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Health is 1 and all other things are zeros

Health is 1, and all other things are zerosI think health is 1, and all other things we are good at in life are zeros, no matter how many things you are good at, without health, everything turn...

peonyjenny39210Jul 20155 hrs agoJul 2015

Interesting Times in Southern AfricaOur Neighbors : Rhodesians must 'come back and rebuild Zimbabwe', war vets say Harare – Zimbabwe's former freedom fighters have reportedly called...

Lukeon49619Nov 20175 hrs agoNov 2017
my taal

my taalek dink ek gaan maar van nou af in afrikaans skryf, dit lyk my ek ontstel mense net as ek se wat ek voel... ja ek weet 'n lekker janie jammer gat hou...

lindz291,23342Apr 20125 hrs agoApr 2012
If youre antisocial youre a psychopath Yall need to stop misusing these words

If you're antisocial you're a psychopath. Y'all need to stop misusing these words................ If you're antisocial you're a psychopath. Y'all need to stop misusing these words...

jarred1132-Oct 45 hrs ago

"SEARCHIN MAN"("SEARCHIN ON")(1)Seems That You People Had Some Blogs Up About Running Out Of Ideas To Talk About... It Was Said That The Same Things Are Hashed Out Over And Over Aga...

namaron1,28151Sep 20165 hrs agoSep 2016
Nobody is Above the Law

Nobody is Above the Law..........Nobody is Above the Law...

jarred195-Dec 175 hrs ago
if china collapsed

if china collapsed.....if china collapsed,price of petrol oil would plummet to the bottom , then iran ,russian would never be a threat to the usa at all........

Unknown90846Apr 20125 hrs agoApr 2012
The popol vuh kills the Bering strait theory Part 1

The popol vuh kills the Bering strait theory Part 1The popol vuh kills the Bering strait theory Popol Vuh: The Sacred Book of the Maya: The Great Classic of Central American Spirituality, Translated f...

Unknown171-Nov 20175 hrs ago
Seireido Philosophy

Seireido PhilosophyI hope Seireido shall possess firmness and virtue enough to maintain what is considered the most enviable of all systems, the Philosophy of Seireido…...

Unknown2770Oct 20095 hrs ago
A beautiful Sunday

A beautiful SundayI got to enjoy the sun a little today, which is not very common for me considering that I have been working the night shift for the last couple of wee...

Unknown1,0780Mar 20075 hrs ago
Life After Death

Life After DeathHave we lost our awe towards technology? Has it provide the limits of its era? Although new discoveries and scientific breaks throughs are recorded al...

HieuDao6167Dec 20135 hrs agoDec 2013

TILL DEATH DO US PART................What happens then? 1. If you are religious then you would wait until you had passed away to be reunited with your partner. 2. If you are religious,...

CROWNAFFAIR79511Mar 20165 hrs agoMar 2016
Three types of people

Three types of peopleThree types of people........................... The Wise Man, The Smart Man and The Fool!! Which are you...

jarred1198-May 20176 hrs ago

RejectionMy name is Troy from Bridgetown Barbados. I was on this site of since last year January. The simple question I'm asking is why I'm getting such a hard...

Troy19745455May 20156 hrs agoMay 2015

How to deal with awkwardnesswhen you can't hide from it because sometimes somethings matter...... For example He ticks all the right boxes but he's only five foot nothin...

itchywitch1,22480Nov 306 hrs agoDec 6

SAVE ASIA BIBI - Resistance Int'l: UPDATE 2/12/19The vid below presents the plight of Asia Bibi. She's lived in the shadow of a noose for seven years. It's not long; less than 11 minutes. But for...

miclee1,848100Apr 20176 hrs agoFeb 12

Is there really a point?With all of this talk about people requesting naked pictures, people sending naked pictures, and people receiving naked pictures, is there really a po...

Johnny_Sparton59358Jan 20176 hrs agoJan 2017
Trip To Thailand To Find a girlfriend that can cook for me

Trip To Thailand To Find a girlfriend that can cook for meshe needs to be arround 23 until 67 she needs to be good at cooking and she needs to clean my house i will pay the ticket to my country every month...

jarred1250-Apr 20186 hrs ago
Do not let WORRIES overshadow you

Do not let WORRIES overshadow youWorry & Why? prob half-baked or idle-mind are you?; Get all the facts & causes to the problem that worries you; Weigh options available before you & t...

Chocobloc4050Oct 20106 hrs agoOct 2010
The quality of our life

The quality of our life.................. The quality of our life is a result of the decisions we've made...

jarred196-Nov 276 hrs ago

Apolitical Blog---as much as possible.So, I was trying to think of this, but it seems to me that almost every topic either has a political aspect to it, or can be stretched in that directi...

