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Home sweet Home

Home sweet HomeHere is something to think about .....a person's home. Does a person's home say a lot about that person? Whether it is a big mansion , a small co...

Unknown55631Aug 20118 hrs agoAug 2011
Positive beginnings

Positive beginningsIts Sunday Evening ...... winding down. Its been a busy week, a fairly quiet weekend, to rejuvenate. Not ready for bed yet, but .... Here's a chal...

cofyminx1,32725Sep 20138 hrs agoOct 2013
Rebuilding a life observations

Rebuilding a life observationsGood evening and welcome to the show. you will come to find I am not blessed with the eloquence that a lot of people seem to have naturally withing t...

Unknown3371Nov 20078 hrs agoNov 2007
stringman1951Apr 20188 hrs agoApr 2018

Hillary honored by Apaches IndiansHillary Clinton addressed a major gathering of the Apache Indian Nation. She spoke for almost an hour about her plans for increasing every Native Amer...

Gentlejim44011Nov 20168 hrs agoNov 2016
Friends And Forgiveness

.....Friends And ForgivenessA while back I met this person online we became friends and we kept in touch, then one day we had a pretty bad falling out and stopped talking to each...

GoDaniel77348Feb 20148 hrs agoFeb 2014
Simple smiles

Simple smilesJust sitting here in my own little space listening to the banter between my children. My eldest returned from a trip away last night and the gossipi...

cupidsoul51414Jan 20138 hrs agoJan 2013
How To Read Female Profiles

How To Read Female ProfilesWhen we finally get to meet the women of our dreams we are often disappointed because the object in our dreams is not quite as she described herself i...

Catfoot1,684107Jan 20188 hrs agoJan 2018
What makes you feel happy

What makes you feel happy....Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony. Mohandas Gandhi Why are you happy? When are you happy? How do yo...

Aswina1,90568Nov 20118 hrs agoNov 2011
sex long ago

sex long agohave you ever had great sex where you have, many years down the line, often thought about it, thought what it would be like again with that person and...

Ian15881619Jun 20158 hrs agoJun 2015
Valletta Port Malta The door to the Mediterran

Valletta Port, Malta - The door to the MediterranValletta Cruise Port, Malta - The door to the Mediterranean...

Kapjen1,0108Mar 20128 hrs agoMar 2012
When Youre In Love With A Beautiful Woman

When You’re In Love With A Beautiful Woman.The other day I read a blog about the perils of marrying a pretty woman. I’m not going to mention names because I’m not sure if I’m allowed to read hi...

Catfoot1,80581Mar 20188 hrs agoApr 2018
Old women in giant pajamas looking for love

Old women in giant pajamas looking for loveWell, very recently I saw a picture of a woman in giant pajama seriously inquiring about the authenticity of proposals she has been getting from forei...

Unknown3,622223Jun 20108 hrs agoAug 2017
Dogs and fireworks thunder guns

Dogs and fireworks / thunder / gunsDogs don't like fireworks, sure, we all know that but reactions range from flinching to outright hysterics. Why? We know hunting dogs cope with th...

Elegsabiff65550Jun 20188 hrs agoJun 2018
Operation Obama a Real Fascist Threat

Operation Obama: a Real Fascist ThreatAs Tarpley points out Fascism is much more dangerous than a mere dictatorship. Operation Obama poses a real threat to our personal freedoms since...

Unknown3583Dec 20098 hrs agoJun 2010

The Book of DestinyI saw this quote from Dedo from last year on another blog, and it struck a chord with me. "What would happen if you had a glance in to the book of...

mollybaby1,37294Aug 20188 hrs agoAug 2018
Weekend At Last

Weekend At Last!Friday night and here I sit at home. All alone! My daughter has gone out and none of my normal hang out spots are unavailable tonight. They all have g...

BeaPatient4197Mar 20188 hrs agoMar 2018
It is wounded with a strange feeling

It is wounded with a strange feelingIt is wounded with a strange feeling, Without feeling at all pain, I walk grief, On a drop losing will. My steps are covered by a fog, Hands don'...

Ummka59313Mar 20138 hrs agoMar 2013
cs what a title

cs,what a title??The thing is we all like living alone,and making our own decisions?on our own, and if a date came along?happy days,but(love)is more complex....

scouse273568Jan 20148 hrs agoJan 2014

Do Men Like Women On Top?And, do Women prefer Men on top? NO, this blog is NOT about sex It´s about POWER and CONTROL As we all know, Women in positions of p...

daniela7771,712115May 20188 hrs agoJun 2018
Virtual reality avatars and multiple identities

Virtual reality, avatars, and multiple identities:Virtual reality, avatars, and multiple identities::thumbsup:...

jarred1211-Apr 20178 hrs ago
fds afdsa sa

fds afdsa safdsa fdsa fdfdsa fdsa fdsa fds afdsa fdsa fdsa fds afdsa fdsa fdsa fds afdsa fdsa fdsa fds afdsa fdsa fdsa fds afdsa fdsa fdsa fds afdsa fdsa fdsa fds...

