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Go on

Go on,Its Christmas time. Treat yourself, You know You deserve it !...

nonsmoker81153Dec 20174 hrs agoDec 2017

Food For Thought - Honey & CinnamonThe Natural Cures & Health Benefits Honey contains B6, thiamine, niacin, riboflavin. The minerals found in honey include calcium, copper, iron, mag...

daniela77756753May 104 hrs agoMay 11

Fantasy world of Facebook.It seems to me the that a large number of Facebook members log out of common sense before logging into Facebook more & more stories, or rather chain...

zmountainman1,877122Sep 20154 hrs agoSep 2015

This is me hard at workI took a cup out of the dishwasher and thought ew, that's not very clean. Then I realized I hadn't actually done a load yet and disaster, I'm out of c...

Elegsabiff1,10742Apr 20164 hrs agoApr 2016

Read This Out Loud !Read This Out Loud !...

jarred1144-Aug 20174 hrs ago
Your choice Your preference Your need

Your choice, Your preference, Your need......I know for sure I need more of what do you need more of right now?...

titsy89644May 20134 hrs agoMay 2013

you can never do everything 100% well that everyone agrees with............ A father and his son are traveling and sitting on a donkey. Then they meet people they hear saying, "Look at that. Sit that father and...

jarred1148-Aug 114 hrs ago

EVERY POLITICIAN MUST BE INVESTIGATEDImagine the result. Yes. Let's pull out all the records of every politicians. Who they f*ck and why....

lindsyjones27139Dec 94 hrs ago6 hrs ago
stringman2024Aug 20174 hrs agoAug 2017
Wine Journey 2 Vinegar

Wine & Journey (2)---VinegarPerhaps we all have this experience: The one we love has fallen in love with others. Then we say we are drinking vinegar. Don’t know why we call it...

Unknown59326Jul 20104 hrs agoJul 2010

stupiditywhatever the cathucaxqhty is to sign is plain stupidity , I have been on CS for years and never had a problem until this asinine requirement was thou...

studecar2606Sep 20174 hrs agoSep 2017
loneliness seems to speak the loudest

loneliness seems to speak the loudestLoneliness seems to speak the loudest of most problems sometimes And in the awry mind set of the todays Being alone are seen as incomplete But bein...

Kasih68413Sep 20114 hrs agoSep 2011
Its Never Too Late

It's Never Too LateHave you thought of what would it be if you were the same age when you were so active in everything? You are in a stage where...

ysabeljhen19820Oct 184 hrs agoOct 18

GROUNDHOG DAY! WINTER WILL...1) END - 2) CONTINUE FOR SIX MORE WEEKS - History... Groundhogs (aka hedgehogs, whistle pigs, woodchucks) break hibernation this time of ye...

miclee48243Feb 20174 hrs agoFeb 2017

my bike turned into a work of artOn the way home I came across a lamppost in the middle of the bike path. I still left to the left, but the pole also went out and with a huge SMAK my...

jarred1142-Jul 34 hrs ago
is it just me

is it just me???or lately cs looks like a cemetery. u have to wait hours ,for a comment and the topics r all about the same subject. very few look fresh and bring ne...

Bluener1,980118Aug 20124 hrs agoAug 2012
Dr Maps Advice All Questions answered

Dr. Maps Advice - All Questions answeredDr. Map is available to answer all your questions, from problem Bears in your garden, to tuning a Webber twin Carb, relationships and general woes and...

Mapmaker1,777156Oct 20174 hrs agoNov 2017

Trump FINALLY admits collusion !Today from the Huffington Post Trump Finally Admits His Campaign Colluded With Russia At Trump Tower Meeting The latest version of the 201...

JimNastics64035Aug 64 hrs agoAug 9

Deaf Wife.........A man feared his wife wasn't hearing as well as she used to, and he thought she might need a hearing aid. Not quite sure how to approach her, he c...

Gentlejim24912Mar 20174 hrs agoMar 2017
A blog for the dossers

A blog for the dossers .The big Bin. Thats right this is where you can throw all those rubbish blog ideas you know nobody wants to hear....

nonsmoker3,788190Dec 20124 hrs agoJan 2013

Does your face suit you?ever think beautiful people have ugly faces and beautiful people have ugly personalities??? sadly i think so often that's the case around here, howev...

itchywitch86527Sep 20174 hrs agoSep 2017
A Very Pleasant Evening

A Very Pleasant EveningI went dancing with my sister and her husband last night. I don’t really like dancing but we do this once every six weeks or so and as it was my turn...