Vierkaesehoch1779Oct 216 hrs agoOct 21
Beatnik in the East

Beatnik in the EastI have been reading into the Beat Generation writers especially Ginsberg and Kerouac. I am fascinated by their leanings towards the Counter Culture mo...

psiberite1820Jan 20186 hrs ago

WHAT A NERVE.....!Just had a 24 year-old IM me... within 15 seconds he was asking me for my msn. No intro, have no idea of his name, NO PHOTO, and NO chance to find out...

Unknown6078Feb 20106 hrs agoFeb 2010
A Word I Dont Grasp Yet

A Word I Don’t Grasp Yet.Where is a woman’s ‘YET’? And what is it? This is a word I often use, but it would now appear that I use it incorrectly all along; if one can believe...

Catfoot1,559111Nov 20136 hrs agoNov 2013
Fifty Shades Sheds Of Grey

Fifty Shades/Sheds Of GreyWe tried various positions - round the back, on the side, up against a wall...but in the end we came to the conclusion the bottom of the garden was th...

Englishingermany4346Mar 20136 hrs agoMar 2013

911 victims to sue Saudi ArabiaCongress passes bill letting 9/11 victims sue Saudi Arabia, in face of veto threat. Why would a president veto a very legitimate claim if we can pr...

lindsyjones1,15676Sep 20166 hrs agoSep 2016
Victory Parade For NHL Penguins

Victory Parade For NHL Penguins!Wednesday is the day of the huge parade that starts at 11:00 in the AM at the intersection at Liberty Avenue at 11th Street near Greyhound Bus Termin...

Magnet5801890Jun 20176 hrs ago
Looking For Mr Goodbar

Looking For Mr. GoodbarI rarely identify strongly with anyone. But there was one character in one movie that struck me from the minute I saw it until this very day. The mov...

longhairedwoman4343Nov 20096 hrs agoNov 2009
Travellin today

Travellin' today!Okay, I have packed and unpacked twice - I'm going to shop I don't need to take a full suitcase. Posted my morning poem in the forums and checked out...

Unknown1,3251May 20076 hrs agoMay 2007

WATCH: Secret Service Takes Jim Acosta's Press Credentials Away. Twitter Explodes.The United States Secret Service took away CNN's Jim Acosta's "hard pass" late on Wednesday after the professional provocateur pulled another obnoxiou...

Willy341124617Nov 86 hrs agoNov 10

"COINCIDENCE?"..("DEVINE INTERVENTION?")"This Is A True Story....Only The Names...Or The Non Mentioning Of The Names Have Been Silenced... To Protect The Innocent"..............................

namaron475-Feb 20176 hrs agoFeb 2017
What means a good relationship

What means a good relationship?From my point of view is that relation with a person who have many things in coommon,the person who can t stay without you and you without her,to be n...

claudya6297Nov 20156 hrs agoNov 2015
Just a quick and minor rant

Just a quick, and minor rant...more of a perplexed, wondering aloud. I am 38. My profile says something along the lines of searching for 36-49 (I've dated MAYBE two guys younger...

Tyryn11367326Jul 20166 hrs agoJul 2016

WhyWhy can you change everything in your profile after it has been created except your user name...

Onthcrestofawave1494Mar 116 hrs agoMar 11

Jobs.....Many economist types are predicting that with outsourcing and automation, soon we'll be lucky to find ANY sort of paid work. A few places are experime...

Aaltarboy2206Mar 20176 hrs agoMar 2017

LIES AND DECEITSThis generation, I believe will go down in history as the most lie infested generation. You agree? Lying, by simple ethics and moral in humani...

lindsyjones51129Oct 20146 hrs agoOct 2014
And the list goes on

And the list goes on...I was reading through the profiles this morning to get a general feel for what the ladies are seeking in a prospective companion and I find that it is...

rowdyrufus167314Nov 20116 hrs agoNov 2011

Women´s Worth.When God created woman, he was working late on the 6th day, and an angel came by and said… ANGEL: “why spend so much time on that one?” GOD: “...

daniela77793548Sep 20176 hrs agoSep 2017
Giving up smoking

Giving up smoking.It finally happened.. I gave up smoking. It's hard.. belive me it is.. My head keeps spinning around.. A headache as bad as ever.. The neverlasting c...

teddybeerke881,367-Jan 20136 hrs agoJan 2013
Slave To Love arent we all

Slave To Love....aren't we all?When that magic of attraction occurs...two people caught up in a feeling that they can't escape. It's that semi-dream like state of two people who are...

Dreamcatcher99403-Jan 20176 hrs ago

Always RememberNo matter how bad things are going, at least your not the guy who got a prostate exam and later came to realize that the doctor had both of his hands...

Track162045Mar 20176 hrs agoMar 2017
Hello fellow members

Hello fellow members!My blog is about name's and linking famous people to those names The first name I'm starting with is"Gordon" now I have one or two famous people w...

HOUSTON458112Nov 20126 hrs agoNov 2012

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