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12 hour blogs

12 hour blogs...Anyone else find their blogs get deleted by the mods after 12 hours Guess I'm on some sort of secret probation Next time can you please e-mail...

oldblue5448623May 20174 hrs agoMay 2017

U.S. Marine Corps BirthdayToday, Nov. 10, is the birthday of one of the greatest fighting units ever!!! Founded on Nov. 10, 1775!! Semper/Fi...

Gentlejim20320Nov 104 hrs agoNov 11

This one will tug at even the coldest of hearts …Thinking back a few years, living in Florida, I remember Hurricane Matthew. I was ready for it but my wife was not. When the wind reached a scream...

Gentlejim1396Nov 234 hrs agoNov 23

My TripI went on a Caribbean Cruise with my son Dec. 2-9. Had a wonderful time! Flew from Milwaukee, WI. to Miami, Fl. We boarded a Norwegian Cruise Lines...

Gentlejim23013Dec 114 hrs agoDec 12

A love story to bring a tear to your eyeOle & Lena lived by a lake in Nordern Minnesota. It vas early vinter and da lake had froze over. Ole asked Lena if she vould valk across da frozen...

Gentlejim1898Dec 124 hrs agoDec 13

HAPPY NEW YEARHAPPY NEW YEAR to all of my friends on CS. I wish you a wonderful 2019!...

Gentlejim15313Dec 314 hrs agoJan 1
Dreams Become Reality

"Dreams Become Reality "Over the years,days, weeks, months or even few hours that experienced of knowing each other doesn't measure on how both have the connection. I have...

ysabeljhen2988Apr 20174 hrs agoAug 8

Scottish ObituaryA Scottish woman goes to the local newspaper office to see that the Obituary for her recently deceased husband is published. The Editor informs he...

Gentlejim1656Jan 114 hrs agoJan 12
Got my heartless head on

Got my heartless head on.Guess now that the storm which hit the Phillipines causing so much devastation and death has moved on, we are now going to be bombarded with pleas of...

Englishingermany3696Nov 20134 hrs agoNov 2013

I closed my Plentyoffish AcoountI recently closed my Plentyoffish account. I notice the other day when I was on that site; my computer warm me about potential virus on that site. Has...

Baddabing667574Oct 20154 hrs agoOct 2015

Bonehead stupid millennial sells testicles to raise money for Bernie’s 2020 campaignYou can't make this stuff up folks. But then again, he is a Bernie supporter. "My heart is set and my mind is made up. Bernie’s promises will make...

Willy34111036Mar 54 hrs agoMar 5
What do I want

What do I want?I want the impossible. Someone who will never lie to me, no matter how uncomfortable the truth is. Who wants to be with me just because. I want someon...

Unknown45219Mar 20104 hrs agoMar 2010

looking for long-termhi!i'm retired.i have a handicap due to a childhood illness.i've been on various site[handicapped and non-handicapped]i hope to meet someone here!...

suds003994Jun 20114 hrs agoDec 2016
Are there more people who are thinking about this

Are there more people who are thinking about this............. Many people think that Hitler was not good at his head. It is said that he might even have psychological illnesses. But I think...

jarred1224-Jul 20184 hrs ago
hi ahhhh yes the joy of

hi............ahhhh yes , the joy of..................being single one to answer too! .....yes and no one hitting me , because , I wont do as they think I should ...isn't flirting great...

virgosingle65311Mar 20134 hrs agoMar 2013
europe still divided

europe.. still dividedSome recent blogs and some comments all over CS made me remember an event from a few years ago.. I was for work in freiburg germany.. I had to make...

teddybeerke882,288-Oct 20124 hrs agoOct 2012
People in your life

People in your lifeWhen I consider the people that I have allowed to enter into my life... There are those who pull you down There are those who keep you down T...

