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The whitelash of America

The whitelash of AmericaAmazingly America did what no one in the world expected... they voted in Donald Trump for the highest office in the land! Totally unbelievable! We...

Bajanshay562-Nov 20165 hrs agoNov 2016

8 parts of speech [ bee cause057. the holy bible / manic street preachers -46. temporary heaven / introflirt ..} ....Digital dreamer; Ryan's List [ 60 11. who are you / the who...

Agentbob402Dec 145 hrs agoDec 14

"FOR A FEW MINUTES MORE"I drove to the back of where Narragansett Race Track used to be...Parked the truck..Locked it ..and took a walk off into the woods......Down an embank...

namaron5099Oct 20145 hrs agoOct 2014

Nobody can replace your place............ Nobody can replace your place...

jarred126-Dec 145 hrs ago

Why Astrology Is Retarded, Part 1Why Astrology Is Retarded The fact that so many people (mostly female) are so impervious to logic as to actually believe in astrology is one of th...

ComposeRRRR4,2502Jul 20075 hrs agoFeb 2011

ObsessionI once dated a guy that was kind of obsess with me. He wanted to be around me 24-7. He wasn't stalking me or being abusive with me. He was really...

DynamiteLuv1,03611Apr 20105 hrs agoMay 2010
What do you think about dating this woman

What do you think about dating this woman...Nuts. The picture didn't show up. Anyway, this woman in the pic has the world's longest fingernails. They were all curled up in like a spiral shape....

HuggerMan4U90513Sep 20115 hrs agoAug 2012
Id say Id like to meet someone transcendent

" I'd say I'd like to meet someone transcendent!""Caught in between being an incorrigible dreamer and a hardened skeptic.; vegan and minimalist..."; or something like that. For a beautiful woman...

Huitzilopochtli4817Jul 20165 hrs agoJul 2016
Englishingermany6683May 20135 hrs agoMay 2013
jarred1164-Oct 20175 hrs ago
My Best Friend

My Best FriendMy mother always said that I was not to play with every Tom, Díck, and Harry, but somehow I always had those names in my circle of friends. But Díck w...

Catfoot84823Sep 20155 hrs agoSep 2015

GalwayI watched a 2010 produced movie last night that was screened on TV called 'Jack Taylor' staring Iain Glen. I found that it portrayed Galway as a ve...

Hans471152161Dec 45 hrs agoDec 10
Friendship what do people expect from friendship

Friendship & what do people expect from friendshipFriendship is important What do people expect from friendship & do genuine still exist?...

Jonah5531311Jul 20135 hrs agoJul 2013
stringman1417Oct 295 hrs agoOct 30

ROKSomething very good from the past.....

makis8225535Apr 20115 hrs agoApr 2011

50 shades of injustice (UPDATED)Or a perfectly logical safeguard for women In a new development, the man not only has the restrictions mentioned below, but the court has lifted...

zmountainman4,454340Jun 20165 hrs agoJul 2016

So wind some tape around your hand,So wind some tape around your hand, Weighed awash the businessmen torturing the green tree frog Like rose petals thundering through my sewing h...

jarred1342-Mar 20165 hrs ago
stringman694Dec 135 hrs agoDec 15

"REALITY"Maybe Its Best To Think Before One Speaks...The Way It Was ...And The Way It Should Be Today ...Goes This Way When I Was A Kid...If There Was A Fight...

namaron36611Jul 20165 hrs agoJul 2016


NewYorkcitylove165-Oct 20175 hrs ago
This touched my soul today

This touched my soul today...A good leader can engage in a debate frankly and thoroughly, knowing that at the end he and the other side must be closer, and thus emerge stronger. Y...

jac37976447May 20145 hrs agoMay 2014

Whats wrong with our menTrying to bring back those dreaded beards from yesterday? hated them then and still do Ranting aside, seeing them about so often these days brings...

itchywitch60532Oct 20145 hrs agoOct 2014

Media biases....At home, in the Vierk-Aaltarboy Tajmahal-like mansions, I do not have land lines, ISP or cable TV. Smart/cell phone much better, occasional wifi use i...

