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How Exciting

How Exciting!!!I have a friend currently visiting me in Bali from Scotland (see profile pic for bearded, half naked men in Ubud) and as he will be heading to Jakarta...

Unknown47411Jan 20123 hrs agoJan 2012

Women and men..... Karma....Who knows whether all those stories about bad Karma are true or not? In my case, I'm thinking there just may be something to it. But whatever, I wond...

Vierkaesehoch1530Jul 20183 hrs ago

poemThe very rich want us to die, they have their little schemes,And in these words expressed in rhyme, is how they dream their dreams,The worlds too stre...

pauloc13700Apr 20103 hrs ago
Forward To Success

Forward To Success!A Compilation January 2016 Many of God’s promises are conditional, requiring some initial action on our part. Once we begin to obey, He will begin...

Keys7074142Jul 20163 hrs agoJul 2016

Introductionfor those who want to meet me back here, especially women 19 years old.....

Unknown3790May 20113 hrs ago
Diamond_Rain13410Mar 133 hrs agoMar 14
same old story

same old storytalk to women on site.get phone number talk.says we meet up Saturday night.then don't answer my calls.whats goin on....

greensburgman4019Nov 20133 hrs agoNov 2013
ali1105344Mar 20163 hrs agoMar 2016
25th CENTURY 43

25th CENTURY (43)-What the Doctor has the right to do? -Prevention. Also he entitled to show what is the right for the patient to cure himself. Even he has the right...

Unknown4460Oct 20083 hrs ago
Introducing my hometown to Art

Introducing my hometown to Art.I also introduced my gaggles of girlfriends to Art. They were dying to meet him after hearing so many stories about him. There was only one problem th...

MimiArt7348584-May 20173 hrs ago
Let me introduce you

Let me introduce youAs I mentioned in my previous blog I had a dream. Well we found a sailboat in the Azores. Let me show you my boat. Cockpit and entrance Ga...

lshtar37034Feb 243 hrs agoFeb 26
Politicians Public Figures and all Married Men in General

Politicians, Public Figures and all Married Men in General...It's perfectly natural for politicians and married men in general to risk everything for an affair, especially if they are male. On the morning of J...

Kattte252-Nov 20173 hrs ago
Annoying Neighbours

Annoying Neighbours.Have you any funny scary creepy stories to add about annoying/weird neighbours. I had a neighbour once who used to want to do alot of jobs around m...

deedee123xo99694Aug 43 hrs agoAug 5
Time for breakfast

Time for breakfast! :-).......for me anyway.. Made some coffee, eggs, bacon and homefries. .... Always found it interesting, the different foods people eat from all ov...

_____Red_____46740Mar 20143 hrs agoMar 2014
People are idiots Including me

People are idiots. Including mePeople are idiots. Including me. Everyone is an idiot, not just the people with the low SAT scores. The only difference is that we're idiots about dif...

jarred1372-Feb 20153 hrs ago
A Gift To All South Africans

A Gift To All South Africans.Last night, while everybody was celebrating Valentine’s Day, we received the biggest Valentine’s gift we could ask for. Under immense pressure Jacob Z...

Catfoot39410Feb 20183 hrs agoFeb 2018

A foot and a Half ,.Marie and Tony were just married, and they're spending their honeymoon night at her mother's house. Maria, being a good Italian girl, is a virgin,...

sweetladydi460Mar 244 hrs ago
To Emo or not to Emo

To Emo or not to Emo . . .that is the question I know there are those who abhor the excessive use of Emo's Me? . . . .I'm not one of them I love the little mites...

cofyminx1,08143Jul 20124 hrs agoJul 2012
Younger Men Older Woman

Younger Men Older WomanRecently I met up with a younger guy I met on line. We hit it off right away and decided to keep in touch. The age difference is over 15 years and i...

NJGirl1,10627Sep 20124 hrs agoSep 2012
Huitzilopochtli98511Oct 20134 hrs agoOct 2013
Someone that you like

Someone that you likeIf you really like someone on cs would you let him know what do you really feel about him or you just keep it quite...

