge personal info market for gover...

Aaltarboy30810Apr 20174 hrs agoApr 2017

ThirteenUnlucky for some .... But lucky for others To happy endings...

itchywitch34816Jul 24 hrs agoJul 10
The best Wishes For This Year

The best Wishes For This YearGreetings to all here, I wish all the best for 2018, The last months of 2017 alot has been happening in the life of Fly, I am now a grand-f...

FLYJAMES2,07826Jan 24 hrs agoJan 4

Finally ..!!!Yiippeeee !!!! .... finally i am going to buy my own apartment. i have been renting a place after my ex left me. houses / apartments are not cheap...

JoleenC84841Nov 20134 hrs agoNov 2013

MENTALMENTAL requires a DENTAL . . . AWWWWWW haahaaahaa Buy a new SHOE baby !!! but It will pinch you again i bet weeeheeheeheeeeeee...

zeroBalance48-Nov 144 hrs ago
What are the things u want to do before 2016 end

What are the things u want to do before 2016 end?1.Do my first trim/shave 2.Go for romantic date 3.spend time with family 4.learn something useful 5.make an awesome friends 6.treat you...

Olangoisland3727Dec 20164 hrs agoDec 2016

"THEY'LL PAY FOR ANYTHING"We Saw A Lot Of Cars.....................................That Were For Sale One Day...They Were All................................ Sitting in A Dirt...

namaron192-Mar 104 hrs agoMar 10

"A FEW WORDS FOR MISS CAPPY""You Probably Know Her...............................................................If You Read My Blogs...............As Miss Cappy.....(Thats What...

namaron48728Nov 124 hrs agoNov 17

LADIES< PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!My poor little puppy has been heartbroken since I became single. He enjoys my company but prefers to have a female around the house. I can’t stand to...

IMunbreakable189126Jul 20124 hrs agoJul 2012

THE TRIBE OF NAPHTALI Part 1THE TRIBE OF NAPHTALI Part 1 (The people from the South Pacific Islands along with Argentina and Chile are from the Tribe of Naphtali. One of the los...

NewYorkcitylove600-Jul 20174 hrs ago
A Look At Being Sexy

A Look At Being SexyBeing sexy is not a thing about sex, but rather about gender. The word ‘sexy’ has nothing to do with the bed-ability or s*xual ability of a woman. The...

Catfoot2,09482May 20134 hrs agoMay 2013

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