Vierkaesehoch1150Dec 155 hrs ago

"THE WAY THE STORY GOES"..(2)Why Do You Chase A Dream?......................................After All Now...Thats All It Is......................................... Just A Dream....

namaron203-Nov 20175 hrs ago
I would like to know

I would like to know..............if there is a males here who use to Read ladies' profiles throughout? And which is their guiding principle in find the lady to send an interest. Becau...

Unknown2343Oct 20095 hrs agoOct 2009
A Tribute To The Original Dumb Blond

A Tribute To The Original Dumb BlondAfter seeing Marilyn Monroe in ‘Gentlemen Prefer Blondes’ as a child, I have always assumed that Monroe, who arrived in Hollywood as a brunette, was t...

Catfoot88350Nov 20175 hrs agoDec 2017

The Great EscapeHollywood loves to recreate history...the great escape happened during WW2 but was not depicted they was inspired by this hist...

loulou7739719Sep 20175 hrs agoSep 2017
JimNastics5581Dec 20115 hrs agoDec 2011
An angel of mine

An angel of mineMy inspiration. My angel from heaven. My lovely daughter. I miss you big time. Thank u god for the best gift....

sacdalanstella3596May 20145 hrs agoMay 2014
Wonderful memories then and now

"Wonderful memories..then and now"."Thank you for the wonderful memories.And,although we didn't know eachother all that well,you meant a great deal to me. You were so fine then and...

Polarbutterfly3100Feb 20095 hrs ago
the visitor

the visitorTo turn your head is so Out of the realm of my reality Knowing this, I'll take it, willingly As I share stories and you inhale Willingly You are...

freehand2271Nov 20175 hrs agoNov 2017
Early hours Sat morning

Early hours Sat morning,....................And Im watching a program on making nettle tea, was going to turn over but thought, wait hang on, lets not be so hasty,........................

Unknown33427Jan 20175 hrs agoJan 2017
Track161661Jan 215 hrs agoJan 21
Track163476Nov 20155 hrs agoNov 2015

ComediansGilda Radner is my favorite comedian. R.I.P. Anyone else remember Gilda? Honey, touch me Wit...

galrads1601Mar 285 hrs agoMar 28
Does anyone know a good doctor

Does anyone know a good doctor?After chatting and exchanging photos (including sexy one) with my future partner, last night he popped out a question I never thought he would ask. He...

sarasvathy48713Aug 20135 hrs agoAug 2013
WoW Inscription Guide WoW Power Leveling

WoW Inscription Guide WoW Power LevelingWhat does that tell us? wow gold Well, when presented with the option of standing in a splat of Swarming Shadows crpawse that someone left behind,...

Unknown1721Mar 20105 hrs agoMar 2010

We are such foolsI woke this morning with tears in my eyes, dad had died during the night, wanted to remain where I was just sobbing but I had things for doing people...

itchywitch724-May 20165 hrs agoMay 2016

Patience..Have patience with all things,but chiefly have patience with yourself.Do not lose courage in consider your own imperfections but instantly set about r...

claudya3574Apr 20095 hrs agoApr 2009
When How Does Affect Influence Your Relationship

When/How Does $ Affect/Influence Your RelationshipMoney plays a very important role in a relationship. I'm sure many won't date someone who is jobless and financially in trouble. Many will go for so...

Crazyheart382,146105Jan 20165 hrs agoJan 2016

"FEAR"..("AND OTHER STUFF")..(3)So...Im Only Doing This.................................................... To Pass Time................................ Instead Of Television Anyway...

namaron260-Sep 55 hrs agoSep 9
EFFORT the extra mile makes a big difference

EFFORT, the extra mile makes a big differenceAll of us make sincere effort to achieve our targets; and realize quite often that things stop short of targets; Or find the results not very satisfac...

Chocobloc4460Oct 20105 hrs ago
salamuna: "Belated love"(meet us in the poems)

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