Catfoot77561Jan 214 hrs agoJan 22
Ill Miss Sears

I'll Miss SearsI went shopping at the Sears in North Hollywood last week and I'm not sure why. I hadn't shopped at a Sears in years (yes, I know that rhymes) but som...

BadlyDrawn1456Oct 234 hrs agoOct 24
T V N Persaud

T.V.N. PersaudProfessor of Anatomy, and Professor of Paediatrics and Child Health, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Author and editor...

Unknown2390Jun 20094 hrs ago
This one goes out to

This one goes out to .......................................... LAZLY ........ Don't you just love her .... I think she is amazing ....... I love her even wh...

Unknown1,30134Dec 20124 hrs agoDec 2012
Times a changing yep

Times a changing....., yep.CD's and audio cassettes. Home land lines. Desk top computers. On foot electric and water meter readers. Paper love letters. Human being cashiers. Lo...

Aaltarboy2649Aug 20174 hrs agoAug 2017

ALL BY MYSELF !!!" Don't Wanna be ... All By Myself " !!!!!! All though i love this song but !!! Yeah !! I just don't feel like being lonely tonight !!! it's We...

Unknown49616May 20114 hrs agoMay 2011

Teasing The DevilI had a very strange, scary, weird dream last night. I woke up and was scared to go back to sleep in case I dream about it again In my dream, I w...

Crazyheart383,17050Aug 20154 hrs agoAug 2015

Imagination running riot?I now take paying guests and I've had one here for a couple of weeks now and I might be turning into one of those slightly batty types who think every...

Elegsabiff1,322126Jul 114 hrs agoJul 15
Your Reputation And You

Your Reputation And You.What people think about you is also called your reputation. A reputation can be either good or bad and is build over many years. While it will take ev...

Catfoot1,46491Feb 20154 hrs agoFeb 2015
So whats your poison of choice

So what's your poison of choiceWhat do you crave and cant do without... Booze Food Or whatever...

oldblue542814Sep 20174 hrs agoSep 2017
some resemblances

some resemblancesAllot of people have been talking about how peacefull things have been here untill a few months ago. I'm sure it was.. Me and a few other members ar...

teddybeerke881,366-Dec 20124 hrs agoDec 2012
Holy cow

Holy cow !Spotted a couple of ears outside the window yesterday. A rabit in the garden ? But nope, I was wrong. Something much larger stood up right outside th...

2maybe60010Jul 20124 hrs agoJul 2012

Forgiveness is DivineA few days later, when Jesus again entered Capernaum, the people heard that he had come home. So many gathered that there was no room left, not even o...

serendipity6152,6248Mar 20144 hrs agoMar 2014

73 Old White Man Sexually Exploiting Teenage GirlThis is for Musicfreak Thank you for posting the following documentary on my previous blog " Young Asian Women with Older White Men" The video i...

Crazyheart382,10044Jun 20154 hrs agoJun 2015

hyperboleNo-one gets disappointed any more - they are devastated No-one has unpleasant experiences any more - they are traumatized Everything that happens i...

Elegsabiff42356Oct 44 hrs agoOct 4
I am a loser

I am a loserYes I am... Hope everybody enjoy their day......

ChristinDew91960Aug 20134 hrs agoSep 2013

Permission to blogWas meant to be out tonight... but i decided to give it a miss. The iron boards put away, the odd socks are paired up and i'v even managed an early...

itchywitch1,25753Oct 20154 hrs agoOct 2015
Anyone who has followed these things

Anyone who has followed these things....It has been awhile since ive blogged and just updating everyone. I am doing great. I am up in New York right now and everything seems to be going good...

Unknown2382Dec 20114 hrs agoDec 2011

Happy Birthday Lou LouHappy birthday to miss Lou Lou! May you have a truly awesome day! Let's all wish her a great day!...

Gentlejim44125Jul 20174 hrs agoJul 2017

Trump says Saudi Explanation "Credible"Trump says the Saudi explanation of the death of Khashoggi is Credible. Makes sense to me. Anyone can die in a fist fight. It happens a lot. H...

LargeCurves1,264103Oct 224 hrs agoDec 9

Last Words Of The ArgumentMy wife was screaming at me "Leave! Get out of this house", she ordered! As I was walking out the door she yelled "I hope you die a slow and painfu...

Gentlejim4997Dec 20154 hrs agoDec 2015
cooll_chris: "am mr cooll_chris"(meet us in the profile reviews)

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