Unknown1,51267Sep 20114 hrs agoOct 2011
Wrong or right

Wrong or rightI went onto my boyfriends face book and I saw a comment from his ex girl friend who he told me he wasnt talking to . I got upset because this has happ...

Abby19633,035121Jan 20164 hrs agoJan 2016

A chuckle to brighten your day!Mark was passing by the bar on the way home from work when he sees his good friend Tom gulping down one shot after another. Fearing the worst, Mark ch...

Gentlejim51813Oct 20154 hrs agoOct 2015

Just for laughs Part 2The Main Differences MARRIAGE EXPECTATIONS: A woman marries a man expecting he will change, but he doesn't. A man marries a woman expecting tha...

stormylady816905Sep 20114 hrs agoSep 2011

Caption this....My caption So that's the way you want to be? I'll just take my ball and go home.

Willy34111802Oct 44 hrs agoOct 15

"AGGRAVATING PEOPLE"Are there Any Aggravating People That you Know?..What I mean Is People That Aggravate Other People And there Isnt Anything you can Do to Make Them Sto...

namaron50628Apr 20154 hrs agoApr 2015

motivational"Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared...

georgie397363Jan 20164 hrs agoJan 2016
Track164735Feb 20184 hrs agoFeb 2018
The farmer in the

The farmer in the......It has been an exhausted day for me! Left my town for my farm early this morning and has just arrived home about half an hour ago. I went to my farm...

titsy58731May 20134 hrs agoMay 2013

WHAT'S THIS I HEARpeople always talking about women want to much, we ask for the cake and eat it to ,we are never satisfied we don't know what we want well fellas we ar...

leahkathrine29324Apr 20144 hrs agoApr 2014
No fear

No fearof anyone on this site being done for s3xual harassment, You can't even type the word...

nonsmoker1,21384Nov 20174 hrs agoNov 2017
Those Who Wish To Sing Always Find A Song

Those Who Wish To Sing Always Find A SongThose Who Wish To Sing Always Find A Song...

jarred1182-Oct 20174 hrs ago
murder in Gods house

murder in God's houseI heard on the news about the killing of 20 + at a church in Texas today (Sunday), how sad to attend church and that sort of thing happpened. What th...

studecar3818Nov 20174 hrs agoNov 2017
Life goes on

Life goes on ...............I must learn to live without love can also be ........... Might be hard to forget someone you loved ............ But life goes on .....................

Unknown48210Nov 20104 hrs agoNov 2010
Stabbed In The Back

Stabbed In The Back?You cannot be betrayed by your known enemies. You expect them to stab you in the back and therefore you never turn your back towards them. It is natur...

Catfoot1,646100Jul 20144 hrs agoJul 2014

Heartwarming Story in the news today.Missing man Scott van Zyl, a big game hunter & hunting website owner, has been found Inside two crocodiles Van Zyl who was regularly pictured next t...

zmountainman79052Apr 20174 hrs agoApr 2017
Blame the Americans Again

Blame the Americans (Again?)When I heard about the earthquake in the Caribbean yesterday I thought back of our own earthquake in 1969. I was sitting in a movie house that night w...

Catfoot1,36646Feb 20144 hrs agoFeb 2014
What is more important belief or truth

What is more important belief or truth????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????/...

winfrey77783913Sep 20134 hrs agoSep 2013
Immigration debate in Sweden

Immigration debate in SwedenImmigration debate in Sweden...

jarred1188-Apr 20174 hrs ago
Oct 12 1963 52 And Aged To Perfection

Oct. 12, 1963...52 And Aged To Perfection!The sexiest and hunkiest man for me has turned 52 years old today. I have so many good wishes for him...good health and happiness among others....

Crazyheart382,08759Oct 20154 hrs agoOct 2015
SistaCallie3643Jan 20174 hrs agoJan 2017
Home Isnt Home Anymore

Home Isn't Home AnymoreHome Isn't Home Anymore...........

jarred1153-May 20184 hrs ago

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