Unknown1110Jan 20124 hrs ago
teenameena2,68814Oct 20154 hrs agoOct 2015
Why We Are Afraid A 1400 Year Secret

Why We Are Afraid, A 1400 Year Secret,Why We Are Afraid, A 1400 Year Secret,...

jarred1626-Jul 20164 hrs ago
Our Internet Names

Our Internet Names ?Hi pep's Asking anybody whom would like to answer? What was your Inspiration for the name / nickname / Handle You use on the Internet H...

metaloona2,44223Dec 20124 hrs agoDec 2012
The Myth of finding THE ONE

The Myth of finding "THE ONE”Certain women hold on to a romantic notion that “a Knight in Shining armour” or “a Prince” will appear to sweep her off her feet and live in happiness...

7billion2_11,24460Jan 20154 hrs agoJan 2015

"OF ALL PLACES"Im Sorry Mr Trump.................What Ta Hell Are You Thinking?...................................There Are Thousands Of Other Places ...........Wher...

namaron1608Feb 164 hrs agoFeb 17
Importance of mind

Importance of mindOur body produce from seamen and blood of our parents.these seamen and blood produce from food.and food from earth. Our body is combination of five el...

Rimi12350512Jun 20164 hrs agoJun 2016

Climate changer [ big man on CampusLe notice: What we have here is the most straight forward, no nonsense writing to ever appear on a screen. And eYe can boast like this because all...

Agentbob19920Feb 74 hrs agoFeb 8
Bad Experiences With Men

Bad Experiences With MenMy jaw wants to unhook when I listen to what some women have to say about their close encounters of the third kind with men. It crossed my mind that s...

Catfoot1,441101Feb 20184 hrs agoFeb 2018

If"Age is a quality of mind. If you have left your dreams behind, If hope is cold, IF you no longer look ahead, IF you ambitions' fires are dead- Then y...

zaoyar3630Feb 20094 hrs ago

AddendaAnd so we shall ch Change style yet again. Have you noticed the X plosion In knowledge yet.? The FBI } fresno blitzkrieg inquisition Has taken cust...

Agentbob835Feb 74 hrs agoFeb 7

beehive [ or blockchain5885. fountain of the Sun 1682. (2) bee ; systematic ) strong radio net. 4203. food.............float like a butterfly, sting like a bee ..- M Ali...

Agentbob905Feb 104 hrs agoFeb 11

Chilling...Dance Partner Wanted......

Crazyheart381,31195Sep 20164 hrs agoSep 2016

Downright Balmy TodayIt is 2 degrees C here. That is really warm for this time of year. Its snowing but not heavy, tomorrow there is actually some rain in the forecast whi...

Track16950Jan 54 hrs ago
Puerto Rican Referendum of August 19 2012

Puerto Rican Referendum of August 19, 2012Today, the people of Puerto Rico are going to vote on a referendum, and our options are Yes and No. We are voting on two things. The first is reduc...

Luminarius4513Aug 20124 hrs agoAug 2012
Track161170Jan 54 hrs ago

lolIt happens...

Track161426Jan 54 hrs agoJan 6
Track161344Jan 64 hrs agoJan 6
Track16630Jan 64 hrs ago
Track161541Jan 64 hrs agoJan 7
Welcome new members of cs

Welcome new members of csMembers of cs:)...

Unknown2292Mar 20134 hrs agoMar 2013
Track161081Jan 84 hrs agoJan 8
OK so this may seem like a silly question

OK so this may seem like a silly question,but Whats the skinny on Trumps Vice president ? Who is he what is he high profile for and what is americas opinion on the guy. and out of inter...

nonsmoker1,27696Nov 20164 hrs agoNov 2016
Track161652Jan 84 hrs agoJan 9

Signature [ 42420. dark sayings 5017. inspired teaching ------------------- } the report Line ) strong radio Astronomy 7437. Ramath Lechiy / height [of a ] Jawb...

Agentbob467Mar 164 hrs agoMar 16

Capitalism At Its FinestI'm not quite sure what to think of this...

Track161111Jan 114 hrs agoJan 11
TrulalaRocks: "Her Eyes"(meet us in the poems)

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