Wonderwoman9876May 20158 hrs agoOct 2016

The Senility PrayerGod, grant me the Senility to forget the people I never liked anyway, the good fortune to run into the ones that I do, and the eyesight to tell the...

Gentlejim46913Apr 20168 hrs agoApr 2016
Ooooooohhhhhhh What a day

Ooooooohhhhhhh...What a day!My car's u joint blew out on my way to work....the tire bent out so hard it sheared the lug nuts off! Then when I got home with the tow truck driver.....

Calliopesgirl58713Oct 20138 hrs agoOct 2013
If anyone asks

If anyone asksAnyone remember this song...

nonsmoker91852Jan 20138 hrs agoJan 2013
What Will We Fight About Next

What Will We Fight About Next?While David Slater, a professional photographer, was taking photographs of monkeys, one of them nabbed his camera and took hundreds of photos before t...

Catfoot88443Aug 20148 hrs agoAug 2014
well if all people ask themselves why

well if all people ask themselves why...Well if all people ask themselves why we don't find many decent and honest people I tell u why.Why ,because they try write in forums some interesting...

claudya4146May 20098 hrs agoMay 2009
Hours go by like minutes here

Hours go by like minutes here!Dude, let me tell ya... There is an endless amount of stuff to do on this site. So much more than facebook even! You can browse, blog, write poetry, d...

rick037544617Oct 20118 hrs agoOct 2011
Master and Servant

Master and Servant?I know a bit about the BDSM world. I did some writing on a project about the fetish lifestyle and, consequently, ended up dated a woman who called her...

Gird_Yourself77614Oct 20158 hrs agoOct 2015
sad to see

sad to seeI find it very sad to see that some people here out of jealously, their own failures or their own bitterness look down on people like me that have fou...

teddybeerke881,088-Feb 20138 hrs agoFeb 2013
To H E L L And Back Again

To H E L L And Back Again.Quite a few people have claimed to have died and returned. I am one of those lucky souls who made the journey there and was allowed to return and tell...

Catfoot1,20580Apr 20148 hrs agoApr 2014

i think i am a little bit like youI refresh the web again and again, just wait for one mail. no others, but yours. please, please. maybe i should calm down without doing nothi...

izzie835997Oct 20118 hrs agoOct 2011
Verbal Abuse Disguised as Jokes

Verbal Abuse Disguised as Jokes ....!!!!!Verbal abuse is often more difficult to see since there are rarely any visible scars unless physical abuse has taken place. But it is often less vi...

Unknown7756May 20108 hrs agoMay 2010
Unknown178-Oct 20178 hrs ago

mothersjust want to say happy mothers day to all mothers my own is resting in heaven r*i*p* this is dedicated to all the mothers in the world you deserve mo...

Unknown4283May 20108 hrs agoMay 2010

How To Make A Difference In The World...Selflessness is the sincere concern for the well being of others. It’s about love. It’s about compassion. It’s about kindness. It’s about making a dif...

daniela7771,52780Sep 20178 hrs agoSep 2017

Greetings.Good-afternoon every one, I have not been here in Bolg city for some time...Yet I do read the blogs some times. Greetins to every one and have a M...

FLYJAMES57910Dec 20158 hrs agoDec 2015
Can love exist without respect

Can love exist without respect.I ask this because New Girl and I were just chatting and she told me she knew people who said that they loved each other but didn't respect each other...

CestMero99283May 20188 hrs agoMay 2018

What´s In A Name?Are you happy with your given name? Or... do you prefer to be known by a nickname (William = Bill/Will..)? Reportedly, your name is the stamp...

daniela777863104Feb 148 hrs agoApr 3
How much is a quadrillion

How much is a quadrillionPayPal accidentally made user richest man in the world after crediting account with $92 quadrillion A public relations worker was "quite surprised" t...

Dedovix1,18837Aug 20138 hrs agoAug 2013
A Change

A ChangeThe first impression I had when I joined this site was the games. I could search for my Mr. Right while I played the games. Games were my focus when I...

Davinadia6982Jun 20108 hrs agoJun 2010
Leave my page

Leave my page...!!!Pfff... Gisteravond de hele avond in het ziekenhuis gezeten... Allerlei onderzoeken en testen gehad... Heb net de uitslag gekregen van de dokter... Wo...

jarred1231-Feb 20188 hrs ago
"PLAY NOW: Sliding Block Puzzle"(meet us in the games)

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